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  • thenyctophile 5d


    I wake up with a Hope.
    Hope, that everything will be fine.
    Fine in the way,
    That I wouldn't no longer want to run away,
    Meantime, disappearing somewhere.
    Somewhere, where i won't be feeling anything.
    Anything, that i ignore,
    with a fear of,
    getting those fears,
    To be felt again.


  • kasishakespeare 5d

    Define True Love

    I breathed, waited and hoped and finally you
    Came back home, where you belong
    I seek more of thy love , my dearest soulmate
    For in you my heart forever finds gladness
    They said if we are meant to be together , then no spell cast against our love will tear us apart
    I guess they were right after all
    I will cherish moments with you for all eternity because death will not do us apart.
    And even if I may try to force my way out of your heart , I will fail before I even reach halfway.
    Maybe the definition of true love
    Is that it never fails , it conquers all.


  • bluemoon__ 1w

    This is the kind of closure I can get from you
    I have no choice but to immerse myself in something
    try not to think of you
    it's hard but I have to
    since I know
    you don't think of me too.

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    This is a love poem, or so I hoped...

    Call me wind if you do, please
    Like how I suddenly came into your life
    Before, my presence alone brings a euphoric smile
    But now, you treat me like my presence is harrowing
    Hurt, I stayed away if that is the only way
    To make you feel peaceful again.

    A part of me is holding back tears
    I'm helpless watching you change your treatment of me
    The day that I fear has come
    You've become fickle
    When I expressed my pain
    You were nonchalant and called me dramatic
    For you, I say senseless things
    When it's you who said that
    Emotions are valid.

    I breathe, wait and hope
    But our arguments began a loop
    I seek understanding
    Yet my words you twisted
    Say it's my fault for being sensitive
    I feel sorry for asking for your comfort.

    What a strange time this is
    I thought I'm halfway to my healing
    That meeting you was a blessing
    But, it was another challenge
    To break me once again
    Still, it's a blessing
    For me to know that
    No matter how I care and love someone
    If they don't like me
    I can't do anything about it.

    This is a love poem
    Or so I hoped.

  • soultxt 1w

    I breathe, wait and hope
    For the chaos to subside
    Which has presented itself
    Seeking obliteration, oblivion and ordeal
    It's halfway there till it destroys
    The corrupted core, gifted by life


  • writer_nita 1w

    �� ��

    That night was dark, thunder and lightening and heavy rain. I was walking down the mountain. I hear footsteps of someone walking behind me. I stop and look around. But I can see no one.

    Few minutes later, I reach to the city of lights. I get a call on my mobile from a private number. I ignore the call. The call comes again. I pick the call. I hear a sensual deep voice of a man crying. I get scared and run.

    I reach home, I get fresh and go to sleep. I think that I should switch off my phone. But I find it no where. I search it my whole house inside outside. I take a pause with that tensed mind, and think all over where I might have lost it. I remember that by getting afraid of that private number, my mobile fell on the road.

    I feel afraid to go there, but I had to go there alone, because I could not trouble my parents and friends. I grab my jacket, cover my face, I go in a different avatar. To be safe, I have coffee at the nearby hotel, near that road where I lost the mobile and I roll my eyes on the road. I could not find it anywhere. The waiter comes with the bill in a tray and with that bill I see my mobile.

    I feel shocked to see it, I look at the waiter, his face is masked. And eyes look scary. I try to run. But he holds my hand and whispers in my ear. Zara, please don't leave me and go. I try to push him. But looking at the police he runs away. I run behind him leaving all the afraidness aside.

    He runs on the mountain where I heard the footsteps. I see him go in a house. I look from the window and see that he is my ex-boyfriend who was missing.

    I than get it why he used to ignore me, because he never loved me and so one day he disappeared and than, made a fake news that his missing and now he has come back to make me fall in his trap again.

    I call the police and they arrest him. He looks at me angrily.



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    Secret Footsteps

  • inking_vivo 1w


    I breathe, wait and hope
    I stand alone and breathe
    I wait for the next scene of drama
    I hope to stand apart
    Being patient
    Time keeps off all the curtains
    One by one
    Everyone, everything left behind
    Again, I breathe, wait and hope
    Until the last breath
    I hope for
    A grand welcome by Angels
    I leave all
    Still again I hope for
    A golden age

  • silvern_art 1w

    Chaos in her silence

    What a strange time this is for her,
    As she sits by the entrance of her home.
    The door dangling,
    Barely hanging from its hinges.
    Book on lap and pen in hand.
    Her mind once again,
    Full of millions thoughts,
    It holds and wishes to dispose.
    With so much to say,
    She begins to scribble.
    Yet little is written.

