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  • meline18_hk 2w

    Let go

    Sometimes is okay
    to keep things simple
    even when they are complicated.


  • arp_20 8w

    We try finding answers in other's stories...
    But is that how it works?


  • feflourflowers 10w

    I want to post this then the next minute i don't ��.
    #Complicated #writer #rod

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    Two minded soul

    I like you and sometimes i don't .
    I say hi today then the next day i don't .
    I'm complicated but I'm not .
    I feel beautiful then the next day I dont .
    I love myself but sometimes i don't .
    I love you but I hate you is that even possible .

  • thebhavnasaxena 10w


    I run to you over and over again,
    Crashing on the doorstep of your
    Love, like a forlorn sea gushing in
    Waves over the sands of paradise,
    Only to withdraw at the slightest brush.

    Resent me not, for you know not,
    I was born with both a great desire
    For and a great fear of this elusive
    Bliss, this exquisite torture that they
    Call love; I am torn, between desire
    Brushing its warm fingers across my
    Lips and fear running its cold fingers
    Down my spine, I am lost, between
    My heart that yearns for just one
    Taste of love and my mind that
    Spins chains for me from the debris
    Of hearts broken all around me.

    As I stand here, on the doorstep of
    Your love, this moment frozen between
    Us, I am half hope, half agony, I wish,
    I could stretch it to infinity, to let
    My gaze drink up the curve of your
    Smile, memorize the way the galaxies
    In your eyes swirl to beckon me, I long
    To press my hands to the soft walls of your
    Heart, but I dare not, so when you see
    Me turn away again, let my tears fall
    At the doorstep of your love, but
    Touch me not, beloved, lest I come undone.

  • diamond49 10w

    Its so simple to be said
    Its so complicated
    The words in your head
    On your tongue suddenly changes
    And you can't say what you feel
    It's like an injury none can heal
    A straight road with 100 turn
    Confused how to reach
    A long way you have to run
    That's a part of speech
    Of which I'm concerned

    Let me tell you brisk
    You have to take a risk
    Take a moment
    And check if other understands you
    For an instance,
    Just say a line then continue
    Not quick
    Take time
    Its not an english lesson
    Which you have to complete in a week time
    Every word chosen wisely
    Can't do this honesty
    Straight inside
    Comes out tangled
    Upside downside
    Changes the meaning like its mirrored

    Don't have other choice
    Than to write
    To make you hear my inner voice
    And confess alright
    My feelings

    It's so complicated to be said
    It'll become simple if you understand ☺

    What do you think about it?

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    It's Complicated

    It's so complicated to be said
    It'll become simple if you understand

  • bandile 14w

    I guess it wasn't meant to be

    It wasn't meant to be
    I have been clinging to you do desperately .
    I know this connection is rare.
    Life is complicated and unfair.
    I wish we could more.
    But you seem to have shut that door.
    We haven't done much...just talk and touch.
    Yet that was enough to give me a rush.
    I don't want to use you.
    I don't want to abuse you.
    I want to shower you with God's love
    Which is his gift from above.
    I wasn't looking for this.
    I know I will miss it.
    It's difficult to comprehend..but this maybe the end.
    Heart break now or heart break later?
    I think the latter would be even greater.
    The thought of you with some one else is already killing me.
    Life is just one big silly simile!
    Jesus loves you thats all that matters.
    Remember that even when your life is in tatters .

  • ions0206 15w

    Writing in the right way can change your life••||

  • siddhart_rocks 15w

    Never Say, Just do

    You say you love me,
    You say you can't stay without me,
    You say every moment with me was magical,
    You say I was very special for you,
    But still you put me in position of lossing you,
    Never tried to hold me and not let me go.


  • night_mist_ 15w


    Dil ki baat tum kya jaanoge tum toh khud me uljhe ho hume kaha pahchanoge

  • novaturientblogger 16w

    Everything her mother taught her to be sacred ,I have stolen now.
    And when the lust captivated our careless souls, we were in total control of each other.
    She clenched my hard private part and took it into her mouth.
    And I slide my hands down inside her trousers,
    Her pubic hair and cushioned private segements bathed on her wet ejaculation.
    It seemed to be lust a first but we didn't know when it turned out to love.

