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  • kumazy 38w


    I draw stories from the lines of her face.
    It tells me the patience of experience.
    A love stories drawn from the rhythm of her walk.
    Slowly but Steady.

    Her embrace, cozy and warm.
    Her laughter, melodious and assuring.
    The light in her eyes are assured spark,
    Shining in my dark days.

    From the treaties of my childhood.
    To the meal in her kitchen.
    To call received unannounced.
    And the proud gaze of her eyes.

    From love she gave All in All,
    Love pure, sure and gentle.
    Love of an ancient root, blowing like cool breeze of hope.
    Which from distant shore, often call me home.
    Like the drums of Ayangalu.

    Akinsanmi Akinkunmi©kumazy

  • kumazy 48w

    I Rise

    Sometimes I feel safe in my dreams.
    For I know, it's never real.
    So I crept slowly afraid to stay up.
    Who knows, what is up when the dream stop.

    Sometimes I Lie down when I trip.
    For I fear to fall no more.
    But then some clowns love to kick you when you are down.
    Others may just put a ladder behind your back.

    So I rise, despite the scars serrating my back,
    Like an Abiku child.
    I refuse the dialogue with my ancestors,
    Where I ride upon my high horses, in dreams.
    Of promise lands.

    I rise to try again, to try better.
    I rise in the daylight of the morning
    From the shadows of my evening.
    Embracing each day, every day is a new beginning.

    Akinsanmi Akinkunmi ©kumazy

  • s_riyansha 72w

    ये दिल बता मेरे कौन से ख्वाब बून रहा है तू
    है कोई चहल पहल या खुद की ही धड़कन सुन रहा हैं तू ये विचार क्यों उमड़ा है तुझ मे आज यू
    कि परिंदा बन आसमाँ मे आज फिर उड़ू
    ये किस ओर कदम मेरे आज मुड़ रहे है
    ये कौनसी राहो को हम आज चुन रहे है
    बस इसी कशमकश के चलते ये रात भी कट गयी इन अँधेरों मे
    कल फिर नए ख्वाब बुनेंगे कल के नए सवेरे मे

  • petrichor_essence 77w


    It's a perceptive for shade,
    I chose blood red.
    So profund but, soothing to my eyes
    Like a therapy of elixir.
    Feels like petrichor,
    To my soul's core.
    A color of love and affection,
    Significant to mention.
    But, the pain too it is,
    When exudated through the layers.
    It turns dry and dead,
    If tears don't feed.
    The lover yearns for glimpse of the precious,
    With a pumping heart , being delirious.
    It is color of emotions and pain ,
    To be cherished and not to be abstained.

  • shashankpoojari 77w


    When my soul is thriving for perfection,

    & I am running towards direction,

    Of life's muddling possession,

    Vexed by overwhelmed expression,

    Night & day slipped & changed my perception,

    Towards existence of me in this creation,

    Deeds & time showed me my own reflection,

    Deeds which I thought mass of imperfections,

    Time merely decayed it and made it valorous try towards perfection.

  • shashankpoojari 77w


    NOTHING is yours and mine,
    NOTHING for you and me,
    NOTHING by & from you and me,
    Not our souls are ours,
    Not we are all you and me,
    We are ONE & only ONE,
    We are ONE in infinite,
    But infinite in ONE,
    That ONE is reality &,
    Forever who is below & above the ALL.....

  • supppy 77w

    Thank you @hiddenwords_of_heart

    To make me listen when my #coloursspeak ♥️

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    I merely heard
    The gratitude of my RED

    Hey SHIVA,
    Without any chance to rethink
    U have made me to whole heartedly always thank

    As you have coloured me for the human blood
    Which rushes all across body like a pre controlled flood

    About my precedence I never have to worry
    As u have made me one among so called primary

    Some time I think
    It's wen I fall in luv with white, there comes the pink

    I never had a clue
    As there could form a purple without me n blue

    Isn't it strange
    That I am major part of even the orange

    And my major strength
    Z having the highest wavelength

    Regarding the human psychology
    Am their desire, passion, love, many more which doesn't follow any chronology

    May be that's the reason I was chose
    As the favourite and popular varient of Rose

  • ketkii19 77w

    Everyone changes, every colour fades...
    “Not really,” replied black.

