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  • raman_writes 9w


    मैं भी अपनी मोहब्बत का एक फ़साना लिखना चाहता हूँ ।

    काश मेरी मोहब्बत भी चाँद - ऐ - ईद सी मुकम्मल होती ।।


  • manishrock 13w

    Chlo aaj ek kissa Tumhre naam krta hun,

    Zindagi m ek bar fir mohhbat wala kaam krta hu

    Har ek lamha tera naam kerti hu
    Zindagi jitni bhi saanse ho

    har saans tera naam kerti hu..
    Ishq ka rang kesa bhi ho

    Har rang tere naam kerti hu ❤️

  • raman_writes 18w


    आधी कोशिशें बेकार गई आधी कोशिशों के बाद हार गया ।

    आधा समंदर फ़त्ह कर लिया आधी जीत के बाद हार गया ।।


  • raman_writes 33w


    कल रात एक ख़्वाब ने मेरे ख़्वाब को हक़ीक़त में बदला ।

    एक अरसे बाद हम दोनों ने एक दूसरे से बात की ।।


  • _zivah 44w

    Best gift

    It's our anniversary today,
    I was thinking to get a sweet wish in the midnight and a blissful morning with prayers. Having a blast of joy in the evening and some really cozy moments in my bed!!!

    I got a "hy" at noon and a good fight, a talk over for ending our relationship on our anniversary.
    Best gift!!


  • rishitchauhan 47w


    उसने कहा रात को बात करेंगे
    कमबख्त रात ही ना आई फिर
    तब से जिंदा तो हूं मैं
    पर सांस आज तक ना आई फिर

  • snehant 50w


    Dreaming about a
    Beautiful world,
    Drown deep inside
    a three letter word.

    Cold and warm
    and calm like me.
    I am talking about
    the wide wide #SEA.


  • _celena_ 51w

    This cute little thing right in my room is enough to cheer me up n bring a smile on my face!!��

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  • tejasvianant 64w

    अगर मेरे गाँव आओगे तुम
    तो तुम्हें माँ से मिलाऊँगा मैं
    जो वादे किए हैं मोहब्बत में
    वो सारे वादे निभाऊँगा मैं

  • mistaker2 71w

    How to do something

    घर में बैठे काम क्या है तेरा
    तू सुन
    घर मेरा
    नाम तेरा
    अच्छा काम करें तो बच्चे मेरे
    वरना बेकार है बच्चे तेरे
    रिश्तो में अनबन
    घर में कलेश
    जिम्मेदार हूं मैं
    कोशिश हर चीज संभालने की
    सब चीज प्यार से निभाने की
    माना ईश्वर का रूप हूं मैं
    पर फिर भी इंसान हूं मैं
    कुछ तो इज्जत मेरी भी कर लो
    क्योंकि एक नारी हूं मैं
    कभी बहन कभी मां
    कभी सास तो कभी बहू
    कहलाती हूं
    अब तू ही बता घर पर बैठे
    कितने सारे किरदार मैं अकेले संभालती हूं।।

  • raman_writes 74w

    किस काफ़िर की दुआ मुक्कमल करता है ये जहाँ ।

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    ये किस ख़्वाईश से मैंने ख़ुद को बांध रखा है ।

    काफ़िर हूँ और तुझे इस जहाँ से माँग रखा है ।।


  • vidz_dynamic 80w

    'Bonne chance'

    Hiding myself underneath,
    Gonna pray for who's me..
    Coz I wanted to break the bars,
    All above , beside my scars

    My real self, ignoring me,
    The musty and old ,still not free,
    Huhhh!!.....the burdened me!


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  • the_egoist_cry 81w


    From being your love to holding your pride


  • midnight_whispers 83w

    In your memory

    In between oak trees, I strolled along the same path we used to take, where everything still has a memory of us together. Where your laugh, words and smell still cling to the air inside these woods, as if they too, could not let go of your memory.

    On Howl's back, I let myself be led to the cottage, trusting your horse's memory to take me to the place he knows by heart. Maybe it was only me, but I was so sure it was as painful for him as it was for me to finally go back there, without you.

    The place was as we've once left it, lonely but beautiful; surrounded by trees and woody greens, with the faintly melodious hiss of the not so far stream. Beauty that brought calmness to the wildest souls and healed the tears of sorrow that cling to the eyes of its visitors.

    As I got steps away from the door that held my grief and happiness, I stood there, incapable of moving, cursing my mind for ever thinking I was ready for this. Ever.  Minutes felt like hours before I heard Howl's neighing as if urging me to be brave and just open the door. His eyes were saying that it was okay, that if you were here you would be proud. I smiled at him, putting my strength into my hand to finally open the door and face my fears.

    Turning the knob, I could not for the life of me ever imagine that inside it would smell like you. Once that door opened, I smelt your perfume. It was so strong, as if you were there minutes before I came. I felt it hugging me and pulling me inside.

    One step inside, and I was already ready to go back and to hell with my promise. How did I ever think I would be brave enough? How did you ever think I was going to be brave enough to come here without you? Or even keep my sanity after you were gone?  Every fiber in me screamed and denied my moves but it was as you were there. I could feel you behind me giving me the push to go on. I do not know how it happened or how my feet obeyed, but I was moving around, touching the places that held memories of us both, I felt my body going, inspecting the place.

