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    This city doesn't deserve your kindness.
    It glows even when darkness makes a home inside of you, where is all that goodness they pledged when you step foot into this hellhole?

    © Sweedle

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  • gingrey_ 40w

    City with beautiful lights sometimes leads us into different personalities due to our environment/society.

    I'm not good in poems or something but I'm trying to describe the beauty of the city that they hides.

    #slowly #cityc

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    The City of Angels
    Where the gods and goddesses live
    There they found someone
    Who's not belong into their creed

    She's beautiful, beautiful like Angels
    But she's an angel without wings
    Her soul is deteriorating and
    Slowly she's dying

    She asked for a little forgiveness
    To stay with the Angels beneath there wings
    But gods and goddesses refuses
    The angel without wings

    Because of pain,
    She's trying to hold back the tears
    And slowly turning into a beast face
    Her beautiful face, her soul. left a demon soul

    She's weak but slowly turning into
    A powerful Demonic Angel without sake
    Slaying all the beautiful soul
    And bring the power of a Demon soul.


  • sneha91 40w

    The city where I live

    Living in a morden city,
    Where there is no nature beauty,
    Where people see nature on Google Images,
    And know nature beauty on nature poetry,
    I have no little space even to plant a little daisy,
    Far from the pavement a few trees
    covered with dust all over,
    Pollution causes many to die of lungs cancer
    and heart attack every year,
    Thanks to almighty nature beauty comes in my dream,
    I find beauty of nature in my sight,
    Branches of firm broad trees dancing in the tunes,
    To 'We"ll live longer,
    'We will live together,
    Fresh air blowing everywhere,
    Fresh water splashing smoothly here and there,
    Fragnace of wild flowers spreading everywhere,
    Butterflies and bees flying from flower to flower,
    For spreading love,
    Singing birds singing together with sweet mingling voice,
    Enchanting nature beauty overwhelmed me with joy,
    As if for an instance I had reached beauty of paradise,
    But all turns into vain when I awake from my dream,
    Finding nature beauty only in dram
    No one will survive to see dream

  • bliss__ 40w

    City lights glistening
    Earpodes on, listening
    Heart beats fast, adrenaline
    Footsteps close behind, imaging
    Drunk eyes all around, preying
    Heart beats fast, adrenaline
    Gunshots blow, infant screaming
    Red and blue, sirens blaring
    Heart beats fast adrenaline

  • antheia_ 40w

    #slowly #cityc


    (Thawing thoughts credited to ~Libby Jenner
    Cinnamon Breeze ~ credited to a poetry community on insta).

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  • sparkling_ 40w


    A location with
    lakhs of dreams
    Thousands of wishes
    But not even hundreds of kind souls.


    A site with
    Opulent materials
    High quality of calibre
    Pioneering people
    But dearth of endearment.


    A space with
    Lofty buildings.
    Cosy houses
    But where is home?


    A place with so many cars.
    And no place for trees.
    So many parks.
    But is it pollution free?


    A place with development.
    A place for ensuing.
    A place for finer life.
    But can we get contentment here?

    #cityc ?
    @writersbay :) @writersnetwork a read?
    Corrections are most welcome ����

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    A place with ambitions,
    But satisfaction?

  • sarcasticbong 40w

    #cityc @writersbay
    Image credit ©sarcasticbong

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    This City feels so loud
    With delirious crowd
    Phone stuck to hands
    Living inside brands.

    This city feels so loud
    With fuscous cloud
    Stuck in a delusion
    Without a conclusion;

    'Bot book
    Pot cook'


  • bonitasarahbabu 40w

    The city life,
    It is too loud and cramped.
    I look for trees, I look for nature,
    But it is not seen everywhere.
    Towering buildings and apartments,
    They conceal the sky and the plants we so desire.
    I want to build my homestead,
    Build it in the countryside.
    There will be nature all around me,
    And I will find the peace I can only find in the countryside.