  • ankita_66 77w

    A story of neglect

    Red, pink , yellow and green.
    Sunshine ,open air and wind.
    Positioned plants around our windowsill.
    As a goodwill, as a charm, as a token of love blooming to its form.
    We watered our garden, hoping to see some flowers bloom.
    Pink hues and purple ones.
    Violets and maybe daisies in our next run.
    One day we forgot to water.
    One day there was no sun.
    The next day thunderstorms greeted us.
    And the next day, we didn't care.
    The red ones faded. And the yellow ones died.
    Before i knew what was happening, our flowerbed withered and cried.
    Neglect and no nourishment. Sunshine alone doesnt suffice.
    Now i cry, watering and watering to make them come to life.

  • athulya_nair 77w

    All I See is Red

    I sense when you look at me with love
    The heart that beats for me says 'Red'..
    That one heck of a gaze you throw..
    And all my soul in joy and peace is fed.

    I sense when you couldn't bear seeing me
    In pain, the colour in your eyes says 'Red'
    Those eyes which never been once wet..
    Now are, for tears of love is all they shed.

    I sense even when my little things matter the
    Most to you, the care you shower says 'Red'
    When you look after me like your baby doll,
    The feeling of being special gets to my head.

    I sense when we exchange hugs and fondles..
    The colour of my kiss on your lips says 'Red'
    The warmth in your soul and your gentle self
    Is all that I could think of in bath and bed.

    I sense when I put down and speak low
    Of myself, the anger in your face says 'Red'
    I can't even begin to explain how cute it is as
    Ours is the best love epic that I've ever read!

    I sense when you hear me say, 'I'm lucky to
    Have you ', the hue of your cheeks says 'Red'
    And I know I don't just say them but I mean it..
    That I'd feel the same even after I lay dead.


  • kumazy 77w

    Red is a strange colour

    Red is a strange colour,
    You can see it in the eyes,
    You can feel it in a pulse,
    You can share is as a bond,
    You can free it from the lungs.

    Red is a strange colour
    You can pick it in the field,
    You can give it as a gift.
    You can where it to a dance,
    A lady in red, and dance it in a song.

    The colour Red, sang accross different Realms.
    Happy and Sad, beautiful and pale.
    Red is a strange colour,
    Mysterious as a fearsome fire.
    Love and rage, hate and pain.

    So Red is the colour of blushing girls,
    Of ladies prime.
    It is the danger in a man's eyes.
    A single spark of fire of a million rage.

    Red is the colour of bounded emotions.
    Or No...Red is just colour.
    Just a very strange colour

    © Akinsanmi Akinkunmi (kumazy)

  • lady_filoque 77w

    Black always reminds me that without darkness we will never know the true meaning of light.


  • blueballad 77w


    White came up to me and told me I was lucky.
    I asked, why?
    White said I never have to bear the burden of constantly having to be enough; of being the sole symbol of hope and purity.
    White said: "Do you know how difficult it is to uplift the souls of the unheard, to encapsulate their dreams to the heavens and present their desires with honesty and truth?"
    Well, I didn't know, because I'd never experienced white's travails; I was always the tainted one.
    But now that I think about it, no one likes white when white's tainted, dirty.
    We all want white to be spotless, crystal clear, perfect.
    And white doesn't always live up to our expectations.
    More times than not, white disappoints, white breaks, and doesn't know what it is when it's not being white.
    So here is white: the only colour without a voice of its own.


