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    We whisper behind the palms
    saudade of destructed barque
    sinked with fake smiles
    to camouflage the judgement
    of the hateful and the lonely
    in your perforated alliance.


    In maelstrom of life
    with skipped dances and meals
    we masqueraded to veil
    heavy weighed scale of broken hearts
    in your loathing coterie.

    ----- GARROTTED REGRETS -----

    Ephialted panic attacks every night
    of popping pills coursing
    through veins to make sadness go away
    of needles and shot glasses
    in your sombre crew.

    ----- OBLIVION QUAFFS ------

    Irrevocably broken and
    atrociously dead but walking
    meticulously hidden manifested whiff
    beautifully lost hollow eyes
    in your indoctrinate society.

    #wod #oxymoron #contest_j @jaya___
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    // Amidst the fallacious adult
    and veracious child,
    cacophonous mistakes
    reasoned casuistry to live
    the dead whispers
    in your portentous society //


  • waitaminute 7w



    Baby I am not what I show off,
    Thats just a fake ramp walk,
    You are obsessed with me but not me,

    Such an introvert if you ever meet me,
    But there you take my sarcasm seriously,
    A day without you feels empty,
    A day without you feels nothing,
    Likes, follows and comments now makes me happy,

    There in follow requests I met you,
    A front sitting nerd me hardly known to you,
    And then we talked from minutes, to hours,
    From strangers to unusual friends,
    Ohh wait do we call it love?

    We never met , we never gonna,
    But somewhere in this virtual universe,
    We cross each other,
    And boom we find feelings we never see in the world,

    And fights, blocks, and then late night miss calls,
    And you tell me i dont understand you,
    Baby you are obsessed with me but not me,
    You have read me a lot of times,
    Heard me a lot of times,

    But the authentic me is far better I promise,
    But may be then a cool backbencher,
    Might not share himself with me,

    this world connects us ,
    And this world separates us too,
    Because what can create feelings,
    Created misunderstandings too,

    What I write, what I say may be far different,
    In both worlds,
    Yet it feels good,
    Yet it feels alone,
    Having everything,
    Yet addicted to one thing.

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    Losing game

  • the_speccy_outsider 7w

    My submission for the fabulous challenge hosted by @jaya___

    //A fabricated landscape
    A fallacy of attributes
    A fake portrait of beauty
    A framed depiction of optimism

    Application of filters to images rather than to foul words//

    Freedom of expression has become a joke these days. One often tries too hard to portray the image of being the quintessential know-all and seldom try to be themselves.

    What I feel is that we watch these public figures, who put on a show on social media platforms, and think that we too should do something like that. Maybe we want to feel like them as it is a fantasy many adorn. But we should know that they get paid to do that, or that they have to create an image that helps them sustain in whatever they do.

    We as citizens should have an opinion, everyone is entitled to one. But having an opinion just for the sake of it, or to show the world how woke or incisive you are is extremely redundant. But the absurdity augments when we try to pick a fight. Just like we have an opinion, others too could have and express the same. One should respect that in a dignified manner. But I see a war of words, hurling of abuses and the boundaries of integrity and reverence being crossed.

    Social media has become a platform to showcase how fake we can be. From the perfectly cropped and filtered pictures, to those not so candidly candid moments; those conversations about money presented in a manner that might even make an economist or a financial advisor run for their money; people interpreting laws as if they are the aficionados, for even jurists sometimes differ or fail to interpret them in their apt context.

    What was started as an activity or initiative to bring people closer or spread awareness, has on the contrary, become a place to segregate people and spread malice.

    Hence, I feel the Image one tries to make should not be done, as one should be real. And it is absolutely fine to not know everything about everything. And if one doesn't wish to express an opinion on a certain topic or want to post something hilarious when there's a critical time in the country or surroundings then that person should not be judged for that.

    You never know how many silent battles are concealed by that smile or a post. Be kind, be real and stop being appallingly judgemental.


