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  • zeee_zephyrs 80w

    A dusty bundle of Photographs
    Fell off, while arranging the old almirah
    Shattered, sprinkled on the floor
    With few cassettes and a camera.

    Betwixt those pictures of trips,
    horse rides, long drives and friend groups,
    I discovered an old memory photo
    Brought it forward and gave a look.

    My mind's eye recalled the reflection of the journey,
    You were taking yourself off to another city.
    I accompanied you, for this was our last
    Night aglow with street lights, at around nine fifty.

    Every second of that night had an imprint in my mind
    Every word of goodbyes, had my tears in them.
    Waiting if somebody would stop you from departing,
    Still I greeted your departure but inside I condemn.

    Your departure left me brooding
    In front of the hearth, with coffee on the table,
    The days of togetherness were ephemeral
    The memories of those journeys were only eternal.

    Later I comprehend, why you preserved,
    The silliest of memories in those slim papers
    Keeping them as souvenirs of our friendship,
    Lullaby of our merry days each whisper.
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    Journey to Photographs

  • seaweed 83w

    I set aside my woes
    And daily struggles,
    To emerse in to a mug of coffee.
    The aroma taking me home.
    Black and strong,
    With a pinch of pepper.
    I gulp down tranquility..

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    I don't drink tea. #caffeineaddict here. ��


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  • bonitasarahbabu 85w

    #coffeec #dazzlec

    You were told
    That the way to be on my good side
    Was through coffee.
    You didn't believe it,
    And your language and behavior
    It got on my last nerve.
    My words stopped you in your place,
    My actions made you do a double take
    And you understood that you messed up.
    You came with coffee,
    And as you offered it,
    I took a better look at you.
    The cup of coffee was a peace offering
    You had a sheepish look
    And that dazzled me.
    I was attracted to you
    It grew the longer we worked together
    And it led to moments of silliness.
    I wish coffee could solve our problems,
    But I know that it will not,
    So, I just think of you whenever I drink coffee.
    I miss you,
    I miss our friendship,
    And I miss everything about you.
    Such is life,
    This is my mantra now,
    This is the only way I stay in control of my emotions.

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  • the_speccy_outsider 90w

    It ain't easy!
    When things go wrong
    When hardships and failures are a daily chore
    No sign of hope to be seen
    The darkness took over the bright light
    Creativity obstructed by cobwebs of despair
    Engulfing our heart, mind and soul
    To its very core
    Building an invisible cage
    Of nothing but pain
    Enduring is all we got
    Lost the spirit to fight
    Wounded by the the connoisseurs of evil
    An avalanche of tears of blood
    A volcanic eruption in the head
    Numbness all around
    And all the might lost

    But that is not the only output
    For there are a plethora of options
    To travel
    Places where verdanty dances
    Pristine crowns of optimism are bestowed
    Aroma of scrumptious coffee flows
    A world full of Hope
    Gradually making it to the top
    Carving your own niche
    Clawing the way out of that darkness
    For this journey is apt
    Treating the inner demons with care and warmth
    Nurturing and embracing the fears
    For purity and love are the most important weapons
    To kill the devil
    Slowly and steadily
    But for real

    On this occasion of World Mental Health Day, I want to convey through my poem that Mental Health is a serious concept! And yes it is treatable. A taboo that's been shunned for so long but guess what, Time's Up!


    For posts on similar theme, check out #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

    #writingcontest #creativearena #picturec #coffeec

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    Elfchen Poem

    Lost Hope
    Melancholia and Depression
    Augments Mental Health Awareness

  • _mathematics 90w

    the raw cinch mocking the windows and door
    Yet failed in persuading the agony in me

    Holding the inner truce, inciting the recalls
    of her holding hands and cuddling back

    taking the seat beside mine
    adores gushing through vocals

    she possesses unique spells
    plunging me to her oftentimes

    At the moment, just alone
    sipping coffee, she likes the most

    the warm latte, dangled
    over the lips seems appealing

    Emotions flooding hastily
    with the thought of proclaiming

    the soul urging mine to
    demand love with
    everything I own

    beginnings enunciated
    the moments and endings
    yearns for them ever

    plant me in your garden
    and be my companion
    to embed my leaves
    and fruit flowers with little
    captures of days and nights
    full of life and not fearing time

    however, the time, challenged
    my belief and faith
    for the moments I strived
    daily from minutes to an hour

    fiddled as the piano tiles
    of bleak fame I earned
    when you fade

    fate, scout initiating time
    when body involved
    and ceasing the motions
    when the freedom call.

