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  • directioner_05 24w

    " Delicate touch of pure souls, and unholy touch of evil hearts"

    || Once,
    when a little flower, with soft petals
    Feels the delicate touch, of pure hopeful souls
    It blooms with happiness and joy
    Spreading his petals wide, and
    emitting the fragrance of self love
    And feels one's beauty, within one's self ||

    || Meanwhile
    When the same flower, with elegant petals
    Feels the unholy touch, of evil hearts
    It slowly withers, losing all the essence
    Of happiness and joy, hiding one's petals
    And crumbling into dust , losing
    one's scent of self love , feeling pathetic,
    loathing one's self ||

    || But what if
    The crumbled pieces of that flower
    are reincarnated ? turning him into
    a more stronger plant. With a different yet
    a powerful essence of happiness and joy.
    With new leaves, and a mesmerising glow
    Radiating beauty in waves, while his tears
    make his leaves sparkles like metaphors...
    Making it love one's self, no self loathing
    But knowing one's worth, and with it's strong unbreakable roots digging into the depths of the earth inside the ground, such that
    No one could push him around, because now he's not weak, he's powerful than he ever was before ||


    The flower has learned that his tears are important, they are shiny pearls that are only shed on important people, even if he's molested and abused , he'll not waste them on (his abusers and molesters) but he'll shower them on his loved ones .

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~