    #contest_j #anaphora

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  • jaya___ 7w

    Like for like, follow for follow
    Come on moron, your life is hollow.
    Saying this I spot my hypocrisy undress
    Of wanting so much despite the mess
    And faking as if I couldn't care less!
    A fake life, a plastic life
    No self confidence yet ignorant pride.
    All are servants of sycophantic dorms
    Afraid of breaking prisms of social norms
    Why are we taking with a pinch of salt
    All humiliation and rebuke?
    But also sadly adding that
    I am it's victim just as you


    Hola buddies!

    Write a piece commenting on the current obsession with social media and the image we create there.��

    Have fun ✍️✍️✍️✍️ use #contest_j
    As always I am late in announcing the results of the challenge of past week! But worry not!
    Here are the winners of the extremely tough to decide and heavily participated challenge ��������

    FIRST ��
    1. OUTOFLEAGUE @outofleague
    2. WAIT A MINUTE @waitaminute

    SECOND ��
    1. THE SPECCY OUTSIDER @the_speccy_outsider
    2. BLINGANSHU @blinganshu

    THIRD ��
    1. THE SUNSHINE LOVES @thesunshineloves
    2. BHAGYASHRE @/bhagyshre
    3. SHAMBOLIC HEART @/shambolic_heart

    Many congratulations to all Winners and participants✌��✌��✌��see y'all in next!��

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  • outofleague 7w

    #friend #friends #friendship
    मित्रम् मित्रे मित्राणी


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    Luck's Boon

    Like that shedded leaf which finds
    its way eventually falling onto
    the sacred pond of a mystical forest;
    I have been blessed with such fortune
    riding the directions of fate
    where the pond is Friendship
    and the forest being
    once in an eternity, Opportunity.

    Showered with hospitality
    that subdues intangible stings
    from the weapons of material facades
    I am living that life
    which is kept secret
    in the library of Heaven;
    under the section
    "More grateful than any Afterlife"

    With suprises more surprising
    than witnessing a shooting star,
    this company introduces meanings
    that soothes fresh scars accumulated
    while drifting through time.

    Whether anyone questions about distance
    noticed by their blind eyes,
    I comply with my heart filled with
    memories, promises and understanding;
    "We.. are here. Don't we?"


  • waitaminute 8w

    F. R. I. E. N. D. S
    We hide secrets and make troubles too,
    In group studies we keep talking when a lot is left to do,
    Our whatsapp messages are no less than comedy,
    And our serious phone calls turns out to be painful wound's remedy,
    No teacher's lecture can make me understand ,
    My weird questions only my friends can stand,
    Hostel days are the best phase of life,
    After it you got responsibilities,someone's husband someone wife,
    But these friends give you a forever,
    Those fights, that craziness you gonna forget never,
    Glitches in your love life or tension in you family,
    Big blind blunders or some mistakes being silly,
    They know your worst and best,
    Never get tired of taking pictures at fest,
    Sometimes childish fights and sometimes mature

    "Boyfriends and girlfriends, breakups and patchups will come and go,
    But these friends are forever. "


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  • taetae_ 8w

    #end #wod

    ♡ my submission for #contest_j

    // foxfire //

    as last drop of honey offered,
    friend is the only
    last drop of mercy
    shown by the universe

    deuterogonist arrives
    as curtains rise.
    standing amidst
    strawberry fields, spells
    magical words,
    which stick the pieces of
    my broken moon together

    friend does it easier
    to find the room with no light.

    recorder begins playing
    "fly me to the moon- by frank sinatra"

    sipping onto nostalgic memories
    my eyes fall over
    the world hanging
    onto my window pane,

    sapiens surrender
    sanctiloquent submissions
    to the will of destiny
    stumbling over reality

    peace shatter onto ground
    the glue fixing them
    is friendship,
    still, foxfire lures into traps

    lays soft hands
    to wipe tears, touches
    veronica blooming
    from brown skin pores,
    only way to calm down my heart,
    and sleep tight over dreams
    so cold.


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  • blinganshu 8w

    The vermillion glow in the indigo sky
    The flame burning in the horizon trying
    To light up the path of the ship sailing in the sea
    Once the ship docks on the port
    The flame gets extinguished
    Until another voyage begins.
    A journey with strangers aboard
    People who help you battle the waves
    People who hold each other in storms
    People who share food
    People who share warmth
    Until the last port where the ship docks
    The strangers who get down remain no longer strangers
    They become friends for life.
    The azure sky covered with cottony clouds
    Small, big, picturesque
    Trying to hide the setting sun
    The beauty at its prime.
    #myth #wod #contest_j #cloudsc #blinganshu

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  • the_speccy_outsider 8w

    My submission for the challenge hosted by @jaya___
    A post dedicated to the best piece of art I have seen. Ever!

