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  • roseanna 23w

    Anna Come Back

    Mold Anna
I am Anna
But Anna feels so far away right now
Anna hasn't been to her core in a very long time
Anna doesn't even know who she is
And maybe because she has caked on so many different things
But to peel them off feels empty
But when Anna can breathe, she is then free
And secure
And satisfied

  • roseanna 23w

    It’s painful to explain why I relapse, but this was the best way I could explain. #addiction #relapse #addict #cocaine #drugs #drug #abuse #recovery #aa #coke #thoughts #rehab

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I have given you
    everything in me
    to keep you
    I spend my time searching for
    pieces of you
    the tiniest amount
    just to feel the loss of you
    a little less

  • roseanna 23w


    My love
It’s not your fault you don’t know
    Or see,
You see
This drug has a mind of its own
    Making my mind

  • roseanna 23w

    It’s painful to explain why I relapse, but this was the best way I could explain. #addiction #relapse #addict #cocaine #drugs #drug #abuse #recovery #aa #coke #thoughts #rehab

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    Lost on Cocaine Highway

    I don't know how to tell you that Izzy has came back, my dear
    She whispers things in my ear
    Tells me she's so sorry I'm in pain,
    And reminds me of those beautiful times, we kissed in the rain
    She looks me in the eyes, and tells me she just wanted to see me again
    Take me on a ride to get away for a moment, just like old times
    But the old times to reminisce on are never truly that far away
    But time away with her feels so much longer, so I try not to focus on her
    To keep the longing at bay
    No matter how long our times been away,
    She insists again, again, again
    But the screams aren't in anger
    They are in a rush of pleasure
    Of the thought of us together
    She makes things so exciting, my dear
    She comes to me frazzled, excitement never lessened,
    Boasting about the world, and all the joys that are near
    There are new peaks to reach, she says
    A better feeling to feel,
    We get in the car, and step away from the fear
    I tell her a short drive, remembering her lack of care
    But I trust her way of knowing the perfect way
    And we start driving so fast
    That I can't remember where we even started
    Going so fast, I am forced into the moment
    Holding on to that moment
    We speed through the lanes,
    The world is moving so fast,
    I look around to see beauty,
    Colors, faces, nature,
    The beauty of the world will last
    But I'm amazed at how everything I see as beautiful,
    Also quickly moves past
    Izzy asks you why I'm so depressed
    I look at her and tell her my life has darkness
    That I can't surpass
    A life of confusion and wistfulness,
    That is only escaped at home by sleep
    Or a slow paced walk, to calm my head
    Can we not think about it right now
    And stay in this moment
    That gives me a glimpse
    out of my mental torment
    Izzy starts to sing
    A loud beautiful song, meant only for me
    Making me feel so special, she kisses my cheek
    And tells me there's no reason to weep
    For she is there, with me, and will show me all the beauty to this life
    Going so fast, feeling so happy,
    Hearing her sing, and watching life go past,
    Makes my heart skip a beat
    The police pass, and I realize they aren't watching
    Us go flying through the road,
    No paranoia
    The rush is incredible, every cell letting go
    No sad thoughts anymore, I am never alone
    We drive so far
    That I don't know where to go
    But I do know, we need to get on the road
    That will lead us to go home
    My eyes are tired, my head is spinning
    I'm getting frustrated I don't see an exit 
    No wonder I feel burning
    In my chest, anger boiling
    Izzy keeps trying to comfort me, but nothing is working
    Izzy understands, and tells me she understands I have to go home
    I ask her what way, and she tells me to listen to the sound
    of my own intuition
    She reminds me I know God is near, 
    And he knows the way, off the highway
    So I can get home and pray
    As i start to pray, there's a deer in the way
    In the middle of the road, calm as could be,
    I'm trying to get home, can you just let me be
    A sudden slam on the breaks
    And know this is part of God showing me the way
    All at once I am still
    And Izzy looks at me confused
    I hate that we are still, 
    But will sit there until, the deer goes away
    And I feel the movement of no choice go away
    Izzy tries to leave the car
    But I can't stand to watch her go
    How can she leave me here all alone
    When my head is still
    Stuck in its own loop
    But doesn't want to stop the thrill

    I sit their nauseous, and think about going home alone
     reality starts to hit
    And maybe she's right,
    These are the moments I can't quit
    I look at the deer, and see it's simple life
    But I can't escape my own head, 
    And will never be that type

    I shouldn’t have let Izzy
    Get me to cave in
    Every ride with Izzy
    Leaves a hole in my heart
    Making it a little harder
    To say that final goodbye

    I should have learned
    The ride is too much

  • malhar_ 118w

    Coke pio aur pilao....��

    #mirakee #life

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    उम्मीदों वाली धूप
    Sunshine वाली आशा,
    रोने की वजह कम है
    हंसने के बहाने ज्यादा.....