  • saif5alam 1w

    Teri kami ka ehsaas hota hai,
    Kisko sunao apna ye haal e Dil,
    Jisko bhi sunao wo yehi kehte hai,
    Jo hota hai acha ke liye hota hai,

  • wilmaneels1 1w

    What a strange time this is
    A time where fear is knocking so loud
    You can't ignore it
    It's like you can't escape it either
    All around you are reminded of the one thing you wish you didn't have to deal with
    But here you are, having to look it in the face all day, every day
    The fear of not having control can be crippling; yet every time I see you, I have to admire the way you still do it with that smile on your face
    It's like hope in times when becoming hopeless would have been okay
    You wear your scars like a trophy not for pity but as a testimony

  • fizahfiz_ 1w

    In the middle of the night,
    I woke up from my sleep,
    With tears rolling down from my cheeks,
    I said,
    Why can't you just stay?
    You asked,
    Then I was startled by that dream.
    And, you are no longer there,
    For me to see you with my eyes,
    Or for me to say your name for the last time a long time ago.

    When I first met you,
    I was never planning of falling for you,
    You were not my type,
    Thousands of pretty faces, yet I attached to you,
    You were well aware that I was an introvert,
    With the tall and thick barrier surrounding,
    Never thought that you would manage to make ways,
    With your constant attention and warm features,
    Your affections and your actions,
    A friendship was formed between us,
    A part of me was happy,
    I started to get used to you,
    Little by little you have my heart,
    I started to feel for you,
    I started to feel the warmth,
    Watching your calming face relentlessly,
    Sun was setting in your eyes,
    I felt like melting,
    Like marshmallows in a hot coffee,
    Your smile completed the final touch of my morning portrait,
    My heartbeats become faster as if I've run a mile,
    And thousand of electric bolts revolting within,
    How can I not say I love you,
    When loves is defined as him,
    To expressed it out loud,
    And be honest with you,
    But within my solitude,
    A part of me was holding back tears,
    I was scared, I was frightened,
    If the truth was revealed,
    it'd be a crime,
    What if it ruins our friendship?
    What if awkwardness shakes us?
    What if you decided to walk away and left me?
    Would we ended up being strangers again, like before we meet for the first time?

    Part of me was holding back tears,
    Because once I've broken the trust that this person put on me,
    If the truth was revealed,
    And in a forbidden relationship,
    She'll forever be deeply in hurt,
    And I can't let it happen,
    Thus, obeyed her was my only priority,
    To certain rules strictly put in my life list by her,
    The one who gave me life,
    who always cared,
    who always protected me,
    who always love me unconditionally,
    Yet, she knows what is right for me, She was and are my everything,
    The guiding light of my life,
    My GPS when I lost,
    She has my total respect,
    Even though I've had to endure this countless numbers of pain,
    And struggle keep on pushing,
    Or diagnosed with the first mental disorder,
    I won't break her faith in me,
    I won't revealed my truth.

    #combination #thispoemc #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    This is a love poem,
    A lot of unsaid words,
    A lot of hurt from the said,
    I put them all, in a box under my bed,
    A million words I spoke,
    And a billion I didn't,
    Therein I conquered myself,
    No words uttered but the screams of my heart,
    I mastered the act of quietness,
    And hide it alone,
    Am I made the right decision?
    Were my efforts really worth it?


  • ambi_16 1w

    A part of me is
    Holding back tears
    To put on a brave face

    A face that chokes
    The inner turbulences,
    To safeguard self
    From the worldly judgements
    To buffer from the
    Emotional upheaval
    To convert droplets
    Into an ocean of
    Strength within

    But how long would the
    pearls sustain the push
    Either they would dry
    Or else seek freedom to
    break down the walls of Pretence


    Phrase:- A part of me is holding back tears
    Word:- Seek

    #combination #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you @writersnetwork and all readers for ❤️

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    A part of me is
    Holding back tears
    To put on a brave face


  • writer_nita 1w

    Love is the beat,
    That matches with the heart,
    At every heat of the body.


  • bellemoon99 1w


    A part of me is holding back tears, while the other celebrates I've changed.
    Staying halfway through the light it's painful.
    Wings that don't spread, and tears that won't fall.
    One day I'll manage to fly
    One day, but today?
    Let's just try.

  • seraiah_smiles 1w

    In the other world, you and I are lying down.
    Yet as if you told yourself it's about time not to lie,
    Without fear, you reach out your hand to me,
    You declare and decree, "I love thee."

    O, agape! Swimming to its depths, I awoke.
    In this world, you and I are alive.
    I breathe, wait, and hope.
    Into the ocean of love, you decide when to dive.



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    You declare and decree, "I love thee."
    O, agape! Swimming to its depths, I awoke.