    During the days of naivety
    I found solace in them
    Rachael, Monica, Phoebe,
    Joey, Chandler and Ross
    They became my family
    My Friends
    And I never felt forlorn
    Indeed if it wasn't my day
    Or my week or month,
    For Six Years
    They've been there for me
    I laughed at their hilarity
    Cried with their sorrow
    Was overwhelmed by all the marriages
    Babies, proposals and those apartments
    And sighed at the utterance of the Wrong Name
    I never was On a Break with them
    For they held my hand tightly
    When situations went awry
    I learnt a plethora of things from them
    And still hold it dearly

    Rachael taught me to be confident
    And that it is fine to be a bit spoilt
    Whilst being a genuine friend
    Monica taught me importance of discipline
    And to be a thread that holds everyone
    To nurture and embrace the company
    Phoebe taught me to be unapologetically weird
    To wear unconventionality as a crown
    And not care about others' opinions
    Joey taught me to love my curves, seriously!
    And that being a foodie is cool
    Swear loyalty even at the cost of your happiness
    Chandler taught me to be debonair
    In my imperfections and flaws
    And to find humour in everything
    Ross taught me to be pragmatic
    To have clear goals and to just be yourself
    Even if people find you boring due to your intellect

    I know what kinship means
    I know what being a friend means
    I know that situation won't always be in your favour
    I know to seek out little things
    I know to never let go of hope
    I know to live my life with happiness and laughter

    Just like they did, and still do. As for me, the show is not over.



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  • bhagyshre 8w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork a read ?
    @jaya___ ����I am participating for the first time ....hope you like it ! ��
    @fromwitchpen a read ? @uttkarsh_15 a read ?

    Critical analysis is welcomed ��

    Meeting you was my reincarnation to a whole new world
    A beautiful place to be lived in
    With wonderful people to be trusted on
    And tons of fresh air to inhale
    With an exhalation of love
    Yes, a hyperbole to the today's world !
    That dreamy world consisted of only a tinge of verisimilitude in contrast to reality our lenses witness today
    The tinge with green monocle and blond hair ,
    With piercing mind stuffed with humor and one
    in a million heart ,
    Accompanied by a gush of adrenaline in vessel comprising a pure soul covered in ivory !
    You were the metaphor to my happiness ,
    A simile to my smile ,
    And simply, an ode of my life.
    The only sapien I chose with the full will of just my own.
    But as truely said , life is not all sunshine and flowers ,
    When that storm devasted every inch of our friendship
    And everytime it felt like all over again
    Tired of all the buzz around us
    We found solace in solitude.
    And I still remember ,
    On 23rd August
    That brick red sphere in the night sky gazing at two sobbing souls,
    Who decided to part ways for saving an ounce of love and care left between them ,
    In order to at least be able to exchange a clear gaze someday, if they met .

    We left, but the life went on
    Offering several sapiens with sweetness and sourness all together
    Some even on knees with a ring
    And one for whom I walked down the aisle
    Nineteen years hence ,
    Searching for my baby boy ,
    I saw you looking out for your princess
    In formals, and you hair was all grey
    Unlike youh!
    Beside was a glass
    And my reflection caught my eyes
    That lady with purple hair and a white short dress
    I witnessed that indeed time changes people
    My monocles caught my baby boy with a girl in blue
    She was wearing the same cocoa pendent that you wore saying that it reminds you of my chocolate brown eyes .
    My son saw me
    Comprehending my doubts,
    What escaped his lips
    Was the only word that signified us

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    The only word that signified us

  • jaya___ 8w

    I wish I had friends here...
    With whom I could talk
    With whom I could share
    Things that happen in my daily life
    And things that trouble me
    I wish I had friends here...
    With whom I could laugh
    With whom I could fight
    With whom I could be safe
    Even if roaming out all night
    I wish I had friends here...
    Who would come and meet me
    And understand my pain
    With whom I could open up
    Each day after work
    With whom I could be myself
    And not what we all pretend to be to outside world
    I wish I had friends here...
    From whom demanding anything
    Would never seem too much
    Who would not leave me alone on a festival night
    Who would ask everyday and call every night
    Whether I am good or in a plight
    I wish I had friends here...
    Who would end the silence
    In which I stay each day
    When I enter my lonely house

    I wish I had friends here...
    Whom I could love and hold dear
    And Who would be close enough to hear
    My sobs, my laughs and wipe my tear
    Oh I wish I had friends here...