  • jamesherrmann 144w

    Rum and Coke

    Can't walk straight
    But I dance just fine
    C'mon in, the haze is quite pleasant
    And the antics are sublime


  • mjqutbi 145w

    Liye hath me Bottle

    Aaj hath me coke ki bottle liye,
    Soch rahe ke Kal hi dosto ke sang the pee rahe..
    Yeh Kaisa khel zindagi ne khela hai,
    Ke hath me yeh bottle liye banda ab akela hai....
    Na nashe ka moh hai na aashiqui ki arzoo,
    Mann Hai toh bas baithna apne yaro ke roobaroo.
    Koi lauta de woh din - woh shaam.
    Jab khel kood ke sivai nahi tha aur koi kaam....
    ~Mo'iz ki kalam

  • dil_se_dilshath 151w

    Just like the coke for pizza
    You are for me,
    The perfect match ❤️

  • asavagewarrior 152w


    My first high was a thrill
    Who knew it would shortly kill
    Three times a charm
    Cannot do that much harm

  • elisha_short 154w

    Do You Mind

    Do you mind sharing a coke with I,
    Whom distance has made lonely?
    Do you mind sharing
    my thoughts,
    Which have been lost to the wind?
    Do you mind laughing at
    my horrible jokes,
    Which consoles my soul for better things ahead?
    Do you mind if I share
    a story,
    Of a broken hearted tale?
    Do you mind if I share
    a chocolate
    With you, to pacify this heart of mine?
    Do you mind if I place your head on
    my chest,
    So you can listen to my heart's lament?
    Do you mind whispering into
    my ears,
    To echo the word of loving again?
    Do you mind singing
    a song
    To me, to revive my Hope of love again?
    Do you mind entwining your hands
    with mine,
    And assuring me of better things ahead?
    If you don't mind,
    Then come share a seat with me.

  • nleroy8 154w

    Shots of espresso and liquor are the best �� I actually wrote this as a song but left our the pre chorus and chorus just to keep it short and sweet.
    #shots #poem #poetry #new #song #songwriting #fun #espresso #latte #fireball #rum #water #rum #coke #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #love #gay #lgbt

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    You were the shots in my lattes
    But shots were fired, and we have been burned.
    I get my coffee with almond milk now, you used to drive me so nutty when we would mend and blend.
    I guess you are the oil to my water
    And if I ever need a drink
    I know I can supply it.
    You were the shots in my drinks
    But shots were fired, and the ball sunk us down.
    I get my cocktails with rum now, we used to be on this high like coke but we ended up choking and failing.
    I guess you are the fire to my water
    And if I ever need to cool down
    I know it will go up from here.
    Now I think I've had too many shots
    With no more bullets in the gun
    Which I hope means you are gone.

  • lions_heart24 155w


    The death calls of the rooster affect his eyes in the night; he's crowing.
    The boss has dispatched a rough rider,
    Mom is screaming as I beg her for the life paper before that man turns me to smoke.
    She gives in; she doesn't want to see her son bloody and laid out on the concrete by a man he calls buddy,
    Now they know our home address; goodbye safety and privacy.

  • mwalker96 157w

    Drug Free

    No need for Weed, Kush or Coke to alter my mind
    when I have the spirit of God to get me high.
    Why smoke a Black N Mild?
    When the world is already wild.

    I stay free from drugs because I know there's better out there for me.
    How can I be what God has called me to be if I'm always getting drunk and wasted?
    No need for that in my life, it's so overrated.
    I have a big calling on my life,
    so I'm not going let anything stop me.

    I'm not judging you if you smoke or drink,
    but it's not for me.
    I don't want no substance influencing me how to think.
    You may say I'm corny for not choosing Hennessey or Mary Jane,
    but I'm staying in my own lane.
    I can still have fun without the pain.

  • nishibhatia 179w

    Coke says:
    Laughs with me
    Cries with me

    I think it should be:
    Laughs at me
    Cries for me

  • sus_shin_hye 182w

    1 bed
    2 a.m.
    3 blankets
    4 roomies
    5 bottles of coke
    6 slices of pizza
    a lot of selfies
    & Countless memories.
    - Hostel life is such a bliss!!!

  • vincecarre 188w

    White Pours

    One man's drugs pouring down around the car. As the white substance pour's, the car becoming better, faster, more luxurious. As the substance pour's it hits the ground then spreads throughout, as waves. Some will drown, some will not.

  • firapubal 189w

    Bad Mood

    And then, there were times like this.
    Nothing is good when this mood comes around.
    All We want is cuddle up, under the blanket.
    With some chips and coke.
    And pray.
    We hope after this storm of nothingness passed,
    everything not so messed up.

  • krissv__ 192w


    Cause I was born bad,
    I was born a killa
    I was born to be scorn
    I was born to be a thrilla
    I was born to smile
    But my tongue is vile

  • deepwrites1 198w

    You know what is confidence ?
    When we writers imprint our random thoughts and share it with everyone over here and just ponder , if ive practised a sin. Lol
    #coke #random #justathought #readwriteunute #mirakee #mirakeeworld @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    I wonder, why do folks criticise you? Just look at me i’m stuck on you, like an old favourite wine. Trying and failing to take it off of my routine.
    -your one sided lover


  • krissv__ 205w

    A hit

    I wanted thick lines spelling out your name. I wanted a nose bleed. I wanted a hit, I wanted a blow. I wanted your high.....sorting out my thoughts snorting out my sources to figure you out I wanted to blow you. I wanted my heart blown anything to not feel but to feel high of you. The white lines matching your white skin. My red nostrils, my pearly whites tainted just watching your perfect complexion oh look at you; perfect white angel, (a hit) as I smile look at you oh your judgement!! as I collapsed...you're judging me? (a hit) but Baby this has your name on it. ( a hit) look look at this red daring to taint this perfect white. (A hit) here judge whats left of me.. judge my society we, well we're not good enough......