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  • nocturnal_enigma 4w

    * 27.10.2021; 11.37 P.M (Malaysia)

    #Enough #Money #Stop #Count #RunOut #Water #Spend #Lavish

    * The word Enough here, has 2 different meanings.

    * #simile #wod @miraquill

    * Korean word 그만해 Geumanhae = Stop; Enough

    #ConcretePoetry #Concrete #Poetry #NuEmConcrete

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    Enough! ~


    Stop counting the money!
    Because it's never enough!

    Run out like water; That's money!
    Stop spending lavishly; Not enough!


    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 6w

    * 13.10.2021; 8.06 P.M (Malaysia)

    #refrain #wod @miraquill

    #ConcretePoetry (Hourglass) #NuEmConcrete

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    For awhile ~

    Wild eyes searching me for awhile.
    While my eyes don’t smile.
    Smile of my lips...
    is seen from a mile.
    Mile of distance.
    I force a smile.
    Awkward me.
    I’m so weird.
    Odd circumstance.
    My teeth are seen...
    while I hide my fears.
    and wipe my tears.
    It’s not long; Just for awhile

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 20.09.2021; 12.33 P.M (Malaysia)

    #argument #wod @miraquill

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * #Acrostic of TIME, HEART & BEHAVIOUR
    #NuEmAcPo 1st in #NuEmTimeHeartBehaviour

    * I use the 3 words: TIME, HEART & BEHAVIOUR based on my favourite quote “TIME decide who do you meet, HEART decide who you want to be with, BEHAVIOUR decide who will stay in your life.” - Ziad K. Abdelnour
    #quote #prompt

    * If you want to use the same quote as prompt that you include in your post OR include just the words Time, Heart & Behaviour; add #TimeHeartBehaviour I'll read them. ~

    #concretepoetry (look like a hamster) #NuEmConcrete

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    Time, Heart & Behaviour ~ (Part 1)

    “Time decide who do you meet.”
    I want to meet you, one day.
    Meeting there; We will greet...
    each other; There’s so much to say.

    “Heart decide who you want to be with.”
    Either her or me. Who you rather be with?
    Are the old pictures hints? I ask to be sure.
    Really? It’s her, huh. Hm...I don’t know.
    Tell me, please. Cuz’ I need to know.

    “Behaviour decide who will stay in your life.”
    Excuse me. I want to be your future wife.
    Hubby of me. That’s who I want you to be...
    and you may call me ‘baby’; I love you...
    very much; I hope, you also love me.
    I want to spend my whole life with you.
    Oh, my dear crush! I wonder about ‘WE’.
    U are the only one for ME, till Hereafter.
    Real-love lasts for forever ever after.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * 19.9.2021; 6.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    #yettoknowc #yettoknow #challenge @writersbay

    Yet to = Haven't yet

    Write something about the moments, the beginnings, the endings. Write about all the things you haven't see yet.

    #know #now #snow

    #concretepoetry (A man standing) #NuEmConcrete


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    -now ~

    What I know,
    I've become...
    unknown to U.

    U are now
    so cold
    like ice.

    A snow-
    man. But, U
    aren't Olaf.

    I yet to know...
    why you unknow
    me? A nobody, to U.

    Now, why your heart
    has become cold?
    U liked me first!

    I wanna be a snowflake...
    that fall on your face.
    You smile. I laugh

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • mooney2201 11w


    No I'm not the one for you,
    Nor you are for me,
    I can never be happy with you,
    Bcuz all I do is bleed.

    Carrying a heavy heart,
    Watching my emotions depart,
    Here I lie in the acatalepsy,
    That is slowly becoming my idiosyncrasy.

    I hope this doesn't hurt you,
    Bcuz I never loved you,
    All we had was an illusion,
    Nothing more than confusion,
    Driven by impulse, never by passion.

    I know you will find your lucky stars,
    And I wish you a new start,
    I don't think it will be easy,
    But let's stop being so klutzy.

