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  • eshamahajan 58w

    Warmth of your love,
    Is so contagious,
    That it makes me captive,
    Of your body and soul,
    It leaves no difference in you and me,
    And now I don't want to get free,
    Hold me tight in your arms,
    And let me smell you with my sense,
    Let me imprint my love on you,
    And let my body be carved by you,
    Let us mingle our souls,
    To become one and whole.


  • the_speccy_outsider 58w

    I am an abandoned building with few birds visiting me after sunset. Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for lost cricket ball and other times subdued hues of melancholia enters through the doors of past.

    I like it during monsoon, when strangers take shelter under my roof as the ferocious thunderstorms outside make it difficult to foresee the path. The initial awkwardness that soon fades as one of them tries to break the ice, after a lot of failed lame attempts.

    I still remember all the exquisite ones. The contagious palpable energy that oozed out of their confabulations was indeed endearing. They spoke of adjusting to the city life and the struggles that came with it; about workloads and horrible bosses; relationships and heartbreaks; how this cold rainy weather made both of them crave for a hot cup of coffee and a bowl of delicious Maggie.

    Indeed rain is beautiful;
    It heals one with its cacophony;
    Brings serenity to an overcrowded place;
    Offers a picturesque landscape;
    Makes lovers go obnoxious;
    And makes poets weave magic through their quills.

    I often feel lost being in this stagnant solitude. I was beautiful during my days when people would congest the road to catch a glimpse of my beauty. The stark white windows, the crimson and gold that was draped all over me. With Petunias and Carnations gleaming at the entrance with their aesthetic petals. I miss those days.

    I wish of a time bereft of being a hermit. I want people to take shelter under me. I have abundance of love and warmth to offer. But soon they are going to tear me apart in order to make way for a new, more beautiful and a modern one.

    Till then I want to look optimistic and hopeful rather than gloomy. I don't want to be known as one of the haunted ones, as they give a preposterous vibe altogether. I want them to remember me for my valiance, to have seen so many changes, witnessing winters and summers, whilst still standing high. And not just an old piece of Art that was too antique to just be better left abandoned.


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    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the kind repost! ��


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  • blinganshu 58w

    Romeo and Juliet of the day
    Their love so contagious and brave
    Loving not with their hearts, but brains
    Searching for love instead of eyes
    in the names.
    Fighting the evens and the odds together
    They collect all the courage they could gather
    Overcoming all difficulties and every small matter
    Holding their hands, pumping through their veins
    Their hearts burn with the same flame
    They ignore the society
    Convince the families
    Curing every pain.
    They weave their story writing it together
    In the storybook with plenty such collections.
    Then comes the inevitable death
    They both have to face
    The death of not the lover
    But the love they gathered.
    Romeo and Juliet of the day
    Their love so contagious and brave
    Loving not with their hearts, but brains
    Searching for love instead of eyes
    In the names.

    #contagiousc #love #wod #blinganshu #romeoandjulietoftoday

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    Romeo and Juliet of the day

    Their love so contagious and brave

    Loving not with their hearts, but brains

    Searching for love instead of eyes 

    In the names.

  • antarraal 59w

    They have been madly in love
    through the infinite wheels of time,
    eyes brimming with passion,
    hearts praying for togetherness,
    minds overflowing with fear,
    for they always know
    danger is lurking near.
    Hiding behind a veil of secrecy,
    smiling a fake smile
    to put off the scent of love,
    bowing to unjust loved ones
    to protect the honour of their name.
    Romeos and Juliets continue to pay
    the price of loving for the sake of love.
    For its not just a man and a woman
    but a man with a man, woman with a woman,
    sacrifice themselves at the altar of love.
    The sky turns black with rage,
    clouds thunder aloud,
    earth turns barren
    and water becomes poison,
    still the contagious fire of love burns on
    in many more hearts.

    #love #contagiousc #wod

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    Hiding behind a veil of secrecy,
    smiling a fake smile
    to put off the scent of love...


  • _writer_at_heart_ 59w


    Energy is contagious,
    Both negative and positive!
    You inhabit the one with which your mind is affected.
    The energy is not only contagious to this extent,
    But much more.
    Since, either one can taint someone or influence someone,
    with the energy transmitted along.
    #Make your energy be contagious in a positive way.

    Attitude is contagious,
    Your attitude represents your characteristic,
    And is captivating for the eyes watching you.
    #Make your attitude worth watching and eye-catching in a good way.

    The smile and laughter which you carry is contagious,
    This facial mimicry is a natural human instinct.
    Not only it elevates one's own mood but also trigger others,
    Making us feel blissful inside out.
    #Be a carrier of jolly mood with your these facial expression.

    Hope is contagious,
    You pass it on to yourself and to others in need.
    It works as a saviour and as a light in the dark ;
    But contaminating mind with false hope would be ineffectual,
    Making the storm of mind worse.
    #So make sure you feed yourself or others with the hope that has some chances intact.