    © Jaya (a poem of 132 weeks ago)

    Hello friends!

    This weekend write a piece on FRIENDS!�� Anything that comes to your mind when it comes to friends...their need or if friendship is overrated or loneliness or togetherness....Write and have fun!✌��

    Submissions till Tuesday. Winners on Wednesday.

    Use hashtag #contest_j

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  • aryaa_anand 8w

    @jaya___ dii participating for the first time, hope it is worth it, tried my best :) @fromwitchpen do give it a read please, your critical appreciation always motivates :)

    #contest_j #ceesreposts

    there was a time when you were hopeful, because me and you existed as 'us', because love prevailed over lust, because it rained in July when the clouds were up, because the leaves opened their mouths to let the dew fall into them, because the tree that shed its leaves in the autumn and lost its first bud just after birth was now blooming and drooping with pleasant poesies.

    you were hopeful because the first childhood friend you lost when you gained your adulthood was back yet again, the earring you dropped in the market was back in your casket, the Biblical Good Samaritan existed in Kaliyug too, you were hopeful because the sun set in the scarlet sky to unleash the dark but moonlit ether and the moon waved goodbye to present you with another day to be hopeful and let 'it' pass by.

    but this time it was different, it was peculiar, it was clumsy, it was bewildering, for the sun set in the scarlet sky, but neither did the moon light that dark sky nor did any ray of light reach that corner of your heart where only blackness dwelled and the memories of 'those days' were about to rot and vanish in the air of desolation that swayed by.

    this time it was different for you looked for just a whole with white light peeping through that'd split into the vibrant VIBGYOR of the rainbow and fill the pitch dark with colours of vehemence, imagination, benevolence, generosity, yearning, opulence of love and radiance of positivity.

    and the time is still different and you still wait for the time to come back when you were hopeful and the time to be 'different' yet again!

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    if hope had a colour it'd be a different shade for everyone.


  • forestborn 8w

    ���������� ������ �� �������� ������ �������� �������������� �������� �������������� ���� ������ ���������������� ���������� ���������� ���� ���������� ������������ �������������� �������������� ������ ���� ��������. Nevertheless the battles you survived in the modern chemical labs morph you into charred mecadam of flesh and bones organized to unleash the avatars of arrogant infernal bombs.

    ��here is a hunger game of snake and ladder played by corporate and common between the green and red buttons what you call as heroic outfits of abhorrence but where you want to press depends up on your political motive. You cannot spill the beans until somebody took a knife and cut your throat while your windpipe open up like a pentagonal papaya inscribed in a scandal circle.

    ��od dammit! Did you have the courage to do that on your own? No! You won't, fear makes your adrenaline rush but you are too weak and asymptomatic to take a decision. The act of valour needs a longitudinal anatomy of the metallic clocks eroded in the pierced earlobes of ones own court where the rubber boots broke the nibs and raises slogans imprinted in barbaric blood.

    ��id you know, even the day started to hate your kind when you and your underaged friends ripped the moon from the waist of the mountains moving on a double decker blue bus and left the body in a black polythene night? You can make a map of each state by taking the rotting intestines out from the mortuaries of stars when the stories of weeping motherhood begging for mercy killing of their daughters infront of angelic gods wearing the white himalayan snow coats.

    ��he hands that filled the gaps of the fingers to stop oozing invidious partiality from history books still remain as scars on the beige bark of skin monuments of the living dead now. You combust some fuel from your dads side pocket at sixteenth summer and chilled your engines with a shot of whiskey and criticize the heart of others pulling them out from your joker smile and then proclaimed 'Why so serious'.