    I shall close my eyes as I effervesce my duende,
    I hope you don't think I'm smiling,
    Bcuz this is the sound of me dying.x

    1.acatalepsy: incomprehensibility of things; the belief that nothing is certain, only probabilistic
    2.idiosyncrasy: way of thinking that is characteristic of a person; peculiarity
    3.klutzy: socially inept
    4.duende: mystical charm of one's art
    5. anagapesis: falling out of love for something or someone

    #concretepoetry #wod #concretepoem #aestheticposts #poemporn #wordporn #pod #ballad #depression

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  • miss_silentlyweird 11w



    I DON'T
    W A N T E D
    TO BE


    I love that word “Love isn't soft."
    For it tell the truth that love isn't always like loaf,
    With warm smooth texture neither has a sweet aroma,
    That can ensnare in plate since heart growls without coma,

    ~ Life

    Floating in a galaxy with burning meteor,
    With a massive exploding of an emotional barrier,
    Making me choose whether to survive or be alive,
    So instead, I just write a poem I can't contrive,

    ~ Tradition

    With huge smiles and honoring gesture,
    Show a great length love and respect,
    We follow this tradition structure,
    Yet somehow in self it's hard to apply & direct

  • nocturnal_enigma 11w

    * Back after 9 days break. ~

    * 12.9.2021; 5.25 P.M (Malaysia)

    #paradox #contradiction #dissatisfaction

    #concretepoetry (A person wear a hat) #NuEmConcrete

    #livingc @writersbay

    * Begin with #sometimes #wod @miraquill

    * Based on characteristics of my Doubutsu Uranai-
    Purple Sheep (See also #NuEmSheep)

    "Your type of women tends to have high aspirations, and hold huge expectation and ideals toward others. Therefore, in contradiction, you may be feeling dissatisfaction on the inside.

    Although you value relationships with others, you also like being on your own. Therefore you may suffer from your own contradiction.

    Although you are a passive sort of person, you do possess perseverance and are a person of action. Once you are on fire, you show unbelievable energy."

    * While based on my birthdate, at Sln.me, it stated that 1 of my characteristics is 'Dissatisfied'.

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    Paradox ~

    Sometimes, there's a lot that I expected.
    Sometimes, I become very dissapointed.

    High aspirations,
    huge expectations.
    It's a contradiction.
    Feeling dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I like to socialise.
    Sometimes, I like to isolate.

    I value relation...
    ship. I like isolation.
    Another contradiction.
    Suffer. Dissatisfaction.

    Sometimes, I am passive.
    Sometimes, I am active.

    Passive. But, person of action.
    On fire, to the point of exertion.
    Again. It's a contradiction.
    Dissatisfied; Dissatisfaction.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • roel_gonz 11w

    Lost in U

    I been here all night
    Waiting for you under the lamp light
    Rain is pouring
    And I'm holding onto my feeling
    Feeling of losing
    Sky is falling
    So do I
    Bit by

  • snehalv 11w

    R U
    S T
    It’s perpetual
    It’s smoothens
    The friction of
    Two souls
    Who deeply
    Feel for
    Each other.
    Lust is crave
    Love is


  • serenesapience 11w

    I prefer waitress to Hamilton though.

    #concretepoetry #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill


    Hamilton is a 2020 American historical fiction musical drama film consisting of a live stage recording of the 2015 Broadway musical of the same name, which was inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

    Tickle the ivories
    To Play the piano.

    An orison is a prayer or plea to a deity.

    a strong desire or propensity.

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    Love lyrics ©soulo

    I find myself
    caught in the
    Imprinting myself
    as a necessary note
    in the rhythm of your life.

    Filled is a limelight
    with unspoken
    lyrics of amor
    Avowal, within
    limited locutions
    my love was
    limned in lines.

    Tickling the ivories
    composed is a piece
    greater than Beethoven,
    At the most soulful scale
    an orison made
    to follow me
    along the stages
    beyond friendship.

    in an ensemble
    euphonious than Hamilton,
    Along the choir of
    prodigal performance
    At the most passionate
    pitch, a yen prayed
    to never be apart from
    your love that I

  • thefakesheikh_ 11w

    these are supposed to be diamonds.. @miraquill
    @writersnetwork #concretepoetry

