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  • propheticsinner 5d

    Inhale Confidence,
    Exhale Doubt

  • lostthoughts73 2w

    Quest unended

    For each question unrequited
    Searching vast but can't find it
    Don't fret for this isn't the end
    It's you who has to answer, my friend

  • ayazhafeez 2w

    Remember Tiger is a Cat
    Remember Cat is a Tiger

  • shinyindeed 3w

    Conviction Counts..

    Sooner or later, the person who wins is the one who thinks he (or she) can..

  • ndeenda_elao 4w

    Never let what's
    Around you be
    Greater than what's in you


  • london_sky 5w

    Maniac Smile

    In the dark the roses call their name one by one,
    The tears that fall seem to belong to someone
    As the stars in the dark begin to bloom
    A great storm filled the room.

    A master of strings a master of spring began to fiddle with the winter under his finger.
    "Who is thee to cross the past of the forgotten?"
    Like thunder the room awoke into a frenzy
    The flowers began to wither unexplainably.

    A heart in a cage began to beat infront of the girls eyes who was surrounded by lies.
    Her face broke out into a smile as confidence filled her veins,
    Who was she to suddenly forget and face this pain?

    With this confidence she killed the Woman of Hopelessness and the Master of Lies.
    Today, she was free.
    Free of her shadow chained at her feet.
    At this the door closed and soon the whole thing repeated.

  • letmethinkplz 7w

    When...,But Then....

    When haste became taste;
    When forgetfulness became nature;
    When taking became a habit;
    When serving became a struggle;
    When wrong decisions became a career;
    When conclusions became life;
    When dispassion remained a word;
    When meaning lost significance;
    When mere acceptance became a scarf;
    When contradictions within, make you a dwarf;
    When compulsions gnaw at the nerves;
    When animalism is no more a disguise;
    When ego loses you mind;
    When perplexity grabs you from behind;
    When the eyes loose their lustre;
    When obnoxious desires give you a posture;
    When your hands tremble with clumsiness;
    When curiousity doesn't last to be a zest;
    When anxiety is no more a guest;
    Some unwelcomed, named "Confidence" if comes into the picture,
    One shall puke poison, making everything else poisonous

  • gemsofficiel 7w


    We hear it so often
    What does it really mean?
    Is it objective or subjective?
    Should I fill in the gaps or let the gaps fill themselves in?
    Should other people fill it in for me?
    Cause a lot of people are trying to do just that
    Especially the people closest to me
    Some do it cause they care
    Others do it cause they think they know what's good for me better than I do

    They don't understand me
    But they believe they do
    I don't blame them
    Cause it's human nature
    We think we know another person better than they know themselves
    Better than God knows
    But I refuse to live other people's reality
    I refuse to be defined by the ideology of another person
    The ways, lifestyle
    Experience, beliefs
    Of friends, foes and those who are close
    Though sometimes these help
    But it can never define my reality
    It can never define my life, my truth
    It can never define me

    So where do I go to for truth
    Who should define my reality, my life, my decisions, thoughts and words?
    Who should classify my actions, identify my purpose, determine my future?
    What or who has this responsibility?

    Only 1 has this role
    The one knows what I don't know
    Sees what I don't see
    Understands what I don't understand
    The one I call my God
    My Father
    My lover
    My prince
    My Knight in shining armour
    My King and my salvation
    The one who made me royalty
    Who has seated me in heavenly places
    Above all principalities and powers of darkness
    Who makes the impossible possible
    Who loved me when I couldn't love myself
    Saw me when I couldn't see myself
    Knew me when I didn't know myself
    Believed in me when I didn't believe in myself

    He told me to be strong when I felt like giving up
    Gave me hope when I thought all hope is gone
    Told me to go his way
    Not the way of the crowd
    To follow His plans
    Not the expectations and plans of men
    What people say I can't do or say is too difficult
    I say this
    My God is above every difficulty and obstacle
    So I let Him define my reality and determine my truth
    Because He is all knowing
    He's Jesus
    The same yesterday, today and forever
    My future is in His hands

  • angeljohn 11w

    Confident and Confident.

    Challenges are our uninvited guests, be confident.
    Champions take their static-stand; being confident.
    Characters are built into a height, if one's confident.
    Changeabilities around the world are bought,
    by a strength that's confident.

    Channels of nobility are men, who are confident.
    Chandelier-bright will our future be, if we're confident.
    Champagne of truth is served to the confident.
    Chances plenty are given, as well as taken,
    with the a drop of work-confident.

    Let our history be confident,
    give an opportunity for the present to
    summarise our acts, so confident and
    lets make sure; our future's named "Cofident"!

  • miss_augustine 11w

    The talk about how to find our confidence by Miss Najwa Zebian is so inspiring.


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    "I think that the biggest reason that we lack confidence is that we really don't know ourselves and when you don't know yourself how can you be confident."
    -Najwa Zebian

  • kasminastro 12w

    Our Bodies

    Our bodies are not artefacts
    Put up for display.
    They are not ornaments
    Meant to gleam lifelessly.
    They are living beings
    That work day and night.

    To fight ailments
    And to grow too
    Is a wonderful part of the framework of you.
    They can swiftly heal wounds
    And fight for you
    Even as your tears pool.
    Strength as such makes us inevitably cool.
    So don’t let others’ senseless ruse
    Break your bones
    Which can't even be broken by stones.

    #strong #happy #love #life #fight #peace #kindness #poem #english #poetry #affection #confidence #trust #beauty #imperfect #joy

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    Our Bodies

    Our bodies are not artefacts
    Put up for display.
    They are not ornaments
    Meant to gleam lifelessly.
    They are living beings
    That work day and night.