  • pallavi4 40w


    A cold wave of fright envelops me
    I look around and as far as I can see
    Galvanised buildings and tall beams
    Daunt me while I say an in audible plea

    Skyscrapers and colossal edifices of steel
    That line either side of all the city streets
    Instead of being surrounded by luscious trees
    I’m immersed in a jungle of concrete

    Zipping past me are snappy black cars
    Yet all the noises seem to be sealed
    A constant dull buzzing in my ear I can hear
    And the nearby church bells peal

    I come from a place much slower than this
    Unaccustomed I am to the city scenes
    Frantically people here seem to be chasing life
    Surrounded by tall lattes and a sea of machines

    Unconcerned by what’s happening around them
    The city shines, glitters and gleams
    Hunting the next big opportunity they live
    Constantly in the pursuit of their dreams


    19th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- by Wilfred Lang

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  • we_elude 40w

    Slowly, you saw the city citing its darkness
    After a very long time
    The waxing crescent smiled at the waning prejudices
    Overloaded by dexterity of tangible tactics
    The volts of the brain, hit another jolt
    And that joy of the jolt
    Asked for another 'why'

    Slowly, those who have never beheld the sky
    Are busy in aligning your star
    To provide you with the 'ladder' of this world
    To climb higher up and then drown you in ocean of their lies with every other trainees
    Travelling for same transaction
    While wishing different answers
    All in effort to starve you of your own self

    Slowly, your sob ...your tears .. your thoughts
    mingling to be alike
    These wonders weave the arc to archaic
    And you knew it's just 'you' here
    For a while ... whirling in several 'whys '...
    Somewhere the truths instilling its tale together

    Slowly, the voices of your composition was in restitution
    You might have craved for your known niche
    While the soul was carving itself in
    wherever ,whenever and whatever air you were breathing in.....known or unknown


    #slowly #wod @writersnetwork #cityc @writersbay
    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    Slowly.......'living' became the trajectory as only 'existing' echoed in melody.....

  • pallavi4 40w

    Birds of a feather

    Slowly I smirked to myself musing
    No longer was I tied to that monster for life
    I was a nice and decent man and I definitely
    Deserved someone more grateful for a wife

    I planned to call the cops come the morn
    Report her missing and bring this ordeal to an end
    The witch of a wife I’d endured for this long
    Had erroneously thought that for her I would always bend

    Half an hour back I’d driven from the lake
    Just on the outskirts of my city
    And sat comfortably in the boat and watched
    Her drown without a pinch of pity

    On my shoulder I’d carried her form to the car
    From the house that I’d cleaned with bleach
    After piercing her heart with a blade
    With an aloofness that would’ve been difficult to teach

    I had picked up the kitchen knife and lurched at her
    Surprised to see her eyes in shock widen
    And stood over her after I’d stabbed her unceremoniously
    Like the great conqueror of the sea - Poseidon

    Two years of suffering at her hands
    Of the painful and suffocating abuse
    The incessant and constant nagging
    And the stomping of her high healed shoes

    I was naive when we got married
    Thought we would be happy and blissful
    From the first week on she turned into a nightmare
    Making my life on a daily basis miserable

    I would have willingly tolerated her for an eternity
    I thought I loved her enough for that
    But she began messing with my brain
    And picking fights at the drop of a hat

    As the blood had trickled down my forehead
    The splashes had begun to downwardly seep
    I had stood over my wife’s dead body
    Wondering if I should break down and weep

    Now with all that behind me as I lie comfortably in my bed
    I know to another I’ll be obliging, loving and able
    As long as my buttons aren’t pushed too hard
    And people remained gracious, I will be stable


    19th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • waitaminute 40w

    Cities are brighter in night than day,

    Everybody comes here for dreams and their sleep pay,

    Big buildings with mazes inside,

    You gonna sit at top or trapped in basement no one can decide,

    Visages carry million stories in eyes,

    Half filled stomaches smiling lips uttering lies,

    Lost in river of lights , they look for silence on noisy streets,

    Here everybody hides, everybody cheats,

    If ever reached high too fast, don't let the bulbs blind you,

    Places, people are replaced in seconds and old for new.


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    Lost in river of lights , they look for silence on noisy streets,

    Here everybody hides, everybody cheats,

  • bohemian_ballerina 40w

    Numbness faded
    Into the endlessly ticking second hand,
    And I grabbed my first sip
    Of the morning coffee
    Which instead of the original filter
    Was a black one devoid of mother's love.
    I got ready for my First day
    And entered the bustling city of population,
    And never ending pollution.
    I never knew when I stepped out
    And reached my destination on my own,
    It was that quick and rapid.
    But slowly I had to get the hang of it
    For, this is where I had to reside!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #slowly #wod #cityc @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The City


  • miss_silentlyweird 40w

    Slowly, can we look at the stars and moon?
    When the night continuously cover with light.