  • ponygirl0902 1w

    From my corazón
    My dear
    I’m so sorry
    I tried sincerely
    To write a fairytale

    To write a dream which I can escape to
    A place with happiness and joy
    With people that love and respect me
    A dream world where there’s no
    My utopia of happiness

    I truly tried
    To escape In a fairytale
    With blind happiness
    To make a facade and pretend I’m okay
    So that I can continue to go on
    Because what does everyone say
    It will get better as time goes on?

    I tried to hold onto that
    To believe in that saying
    That there’s light at the end
    I feel it’s a lie though

    I found that
    I couldn’t stay
    I couldn’t hold on
    Because as it turns out
    I loved you a little more than I loved myself
    Didn’t love myself enough to try more

    It turns out that
    Keeping up appearances can be tiring
    Because everyone around you
    believes this false version of yourself
    But you keep up the appearance
    Because you just so afraid people won’t like the real you
    Because the last time you got close
    It only burnt you and hurt you

    I pretend I’m happy
    I’m popular
    Great at school
    And great relationship with my parents
    I pretend, when I’m reality
    I’m a lone girl and a familiar song

    Sad songs because
    I’m not happy
    I’m lonely at home, school, and work
    I struggle with school
    And nobody home to help
    With no parents that care

    There’s one thing people fail to remember
    You turn a page and touch another life
    Every single action you take
    Every word you say
    It can change someone
    I’ve learned that all to well

    Everyone at school hates me
    Bullying and humiliation
    Everyone at work despises me
    Belittled and hated
    Everyone at home ignores me
    Forgotten and alone

    I tried for so long to hold on
    To just keep going
    But everything just kept happening
    Everyone just kept hurting me
    Each second
    And each day that went by
    My will to carry on kept dwindling
    My dear
    What died before death?
    My will
    My soul
    My happiness
    My life

    I’m so sorry
    My dear
    That I couldn’t create my fairytale
    I tried sincerely
    And I hope I don’t regret
    the moment between saying goodbye and leaving

    Because this is my goodbye
    And I can’t take it back
    Now that I’m leaving…

  • wtf_ankrit 1w


    In the End, it's all about "who stayed"
    Not "who promised".


  • kanikachugh 1w

    A: a part of me is holding back tears
    B: empty

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #combination #wod

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    A part of me is holding back tears
    as though these have found a
    permanent home in me.
    My hands clench in a fist so those
    tears have a shrinking companion
    when my body stands stubborn as hell.
    What has gotten into me that every
    breath I heave feels like it's dissipating
    from under a large boulder placed
    on top of my lungs?

    My toes have a funny way of pulling
    itself in and out before it places it's
    foundation on a doormat of my heart;
    that has been wet for so long and no
    one had cared enough to dry it for me,
    not even I, myself.
    Probably, the tears I hold back has an
    empty sense to rhythm with a clear sky
    turning it into thunderous monster rain.

    Does my sanity keeps touching the ground
    to know if I'm still present in this world?
    Or is it another episode of deja-vu
    where my insanity reminds me of a barren
    mind I possess?


  • shradhanegi 1w

    I breathe, wait and hope
    for fear to fade away
    I climb optimistic stairs
    so to feel whole again, i pray

    This anxious soul craves peace
    as it feels haunted by the dark
    i cover myself with hopeful sheets
    only to let the light make its mark

    Fear holds me back, my feet freeze
    clenching my hands there grows unease
    So i breathe, wait and hope again
    for the light to redirect me to be sane.


  • maolros 1w

    I breathe, wait and hope
    Can't cope
    Blurry ceiling lights

    Into points of view
    Not you
    Doesn't matter now
    Or how

    Vignettes closing in
    The sin
    The shame, the guilt, rise
    On lies

    I am left broken
    Wondering where I
    Went wrong

    I was drowning
    All along


  • _astitva_ 1w

    A part of me is holding back tears
    in crimson crevices petrified with
    pain and pity hearkening shrieks
    of skeletons sepulchred in garth of
    greed seeking solace from stings of
    inclement inhumane.

    When a world fights a war
    scarlet streets veneered with torn
    textiles, crumbled coifs, perforated
    pacifiers doom in silence of death
    staining halfway of fervent future
    in hue of hopelessness.

    What a strange time this is
    when clouds of compassion
    blown by gust of grudges fail
    to quench thirst of tenderness
    of dilapidated dandelions turning
    pastures of passion into forlorn
    desert of fear.

    Call me wind if you do please
    as I originated in catastrophic
    concretes echoing with agony
    blew over vast seas of sympathy
    to snowy cliffs of calmness
    embracing essence of optimism
    still a wanderer again whispering


    #wod #combination @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your kind repost (16) ❤️

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    I breathe wait and hope in tiny eyes
    craving for moon betwixt screams
    and scars in nights when humanity
    stained earth crimson as mars