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    a bright
    shiny diamond
    the eye


    the soot
    of your heart
    my hands


  • beleza_ 11w

    I wrote a fairytale
    She dances on frozen mangata

    ║ with wounded
    ║ feathers soaked she
    ║ in dry tears filled with paroxysm
    ║ & suddenly change from velvety
    ║ cloud to dark clouds araceli
    Still engrossed in that which is lost
    sillage To find true agape anywhere on
    earth or sky Something to do with the
    ✭illusion than the real things that are more
    _✭beautiful than they really are & lost in the
    _____✭fever of intense longing, in search of a
    ________✭sufficient need of lisztomania. She
    _______✭stand with wounded lips & watches
    __________✭the falling star with kalon
    ___________✭eyes & wish to back a period
    ____________✭of time in the past that was
    ___________✭idyllically happy & peaceful
    ___________✭with sincere love saudade
    __________✭but she find herself unable
    ________✭to distinguish
    _______✭between the fantasy
    ________✭or reality she dances
    ____________✭with her wounded wings
    _____________✭under the reflection
    _______________✭of the
    __________________✭in the
    _______________________✭on the
    ___________________✭blueth nox

  • happy_soul14 11w

    One chilly night,
    He saw her face which shines as bright as moon
    Her smile sparkles like stars
    Her wavy hair touched his arm
    He saw the unconditional love in her eyes
    He got smitten by it and said yes under moonlight

    The moon blesses them by sending his favourite stars!!
    Ohh dear,'stop imagining and get back to your reality' said the moon and hid between clouds!!

  • jikimi 11w

    Is this love? To cry at nights?
    To lost the one I just started
    Having a fancy? Is this justice?
    To live with gold
    But I am lonely?
    The evenings are
    Beautiful But baby
    don't tell Me your
    Eyes aren't as be-
    autiful as my love for you. Is this
    What you call being rich is? To 've
    A bank of gold and a throne? Ha!!

    Then you are
    Unlucky and
    Stone hearted
    For being rich
    Is being with
    Love and life
    Spending with
    Family. But that
    Line doesn't su-
    Its me any more
    Since she left me
    The world left me
    Forever. Am I born to just cry? And do nothing?
    am I the star that gleams and un-gleams at the
    Same time? Maybe even the fuse bulb has a b-
    etter luck than me stumbling over poetry to find
    His soothing lines in my cheeks. That never happen

    Create time it's the only
    And love the worst thing
    One you think human ever
    You will lose. Spend time cause . Made, ha

    #concretepoetry #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    It forms ILU (I love you)

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  • dove_notes 11w

    It doesn't matches with ��... ��... But hope will do a better one next time. #concretepoetry #wod

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    a leaf
    that plans
    out its whole
    life, knowing that
    the next blow can make
    it fall.But that never keeps
    It from missing any chance to
    Sway with wind, get wet in
    In the rain, to take warm
    Sunbathe, to absorb
    Nutrients, to be a
    Glowing green
    Lets be a

  • miraii 11w

    #concretepoetry #bulb #pod

    Sir.Thomas Edison's
    Greatest invention you are
    Shinning hope to every household,
    With your beautiful glow that transpire
    Joy and bring smile to the face of every child.
    Come with multiple colour, as thou were that
    Blanket of rainbow that'll bring colours of joy
    To that scared innocent woman of the dark
    Night. Your size is that of a palm, though
    You're able to keep those rich man calm
    And bring relief to the farmer who
    Returned from his field late, worr-
    ied about his daughter at home
    Alone. You shine not for the
    Wealthy nor for poor, but
    For the human,shinning
    Against the darkness
    Dwelling in the world
    And within the human
    Who is being consumed
    By the darkness.
    y a
    o r
    u e
    that part of the
    family who never
    leaves us in the


    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • hanshu 11w

    Give me a break

  • milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 11w

    . An
    soul ensn-
    ared within a
    gigantic building
    Of expectations
    and peerpressure
    chained by the
    centuries old rules
    of society, choked
    by the unbending
    words of criticism
    waves of guilt and
    and regret were
    waiting to wash her
    away but until when!
    This needs to come to an end. She
    planted the seeds of dream within her and
    nourished them with her blood sweat and tears .
    The thundersof hatred cut the tiny wings of her
    dream and the wildfire of treachery burnt
    her dream into ashes. she tried to find
    happiness within the small
    seeds of her hope and
    watered them meticulously
    with her tears and fortified
    them with the strength
    of her poetries
    The exotic bloom
    started blooming
    with the touch
    of spring but
    soon the strong
    blister ravaged
    the garth . The
    flowers wilted
    their scent behind
    Her dreams are
    like the eagles
    you can cut
    her wings
    but she

    #concretepoetry #wod #ensnarec
    This is weird i know . But i tried ����
    10th September 2021

