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  • shinyindeed 5w

    Oh Hell Yeah..

    Do not be corrupt.. The government hates competition!!

  • heavenly_broadcast 9w

    Diplomacy isn't needed here,
    Neither can injustice, be found in her strets
    The poor and rich, feast together at meal
    With genuine Love, with no hypocrisy

    Eachday we gain audience with the King
    Who rules all in all over all things
    Each day we see His Son in The Streets
    Playing with the kids, for they're dare to Him.

    I Love This City, Not just to Visit,
    I Love this City, to be her citizen.
    I Love this City, Not just to speak of
    But to be there, in flesh and blood.

    Heaven is my Goal, and it's Lifestyle my pursuit. Jesus is the Son, in whom I Trust, and Elshaddai God, My King All in All.
    Isaiah 35 and John 3

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    My Place

    It is a land of peace, and serenity
    A land of joy, with glistening steets
    Filled with beauties, in varying shades
    It's a haven you dreamed, with tranquility

    With the freshest streams,
    With springs so clean,
    The flowers do bloom
    Without a fall

    With ecosystems,
    so divine and pure,
    You'll never find your pig,
    Sow trapped in the mud

    No ravenous beast,
    can be found in this place.
    No deadly thing,
    Creeps into her space.

    The air you breathe,
    Is so filled with Grace,
    And the land you live in,
    Yields to you it's best

    Everyone smiles on in this place
    From street to street, kindness can be felt
    For it is a city, Having one King
    Who Loves us all, before we were citizens.

    We all can fit in
    Into His throne Room
    For He is grandeurs
    In All He does.

    Its king has one Son,
    Who died for us all.
    So this is the place,
    I love to go.

  • ananias 9w

    [What has become of us?]

    I've awoken from a deep slumber
    The world I find is not what I remember

    Pathetic, conceited rulers no longer believing their own myths
    Lying for a dollar from their donors and their sponsors, while they neglect our kids

    Pillaging the world, buying and selling bodies, the world has been taken by monsters
    Women stalked and murdered, the police never bothered, violent crime is up and her vulnerability haunts her

    Claiming your support, claiming the people's mandate, they lower taxes for the rich and lower how much a worker can make

    When the devil's got the gun, it's too late to run
    His cronies pulled the levers and moved the cash, he's basically already won


  • fabricated_fantasies 11w

    Soul war

    There's innocence in a child's eyes when they see the world
    There's hatred in an adult's voice when they address the world
    Two different verses describing the same soul, one clouded by darkness and the other seeks light
    A trail of which might lead to the darkest alleys,
    Its important to fight
    Fight against the shrouded demon to allow the flares bring joy
    Fire have always been purifying what's dark in the land
    Ashes are grey since it's been brought to light
    Dark blends with light dancing their rhythmic tune
    Combined to form a reminiscent dune

    Life is just a shadow
    Shadow of the things that are done
    The paths selected are what defines their truth
    Let alone their making through love and hatred of the soul
    Evolved with sadness and joy of the facets
    Be it dark or be it light
    Burning into embers is what's remained of the spirit

    Maybe, untouched by the vicious darkness of a corrupted world

  • subhamrizal 15w

    I guess the devil
    Sits on the computer table
    Rattling his legs
    Sipping extra sugary tea
    Earning good sum,
    But snatches more than
    A doctor's salary.
    He must have a wife
    A daughter, two instead.
    But goes to a brothel
    Before he rings his doorbell,
    He prays to God daily
    But praying never meant
    Confessing the whishes.
    He is a plague
    This plague brings
    A death, painful
    And darker
    Than the Black death.

  • sonu99 17w

    "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."
    (From Hamlet by William Shakespeare)

  • madinah_writes 19w

    New Year;
    A new season appear.
    With joy and celebrations piainting the atmosphere.
    Wiping out our worse fears, we couldn't even bear.

    It's New Year;
    We sing in sight and sneer.
    And praise the earthy sphere.
    As day draws by into nights,
    We work harder and adhere.
    With the face of tomorrow still unclear,
    We hope to succeed a clearer career.

