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  • jpwriter 7w


    Our lives are Pottery
    Molded & sculpted
    The water trickles down
    Caressing our outer shell
    Smoothing our rough edges
    Breaks, cracks and faults
    Our shell begins to harden
    Even before be the heat hits
    And the fire begins
    Making our structure permanent
    Unchangeable, against our will
    Our Beta has become the Alpha
    Preparing for the touch of glaze 
    After the kiln 


  • hazel_nut_sucks 8w


    They could be Captain America and you still wouldn't need to bother because you already will be the librarian of TVA head quarters
    Never Compare

  • cassiopeia_sky 14w

    Comparison Kills

    Comparison is a never-ending trap of negativity...For everything that you dont have, someone else has even less...Instead of comparing yourself to others be inspired with those successes to ignite your passion within

  • kirukka 14w

    To you
    Be loving
    Love of life,
    With love forever
    Do not compare ..
    Any kind of it
    Will love you
    It for life
    Enduring mood
    And anywhere
    Not always ..!

  • backstorypoetry 16w

    The discomfort of failure pails in comparison to the knowledge and wisdom it can provide.

  • varshinithulasidas 21w


    Just because you don't cook doesn't mean you are nothing!


  • kaiotyk 28w

    I found this draft I liked, and I'm glad I did because I got to revise and add to it! This bad boy is finally finished ��
    #miraquill #kaiotyk #spokenword #improvement #selfcare #reflection #isolation #togetherness #comparison #love #relationship #friendship #family

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    Difference 365

    The most fun I’ve had in 2020
    listed by amount indulged:
    One. Dancing in my room alone
    to songs about boys who never loved me
    Two. dancing in my room alone
    to songs about boys who may have loved me at one time
    and could give a damn less now
    Three. imagining the laughter of the people
    when they realize it’s another poem
    about loving solitude more than anything else
    Four. Every time I see my younger sister smile
    Five. Realizing I’ll always be whoever I want
    and remain both nothing and everything else
    Six. Sitting in bed alone
    thinking about hugging my friends
    Seven. Hugging my friends

    The most fun I've had in 2021
    listed by amount indulged:
    One. Finding love in the obvious place, the home of arms
    that welcome you with ease
    Two. Hobbies become fun again, the daily grind now but a pile of dust
    that has lessened its grip on my mind
    Three. Posing for Polaroids with my favorite ring of human beings
    Four. Imaging the laughter of the people when they realize it's a new poem
    about embracing the change for once instead of
    sad boy central up in this bitch
    Five. Seeing my loved ones smile
    Six. Sitting in bed shoulder to shoulder
    thinking about the possibilities of tomorrow
    Seven. Getting to tomorrow.

  • kaiotyk 28w

    "Poetry for Women"

    I am so fucking sick of male poets
    telling me my smoky breath yearns for healing
    or whatever excuse they have to make me feel
    ‘grounded again’.
    If I can get sick without you
    I’ll become better while you watch
    starving for credit
    while a single drop of fire from my eyes
    burns your toxic metaphors to the ground.

  • jee_tu 28w

    There are people who see others and compare

    There are people who see FB posts and Insta stories

    There are people who read other's promotions on Linkedin

    There are people who see others and sulk

    Sulk for the things they don't get

    Sulk for the things others get

    They don't go for an evening walk in hospitals

    I think they should!


  • shanthi_yella 29w

    Judged and Compared

    We face it in different situations of our life.
    We are compared to other kids in Childhood life.
    When our parents say, look that Y got more marks.
    Look your friend got a good rank and seat in College.
    When our teacher says, you are nothing and you will be nothing in life, only the first ranked will succeed in life.
    When we hear this every time, we bare it every time.

    When we hear our parents saying look at your friends getting settled at a young age.

    They compare everything from appearance to earning.

    Yes! Our parents love us.
    They are concerned about us.

    But we don't compare them with other parents and say
    Look at my friend's parents who have a big house, who earn more than you.
    We don't compare our teacher with the teacher of other school and say he is settled in a good life and earning more than.

    It's about comparison and getting compared.

    Sometimes children compare their parents with others, saying you are not doing like them.

    We as children, teenagers, or young adults keep on repeating these words and comparison and de-motivated.

    But when we think in a reverse way, maybe I would say positively and say to inner ourselves that

    All my Dearest persons,
    Please wait one day you will find an incomparable me. The one and unique me, with my own identity.
    It's about self-satisfaction, rather than thirsting for stopping someone to "STOP COMPARING" me and "STOP JUDGING" my life.

    They compare us only once when they say but keep on thinking about their words and compare ourselves for N times.

    Is this life or reality show! Why are we judging each other?

    If this never happened with you, great you are a lucky and blessed person.
    If you never did this as a Teacher, parent or Child, you are great! Keep going...

    If comparison and judgement happened with you, great! You are blessed to say on one day, I'm incomparable, My life is not meant to be compared and judged.

    Life is not a race to compare and judge, let's connect emotionally with self-respect and mutual understanding and love.