    To fight ailments
    And to grow too
    Is a wonderful part of the framework of you.
    They can swiftly heal wounds
    And fight for you
    Even as your tears pool.
    Strength as such makes us inevitably cool.
    So don’t let others’ senseless ruse,
    Sticks and stones
    Break your bones.

  • liv_roland 12w

    Painting today with the brushes of the past

    It's very easy to say move on, forget, let go, but the past is what guides our decisions and our choices. Every bad experience leaves a mark not only our souls but in our bodies as well. There's that one earth-shattering, heartbreaking, soul-destroying experience that completely alters not only the course of our lives but also changes our perspective and our beliefs. You can't deny or ignore what it has cost and what it took from you. And you can not change it. The past is still echoing in the very essence of your being, vibrating in the secret corners of your heart, painting every single decision in hope or fear; fueling or paralysing you in everything you do. Until you become aware of the power of the past you will never truly be free from it.


  • liv_roland 12w

    Quiet whispers of a wise soul

    Look around you. Who do you have in your life right now? Who do you ask for advice? It's very easy to post beautiful scriptures every day but be as vile as you can be in your private space. Don't go looking for advice about success from people who are scared of the very thing you're looking for. You have all the answers within you. The solution to every problem you ever have to face or came across is written in your soul. You have enough wisdom to own your space with confidence and the absolute belief that you are exactly where you need to be. Stop looking for confirmation, approval or permission. Look within and see the truth. If in doubt, don't do it. Your soul is wise enough to be clear and simple in its answers and will guide you with clarity and confidence to give you the answer that you need.

  • swapnil_nayak7 13w

    I in you

    Treading on the toughest roads
    Emotions bulldozing over the mind
    And pain piercing the heart

    Paralyzing the flow of happy vibes
    Depressing waves and sadness tides

    Still I know
    The clouds will go
    The Phoenix will rise
    And this munchkin will glow

    Roads..fate ..intertwined
    Though uncertain
    Will face with courage and patience
    And not stay behind the curtain

    Every passing moment
    A lesson in boon
    Not taking rest in the millions of stars
    But seeking courage from the
    Only moon

    Not fairy culminations of the mind
    And poetic devices
    Prayers of belief from the bottom of
    Coming straight with a hope..in you
    I.. I in you!


  • israperhiyar_ 13w

    Inhale confidence
    Exhale doubts/ confusion...


  • juwairiatariq 14w

    Me, myself

    I wanna fly
    Wanna touch the sky
    Dreaming the dreams nd
    Seeing them turning into realities
    I'll be then touching
    the sky
    with my own hands
    Upto the top of the world.

    Seeing diamonds
    considering my own abilities
    I'll go higher, nd higher
    gonna go to infinity
    And I know that I'll go
    Up higher nd higher
    I'll go I know

    Making promises with myself
    Taking every step with myself
    I'm doing that for sure I know

    Loving myself with my own flaws
    I'm making myself better
    And much better..
    And I'll be the one
    To say it to myself
    And no one else,
    That you'll gonna make it
    And you'll gonna grow up..
    No matter what happens,
    Just be with you
    And you'll see yourself.

  • puzzledgirl 16w

    When you are racing through the busy street
    Just Slow down a little bit
    Look at the yellow bud
    Trying hard to bloom
    There's still some life left
    It's not all dull and gloom.

    When you are stuck in loops
    Of never ending excel workbooks
    Just open the window
    Let the wind flow
    Let it bring some drops of rain
    Trust me there's hope after pain.

    When you are staring at the blank at night
    Don't you dare switch on the light
    Just follow the firefly on the wall
    Dancing in the dark
    Not giving the world a single fuck
    Just close your eyes and believe in you
    Whatever you dream of, it'll come true!

    #positive #mood #life #optimism #self #confidence #poem

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    Yellow bud


  • priman 17w


    अजीब सी दुविधा में आज फसा हूं
    लोग कहते है शायर पर अभी कहा लिखा हूं
    मजीलो के पीछे तो भगा रहा,
    मजील मिली तो ख़ामोशी में क्यों खड़ा हूं।।

    पैरो के छाले अब नही दुखते
    गैरो की बाते अब नही चुभती
    तानो की आदत इसकदर हुई
    की इन तानो की बीच मैं और खिला हूं।।

  • priman 18w


    हालात के नतीजों पर आंख लगी है,
    दिन रात के नतीजों पर जज़्बात लगी है,
    पैसे के लिए आज इस कद्र है परेशान,
    एक वक्त के नतीजों पर पूरी जान लगी है।

    सोच रहे हर वक्त की कैसे बढ़ा जाए,
    जूझ रहे है इस कद्र की कैसे लड़ा जाए,
    अनजाने तो दूर है कबसे पर आज अपनो का सवाल है,
    की कैसे करा जाए।

    धूल बन गई वो मिट्टी जिसपर रक्त बहाया था,
    ऐसे वक्त में गिरा था की सबका शीश जुकाया था,
    पर आज खड़ा हूं वक्त के साथ,
    देखा मां लड़ा तेरा बेटा वक्त के साथ।

    कर्मो की चाह से आज दौड़ रहा मैं,
    नर्म लम्हों से दूर अब रह रहा मैं,
    कहने को बनाएं मैने कितने दोस्त,
    पर सच के सिर्फ खुद का दोस्त बन रहा मैं।

    आंधी उड़ा रखी उन सपनों की,
    जिसको सोच कर कल डर रहा था मैं,
    आज वक्त है मेरी घोड़ों की तरह,
    जिसपर बैठ कर आज राज कर रहा मैं।

  • paarvathi 18w


    After losing everything then, I realised I'm having myself!