    It was painful to just be there without you, where every corner had a story to tell; about you, about me, about us. I stood there and let the memories wash over me; by the fireplace where we used to cuddle while I read to you, not that I was a skillful one. I was taken to that day when we had our first fight, that was because I could not see reason and had to walk away on you. Absurd as I knew myself and wrong that I was, I just sat by the fireplace a book in my hand to distract the chaos in my mind, waiting for you to come and just tell me that you accept the apology I was not ready to give. Distracted by my noisy thoughts, I jumped when I felt you embracing me with your love before your arms and you just smiled at my silly tears and said: "baby, even when you are wrong, you are right. I know you have apologized to me in the conversation we just had inside your mind. Apology accepted. That night, I cried my eyes out between your arms while reading to you that story you used to love. In that same night, I came to realise that yes, I am very much in love with you and there is no one else for me but you. I only realised the tears this memory has brought to me when my feet were ready to move to the next place.

    The kitchen that witnessed many of my failed cooking attempts and many of your encouragements, sure witnessed many of our talks. Only god knows how much time we used to spend in here; with your arms wrapped around me while I was making this or that, distracting me when I faced yet another burned or undercooked meal, kissing me senseless when I had finally mastered the tricks before I poisoned us both. Let me tell you that you deserved the burnt breakfast the day after because, baby, you know I am a  grudge holder. Yet, that only brought a smile to that beautiful face of yours and encouraging kisses to my pouting mouth.

    Going through the kitchen to the bathroom as the memories kept assaulting me. Memories I thought I buried deep within me. As I opened the door to the bathroom, the place where my breakdowns took place, where you had to comfort me from behind the door, until your sweet nothings coaxed me to finally open the goddamn door that kept me from your hugs. This small place where you took care of me in every way possible, where I stripped away from my shyness and let you baby me.

    Closing the door to the bathroom and with it was closed a fragment of my memory that kept dear everything we went through the coffins of the steamy cocoon.

    As my steps drew closer to their final destination, I felt my resolution dissolve little by little, and feet ready to turn away and bolt as far as they can from this painful journey I am taking. There were fifteen steps that separated me from my worst nightmare, the same steps we used to take hand in hand, or one of us running followed by the other as laughters and yelps filled the entire cottage. Now I am taking each one heavily, dreading to be there, since that awful day to which I cannot seem to find the words to describe nor do my feelings seem to be brave enough to recall. Opening the door inside which was our sanctuary, where we agreed to be always at peace even through our toughest fights, where we promised to love and cherish one another even when mad. The bedroom where you held me, loved me in ways I thought impossible, where you taught me to love myself, and believe in it even when I could not see the reasons why. The same place where you had your last breath, where I heard the last "I love you; please keep loving yourself even when I am no longer here to love both of us". Where I had to promise you not follow you, until death comes to me in a peaceful form. The room is still the same, everything in its place and your smell that filled the entire space, that it made me feel you beside me again, hugging me and whispering to my ears oh my sweetheart, I could not be any prouder of you for facing it all by yourself. For letting your tears wash away your sadness without taking you to that dark place again. For being, this time, brave for both us to live. I did not know if I had to smile or be mad at you for using the words you know I hate with all my heart, for standing here smiling at me, when all I am doing is crying my painful tears away. I do not know how long I stayed there willing my tears to stop falling and trying to smile at you, for you to be prouder  of me, because I have finally done it: I have faced my demons and honored your memory. Today, you can finally rest in peace wherever you are, because I have at last kept the promise to your dying soul.

  • harshmadaan 85w

    Tum pahado ki haseen wadiyo ki tarah ho
    Aur main ek musafir jo tumhare ehsaas se mukammal hu


  • khidnat_ 85w


    Don't betray anyone , I said it
    Don't scare anyone ,I said it
    Because heart is like a frozen ice ,
    If broken falls into fragments
    Those fragments who carry much memories, much thoughts,much ideas but when broken broke into mysteries and puzzles all around....
    I feel like fragments make like one,
    I see it I feel it,
    Now I am done
    I came up with a mind struck that these fragments are those segments with no.beginning and with no end!!!! Put them out and solve the jiksaw and merely u will find a great enigma behind the cracks....
    Don't betray anyone,I said it
    Don't scare anyone ,I said it

    All about fragment conundrum frndz...easy to tell difficult to express and merely impossible to understand‍♀️

  • spoonful_hopes 89w

    Zindgi multiple choice questions ki tarah ho gyi hai jiska answer hr baar none of the above aa rha h

  • ruhana_ 102w

    Kyu hume dard vo diye ja rahe hai
    Carodo ki bheed mai hume tanha vo chode ja rahe hai
    Akhir kyu khafa hai vo humse
    Akhir kya khata hogyi humse
    Suno ab man bhi jao yu naraz n ho apni jaan se..

  • im_yuvan 105w

    It tooks a lot of time...
    #completed #deep🥀

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    It’s hard to believe but we are all unhappy for the happiest happiness of that unavailable happy need..,
    We are doing our best but not getting the best but the best is not always what you deserve..,
    Do read the reader’s
    Face but the reader’s
    Heart too becoz the reader is the
    Mastermind of the books 📖
    Which u have gone through...,,
    Little less but not
    Little kind little
    Little moments that keeps devine...🥀🤫


  • harithareddy 110w

    #completed exams #bindass atmosphere#no pressure#no tension ✌#double njymnt⛷️����

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    Now my ultimate aim sleeping & eating #all tym fav #