    The base of my next Book "The Times of 1965"
    AV trailer available in my Instagram account @yellashanthi and YouTube channel @shanthi yella

    Shanthi yella

    Yay or nay..add your opinions..
    @miraquill @quotes

  • aadil_sadiq 31w

    Random thought, read caption about #life #you #talents #strong #comparison #strengths.
    Yesterday we discussed about different personalities and how comparison is draining people mentally and physically!
    Today I am writing this piece relating to past one.
    So you see, as discussed yesterday in previous post, all us of us have different traits which inturn shapes us in different personalities.
    So all us have been blessed with different personalities and different talents. Instead of comparison with others we need to look deep within us, what we are made for what our talents are. Once you identify that, you will automatically start feeling happy. Because we love what we does voluntary (with heart, instead what we are forced to) You will start loving and adoring yourself. It is well said being difficult is not weakness but a specialty, a strength. You have to identify your talent and play your role, it's only you who can play it, no one can play it better than you. Like a fish is made to swim and monkey to jump, what if we put a fish on a tree and ask it it jump and vice versa. So instead of comparing ourselves with others lets try to understand and findout ourselves, who we are and what purposes we are made for.
    That's all for today, keep sharing forward, maybe you sharing may motivate someone depressed!
    thanks for your love and support!
    Have a blessed life ahead! @writersnetwork @mirakee @thepoetrycommunity @mirakeeworld #pod #wisesayings #wisequotes #beingyou #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #motivation #motivationalquotes

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  • aadil_sadiq 31w

    Today's Random thought Read caption about #comparison #life #disappointment #value #self.
    You see we all are the creation of one God, with different purposes, different ideologies, different traits. Every individual has his own field in which he is dominant. If we introspect ourselves we came to know about our talents, traits, strengths and weaknesses. Today my topic is about those souls who are in disappointment because of devaluing, demeaning and underestimating themselves because they are in comparison with others.
    So you see as already told we all have different traits meaning in different type of personalities, which inturn makes us all unique.
    Just imagine if we all were alike how boring the world would be. According to the rule of nature we are here to serve some purpose, for example when we look at different people they have different professions through which they serve different purposes. Just think if everyone was a doctor /teacher/ engineer /lawyer etc and so on, how would the world function. So same is with you people, same is with other species. Every soul is blessed with the some power/strength/energy/weapon for which it has to serve. Every creation, every specie and every soul is special and unique.
    An ant has different purpose then a fish, a human being different purpose than animals, and so on. This all is needed to run the world. The problem arises when we compare ourselves with others. Example an ant comparing itself with an elephant, A fish with whale, A monkey with human beings and inter species. Everyone has his purpose which he has to serve and according to which his body is shaped. Everyone is specialised in their own fields, instead of comparison with others try to find out with what gifts and talents you have been blessed!
    Thank you!
    Today's post is dedicated for a special person! Post on demand @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld #pod #life #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #unique #strength #self

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  • kannadahuduga 32w


    You can compare a person as after all but never compare as afterall

  • ananyasree 32w


    A poisonous snake
    Once infected it will remains till last
    Even though saved of poison, there is always a tiny bit
    A small trigger is enough to make everything crash


  • krwriteup 33w


    If you struggle, you struggle for good grades, achievements, goals, and satisfaction.
    If you're comparing your years of struggle with someone who had made it in the beginning then there is no point in you being true to your ability to get what you want.
    The comparison makes an impact on our sense of ability to think what our dreams will be and how to make them come true. The comparison should be positive and not being negative over someone else achievement.

    The question arises: Are you happy or satisfied with the work you're been doing, or are you satisfied with the time you have given to yourself to lead the path of your dreams to make them come true?

    We can never get anything overnight. Why we see others and demand the same when our hard work do not match.

    Everyone has their own journey and that is all.
    You cannot or should compare yours with any other.

    It takes time and it will take time.
    Whether it is one year or one decade your hard work is your key to success.
    Whether you're are going to be successful in your 20's, 30's or 40's. The only question will be, are you happy with it?
    That is all that matters.

    So, try not to indulge your ways of doing something to get an outcome like of any other.
    We all are different in some aspects. Your time will fall in place when you want it to be.


  • hi_im_chaya 36w

    Pain Comparison..

    Why would you ever want to compare someone else's pain to yours?
    Why would you ever say something like "What I went through is worse compared to you" ?
    Each one of us feel things at different levels.
    Something that matters less to one can be felt so deeply by another.
    Pain is not a competition,
    Pain is to be acknowledged as minute as it may seem.
    So let us be more compassionate,
    Let us stop the comparison.


  • hoorbanu98 37w


    Can destroy an identity,
    And a soul into poison.

    《 07-05-2021 》@Friday

  • miracle_with_pen 38w

    Don't compare yourself with others you are better the way you are

  • shubham_20 38w

    Kaash main ek angel hoti

    Tu aapne aap ko angel maat compare karo unke baadnami hogi


  • wandering_beast 43w

    You are the Best
    Iam the Worst