    My New Year;
    Whether writing words so sheer,
    Or reading books so dear.
    Yesterday ended so is today,
    I would have a goodyear.
    With a heartful of desire.

  • madinah_writes 19w

    Life's broken affair.
    Pailed up in our heads, unaware.
    Framing mind in dreams that tear.

    Distruction to the heart that leads us nowhere.
    Taking form of love and friendship we ware.
    Tearing off our skin in despair.
    Yet, we are unaware.

  • jacob_howdagee 22w


    The world has been set ablaze
    It took removing ourselves
    To get rid of the hate
    And remove the hell we create

    But just to be sure
    The wind sifts through our ashes
    Displacing us further
    Into the nothingness
    that we exist


  • therjn 24w

    What if?

    "No one came, no one saw, heard, touched or spoke.
    Thus was nothing changed or polluted."

  • p_pranali 26w


    Developmental waves of the democratic sea
    Ceased by the stones of corruption in flee.

    The rising tides of true patriotism
    Overcomed the stones in dynamism
    Strengthing waves for country's elevation.


  • euphoriccree 30w


    On this day last year,
    The innocent were killed because they decided to be strong
    And fight against what's wrong
    I don't want to say much
    But because of all the guns that were fired
    All the bullets that didn't miss
    All the injured
    All the blood that was shed
    All the lives that were lost
    All the lies the government told to cover up the illegal murders
    And in all all the injustice that occurred at Lekki Tollgate on 20.10.20
    A day of no peace
    Justice will come soon
    Maybe not today
    But someday.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • creative_chanchal 30w

    चोर2 मोसेरे भाई1

    कुछ लोगों की भूख खाने से नहीं मिटती है
    उन्हे नाश्ते में सोने के बिस्कीट
    लंच में चांदी के चांवल
    डिनर में हीरे-पन्ने की दाल
    और लजीज़ डेजर्ट्स में
    चाहिए होता है

    रुको ज़रा अभी कहाँ हमने सब कुछ बताया है
    खाना खाने के बाद हाथ धोना और पानी पीना अभी बाकी है।

    अनमोल पानी की जगह मानवता का, ईमानदारी का खून पीना ज्यादा पसंद करतें है और हाथ धोने के लिए
    परिश्रम करनें वालों के ख़ून-पसीने का इस्तेमाल करतें है।
    और अपनी *craving* को मिटाने के लिए किसी की जाऩ भी ले सकते हैं!!

  • madinah_writes 30w

    Life is a puzzle
    When money is embezzled.
    Fought with every muscle,
    With countries, crumbling without a whistle.
    Friends and enemies, kill to wrestle.
    When love lost its sense of nuzzle.
    When shall earn in this endless hustle?
    When shall this brutality frazzle?
    Till were old and grizzled.

  • madinah_writes 35w

    Catching glimpse of this echoing city, burning into flames of ashes.
    Carrying it's guilt in me, like a miserable pregnant girl.
    Pressing my falling head against hers, like that of a baby's.
    Saying her name like a protection prayer.
    "God Save Nigeria"

  • beautifultraveler32 37w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #Infected #Corruption #Listen #HistoryRepeatsItself

    A virus has been around for a very long time
    The premise of the virus is very noticeable
    The damage left behind is too much to bear

    A national emergency address is needed
    But, who will listen these days?
    Better than to try than to just do nothing
    So, here it goes, so know you'll know

    My fellow citizens of the world, heed my words
    Every man, woman, boy, girl, doctor, teacher, scientist, activist, artist, creator, designer, poet, writer, journalist, author

    No, I didn't include CEOs or politicians
    No, I didn't include lucrative law firms or investment groups
    Because this message is not for them
    It's for you

    Yes, there IS a virus, a deadly one
    One that can keep killing long after
    Aggressive treatment, and intensive therapy
    It doesn't matter to the ones who don't struggle
    This is for YOU to heed, because you are still being weak

    Fear is the complication, death is the end result
    The symptoms are very easy to recognize
    From a distance, it's just as described
    To the building of enrage and engage
    And the half-smiles that they wear while you're in a cage