  • bellemoon99 59w


    Your passion is contagious!
    Spread it all around.
    Time to be corageous!
    Until we find our sound.

    We were born to shine bright.
    Let the world watch us fly!
    We can be someone else's light.
    Let me watch you touch the sky

  • bclark2681 59w

    So Elated

    She had a contagious smile that
    Made him so pleasurably elated,
    He melted into her beautiful soul

  • wilmaneels1 59w

    It should be contagious
    Just like hate
    Look how easy it is for someone to create friction
    To divide and rule
    I wish peace was just as contagious
    Wouldn't that be something to strive towards

  • miss_silentlyweird 59w

    We all an abandoned building at some point where people use us for their own happiness or benefits. Some wanted us to change ourselves totally without giving significance of whom we truly are while others wanted to see our life fall apart. Suck! Indeed, nevertheless what matters is even life and people make us vulnerable we still able to stand up into our best that we can just like an abandoned building. Having a contagious courage is the best foundation.

    #firstperson #wod
    #contagiousc #miraquill
    @miraquill @writersbay

    (Ps: I've been missing a lot of post,
    will read y'all soon)

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    "I am an abandoned building with few birds visiting me after sunset.
    Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for a lost cricket ball and other times people use me to explore, expecting I have something they can find for their own guarantee.
    Some people wanted to own and rebuild me. Funny! How they wanted to change me without giving appreciation to what I used to be — but most and for all I am just a little structure other wanted to wreck into smallest pieces of me."


  • antheia_ 59w

    #firstperson #contagiousc

    A ᴅɪʟᴀᴘɪᴅᴀᴛᴇᴅ ʀɪᴄᴋᴇᴛʏ ᴇɴᴛɪᴛʏ..

    ��'m an abandoned building with few birds visiting me at sunset. Sometimes kids enter through the front door to search for a lost cricket ball and other times melancholia visits me cloaked in drab overalls.

    I'm home to some bush crickets, their buzz being the only sound that resonates in my now deserted premises after eventide befalls. I'm home sometimes to a vagrant mendicant too who seeks shelter in my ruinous remains away from the bustling crowd of the megalopolis. My decrepit walls covered with funereal moss at times spring to life with the dormant but reverberating echoes of the bygones when I used to stand as a grandiose sprawling heritage '�������� ��������' of '������������ ������������' in the erstwhile Bengal Province.

    The pristine white ground of the magnificent ���������� �������� surrounded by arches & commanding columns but now covered with layers of dust and muck used to come alive everytime a new bride used to set foot in my majestic realm with her �������� adorned feet & ���������������� ����������...the crimson of my floors in the bedrooms matching the blush of her cheeks.

    During �������������� ����������, every year the womenfolk of the '�������� ��������' used to assemble to celebrate the spring festival on flower decorated swing hung on the brawny branches of the lone Banyan tree in my courtyard with the red & yellow of their ���������������� reflecting to be an embodiment of contagious sparkling �������� hopes.

    Gush of memories oftentimes exude from the perforations in my now derelict ceiling along with the rain whenever those wistful grey clouds hover & open up atop my dour prosaic edifice. Now I'm just a remnant of my former glory, a dilapidated ̶r̶̶o̶̶b̶̶u̶̶s̶̶t̶ rickety entity savouring the pungency of solitude since a decade whilst occasionally tasting the acerbic grief, riffling the musty pages of lucid poesies of my resplendent history, humming hushed melodies and appreciating the sangria sundowns & scarlet sunrises with the whirr of the gentle breeze & mellow sunshine in between..waning, waiting for my ultimate D E M I S E.



    P. S~ 'Hushed Melodies' credited to @_chemicalhearts__

    Sabha Ghar~ Auditorium/Hall.

    Benarosi~A Banarasi (pronounced Benarosi in Bengali) sari/saree is a sari made in Varanasi/Benares,an ancient city of India. These saris are among the finest saris in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery.

    Alta~Alta is a red dye that is applied to the hands and feet of women, mainly in the Indian subcontinent. It has great significance in Bengali culture.

    Jamdani~ Jamdani (saree) is a hand loom woven fabric made of cotton, which was historically referred to as muslin. The Jamdani weaving tradition is of Bengali origin, traditionally woven around Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Basant Utsav~ Spring festival.

    Neuf~ New(french)

    *'Boro Bari of Thakur Moshai' literally translates to 'big bungalow of Mr. Thakur'.

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    A ᴅɪʟᴀᴘɪᴅᴀᴛᴇᴅ ʀɪᴄᴋᴇᴛʏ ᴇɴᴛɪᴛʏ..

  • fervent_writing 59w

    Love, a contagious virus
    which can be spread to anyone
    but get infection from the right pathogen.


