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  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 25w


    Isn't so cliché that everyone just assumes they know what's going on with you, then they say it's alright. Well, its cliché, they have no idea if it will be alright or not. So why say it?
    To be so damn cliché it makes you so mad, then don't speak. Cuz, your so damn tired of hearing the same cliché answer. No.No more.

  • miss_silentlyweird 25w

    Super duper late but still wanted to thank all my sort of friends especially here, thank you!❤️

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    (ʸᵒᵘ ʰᵉᵃʳᵈ ᵐʸ ʷʳⁱᵗᵗᵉⁿ ᵗʰᵒᵘᵍʰᵗˢ)

    or every bliss and mist, I am grateful to you for walking with me in the
    oad of my life journey.
    wanted you to know that having you around helps me escape
    very weight of problems even for a while.
    onetheless, that weren't sharing blood you're still one of my 
    earest family.
    ooner or later between my road that we walking— there's no assurance that we can stay together until dead end like a happy ending in a cliché story yet if that someday comes, remember that the memories of the
    ome you let me stay and the warm you give me will forever
    ngrave in my 
    olaroid heart.


  • pallavi4 25w

    Truthfully Absolute

    What is the truth ?
    Is it the one that actually is
    In all its cold bitterness
    Or is it the cliches we tell ourselves
    To make us feel better about things ?
    What is the absolute?
    The demarcation between black and white
    Or the invigorating shades of grey
    We come to accept and understand?
    What is certainty ?
    Is it the happening of things ?
    Or the assurances we create for ourselves to
    Believe over a period of time
    Is truth really true ?
    Or absolute actually absolute?
    Is certain always certain ?
    Truths are bubbles that burst
    Once they reach the surface- into nothings
    Absolute - the oil that slowly but steadily
    Makes a home in the water above it
    Certainty is the calm before
    The storm that tides over all the truthful absolutes
    Certainly , no truths are absolute
    Nor are the absolutes certainly truthful


    4th of August, 2021

    Picture credit : Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Charlie Bowater - the old astronomer

    Repost from 1st of September, 2019

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  • periapt 25w

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    A thousand days
    Have filled up the emptiness
    Of beyond the space
    After eternity and beyond
    And we sit smoking cigars
    Drinking scotch
    Ensconced in armchairs
    Of our conversations.

    A thousand days
    Is what it takes
    For us, a couple of fakes
    To delude ourselves
    And deny the existence
    Of the unbearable lightness
    Of our silences.

    A thousand days
    Were more than enough
    For us to tolerate
    The crushing weight
    Of our words.
    And we failed miserably
    Trying to un-say them.
    Till that point where all remained
    Was a cliche
    A glutinous pulp
    Of our voices.

    A thousand days
    Will stare at us
    Through the haze
    Of an unseeable future.
    And we'll blink at the distance
    Through our Aviators
    Trying to make sense of a dream
    Which is nothing but a figment
    Of our imagination.

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    A thousand days
    Will stare at us
    Through the haze
    Of an unseeable future.
    And we'll blink at the distance
    Through our Aviators
    Trying to make sense of a dream
    Which is nothing but a figment
    Of our imagination.

  • anush18 25w

    ������ �������������� �������� is the light they emit reflecting off nearby space dust. Essentially, the dots are single-celled aliens. He equates them to “space algae” and calls them “Astrophage“, which means they eat stars (from the Greek word astér/”star” and the latin suffix -phage/”to eat”).

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    We were the glitch,
    We squander in the mellow
    streets,Maybe I failed,
    Maybe you failed!
    Only one can be a failure!

    My melancholy is nothing
    but a daydream for you
    you thought It was real,
    but it was your

    All the promises
    were cliche,
    Senseless; now it seems.
    Maybe yesterday was
    a happy hour and today is doomsday?

    I am stuck in all these
    maybe_s and
    May not be_s, but now...
    I have stopped fantasizing,
    as you've not been affected
    by these distances which are longer than a
    Light Year...

    And so I've concluded that:
    Our relationship is like a Petrova Line,
    You're that dot,
    you're consuming my brightnes
    and I'm the Sun, that's being
    Dimmer and the dimmest
    as every night

    I Am Doomed now,
    //As a man thinketh in his heart so is he//
    The old Aphorism, as said by the ancients.
    Why it has fostered me
    to think about the demonic side of
    yours when my heart
    thinks that you can never be poisonous
    For me?

    You've thwarted my soul to be you...
    Though I don't want to be..
    What did I do to you?
    Scepticism is not my interest,



  • bellemoon99 25w


    A romantic dinner closing up with a kiss under the rain, isn't this too cliché?
    Walking under the moonlight as our hands timidly brush.
    Lean closer to steal from my lips, don't worry...the blood won't drip forever.
    I'll keep your heart in a safe place, until I meet someone else that falls for cliches.

  • bohemian_ballerina 25w

    Jealousy Vs Modesty

    There was once a jealous reindeer
    And oh, how cliché and how queer.
    O'er the hills it ran across
    With pride and insecurity of loss.

    Far into the cheerful winds,
    She swayed her horns in rounds.
    Soon arrived her archrival and the pulchritudinous doe
    And took away her stance with a bow.

    A fag it was for the reindeer to not get fumed,
    And thereby she stood proudly with her horns tuned.
    But alas, the doe was not in mood
    Leaving the arena without any feud.

    Dumbstruck was the former, left alone
    Who realized her stupidity and let out a groan.
    "Huh, after all she was a doe and not the elephant,
    For, now the latter is my competitor and I'll be the one dominant."


  • bubbly_bluebells 25w


    you are not a symbol of love but its camaflouged enemy acting cute in sheep's skin
    Otherwise wouldn't have aimed heart which is already center of pure love; looks like you raid rich temple's art
    There is a false information manipulating minds because your arrow is dipped in lust,leaves traces of wound like thorn pricks on flesh a poison kills love silently
    How could an outer entity make somebody fall in love just to rip apart two joined seamless hearts,shading in dust
    Why secretly?

    Soul is already in love from far distant
    Who gave you right to choose when love has none?
    Obviously misleading through playful attacks

    that fall;goes down to crack chaotic,become hollow yard on chest i.e. grave of goals
    Does aimless to hide in the dark corners and slumbers
    not that fly which gifts wings to rise,cherish skylight

    Cupid you are a lier,stolen hearts to sqeeze in burning hellfire,wondering heartless in this environment to pickpocket sweet dreams pillowed nights

  • shruti_25904 25w

    It sounds so cliche that when you expect something best from yourself, you actually don't achieve your best. But by chance, it happens sometimes that when you are expecting worst, it actually happens the best..

  • maanvi_bhagat 25w

    When she read my story
    What she uttered was
    "It's a cliché"
    And I was stumped
    Searching for ideas
    During the day and night
    Visiting cities in my sleep
    Thinking even when
    Totally exhausted was I
    But at last in my head
    There I realised that
    Never is a cliché
    There in life
    And that's how a
    Brand new story began

  • writersbay 25w

    Cliché means a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

    Today write something using the word cliché in it.

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