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  • cryptic010 19w

    What's Yours is mine

    The beauty, wealth, and regal
    Our art, gold, and people
    Wipe the cocoa from your lips
    Dare Say the juice isn't sweet 

    You English, Spanish, and French
    Who built the land, homes, schools? 
    We've come to enjoy the best.
    We learned it from you.

    We know your ways and words
    Yet you mocked our intellect
    You learned nothing proudly 
    And boast in your ignorance.

    It was dark to few
    It was black to most
    What was stolen by you
    Will be returned to us.

  • drunksquirrel 102w

    fire spark: stories retold

    I was told stories by the fireside
    Of fireflies in the night
    Of legends and mystics
    Where squirells, monkeys and bears played tricks
    We sang happy song
    In praise of the land, fields, sun and moon
    Soon the character changed
    To mairmad, oceans, waves, seashell and seashore
    To daffodils, primrose, and lotus
    To temples and mausoleums in some distant land
    I imagined them near
    I called them mine
    The moonlight flower, wild lilies
    And reithao were living- memory
    Rice and yam
    Are on my plate
    Not pizza and Macdonald
    I trampled the grass
    On my way up the hill
    My savage mind imprisoned in their service
    I drank the best wine
    Served from their palatial cup
    And spewed venom
    On the land I belong
    Now I am sober
    So take back your wine, legends, and victories
    I prefer to forget
    Those planted memories
    Proudly chose to reclaim
    My dreams
    And all that was and is mine

  • thebhavnasaxena 117w


    Mad king, his heart of stone,
    Wearing tender flowers
    On his sleeve, look I found
    The flowers in wreaths
    At the graves of those he
    Had proclaimed to love,
    Wicked king, his greed for
    The throne, carrying little
    Skeletons in coffins, where
    His spine should be, look
    How he stands tall, he never
    Looks back, for that is where I
    Stand, I scream but my voice
    Drowns in the gaiety of his new
    Feast, I look on, as he drinks
    Himself into ecstasy, feeding
    Off of yet another vessel of
    Innocence, he dances in the
    Arms of power, in that same
    Palace, that was my home, once
    Upon a time, and I silently lurk
    In the corners, like a daughter
    Of the netherworld, watching
    History write me out; who cares,
    For the faded glory of the conquered,
    When a new sun sets their horizon
    Ablaze, in a new world, built upon
    The ruins of my empire, I still have
    A place, I'm the ghost whose presence
    My conquerors would never forget.

  • kisherah 124w

    Behold,a mother in pain,
    As she watches the trials of her child,
    Her arms rest on her ample breasts,
    Her legs succumb into the thriving hands of weariness,
    Streams of sorrowful tears flow down the contours of her cheeks,
    Is that not inhumane?

    The voice of the African child,
    Was muffled by the cruel leather whips of his vicious masters,
    Ripping his dark sun-scorched skin, becoming bathed with blood,
    The voice of the African child,
    Was overwhelmed by the shouts of hunger and thirst, Calling vehemently for their overly due needs.

    I write of a slave,
    A slave without voice,
    Of chains and shackles,
    Of deniable freedom,
    As voiceless as he is,
    As hopeless as I am.

    Alas! Mother Africa rejoices,
    As she watches the elevation of her child,
    Her arms swing repeatedly in the air,
    Her legs move rhythmically to the melodies of hearty song,
    Melodies of hearty song calling for jubilation,
    Is this not awesome?

    The voice of the African child,
    Rises with power like a warrior,
    Downing his adversaries into the valley of defeat,
    The voice of the African child,
    Emerges with glory like a king,
    Engulfing tribulations into the pit of shame.

    I write of a black,
    A black without fear,
    Of pride and power,
    Of dauntless courage,
    As fearless as he is,
    As limitless as I am

    - Michelle Abiona
    @sequoia@dunniwrites@solution@writersnetwork@timillwryte#african literature #literarywizard#colonialism#post-colonialism. #poetry

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    The Voice of the African Child

  • jvtthepoet 142w

    histories rewritten
    in the blood
    left by keepers
    of the old world

    authored by
    conquerors who
    claim dominion over
    land forsaken
    fruit severed
    faces unknown


  • revmirsokolov 175w



    Load the guns
    The ships
    The graves

    Find the sacred places
    Choke them off and
    Take your fill

    Putrid lives of dissatisfaction
    Squandering land and sea
    Ingesting the souls of the living.