  • kamala_kammu 59w

    Nothing is more toxic than a pain and contagious as love

  • pallavi4 59w


    He arrived in the middle of the night
    One day long after everyone was fast asleep
    He was here to swallow all hope and light
    Into every crevice he wanted to seep

    He had been created to tarnish the world
    To hinder all happiness and joy
    While the populous lay deeply concerned
    All his negativity he planned to employ

    To engulf all who were weak and frail
    Who would succumb to his contagious self
    He would devour the population like a flame
    Rejuvenating and revamping himself

    They underestimated what he could do
    The havoc he could unleash upon them
    His aggressive rage latched on like glue
    They writhed plagued with fever and phlegm

    He made it difficult for them to breathe
    Broke their spirit till it was in shreds
    Carved out a niche all the while they grieved
    The lack of infrastructure and hospital beds

    From to another he leapt and progressed
    Wiping out a whole generation in the process
    He badly infected their lungs and chests
    Till they all cowered down feeling oppressed

    He wrapped himself around the earth
    Gradually tightening the cord around its neck
    This strangulation slowly caused a dearth
    Of people till they were left the size of a fleck

    They wheezed and sneezed till they died
    The virus wiped whole families away
    They couldn’t get rid of him no matter how they tried
    He massacred anyone who stood in his way

    They came to accept his rule over them
    Of someone’s murderous craze he was a testament
    To their ghastly fates they were condemned
    While his catching self remained pestilent


    28th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- By Bob Lambiase

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  • bonitasarahbabu 59w

    The day had been hard,
    And the hits kept coming.
    The mind and the soul,
    They were exhausted.
    She needed a fresh sight,
    So to park she went
    Divine Providence saw her exhaustion,
    And answered her unsaid prayer.
    There was a toddler giggling,
    Giggling at the antics of the birds.
    That child's giggles had everyone giggling,
    This made for a brighter day.
    Laugh and smile,
    Those are contagious for all.
    Be the reason someone smiles,
    Be the reason for their peace.

  • sproutedseeds 59w


    Let GRATITUDE be contagiously
    passed on to every next (gene)ration.


  • jumbledthoughts 59w

    I feel it in my heart
    I feel it in my soul
    Happiness is contagious
    But so is feeling low
    When nothing is wrong with your life
    Still it’s hard to feel right
    That feeling right there
    Is not so easy to blow

  • immaculate_0300 59w

    Happiness is contagious....

  • the_muted_voice 59w

    #life_of_sweethearts #life_of_lovebirds #pod #contagiousc

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    @writersbay - A flawed attempt :p
    P.S. Maybe you dont get what I mean here :/

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    An ephemeral rhythm
    of discordant laughter,
    Shivering past the
    fractured fragments
    of furnished feathers.
    Dribbling balls of
    misfortune in
    incompatible sizes,
    Against all that is
    beer and skittles
    in life.
    Promenading amidst
    fusillade of fathomless Failures,
    Earth exhaled
    eternal elements of
    contagious screams.

  • shru_pens 59w

    No relation is as contagious as friendship and family
    No food is as contagious as homemade
    No 4 letter word is as contagious and long-lasting as love
    9 letter word which goes more contagious and which cannot be reduced is education
    Most contagious writing app is miraquill
    No one is more positively contagious as you
    Smile attracts millions of other low emotions.
    And the fact to be observed... We humans are contagious, the way we behave in real life, our followers will move in the same path.

  • kri_k_sni 59w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thx for the ❤️ @writersbay
    #kri_k_sni #contagiousc

    I REMEMBER .......

    I remember,
    Those brown and grey.
    Revealing eyes that twinkle
    under the kiss of the sun,
    They stare back at me,
    confused yet amused.

    I remember,
    Those inviting and intriguing,
    They persist in my consciousness,
    forever and always.

    I remember
    The smoothness of your voice,
    Those deep and gentle.
    How they serenade and charm,
    They carry such heartwarming words,
    oh I blush.

    I remember
    Those strong and secure.
    The safety of your hold,
    Disguised under the warmth
    of your embrace,
    They could shelter me from
    any harm, mental or physical

    I remember
    Those endearing and intrepid.
    The boldness of your actions,
    They explored my mind and body,
    round and round.

    I remember,
    Unravelling your brilliant mind and soul,
    Those unparalleled and contagious.
    The persistence in your motivations,
    They inspire me everyday,
    and hopefully you too.

    I remember,
    Falling for you,
    I can't say how,
    Hard and hopelessly.
    But I did..

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    I remember
    when I spent the nights awake,
    unable to sleep,
    because you were in my thoughts.
    Your eyes are burning, like fire.
    Your voice was soft and good to hear,
    your laughter is contagious.
    I still remember your fire-hot looks,
    your perfect smile and
    your infectious laugh.
    How I miss you...!