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  • kevinosullivan 21w

    Vagrant Hope

    The corrosive napalm of religious retailers burns at the foundations of spirituality. By pilgrimage to poverty we wrestle away power from the powerful. Legions of demons force feed nuclear omnicide, polar warmth, militarism and consumerism at all costs. Anihilation orbiting at the precipice of looming extinction. Vagrant hope in the face of a preventable destruction.


  • ashutosh_ratnakar 64w

    My Heart's a Ticking Time Bomb

    A piece of the puzzle,
    For my gullible self,
    Cleverly priced,
    Placed on top shelf,
    How easily advertised,
    How conveniently sold,
    To poison my mind,
    And weigh down my soul,

    To weaken my perception,
    My subjective reality,
    Validate my ego,
    Distort my personality,
    A lie laced with gold,
    So conveniently told,

    A lock for,
    Every window that opens inside,
    Every mirror that looks through my hide,
    To tame my tide,
    And make it flow alongside,
    The old banks of conformity,
    That can't wash by themselves, of themselves, for themselves,
    Thank you subjective reality,

    A ticking time bomb I am,
    Ready to explode,
    Be careful my friend,
    When you are down this road,

    Read warnings in my eyes,
    A lake so dry,
    Listen my friend,
    Not worth a try,
    Be back to your abode,
    This is not your road,
    I am a ticking time bomb,
    I'm going to explode,

    Wish I had pulled that string,
    Looked for all pieces,
    Had done my thing,
    Time's up,
    Runs out the code,
    Get going my friend,
    I'm to explode!


  • kevinosullivan 90w

    Black Friday coffee

    Early, eastern Black Friday dawn
    Steps silent, wet our neighbors lawn
    My sandal foot brushed silver grass
    As I early took out Thanksgivings trash
    For cream we need for coffee to drink
    Simplicity halts an end nearing the brink
    No competition today as disease reigns
    Capitalism kills! my core annually exclaims
    But my mug has yet its morning warms
    So off I go to quell today's simpler storms
    And if you must fight, scrap, scratch and claw
    Know that I have ceased fighting in sober draw

  • moxie_stargazer 108w


    Feeling broken, alone, and unsure.

    All of this is eating me up.
    It eats my insides with its eyes.
    After lonely gazing,
    It begins devouring me.
    One slow look,
    One ravenous bite.
    A taste it slowly relishes.
    I feel my insides being pulled out.
    I'm turned to mush and drawn out bit by bit.
    Every bit being lengthened and liquified
    And consumed.

    Parasitic and venomous,
    It will find a new host.
    It's coming
    To eat your insides with its eyes.

  • _harsingar_ 110w

    #abhivyakti14 @vipin_bahar ji @saroj_gupta ji @nema_ji

    संस्कृति और परंपराओं में अद्भुत जोड़ है
    संस्कृति में भावनाएं भी समाहित होती है
    जबकि परंपराएं हम निभाते हैं उनमें भावनाएं जरूरी नहीं फिर भी हम इन दोनों को विलग नहीं कर सकते
    क्योंकि संस्कृति के अन्तर्गत ही परंपरा भी आती है।

    #nuclearfamily #jointfamily #lifestyles #westernisation #consumerism #hindikavita #hindiwriters #writersnetwork #mirakeepod #mirakeewriters @_flame_

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    बदल रहा है जन मानस
    औ बदल रहा है देश
    बदल रही संस्कृति हमारी
    बदल रहा परिवेश

    अविरत गति से चलता रहता है
    है ये काल का चक्र,
    कभी चला ये सीधा सीधा
    कभी हुआ है वक्र

    नियम है प्रकृति का ये परिवर्तन
    कभी उचित तो कभी अनुचित ,
    प्रस्तुत हैं समक्ष आपके कुछ उदाहरण
    इतिहास से लेकर अद्यतन