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  • nocturnal_enigma 12w

    * 2.9.2021; 2.29 A.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush �� #AHBA ~

    Love ❤️ Frog �� ~

    I'm a Love Frog.
    Hopeless romantic.
    A true-love seeker.
    'Jumped' to ex-crushes.
    Now, only one crush.
    Which is you, my dear.
    You're my sweetheart.
    I flog about love.
    I romanticize...
    through my poems...
    and songs. You, my muse,
    who touched my heart, then,
    broke it, must unbreak...
    it! Thick fog has been...
    cleared. This time, I can...
    see you clearly, not blurly.
    When I dreamt of you...
    again, I felt a sense of...
    Dejavu! It seems like...
    reality. But, as I woke up...
    and realise it was such...
    a sweet dream, it look..
    like a thick fog that....
    has been cleared.
    I wait for true-love.
    Full bloom romance.
    Fullfilled fairy-tale.
    Love Frog? I am.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    #ConcretePoetry (A person standing) #wod
    @miraquill #NuEmConcrete

    Flog = Promote or talk about (something) repetitively or at excessive length.

    * #LoveFrog is 1 of Jeon So Min's nicknames. (1 of my favourite members of #RunningMan. My mama like her too. Maybe, because she remind her of me? LOL. See my other posts: Crazy Poet & #CheerfulGiraffe )

    2 meanings of 'thick fog that has been cleared':

    * My crush's face was clearly shown, in my dream this time, instead of blurred a bit, in my previous dreams.

    * The sweet dream is like a thick fog. It cleared when I woke up. So, I'm back to reality.

    * #FreeVerse #Free #Verse #challenge using the word #Fog @miraquill #wod

    * #Romanticizec #Touchedc #Dejavuc #challenges @writersbay #touched #DejaVu

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    Love Frog ~

    I'm a Love Frog.
    Hopeless romantic.
    A true-love seeker.
    'Jumped' to ex-crushes.
    Now, only one crush.
    Which is you, my dear.
    You're my sweetheart.
    I flog about love.
    I romanticize...
    through my poems...
    and songs. You, my muse,
    who touched my heart, then,
    broke it, must unbreak...
    it! Thick fog has been...
    cleared. This time, I can...
    see you clearly, not blurly.
    When I dreamt of you...
    again, I felt a sense of...
    Dejavu! It seems like...
    reality. But, as I woke up...
    and realise it was such...
    a sweet dream, it look..
    like a thick fog that....
    has been cleared.
    I wait for true-love.
    Full bloom romance.
    Fullfilled fairy-tale.
    Love Frog? I am.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 23w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork
    #art #wod #pod #wov7 #ak_wov #concretepoetry #concrete #ak_concrete 2

    All rights reserved
    20 June 2021 6.38 pm

    / Happy Father's day /

    [ Inspiration : Martha Graham - “a dancer dies twice — once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.” and Black swan song by BTS ]

    I tried to do a concrete of a man with wings and his reflection below him ^_^
    Background - Pinus densiflora - Japanese red pine which is my Korean birth flower. It means brave, courageous, 'fidelity' and 'fortitude'.
    It is inverted to symbolise the misfortune of the man below, who is also a father.

    Black Swan ~

    Misfortune tails the shadow of fortunate fate
    Which turned the Zephyr that lifted my wings up
    To become brutal storm that crushed, severed them
    I mourn the death I feared, wings of passion tied to a wheelchair

    Wailing without an echo, screams of silence
    Feet sinking in moist moors mundane, still stuck
    Wings sewed up patchwork, weighing with fright
    Claws I grew to dig on destiny's path and crawl

    Flawless footsteps frozen in life's winter season
    Yet I'm a brave lone pine in suffering snowfall
    Fidelity defines my work and fortitude refines my life
    And when I let go of my fear, flaws kneeled at my perfection

    For art is my legacy, I - father of forsaken dreams
    Can birth resilience to revive whatever I lost
    I have no tether to my blood born by umbilical cord
    But my passion will run in his veins and my two wings will shield his arteries

    •| I've lived my first death, literal death is no more to fear
    I'll strive to death but never quit trying with my head held high |•

    My feathers will guard your fragile fragrance to not diffuse
    My wings will teach you to pin wreaths on the coffin of fear
    - an Ideal Father ( of art, nature and relations )


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