    ��he seismic rumbling of your altruism coated in mental illness has no temples, no mosque, no cathredal, no mahal, no synagogue, no monasteries and not even generosity, albeit you are defined as an animal confined of caste, creed and colour. The scorching sun burns until the piles of the day turn to ashes, and let you be held accountable for the letters of deceit you have left behind in the wages of sins.

    ��he night may have become obscene and wild for you when the liquid poison in the needle you injected into the left wrist from the corner of a right angle room began to drive you crazy.The moonlight remains with cigarette scars in the sky to shine on the petals you blackened on your youth, but you too must decay with the wind that blows unreliably until the underground skeletons drench in forsaken rain.

    ��n the arsenal of hell are kept three weapons: repentance, conscience, and righteousness. There, the dagger of conscience moulded by fire waiting to pierce your chest. You should not die without a handful of pain. May the protector of the horizon take back the sweetness of breast milk that is not worthy for your tongue.

    ��he death knell rang and the executioner walked with you near the gallows. A garland in my neck, you are hanging in a rope. Clock smiled and come back alive. In my soul's eye pile you have already been killed innumerable times in miniscule pieces and thrown to the hungry piranhas. I believe they could consume your flesh. However, i need to make sure that you are not breathing again.

    Should i cut through the ribs to check the heartbeat of your comorbidity or inflate a baloon in the lungs and prick it with a needle in your helium identity? �������� ������������ �������� ������ ������ �������������� ���� ������ �������� ������������. ������ ������������ ���������� �������� ������ ������ ������ ������������������ �������������� ���� ������ �������������������� ������, ������ ������ ���������� ������������ ���� ���� ���������� ���������� �������� ���������������� �� �������������� ��������.
    ����-����-��������(Happy heart day ♡)
    #contest_j #haiku #writersnetwork
    @love_whispererr @kin_jo (�� �������� ������������ ���� �������� �������������� ���������� ��)

    P. S- Nothing has changed when day turn off. Neon lights are always abused in the semi darkness. But death is the greatest ruler of truth.

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    Dracarys fossette
    Touch me, get ablaze in pain
    Waxes of so(u)l whine

    Those umbras aside
    The morning sun arises
    when death sentence melts

    struggles of candles
    Rest near the hanging nooses
    unclouded sky smiles

    Hope of orchids blooms
    When the leg irons remove
    And peace may arrive

    Watching sinners slay
    My soul lastly perceives death
    A new dawn rises

  • the_wonderin_soul2 8w

    There was a time when I were hopeful

    My life was all settled
    It use to quest around halwa pori
    I use to be free from life's hassles
    Whilst knowing my mom sing me best lori
    I was nine when I got to know of it's dubious glory
    It was all begun by a story

    They say with every beautiful thing
    There comes a pain
    And the pain that has chosen to come across to me
    Cause me an apparent demise

    They say pain is inevitable
    So do happiness
    Sometimes it cost
    More than your life's jama ponji

    They say being child
    Is being fun
    But some children
    Live with their agonies

    Ammi where's the change I need to fill my potli
    Piyari ammi give it to me I need to fill it totally (said I as bubbly as I can)

    Aahan buttering
    Acha tell me
    What will I get in return of it (said her in a dealing tone)

    A kissey
    Would you mind having a kiss miss
    It will give you a lasting bliss ...

    Just a kiss ...

    How about a bliss ...

    Don't you witty(le) considering your glee ...

    And you too know na I master upon this degree ...

    Which one...

    Manipulating you meri piyari ammi ...

    As days passed by
    Leaving me comply
    They say being happy never goes out of style
    Tell them that my style wasn't persistent
    When "Pain" got written in one's abridgement

    One day ...
    A creature crawl by me
    Dwelling my attention
    I saw his eyes popping out of pain
    The weight he carry his legs couldn't maintain
    I saw a blood spot causing adhesion
    I ask for help and let my father ascertain

    Few days later
    He ended up offering his knee
    Which I hold happily
    My potli was all about to fill
    But for me the meaning of happiness had changed by dill
    All My happiness linger in his joy
    When every time I excite him with a toy
    Toddo when became a part of my family
    In all the occasions of grievance and glee

    They say things make you cry
    And things make you laugh never stay loyal to you
    Tell them its true

    I was shaken by his feeble body
    Displaced hopelessly into my arms
    Every scar speaking its story
    But burning his claw had given them any euphory ?
    They say man is greedy
    But is he cruel ?
    He thinks taking life make him rule ...?