    परंपरा यदि नहीं बदलती
    सोचो सती प्रथा कहां तब थमती,
    बाल विवाह अब भी होते
    छोटे बच्चे परंपराएं तब ढोते।

    होती नहीं यदि क्रांतियां,
    रूढ़ियों की बेड़ियों में
    हर कोई जकड़ा होता
    स्वतंत्र ना होती नारियां।

    उपभोक्तावाद ने कुछ ऐसा जकड़ा,
    भूल सभी कुछ फिर मानव ने,
    आपा धापी का मार्ग पकड़ा
    विस्थापित किया उसे इक हृदय हीन दानव ने

    धीरे धीरे सब कुछ बदला
    अंधे विचारों की आंधी फैली,
    पूरब चला पश्चिम की ओर
    बदली सबकी जीवन शैली।

    पाश्चात्य रंग में सब रंग गए
    सबके सब एकाकी हो गए,
    पहले होते थे परिवार संयुक्त
    अब इक दूजे से हुए मुक्त

    -डॉ सीमा अधिकारी


  • himadrisaha 127w


    I am supposed to know my needs,
    But I don’t anymore,
    They decide it for me,
    Dwindling the line between what I need & what I want,
    I don’t see that line anymore,
    The shops are all decked up and replete,
    With substitutes to nature’s bounties,
    Make me believe, mother will be harsh to me,
    If I ask her for something,
    They tell me they are like my uncle,
    Ready to get me anything,
    Before me even asking.
    With rebated values & offers they own my mind,
    With false smiles across their faces,
    They expect the favour to be returned in kind,
    With money which is often difficult to find,
    In my pockets,
    So I turn to the bank expecting them to be kind,
    From one swindler to another shyster,
    I let myself barter.
    And so I make a freefall into a pool of sharks,
    Least expecting to get out without any marks,
    I don’t know how long do I have to swim,
    It all began with a petty little whim.

  • james_taumas 140w


    Holiday shopping
    Seeking perfect gifts
    All corners and nooks
    Rarity transforms the mundane
    Madness and craze rules
    Urbanite gladiators
    Malls become coliseums
    Contained riots
    Elbows the subtle weapons
    Bags ready to launch
    Cashier waiting.


  • mc_brrzzy 153w


    When I think of media, the first word I can associate with is information. Hence, information has the ability to liberate or enslave. It is up to an individual to be selective of good influences from bad.

    Over the years our capacity of intellect has grown in technological advancement in such a way that everything that we need we can access it through media. The irony is that our creativity, uniqueness is in crisis. Many of us if not all are the puppet to media. Wether broadcast, publishing or internet, we are consumers of these medium.

    Internet and Broadcast influences number of us to the core our perception about our own lives revolve around what we indulge in through media. It is so sad because what we see on media simply does not always reflect reality but it build consumerism. We are so caught up into media that we even lack social skills, our socialization is now dependant on media.

    They say too much of something is bad for one's health. Thus, too much indulgence in media is bad for once mind. Hence, one has to be able to be vigilant about what kind of influence they are willing to let the media impact on their lives.

  • justin_aptaker 157w

    Still Life III

    the water
    sitting in the Aquafina bottle

    on the floor
    in the middle of the room
    is the hub of all
    the universe

    i consume

    @justin_aptaker ca. 2012

  • james_taumas 153w


    Retail temptation
    Reality redemption
    Good senses banished
    Generic storefronts
    Bricks and mortar digitised
    Sellers with photoshopped smiles
    Desires on a platter
    Strip the plastic vault
    Happiness is brief
    Troubles forgotten
    Scales favouring sharks.


  • noirbelle 181w


    She housed you
    Fed you
    Sometimes even clothed you
    Protected you
    And made you stronger
    You rejected her
    Denied her
    Cut her down
    And burned her
    For what?
    For better food you said
    For better shelter
    For better clothes
    You greedy bastards
    You scorn the one that gave you life
    and give you all you search for
    For what?
    What did Mother Nature ever do for you?