    #baec #coffeec #time @mirakee
    @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod

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    Time was running out and I was sipping coffee

  • bclark2681 91w

    Coffee For Two

    Coffe set for two upon the evening
    Table on a cool November night,
    We enjoy company of each in a fit
    Of conversation and cuddling
    As beans aroma fills the room
    With a very intoxicating scent

  • ashamurali 91w


    Oh! It's the start of a workday
    Alarm screams all the way,
    My bed tugs and begs to stay,
    Duty beckons to my dismay!

    There comes coffee in a mug,
    Giving me a gentle pat and hug,
    Tiredness all, I totally shrug,
    Am all ready to go chugh chugh!

  • ashamurali 91w

    Coffee has the magic in her,
    To brighten mood like no other,
    I am sure all will concur,
    Connoisseur or commoner!

  • eurusgrey 91w

    My thoughts are just scattered these days, you may skip.

    #writersnetwork #coffeec #octobermusings

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    My day starts with a cup of coffee, dark and bitter, like the reality we keep running from, everyday, every moment. It's not a need, as people like to say, but a want, a distraction to keep the sweetness away, for it can be lethal and addictive.
    And so I like to keep happiness at an arm's length, to keep my remaining sanity safe.

    I fear change, the only constant in my life.
    With the arrival of October, I feel a void in my heart starting to bleed again. It's not just a month you see, it never is. The feelings attached to it, the memories, the fears, it's a never-ending cycle.
    We keep running in circles and we choose to not acknowledge it; ignorance is a bliss, indeed.
    October used to be a friend, a close one; I sowed all my secrets under the leaves of fading autumn, hoping to wash away my unholy sins, but it bloomed betrayal instead. And the aftermath resulted in anxiety and trust issues.

    I fear love, though I've only seen it from a distance, there's something sinister about the way it lures people in. The naive ones, the witty ones, the wise ones, almost everyone has fallen prey to it.
    What is so great about giving yourself to someone completely, letting heart take the control, only to drown in regret later and sing about it in poetries, calling it art.

    I fear helplessness, doesn't everyone?
    The way my hands shake when the people I love are in pain and all that my fingers can do is scratch incessantly, digging my own grave, over and over again. The way my lips tremble when words cut my tongue, feelings choke my throat and all I can utter is a useless sorry, a meaningless sorry.
    I wear my heart on my sleeve, and now it's mere stone with deep scratches and wounds, the grisly reality.

    I fear many things, but I face them everyday with all that I can muster up, even if that means going to sleep with a heavy heart and an empty face.

  • anshika_winks 91w

    Coffee is the
    Only addiction
    Of mine
    Which helps me
    Fights off
    The odds
    I have
    Within myself

  • 300roses 91w

    #coffeec #writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

    My Trusty Buddy
    Coffee, my trusty buddy,
    Daily, you keep me lively,
    Without you, I feel cranky,
    Your presence makes me cheery.
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
    Likewise, a coffee a day keeps my blues away.


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    Coffee, a must-have for me.

  • bhawna__ 91w

    I was really never a caffeine soul,
    and now you can call me a caffeinated reader,
    it was just the year I completed my graduation and I was about to enter a daredevil task that was really a tough task for me,
    because I am a dumb soul who didn't have touch with the outside world for two years,
    I was really not a caffeine soul,
    I told you,
    okay okay,
    I can't write anymore,
    I am sorry,
    everybody's story same after that,
    the journey of coffee,
    and now I feel sad,
    that coffee is controlling my senses,
    I wish I'll get over of this routine sooner,
    I wish I'll get to be more of my dreams,
    with time,
    I'll find new ways to play with the flavors of coffee :p
    okay okay,
    I am not that sad and bad about this,
    I'll take a leave,
    I have to go,
    laters typewriter,
    I'll keep disappearing from here.

    @mirakee #writersbay
    P.S.: well, I got a new name "Humblebee",
    hahaha, I am happy, thank you for the NaamKaran,

    It's a good diary for me to write on, someday I'll pen it down when I'll not be disappearing in routine.

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    the level of caffeine is this much low in my body that I can sleep even after having a strong dark coffee and coffee really don't mind with it,
    but my taste buds became so used to it that I am searching for new ideas to change the flavor every day, I am really feeling bad for myself that coffee is controlling my senses for a year,
    so there's a story for this,
    the journey of coffee and me,

  • _mylittletales_ 91w

    Lets have a cup of coffee together
    In a cold evening of october
    Lets have a cup of pleasure
    As this is my favourite leisure
    Dark,relaxing,calm caffeine
    Admiring the beautiful starry scene
    Exotic,tempting aroma brew
    Lets have a cup of coffee
    On a little cozy table of two.