    And the potli is full while I get empty
    If money could buy life
    A tear left my cheek
    Let's pour in , an absurdity ....

    I couldn't be more better at this stage accept this junk and of course I can't read clearly this needs some time but I'm on the way ❤

    #contest_j @writersnetwork @jaya___

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  • waitaminute 8w

    There was a time when you were so hopeful,
    Every look had stars in eternal blackness of your eyes,
    Adding optimism to desperate stucked in the mirror,
    I told you lies many times to kindle hopes in your heart,
    Little did I know I was only burning pretty tissues
    When Swings turned to rollercoasters I promised we'll never fall,
    Even if it turned upside down I will be there for your broken soul,
    You believed me everytime your blind confidence wasn't hard to try,
    You were so easy to find, to love, to trap in imperishable walls of desires,
    I never wanted to release you I thought world would harm you,
    Little did I know my shielding was strangling you,
    you wanted to escape from multiverse I built for us,
    Hitting my mirror with stars of pessimistic eyes,
    You shattered it to free your ensnared wisdom,
    But look at you now drowning in hopelessness every night,
    Pretending to be mad at me, don't you wanna return,
    Atleast my hopes were keeping you alive,
    Struggling to survive when you were blossoming there,
    Seeing you in pain, seeing hurt in your dreamless eyes,
    I remember there was a time when you were hopeful,
    If I could rewind clocks to bear pain of thorns
    So you can wear roses of my hopes ,
    I am dying to do anything to welcome you here again.


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  • stardust_writes 8w

    There was a time
    when you were hopeful,
    but now you have become
    a graveyard of buried hopes,
    life is tough, but so are you
    and you're never alone in this
    confusing maze, for we are all
    trying to find ourselves in us,
    trying to love ourselves a bit more,
    trying to be less miserable, less
    hopeless, less unhappy and we
    will reach those sunsets someday,
    those beautiful endings,and it would
    be worth a sight. You'll laugh at life,
    thinking of those days when even the
    sunrise seemed daunting, and now
    you're happily chasing those sunsets.
    Even if hope flies away like a feather,
    you aren't wingless dear, remember,
    someday the feather has to perch
    somewhere and it'll all be okay.
    Even on the dark starless nights,
    remember to be your own star,
    for we're all made of stardust, a
    tiny speck of stardust suspended
    in this vast universe and you know
    that you are born to shine.
    Life begins in the dark and we
    have to find our own light to thrive
    and survive and not live in the fading
    shadows.There is light somewhere,
    within each of us and when you
    find it, keep it and you'll be okay.


    #contest_j #darkness
    @the_speccy_outsider Thank you so much for tagging me in this contest, felt a lot positive writing this :-)

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    //We need darkness to appreciate light.
    On days you don't find your light, be a Firefly//


  • outofleague 8w

    There was a time when you were hopeful
    for the efforts and decisions you took
    guided by the principles and beliefs from
    the fate that fell at your steps to
    the fortune that made you shred your rest,
    it will bend the conditions and odds
    in your route of going forward,
    bringing a acceptable present which
    would make you say; "It was worth it."

    That's a lot of spiritually oriented terms
    jammed up in one huge (literary captivating)
    But how much exactly the spiritually
    oriented stuffs I could have avoided
    to mention something similar to
    what I have mentioned.

    You know what..
    considering the amount of fiction
    and imagery that are present in
    any one write-up in miraquil's platform
    most of the stuffs they portray
    are reflections of
    what they all really HOPE to happen.
    Just enough of what they hoped to..
    hope again.

    We notice, observe and measure to
    recognise, acknowledge and conclude
    every passed, happening and upcoming moment
    worried, thinking and expecting
    a hint, clue or sign that would
    either indicate, exhibit and/or justify
    that it was fine, appropriate or significant
    to pray, wish and hope.

