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    #court #usa #vcourte #Vusae
    #theirsallwayshope #Godlovesme (loves and loved are two different things, loves=is love\God and loved=is Hell) #youcanalwaysusecommonsense #commonsenseisalwaysusedjustnotalwaysinawaythedoingtherightthingofcommonsense

    #God #vGode #timetreavel #vtimetravele ing #soul #vsoule

    Do you think your just a human/monster(legalese) when you are of Mankind/a Soul/An Aspect Of IAM, God+Creator /God+Spark(“The IAM that you are/Multi+dimensional being, that is Energy and not the body that is a living Quantum lifestyle and a solace pathway to God+Creator; life’s rippling roar of Divine happens” or are you an NPC robot that thinks it’s the body? That’s why you got to be “Knowing of,“ and grow from ”Knowing it;” because you are always whole yet, you are always filling up your cup at the same time asking “ Is the glass half empty or half full”... to be or not to be self+loving.... I sure you think of yourself.); I send you love and light, so you can better light the darkness as to get that Dharma that you deserve, as an innate soul

    #vlawe #law of the land is #Commonlaw #vcommonlawe #UnitedStates #vUnitedStatese , as it’s a maximum of law that common law is a universal principle in predates the judges that even wrote it#alllifematter #valllifemattere #blacklifesmatter #vblacklifesmattere #lifemustgoon #oneness #namaste

    #alllivesmatter #valllivesmattere #blacklivesmatter #vblacklivesmattere #lifemustgoon #oneness #namaste

    #vGovernmente #government #legalese #vlegalesee #USA #vUSAe :USA is a the #Corporation #vCorporatione :Corp=dead, oration=speak; as United States is a Country

    #Entomology / #Slash
    #word #magic #Wordmagic #spells

    #FlatEarthPlan #vFlatEarthPlane #flatearth #vflatearthe #roundworld #vRoundworlde = #becauseeverything #isa #circle #eventime

    #vGovernmente #government #legalese #vlegalesee #USA #vUSAe :USA is a the #Corporation #vCorporatione :Corp=dead, oration=speak; as United States is a Country#vlawe #law of the land is #Commonlaw #vcommonlawe #UnitedStates #vUnitedStatese , as it’s a maximum of law that common law is a universal principle in predates the judges that even wrote it, the birth of Liberty is where God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) is birth(right/)ed

    #maximumlaw #vmaximumlawe

    #Constitution #vConstitutione

    #fictitiousentities #vfictitiousentitiese

    #pauper #vpaupere =yes means poor persons, yet the take away is person as all persons are #terrorist #vterroriste = #person #vpersone

    #people #vpeoplee are #nonperson ‘s #vnonpersone = sovereignty(Freedom=Liberty) aka ¿ can people be plural and singular?== ==yes, people can be plural or\ and similar,=as they are #Statecitizens #vstatecitizene = the same as #sovereigncitizen #vsovereigncitizene

    #terrorist #vterroriste


    Are you a state citizen or a Federal citizen?

    #Socialistsystemofcommoncorelearning #vSocialistsystemofcommoncorelearninge #Socialistsystem #vSocialistsysteme
    of #commoncorelearning #vcommoncorelearninge #commoncore #vcommoncoree #communism #vcommunisme #socialism #vsocialisme
    #nonpersonsjob #vnonpersonsjobe #nonpersonjob #vnonpersonjobe #jobofnonperson #vjobofnonpersone
    The only reason it’s called a #Vaccine #vVaccinee is because it can be shot into your arm. #Pandemic #vPandemice #shot #vshote #PlanDemic #vPlanDemice #germs #vgerme #facenews #vfakenewse #Covid #vCovide

    #publicservant #vpublicservante #republic #vrepublice

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    I feel like I want to kill myself and say that the next time I hath to go to court(for a pigs(person in government) with a gun, was the aggressor and Used malice(hate in action) WHEN I DIDNT HARM ANYONE, DAMGED ANYONE PERPOERTY OR UNDERMIND ANYONE1S SOVereignty(Freedom=Liberty > God given rights), yet they say I assaulted a pigs(person in government) with a gun)cop( yet, how did I assault a peace oifficer(as that pigs(person in government) with a gun a fallacy/person) when they said I am free to go and then the pigs(person in government) with a gun and thinks they own the town the (work for the people(non+Persons), as always a person is a Public Servant and as that person when they are bad, are always call/known as being a “)I am(as all pigs(person in government) P. Servant(serve Ant(is who is supposed to serve the masters(We the People\people)) yet, that Cop said “F\\\ You,” to me and so I say “F/// you, pigs(person in government) with a gun;” the next thing I know is I hear “Hey you come here,” and They me being tapped on the shoulder and then as I turn around, the next thing I know I’m being bear-hugged from behind, aimed at the ground with me landing one top of them(I know that forsure without(of) a losing bet that if I did something wrong they would of landed on top of me, yet I landed on top of them) in that the pigs(person in government) with the gun, in acting in their unprofessional capacity(acting like they are my master and simply hiding behind a badge of(without) their holding of(with) the their oath), yet simply to say the pigs(person in government) with a gun twisted her ankle and yet how did I saw anyone when I’m walking away and they’re working towards me and running around in bear hugging me to the ground, but why; court taking my peace of pie > southern(word form,(curse them out, then in a sweetest peach cobbler manner))
    It’s been three years of holding my property, without charging me with a crime; then down the line charging me with all these policies\fallacy

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    You always have time for
    the things you put first.