    Go home
    Go home
    Go home

  • riju_b 175w

    It's time to change some facts

    May be its time to change some facts.
    I have been searching on internet then a line
    Cameup to me ''Who discovered India''
    Then I thought, i thought it through,
    It was never been discovered it was always there,
    There in the face of the earth
    But still after 72 years of independence.
    We still teach our children that'' India was discovered by Vasco da gama''.
    But the truth is we are here even before his arrival
    We have been here even before Mugals,
    We are always here.
    So why we teach our children that we are being discovered.
    When the truth is we are always here.

    Are we still colonised by British.
    but we are still colonised:mentally.
    Being independent doesn't seem to change anything,
    B'cause we still can't change the facts in our child's book that we are not being discovered,
    we are always been here.
    And 'vasco da gama ' only discover route to India ,not India.
    Because we are there even before he was born.

    May be its not there (Britishers) fault.
    Its the fault of our Education system, that is making our children to learn the wrong facts.
    Or may because 'Education system' itself was impliment by them on us.
    So, we can conclude that we have not change our education system till then.

    We may be independent as a nation. But still our 'Education System' is not independent from the claws of colonialism.

  • sukanyaquotes 181w


    There were two brothers. Then Britain Happened.
    Rest is History.

  • simplyruth 190w

    Indonesia Etc.

    The people of the archipelago's various fiefdoms did not think of themselves as part of any larger whole. The constant to-ing and fro-ing of merchants did, however create an easy openness and acceptance of difference among ordinary people that persists to this day. It translates into an almost voluptuous hospitality, and makes these islands a deeply seductive place to explore.

    But the openness had a downside. It left Indonesia vulnerable to a European onslaught that changed the way that business was done.

    (Elizabeth Pisani, p.13)

  • alexandralydiakhamoji 193w

    How many stories does this footing have?
    How can it be nourished if I dont know what it lacks?
    Forgotten and uncherished,
    How much blood have you soaked in, footing?
    The blood of my ancestors that has dripped on you,
    How much pain has pushed through your veins,
    When they came, killed and humiliated us, demanding we deliver you to them,
    Pain that we forget sometimes but that keeps bearing more children,
    What's the cure?
    Before the blood, before the humiliation,
    Who were we?
    What did we feed you and what did you feed us?
    Those answers intentionally erased,
    A hollowness left to be filled, as sometimes more pours out,
    Sometimes with nought but nonesense,
    Creating both good and bad,
    Looking for a centre,
    Please inscribe the answers on your body.


  • sanemadone 194w

    Freedom is never easy
    The road to independence is littered with blood
    The colonizer told to the colonized


  • arvk10 195w

    Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai !

    So it was barely a week into my first job and I was gazing at these financial statement figures of one of our clients, just to give you a broader picture, I work for an Audit firm, so our clients give us their financials, basically its their Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and other ancillary ledgers, they give it to us for having them checked, filing their returns and/or certifying the same.

    So like I was saying, barely a week, I'm staring at these figures and wonder why the 'FCUK' am I even doing this ? I don't enjoy auditing someone's accounts, why should I be sitting and correcting some stupid clerical and conceptual errors of some random client. So like any other person I spoke about this 'lack of interest' at my work to the bare minimal friends I have, tried speaking about this indirectly with few I barely knew, trying to extract maximum about what's right and what's wrong, spoke to few of my relatives, my parents and all of them had just one advise, 'it's just the "starting trouble" and you'll get "used to it" '. I don't know if they were just warning me or motivating me, all though my mind inferred the former, WARNING.