  • faithbello__ 77w


    I am colour black
    There was a time I was the least favourite
    People compared me to darkness, scary right?
    I was so envious of other colours
    Whenever others were chosen, I was always left out
    These days people choose me as their favourite
    I wonder what miracle happened
    But the miracle made me even more beautiful
    You should choose me too
    I am colour black.

  • pallavimaruji 77w

    Known for snow,
    But why, I don't know!
    Milk takes my shade,
    And I cannot fade!
    Chalk is the first love of any human
    Yes, this is also my colour vision!
    Known for purity and sacrifice
    I don't know if I suffice?
    Important for every religion
    But I symbolize differently for every citizen!
    Some take me as a symbol of death
    Some wear me while being a princess!
    Some choose me at the beginning of an era,
    While some favour me for the end of the era!
    Me being the badge of loneliness
    And the emblem of longingness!!
    The one who is remembered in peace,
    The one filling all the abysses!!
    Creating different shades of life,
    Making it soothing and bright!
    Colour of a doctor,
    And the colour of chefs,
    It is something,
    Which will never go out of the taste!
    Some associate it with ghosts,
    While some want their prince coming at a white horse!
    Opposite of black they say,
    But is as important as black in its way!


  • uttkarsh_15 77w

    Colours of Life

    Life is full of colours
    And they speak too ,
    In the language of variants,
    Which they hold for you as clues,
    Yellow light of sun is a light of hope,
    Light of Endless booming energies,
    Green Lands signifies the life itself,
    How the eco life exists , survives and emerges,
    Black night signifies the times of mystery ,
    The time when the imagination runs so far,
    The sky with the So much beautiful Patterns,
    Formed with Constellations of ever shining stars,
    The sky blue dawn when the stars start disappearing,
    And the sky too open it's eyes from the dark,
    It's the time when the cosmo bodies say good bye,
    And we are back to the earthly morning mark

  • emenaha_poetry 77w

    I'd like the colour of the night,
    The stars up there looking like your eyes,
    Staring into my heart,
    Why is the colour of your shadow
    In grey and your face in blue?
    And not just another passing milky_cloud.


  • lady_witch 77w

    but she waited and waited...
    so long
    Until her heart foiled itself in deep
    slumber of coldness..

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    and the lament colour of her eyes
    danced in the abundance
    of muffling pains and
    forlorning soul...

  • tiny_sparkle99 77w

    In spectrum of shining colors
    You can fine me at other end of bright shining colors,
    Alone in darkness of mine
    I'm full of myself,
    Little frightened by my own gloom,
    Little desperate to shine like daylight,
    But being black and colourless
    I've learnt to love my darkness
    And be the way I am,
    Living this colorless life I've learnt
    That being colourless is as equally beautiful as being colorful is,
    Let me tell you why?
    When colorful life of day tires you,
    When you're lost in so much colorful colors
    that you're unable to find that one colour of your own,
    the colour which is purely yours,
    that color which reflects your shade,
    That reflects you,
    The unique and rare you.
    Then there you shut off your eyes,
    At night when lamp of skies goes off,
    In its sheer colorless darkness
    You sail into gloom to find yourself,

    And see you found yourself,
    Like how those stars
    found their lost shine back
    In darkness of night.
    I'm black
    The colour of night
    When stars shine.



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    I'm black, colour of your scars

    Living this colorless life I've learnt
    That being colourless is as equally beautiful as being colorful is,

  • uttkarsh_15 79w


    Flavour of the Night ,
    Absence of Light,
    Still It's in the shadows so far,
    Also a type of movie genre ,
    Scarier than the ghosts ,
    Thriller than the Inception,
    Maybe the story of man with scars,
    Some love daylight , Some love dark nights,
    I Don't know why the morning persons are considered always right,
    But I'm the person who likes the Night Dark,
    Because I can cook myself Soup and Maggi,
    And Watch movies like Paranormal Activity,
    Or A superhero Movie like one of Tony stark ..