    Maybe with every new experience
    we lean more towards our assumptions
    than the mind's abode where hope resides.
    that distinct, strict and/or genuine event
    when the hope will go extinct
    within one's essence, spirit and intelligence
    might be the right, awaited and destined time
    for them to know
    why sometimes “hope” doesn't work.

    #hope #contest_j

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    Calculated Worries
    Sacred Predictions
    Sacred Calculations
    Predicted Worries

    (Toe-May-Toe, Tow-Maa-Tow, Tomato)
    *Now imagine the point I am in
    on the line that connects
    hope and assumption*


  • pj_animation 8w

    The was a time when you were hopeful
    And aimed to reach for the stars
    With unlimited amount of joy
    And fiddled with laughter
    Just like a toy

    There was a time you had unending smile
    Packed to brim with positive energy
    With eveeything touched vibrant
    To the world it was joy
    And to the heart love

    And this is the time it all feels a fantasy
    Like a dream that faded with time
    A joy that died in its own prime
    Faded away the ecstacy
    No longer vibrant

    This is the time the smile is upside down
    A frown that forms its own delight
    With a light full of darkness
    Closed end of the tunnel
    To shun the light

    There was a time you were hopeful
    And it was buried by shattered love
    There was a time you had unending smile
    And it faded across with the distance social
    This is the time it all feels like a fantasy
    This is the time when the smile is up-side-down

    Lost between the lines of lost hope
    Clogged within a mind of self-doubt
    Unfound within a beimmed daekness
    Scorched in a time-loop so saddened

    But with a beleive to rekindle once lost hope...

    #hope #soul #pj_illmind

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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 32w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #timesup #wod #pod #remainsc #random

    All written rights reserved
    15 April 2021 4.30 am

    I don't know why I wrote this ! (◕‿◕)

    #contest_j now this kinda fits!

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    ~take control or take cover~

    We live in a world within the world
    A rabbit hole of frenzy and fantasy
    Seeking not an exit but more of it
    The same drug that made you fall 

    Senses cloudy, all thoughts moody 
    Chilly numbness taking over hearts 
    Walking, talking, working, playing, right at 
    The end of a remote control, like clones

    Netflix and playlists take over relationships
    Conversations choke in coffins of chat-box
    Multiple accounts in social media life
    Like dishes on the side of dinner plate

    Hashtags and statuses define a person
    Edited selfies hiding/holding insecurities
    Lipstick stains precede bleeding red
    Stitched up smiles fake pretends care 

    Even vibes could lie if you really try 
    Desperation overrides distance between
    Thumbs in a battlefield to lure their prey
    Teasing to threatening and then endgame

    Locked up brain and insane mind clashes
    Schemes they frame for drowning life
    One second they smile, one click they kill
    Two faced persona, lon(s)ers in real life 

    Usernames as a sticker on the forehead
    Faceless monsters shouting profanity
    Secret hideout for hideous crimes
    Headless horsemen reign the dark net
    Triggered conscience, crippled conscious
    Waging world wars within wired worlds 

    Swimming in addiction
    Drowning in obsession
    Seeking no redemption
    Finding no salvation

    Time's up, to put an end to all these triggers
    Shaming and harassing, cause of riots 
    Keep on breathing in signals transmitted
    A truckload of psychopaths overdue life

    A timer is set on your erroneous lifeline
    One snap and the whole world will flatline
    Nothing remains in the literal world to mourn
    No soul but data that disintegrated into dust 


  • waitaminute 52w

    F. R. I. E. N. D. S
    We hide secrets and make troubles too,
    In group studies we keep talking when a lot is left to do,
    Our whatsapp messages are no less than comedy,
    And our serious phone calls turns out to be painful wound's remedy,
    No teacher's lecture can make me understand ,
    My weird questions only my friends can stand,
    Hostel days are the best phase of life,
    After it you got responsibilities,someone's husband someone wife,
    But these friends give you a forever,
    Those fights, that craziness you gonna forget never,
    Glitches in your love life or tension in you family,
    Big blind blunders or some mistakes being silly,
    They know your worst and best,
    Never get tired of taking pictures at fest,
    Sometimes childish fights and sometimes mature
    "Boyfriends and girlfriends, breakups and patchups will come and go,
    But this friendship will last forever"


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