    Slowly, can we talk without counting words to say?
    In the place of debate and fast talk

    Slowly, can we glimpse in each other faces?
    Where we can store our memories in heart not just by a camera.

    Slowly, can we read each other poetry?
    And let our emotion out.

    Slowly, can we breathe the fresh air?
    In polluted air of busy town.

    Slowly, can we walk in serenity?
    Without minding the noises of cars and people.

    Slowly can we be each other countryside in the world full of a city?
    By then we can be slow than fast but we find some healing.


    #slowly #cityc #wod #mirakee
    @mirakee @writersbay
    Source��: Pinterest

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    Slowly we heal in the warm of countryside
    And free from the toxic air of city.


  • bouncy 40w

    #cityc @writersbay 01:30pm 19.04.2021 #bb_er #slowly @writersnetwork
    Tried something which is unusual for me.

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    A city of blindfolded games

    "But you are not supposed to look at me. You will be blindfolded", she blurted. This game of ours have been the tradition for many years.

    She is usually egoistic and self centered. But when it comes to me, she never failed to remind me that I'm being loved.

    By the evening she will arrive in the city.
    I scrolled through my phone finding her newly updated display picture. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She always kept them black and white.

    I shut the door and she walked across the hall to find candles and a matchbox. And came back with a glass of wine. A girl, barely 19, is a classy woman with standards.

    She still wears the same cologne I once chose for her. She will never be the women with perfect hair but she is a woman with perfect choices. She could never unlove me although I never returned it.

    I smiled, she didn't return it.

    "Don't you wanna talk?", I insisted while she is about to unbutton me.
    "Does it matter when all you want is sex but not love?", She shot back.

    I guess, she has decided to move on finally. I'm happy for her.

    Slowly, she has set me free from the shackles that are welding me down. Taking the charge, she whispered perverted things in my ear. I felt home.

    Every single inch of her body pressed against mine, she uttered, "Put your ego aside and let me lead you, I'll poison your sinless body with seduction."

    I stayed calm as she instructed me. Even though all I wanted is sex, she is here to make love treating me like a child.

    "Can I have you?
    I shall spill the ink of blood through my veins into your mouth forming letters of love", she whispered running her fingers all over my skin.

    I moaned, she slapped.

    Her soft lips to my lips, she blew hot breaths. She tasted, entwined her tongue with mine. Her voice, a broken whisper got my nerves high. The adrenaline rush I felt was like electricity pulsating through each nerve in my body.

    When she is done, she handed over the wine to me.

    "Why do you want this, when you don't want me?" She spoke.

    "Why despite the fact that I always pushed you beyond the limits both physically and mentally, you always come back?"

    "I come back because I'm addicted to the animalistic craving of dark within you and wanting to attain something that is unattainable."

    "But I think I may not be the marrying kind."

    She dossed.

    By the time I woke up she left the city. She also left the cologne. As I guessed, she finally decided to move on.

  • _gk_07 40w

    A heart drenched in pain,
    Killed it's emotions first,
    Evacuated with nothing left at all there,
    Turned itself into heartless,
    And Stony-Hearted for others.


    #wod #slowly #cityc #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay


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  • love_whispererr 40w

    Slowly, we're coming back to the world of dalgona coffee, ludo and zoom calls again with a constant melody "am I audible ?"

    But everything has an end and I hope this will end soon and we'll be back to a normal life but stay safe and keep believing ❤️

    #slowly #cityc

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��

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    S L O W L Y

    I crossed those mountains and breezes
    many voids and some dwellings
    few mongrels and many strangers
    empty streets and deserted sidewalks
    masked faces and unmasked hunger
    Yes, I crossed that city.

    I entered into my megalopolis
    and they welcomed me with hot zephyr of summer
    those veronicas were same purple tinted
    those mangoes were started ripening too
    but the smile of death was there
    while sitting on the meadows of an unknown virus.

    I set my foot in my room
    with a bottle of sanitizer and some colorful masks
    some ashes were there, unexpectedly
    they were holding the fragrance of constant fear
    because the virus was swallowing another year
    & the destiny of whole world was kneeling down there.

    I saw a promised storm of hope
    which was cuddling me without a second thought
    and inside those eyes of my metaphors
    they were joining hands to form a verse
    and to murmur the melody of courage & determination.