    Her lips quivers with pain,
    her eyes swollen with tears
    Her cheeks glistened with the flowing tears.
    Before we see off each other ,she said
    "Dear,I want to apologize to your love for burrowing you tonight"
    Goodbye stranger and she left .

    We never talked.
    We never see each other again.
    Perhaps,we never yearned for one's company.
    But everything happened that night etched in our heart so deep to be a beautiful memories of life.

  • novaturientblogger 16w

    Beautiful moment with a stranger

    The city's busses are busy,Children's caroling around the streets and towns.
    Young people seated by the local stalls.
    Pleasant December evening to say.
    Yet the sidewalks of empty supermarket hallways were dark and quiet.
    All the shops are closed and the shoppers lefts.
    We walked in silence throughout the aisle; our tongues were tied.
    I could feel the winter breeze blowing over my face.
    Our hands were cold and so was our heart.
    With each passing seconds ,our fingers got closer searching for one another.
    I could never erase the feeling,the touch of her slim,thin like pencil finger.
    While our fingers got interlocked ,the pulsating heart of mine sway me to draw my lips closer to hers'
    I could still her warm breath.And her soft lips slowly drawing-in towards mine.
    Everything happened within a snap of time.
    I could make a count of each seconds before our lips fused by each other .
    Heartthrob, I felt the ease coming down through my spine when we finally kissed.
    My brains got wired-up with lust.
    I slid my bare frozen hands inside her warm and round breast.
    They were soft as her glowing beauty.
    Her moan while I kissed her neck ,they were the most beautiful sound.
    The curves of her body my hands could trace even in the dark and the ridges of her nipples,rounded like beans,everything is still so tangible and alive.

  • samesin 16w


    Mind and physical touch and sensitive broken love

  • __dilettante_ 17w

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    Lɪғᴇ ɪs ᴇᴀsʏ ᴜɴᴛɪʟ ᴡᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛᴇ ɪᴛ..
    (ᴀʜʜʜ...ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴍɪɴᴅ¯_(ツ)_/¯)
    #nevermind #judgemenever #nevercare #mirakeelove
    #mirakee #mylife #friendship #love #care #understanding #selfish #death #life #lifetodeath #nevermind #heartbreak #complicated

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  • jubikasharma 18w

    औरत अकेले में जिससे ज़लील होती है,
    पूरी दुनिया में उसीकी वाह वाही करती है।


  • kingbts 21w

    The Multiverse of the Universe.Pt1

    A gem cannot be polished
    Without friction
    Nor a man perfected without trials.

    Access cannot be granted without denial
    Nor success without the arrival of another - Failure.

  • leo_dreamboat 23w

    The Chosen One

    It doesn't take many, but
    Doubt is hard to abhor
    For someone to be alone!


  • words_of_lasya 24w

    People who always get irritated with your talking
    are also the ones who can never bear your silence!


  • ions0206 27w

    "We're not strangers nor we are more than that what our relationship is i don't understand... "

  • not__so_poetic 27w

    I always had a thought that right or wrong depends on one's self choices and happiness, but that isn't like that! Life is too complicated to say a choice or a decision is completely right or completely wrong! Everything has it's own complications, it's definitely hard to define what's right and what's wrong and at this stage I'm like questioning all my definitions I put on things like labels!


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    So I have had this kind of dilemma..doubt.. thought.. whatever!
    After some incidents I have gone through in my life, I was like...

    When there’s consent of the individual, is it ok to do anything that makes them happy or should they stick to the society’s “morals” or "rules"?

    I know there are too many if's and but's to this topic, but the more I think about it, the more I start questioning the definitions I gave for right and wrong!


  • words_of_lasya 25w


    Sometimes you light up my world,
    Sometimes push me into dark!
    Sometimes I fly high in your sky,
    Sometimes I hide out in shadows!
    One moment, 100 butterflies flutter in my stomach,
    Next moment, I doomed out down in heart!
    Love is complicated, yet always stays by your side.