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    हमारे जवाब नज़रअंदाज़ किये गए अदालत में ।

    उसके सवालों के सहारे मुझे सज़ा सुनाई गई ।।


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    कोर्ट के दर पर , दरखौस्त कर ।
    कितने अपनी जिंदगी में ही ,
    लड़ाई लड़ रहे है ।
    क्योंकि फैसले में ,
    ज़िंदगी लग जाएगी ।
    खर्चें भी काफ़ी होंगे ,
    और ज़िंदगी सिर्फ उसमे ,
    लगा भी नहीं सकते ।
    उसके बाद भी क्या पता ,
    जीत अमीरों , कसूरवारों की हो ।

    #court #pendency #poverty #yqquotes #condition #thoughts #urdu #life #critisism #oneliner #hindiurdupoetry #inhumanity #freedom #struggle #judiciary #commonman #JusticeDelayedIsJusticeDenied #justice #rich #yqquotes #equality #difference #money

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    कोर्ट की दर पर , दरखौस्त कर ।
    कितने अपनी जिंदगी में ही ,
    लड़ाई लड़ रहे है ।

    ( See the Caption )


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    Water Relatives, Blood Covenants

    Looking for love, don't come home,
    Looking for trust, it ain't home,
    Looking for warmth, the house is cold.
    Watching family feud, going through family feuds,
    Young royal going through it, a royal feud.
    Arguments not argumentative but petty,
    It's become an annoyance, things sketchy,
    Been looking for avoidance, semi or henny.
    They curse the come up, like you ain't gonna make it,
    Now they use hexes, like they were day ones on days you had zeros.
    Looking at you now, some kinda hero or savior
    They didn't believe before, they just doubt,
    Back when they said it was all for nought.
    They selfish, they want your blood and soul,
    They selfish, they want your flesh and bone,
    They want you selfless, heart and spirit
    Back ain't bent for them they ridicule you,
    Bend over backwards for them and they want more from you.
    Go forward for you and you're the ridiculous one.
    Couldn't believe what I heard and saw,
    Guess the vision is hard to see when you don't listen.
    Securing bags and they want them to flop,
    Bag secured, they lost to how you saw the top.
    They want you out of slavery but mentally enslaved you,
    They want you out the bucket but still pull you down
    Out your mind because the skin tones are brown.
    So much fake smiles it's all coonery.
    They want your baloney for their hatchery,
    Could you PLEASE stop with the buffoonery.
    Studying my moves while you did physiology,
    Talking togetherness but you studied anatomy,
    Talking down on me when I had sleep paralysis,
    I gave them help when their hands were tied in prolonged stasis,
    That's standard for me, but they mis-standard the basics
    Now its hard to say such,
    They asking for much,
    Wanting me to be their clutch,
    Never been the type to be someone's crutch,
    They're negative it's just really too much.
    I can't get reciprocation when all they do is lie,
    Sometimes at night wishing to be the type to cry,
    But it's hard to break when all on mind is to fly,
    It's a different league, lane and sport,
    Alot on mind with decisions to sort,
    Protests and judgments, they really want you in court.
    Made you feel like what you did was only sin
    Strangers give more love than my own kin
    Put more faith in my brothers, they really want me win.
    In any weather their shoulders are trusted, lose or win.
    Guess what the scriptures say is true and in stone,
    Just like when they wrote it on the tomb,
    The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water in the womb.

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    He says i am not a thief,,,
    So, if u r not then why u take "me" from myself,,
    Why u left me alone like a body cell,,,
    U know u r mah king..
    Bt still u left me like unwanted string...

    If u r not ,,,then come
    Come and take a oath by keeping your hand on "Geeta"...
    Come and tell everyone that u not a cheater,,,
    Come and face everyone present here,,,
    Come and prove false to the lawyer whom i heir,,

    He says ,,Show me the proof u have,,,,
    Show me,, how i steal ur breath,,,
    As he never gave me any present,,,.
    Nor i have any picture of us in mah RAM,,,

    He believes,, i am going to lose this case,,,
    He know without proof he is not going to be chase,,

    So yeah,,,may be he defeats me here to,,
    He take my heart and last hope too,,,
    May i going to lose,,
    may no one is going to make me win,,

    Bt suddenly I remember...
    I have some people who can be the witness,,,
    Who can help me in a victory in the case,,,

    So yeah the people who is reading this be the witness,,,,
    As i used to write on you in front of them,,
    They are the ones who heal each and every word,,
    They are the one who make me sure about u and ur love,,,,