    The cancerous thought process that is embedded within our culture, society and education system is the "outcome bias". It is cancerous because it is usually deceptive and often misread by even the wisest people. Best example would be the people who advocate colonization, they say the Britishers gave their colonies modernization, modern education system, industrialization, literature and what not when in reality all this was already there in those colonies or would have happened either way moving forward. We started believing their architecture was far better than ours when ours were/are still a galactic beauty. Our history spoke of planetary alignments, modern day medical wonders, spoke about evolution, philosophy and what not centuries before theirs could even start, all our books and knowledge were brushed aside as mythology and we still believed (and continue to do so) to be inferior to them. These apologists of the west, believe colonialism was great in terms of a bare few material benefits that came as an ancillary with it ignoring the massive destruction it had caused on the other side. Like I find it funny when these apologists tell me, "they gave us trains". Similarly we live among people who religiously believes doing things that you don't like is life. They simply don't seem to have an issue with it, I'm sure they have frustration within themselves but like they themselves put it, they probably got "used to it" and it's lying dormant somewhere within them and pops up in other walks of life like politics, religion, caste, family issues et cetera. This could be the reason why our society has predominantly been so intolerant.

    In this blue collared rat race, fast food Swig*y, U*er Eats over a home cooked meal generation, where people are in search of quick results, where people primarily look for results and doesn't bat an eye of how they're achieved (Ethics ki maa ki ankh) where the society picks losers and winners based on results (epitome of 'Outcome Bias') wherein the losers get weeded out from the winners, there is very little that could be done to ammend this, like I mentioned it's embedded within our mindset, our education system, our culture and what not. The society lives with the motto "Whatever happens, happens for the good"; and yes I'm challenging it, let's not keep accepting whatever is thrown at us, let's try and work a way around, maybe you may never taste success but end of the day who defines success ? if success to you is what others define, then you have already lost the battle, my friend ! The attitude of rejoicing at the silver lining and ignoring the storm is ludicrous and disastrous.

    PS Its Sunday and I'm already having the Monday blues, this feeling is something I have been carrying from my school, weekend's getting over and I have to 'automate' another week in a place I don't like, amidst people I don't enjoy being with.

    'Chutti Khatam; School Shuru' !


  • near_lane7 195w


    Spaces and souls
    Values of difference
    Do we fill the empty to the core
    Or do we just suppress
    Our individual needs

    Do govering systems allow
    To be who we are
    Our challenges for survival
    Even hermits need mental feed

    Humanity is controlling
    Globes spaces at large
    Transforms the uninhibitable
    In a manner seen
    As excavators transform
    In a matter of hours

    Divisions being stronger
    The emptiness of hope
    For many cultures and countries
    Leeways no options
    Breaking out are the bold

    Who sees but doesnt console
    The lost and overrun
    Wallowing in an empty space


  • poojaak_ 251w

    Far off the lands and oceans
    Came a class of men
    Attired in cravat, breeches, cloak and boot
    To civilize the folk
    In dhoti, turban and veshtis
    Some in mojris, some bare foot
    Time flew, centuries passed
    Reciprocated were the attires
    But the things that halted
    And remain unchanged
    Are the mentalities, notions and manners

  • littlewritinghood 272w

    A mutiny of stars.
    And the moon gains monopoly of the solemn night.
    A mutiny of sepoys.
    And a thriving nation was left to rot in the hands of colonialism.

    gaurav_ghosh | sepoys and the stars

  • kevinosullivan 297w

    Consume, Ignore and Follow

    Todays fascism is your capitalism in decay.
    Jingoism and insurrection fast without allay.
    Intellectuals expose the propaganda manifesto.
    Race to the precipice to profit at all cost with abandon and gusto.
    The masses consume, ignore and follow organized sport.
    Ignorant wage slave pawns, dumbed down; unable to think or attempt to thwart.
    Oklahoma surges from three quakes a year to three quakes per single rotation.
    Deterrence theory proliferates our mutually assured destruction.
    This global totalitarian regime so subtle of their menticide.
    Asleep at the wheel we await an environmental New Deal; but unwilling to reverse our behavior.
    Technology once a blessing now a planetary curse.
    This technological assassin expected to be a future biological savior; instead drives extinctions hearse.

  • kevinosullivan 298w

    Colonize Mars

    Privatized rocketry, payloads of people. Ahoi.
    A new world to conquer and destroy with pollution.
    Rush to the red planet for a geoplanetary solution.
    Wherever we go there we exist with much fault in our stars.
    Recovery too costly to acknowledge our scars.
    Imperial capitalism all but enlarged; the followers of Adam Smith will soon Colonize Mars.