    ©bidya || hope blooms

  • _creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ 40w


    Slowly, infinity becomes a little more finite. The wind is howling through the veins of the undead and its a night you wouldn't want to step out of your warm blanket, on. The derelict roof they're under, is somehow not a reason to worry tonight. Its not raining, and there's sepia everywhere. The dark does not digress tonight and they try to embrace it. Her nose is running and he loves how its rosy. It reminds him of the red Sherman forest he visited when he was 9 and in ways that are too complicated to reckon, even for him. Love is still not an idea that has crossed his mind but he thinks it makes her look beautiful in ways he would be willing to destroy himself once and a million times more for. She's sick. She's sneezing. She's stirring in the bed and he's looking at her and wondering if insomnia had been this wholesome earlier too. She opens her eyes and catches him staring as he pretends to have been dead. She smiles and let me tell you, not all smiles take muscles. She ruffles her hair and asks for a glass of water, in her sleepy, drunkhead voice. Its irresistible. He walks through the hallway and the candle flinches. He doesn't. As he hands the glass over to her, they talk. For the second time.

    " I can't figure you out. There's mist surrounding you. It's thick and I think you know well, it chokes you. I think you've consciously chosen to breathe rarer though I'm not sure. You hide and its like the cigarettes in your shirt sleeves have a million stories to say. There's dread around you, yet a sombre mystique. You're enormously, alarmingly, ruefully disarming. Its like I'm powerless in your weaknesses and you like hiding. There's a wall of words you smother your laugh with and place before me so I can't see that one thing you're hiding. Its flustering. can't put my finger around you, Rei. "
    " That's alright, isn't it ? But the more important question is, would you like to, Giselle ? " /

    " I'm not sure. It hurts. Maybe. Maybe after it hurts a little less. But i don't want the hurt to go. Its all I have to convince myself that there was something I lost, that I once had something worth losing. The absence - its all I have of the love now. So maybe, maybe I'd like to, when it stops hurting but I'd rather just be, now. "

    " The thing, Giselle is - It won't ever stop, if it was love. If you ever stood in the shower for hours at an end, you'd know that some things cannot be washed away. Some things like people. " /

    " Then I'd want to leave you to serendipity, Rei. I want you to be an accident - a fluke I can smile about. "

    " Don't let your heart beat in almosts. Its too much of a risk, Giselle. It'll always be in pursuit of what or whom it desires and the moment you come to close, it will stop, shiver, whimper and bolt away. Make yourself miserable but don't live in halves. " /

    " And so much for something I said and you don't understand. I'm self-destructive, Rei. You wouldn't know. Its alright. "

    " Why do you think, that is ? " /

    " Because I'd rather sleep than die. Because its simpler to destroy something you love, to shred it, to bathe in its blood, to be consumed in guilt than to watch it leave. "

    " You're so relentless. You just never end, Giselle. I think that's how I'd like to be. Thirsty. Starving. All the time. " /

    " You remember how you used to call your mommy in the middle of the night, and say you needed water even though you weren't thirsty ? She'd run through the stairs like her next breath depended on it and the moment she brought it to you, you'd sit up in your bed and want not the glass, but the hand holding it ? And not the hand holding it but the person attached to it but you were too afraid to say it, so you'd drink the water as slowly as you could to make your mommy stay ? You wouldn't know but she'd sleep next to you until morning and you thought it was just in case you felt thirsty again so you kept doing the same thing every night and today, you'll know it was because she knew you were just looking for her - just her."

    " Will I have to do this, every night then, Giselle ? ", he said, lulling her to sleep as her unconscious leg kicked the bottle of water she'd hidden under the bed.



    Backstory (well, well you inspired this idea of a backstory @maybeyoushouldreadapoem. I thought it's a really convenient way to let your readers know the thought process behind it so imma start writing these with every piece i write. Thank you) : So, I'm a sucker for good conversations and philosophy. Really maybe they're the only two things I live for. So, i thought I'd do this with Giselle and Ramos. They're both just my mouthpieces actually (quite obviously). So, whenever i do a convo style post, imma do it under this hashtag (#iwishtotalktosomeonelikethissomeday). I'd done one way back and this is another one. So, you can read Giselle and Rei, as a progression but each post can also be read as a story in itself. So, that's about it. Thanks. Bye.

    ~ Love

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