    Loss of property, loss of health, loss of being able to manage your own wealth
    Reduced life spans, limited goals
    Oh, if you don't bow, you'll have nowhere to go
    Loss of choice, loss of voice
    Certainly your life is VOID
    A rising dictatorship
    If you want to live with basic needs, better shut up, button ya lip
    Can't walk without being masked or jabbed
    And if you get out of line, you get nabbed
    By the CDC police, armed medical military
    You think they give a damn about your freedom? That's contrary

    Think of yourself like a canary
    Can't even live without being someone's
    And the mauling of the universal law
    So they hold you hostage, until all you can do is crawl
    Yeah, that's what you fought for, what you cried for
    For the system to have the right to go door to door
    To see who doesn't fit in their world anymore.

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    The greatest infection in history is corruption

  • madinah_writes 42w

    In the land where everyone is a liar.
    In the family when leaders are corrupt.
    What would we do?
    In a house where trust is being bought?

    Corruption, like a demon.
    Sucks a nation into an ocean of wasted blood, tears and sweat.
    What do you think?
    This life is dust,
    It is ruined for nothing.

    It deprives heros and idiots of peace,
    Like bacteria in our veins.
    What would you do?
    In a condition like ours?
    It is invisible to the naked eye,
    Unfeelabe to the skin.

    Corruption is a burning hunger.
    Corruption in a country like mine,
    Is deep rooted.
    Connected to the veins of evil,
    Which leads to the devil himself.
    What would we do?
    When bacteria kills each other.
    Host on host, prey on prey.
    Brother over brother,
    Of sane race, blood and skin colour.

    In destruction and isolation
    We talk of democracy.
    We talk of freedom.
    When uniform men still takes bribe.
    When religious leaders are found in shameful acts, depraved.
    When schools and hospitals
    Are now the lion's den.
    All in the name of malpolitics.

    In secret corners,
    We hear truths as lies.
    Wether true or false,
    Corruption is marred as one.
    Corruption is the dishonest of fraudulent conduct by those in power.
    By abusing the power,
    Crowned upon them by the trust of the masses.
    They abuse the power,
    Earn black money and spread it to capture more power.


    #mirakee #miraquill #wod #corruption #Pod #writerscommunity #writersbay

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    Corruption, like a demon.
    Sucks a nation into an ocean of wasted blood, tears and sweat.
    What do you think?
    This life is dust,
    It is ruined for nothing.

  • ananias 44w

    Impending chaos, it will save us, potent protective spells are weakened by frequent requiems for the innocent, our instruments only detect concentrated malevolence in the spirits of those operating social and state machinery. Crumbling bindings, forged by dead Gods, cowardly mortal successors are powerless to make it stop. They attempt to contain the birth of a new order, yet its multiple forms expand and coalesce before our very eyes. Armies are raised, but hardly do they stand, before their bankrupt cause is crushed by the emergent hands- of a merciless new world, ordained to correct false hierarchies. Stars once again brighten as pollution clears and doubles how far I see. Forests grow back even greener than we remember they can be. Individuals clear and construct over the old world, dead masters crushed and forgotten with their legacy being no more.


  • anuradhasharma 44w

    गरीब की पोटली से , जज़्बात ।
    और उम्मीद के अलावा ,
    कुछ नहीं बंधा होता ।
    और ये नेता ,
    इसे भी हलाल कर जाते ।
    फिर इनमें से ,
    हिंदू मुस्लिम बच जाते ।
    ये मज़हब के नाम पे ,
    लड़ा दिए जाते ।


  • jacob_howdagee 46w

    Spinning Away

    Their decision's
    Push me so far away
    I feel secluded in space
    with earth just spinning away

    I must be trying to forget
    that I'm still on this surface
    That I am still to be found
    amongst misplaced purpose

    The earth, and it's things
    are constantly changing
    But we always stay the same
    And surprisingly, we remain

    We've come a long way
    from sticks and stones
    But still we are made
    of skin and bone

    I hope that someday
    we finally change

    Let's create progress
    Don't destroy what's new
    Do that for me,
    and I'll do that for you