  • dheegenes 185w

    Never Ever

    And they lived happily ever N ever N ever after concluded the fairytale with prince charming snogging the princess. Never once did they say it was about growing up, tackling responsibilities, rearing children, staying away from family & catering to the whimsies of child trapped in prince charming...

    Thank you fairytales for never telling me this Stark, cold blooded truth. For you were busy painting pictures of ballrooms, dwarfs, glass slippers to mesmerize your children and consumers.

  • creativemess 188w

    Rat Race

    Like a cattle you will be absorbed,
    By a company that needs
    Some of the boring stuff
    To be taken care of

    And, for what?
    For a small pay that you will use
    To buy things that you don't need?

  • penult 202w


    Happiness is..

    A life , devoid of any definition of happiness..


  • svimal 214w

    We live in a world where happiness is sold through advertisements and peace is bought by insurance.

  • dalton 217w

    Children of the Earth


  • lisbeth 235w

    Valentine's day note to self

    My Valentine is myself,
    Before I can love someone,
    I have to learn how to love myself.


  • kevinosullivan 297w

    Consume, Ignore and Follow

    Todays fascism is your capitalism in decay.
    Jingoism and insurrection fast without allay.
    Intellectuals expose the propaganda manifesto.
    Race to the precipice to profit at all cost with abandon and gusto.
    The masses consume, ignore and follow organized sport.
    Ignorant wage slave pawns, dumbed down; unable to think or attempt to thwart.
    Oklahoma surges from three quakes a year to three quakes per single rotation.
    Deterrence theory proliferates our mutually assured destruction.
    This global totalitarian regime so subtle of their menticide.
    Asleep at the wheel we await an environmental New Deal; but unwilling to reverse our behavior.
    Technology once a blessing now a planetary curse.
    This technological assassin expected to be a future biological savior; instead drives extinctions hearse.

  • kevinosullivan 299w

    Spiritual Poverty aka Black Friday

    Erosion of culture.
    Loss of the spiritual.
    The worshipping of buying and income the new usual.
    Dictators of their own dark and desolate kingdoms.
    Further we fall murmurs they tremble,
    our idolatry lay twisted in girders of metal.
    I am content, happy and so blessed.
    For I dont contend for success in the capitalist west.
    We actually have a surplus of wealth and our current good health.
    In our simple life of home shared with each other with Love.
    Banks cannot safeguard our type of wealth.
    The souls of the sheeple,
    so baren and corrupt.
    Their credit and buying;
    sadly they're just spiritually bankrupt!
    That toxic mentality has perverted
    the globe.
    Black Friday is when they measure their harvestable load.
    They wait and they shove, argue and fight.
    Generations of consumers, long lost to all morality of right.
    Economic growth is loss of much more, Wall street hiding the gate and path to Hell.
    The pollution, waste and decaying civility;
    our earth fast heating to even the score.
    Individuals oblivious to the "biggering" tolls, ignored and unheeded like the story of old.
    The good Doctor Seus, do read "The Lorax" with message of this and of "Thneed".
    Who then will be left to speak for our trees?
    Prophetic and simple but ignored all the same.
    My way of simplistic life judged as lazy and lame.


  • bokulful 301w

    How clever have you been
    To marketize my own thoughts in my head
    And sell yourself to me just the way you wanted
    And sell myself out.
    You wanted me to buy that drink
    Buy that product that pair of jeans
    That idea that you did not believe either to be true
    But made it appear true just to me so that
    I would buy an extra pair, an extra ounce
    And clap at you!
    You infused ideas into me everyday
    With your every word every news every blink of media spotlight
    That I thought to be true
    I let you in
    I abide by your rules obediently
    I buy that extra ounce, that extra pair
    Call them names,
    Look down upon those who don't follow you
    I understood what you said,
    I became just as you wanted
    Now do not be scared of your end product
    You sold it all out to me
    And I sold out myself to you.

    - Bokulful