  • sproutedseeds 91w


    The aroma of South Indian filter coffee
    has a magnetic degree
    served in satisfying capacity
    proving it's authenticity
    in rejuvenating the mood with loyalty
    is the underlying beauty.

  • madhushree 91w

    Mad about something, need calming coffee
    Excited about beginings,need newbie coffee
    Feeling lost without hope, need friendly coffee
    Exhausted without energy,need recharging coffee
    Missing home so much,need a homesick coffee
    Got praised so much,need a well done coffee
    Life gets messy, need an unwinding coffee
    ....coffee is an emotion with is embraced by me.

  • say_me_krish 91w

    *Read the bg first*


    1. ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ BOY who is girl-ish:

    You cry in front of everyone when you feel to. You don't like sports; you rather prefer playing hopscotch with the girls of your class, your sisters. You feel empathetic to the kind; you aren't physically so strong. You wore a pink shirt on your birthday. Do these make you a glass ? They shouldn't.

    Never care for the weeds in your fields; you have organic manure for your saplings, so spray faith this time. If you're being bullied for your gender, ask them if they can dare trying what you did. Pink is the new blue. Go run to your mother and say her that you are her lovely son, with different stereotypes. I want to see a pride in your face along with that smile you had seeing your father bringing a new toy.

    Flaunt your YOU, don't fear in the backstage. Dance in your o w n style once and you'll flow smooth on the stage.

    2. ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ BOY who tops his class in academics:

    You skip your sports periods to prepare for the math test tomorrow. You are loved by your teachers. You are a gentle breeze. You feel bad for losing two marks in your periodic test. You complete all of your assignments before the deadline. You're being called bookish. Will you fail in the test these people posed? You mustn't.

    Remember this very fact that you love reading as a part of knowledge, not as a part of appreciation. If you believe in moral values, then listen: the good must turn a grain worse for the worst. Go ask them if they can match your standards. Challenge them, face them. Shirkers aren't valued. Even this time, your sister is waiting by the doors to give you a gift for being the Best student. Don't disappoint her.

    Your sail in the path of victory is interrupted by crocodiles. The raft wants to reach to the destination. Mind moving, halts become permanent if taken once.

    3. ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ BOY ᴏʀ GIRL who reads this:
    (if delivered to the wrong address accidentally)

    No gender is calculated on the foolish basis of attires and voice. Some boys are introverts who fail to interact. Is it their fault? Every mind has its own body coated with different behaviours. Rusted hearts with filthy minds try to rather find black scars on silver linings. Don't be one of them. Appreciate and accept. If swallowing the reality is difficult for you, go have a cup of coffee and gulp it down.

    If you do understand, try to bring some change. The world would be grateful. If not, you'll soon be locked in the room where your fellow barbarians stay.

    The world loves walking on graveyards and suppress them rather than keeping flowers. Remember.

    ~S r i K r i s h n a  P  S | Oct 01, 2020.

    @writersnetwork (39, 4) @writersbay (4) @sangfroid_soul @hopenotes__
    #skp_writes #fear #coffeec #hopenotes #skp_letters

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  • pen_to_paper 91w

    At the rising of the sun
    the old man begun
    to brew himself a cup of coffee
    while the wash machine snore sweetly
    next to the green beer garden
    the stinking labrador dog howled violently
    on the hard bench
    Later that morning the anxious violin climbed unexpectedly through the minty mountains
    this caused the sparrows to fly swiftly into the forest

    #coffeec @mirakee #pod @writersbay

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    //at the rising of the sun
    The old man grew himself a cup of coffee//

  • suranjana__ 91w

    She's a strong chalice of dark coffee in a world that is blind drunk on the vulgar wine of facile love.


  • the__meraki__ 91w

    Dear coffee...

    I can live my life devoid of love, replacing it by hopes or dreams or anything.
    But not a single day without you!
    Nothing in this whole world could replace the feeling of lingering around your profundity and savouring your strong aroma. I have never craved for anything more than you...
    Thank you for making my everyday less miserable. Thank you for being the little but best part of my life. I love you!

    With love
    Your own procaffeinator :))
    Since it's international coffee day! Me being the best coffee lover and a perfect procaffeinator, I should write something right!? ��
    Idk whether it makes any sense to you guyz but for me coffee is life and much more than what ever I wrote (^_^)

    #coffeec #coffee_lover #october #writersbay

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  • bethinkful 124w


    You fill me with warmth
    And burning

    My lips tingle with desire

    Unfulfilled, but
    Simultaneously enlightened

    The waves of burn
    Bring me closer in words

    To the heart of the earth,


    The height of the heavens.


    #coffeec @writersbay

    Image ©kkg

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    The waves of burn
    Bring me closer in words

    To the heart of the earth,

    The height of the heavens.