    Ahaaa,,,,Now i can win by the help of u all,,,
    OMG,, now u will be mine ,,,
    Now like (Kisi Basu and Immanuel Rajkumar #dilbechara )we are going to shine,,
    Now if i am suffering from any disease,,
    U r going to make me fine,,,,❣️

    (NOTE-- Next Monday plz come to attend the case and be my witness,,,so that i can win��)
    So aap log aa rhe ho na???,��


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    When u be mine❣️
    Anushka Jain
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    Edna lives in a duplex on the island of Samorina. It is a tastefully furnished and very cozy blue and white painted apartment with a garage housing seven cars all belonging to Edna. Edna is a senior special assistant to a multi millionaire business guru but also a chain of transport businesses of her own which handle both freight and human transport within and out of Samorina. She had only just started air operation and this indeed does turn heads as she purchased about six massive airplanes including three cargo planes and three 400-passenger capacity planes. She knows the implication of her action which include the Samorina Government's suspicion of sinister activities but she could care less. 'They are free to come after me and look for whatever but they will be sure to be disappointed', she would always tell anyone who came to her frantically telling her to tone down her revenue and spending. She knows the government has the power to impound her property for suspicion of criminal activities in the purview of acquisition investigation but she is equally sure that she would be let off once they discover she has a clean slate.
    In her bedroom two floors up in her edified mansion, enjoying the view she gets of the estate, she grasps the view of a blue sedan pull up some meters away from her gate. This is not the first sighting. The men in the sedan frequent the same spot watching her movement for the past two weeks but she only takes it as a matter of coincidence but today she decides she would love to know what their deal is. Strolling down the stairs, she makes her way to the front door and to the gate to find out the reason they are out there but as soon as she opens up the gate, the vehicle takes off but not fast enough. She decides to take the number on the number plates and do an investigation to understand who they are and their mission to her humble abode.
    'PZ999BV. This will teach them not to mess with you. I will find out who they are and most likely get them arrested for this nuisance', she says walking back into her haven.
    She has a shower, dresses up in a fine blue coloured lady's suit she had bought on one of her many trips to Spain. Getting into her garage, she jumps behind the wheel of one of the cars. Easing herself out of the driveway slowly, she zooms off to the Headquarters of the Samorina Police Department.
    Arriving the department, she is stopped at the gate by the officers-on-gaurd who grill her on her mission to the station for a few minutes before allowing her drive through the gate. She takes a look around the vicinity of the station as if assessing the vicinity for something. Finally she finds what she is looking for, the vehicle the officers, who have been stalking her, use for their stake-out operation on her property.
    She picks up her bag from the passenger seat, gets down from her vehicle, locks it up and proceeds to discuss the issue with the police chief.
    She imagines the Chief of Police may have something to do with and she longs to know his reason. Getting into his office on the sixth floor of the 12 storey Police Headquarters, she makes to voice her grievances.
    'Sir Bill Fletcher', she begins with a stern look on her face.
    'Yes ma'am. You're welcome. Please take a seat', he offers
    'I take an exception to this embarrassment from your police force', Edna replies. 'I cannot move a muscle without your officers checking me out.'
    'I understand where you are coming from but I must also let you know that the orders carried out on you is from the state and....'
    'Excuse you?' she burst out derivatively. 'Who is the state and why?'
    'Well', he begins with a heave of breath. 'The instruction came from the presidency based on speculation that your wealth was obtained through very illegal means'
    'Excuse you?' she goes off in a mild rage. 'I refuse to be insulted in such manner. What do you mean by that?'

    The Chief of Police seems to realize her pain and anger but he is only acting on instructions, 'Madam, I will like to remind you that you are in a police station and I will also like to let you know that we have good intel to back up this speculations so it is unnecessary for you to play dumb with us'
    Irked by such a statement, she gets up angrily, 'Excuse you. In fact, enough of this rubbish. See you and your intel in court.'
    Storming out of his office enraged, she rushes down the stairs to the parking lot where her car is parked. 'You all should be prepared for me because you will all pay for this embarrassment....All of you' she screams as she gets into her car and drives off home.

    'Wheeewwww', she heaves as she pushes open her car door to let herself. The whole way home, she has been trying to strategize on how she would file the case against the Samorina Police. 'I know what to do'
    Getting into the house, she walks up the stairs to her room to file the application against the Samorina Police Department for Illegal Loitery, Unlawful Harassment, False Allegations and Gross Misconduct. She drafts the application carefully, her eyes steadily on the draft sheet on her computer and her hands moving so fast, one would imagine she would make a lot of errors but on the contrary, she does not make a single error.
    Done typing the sheet, she reclines into her chair, reads through once more and with a heave of relief, forwards it to the Chief Judge of Samorina to either preside over it or delegate another judge to do so before taking a short nap.
    The day of the hearing arrives. The instant Edna enters the court, there is a chilling silence interrupted only by her high heeled shoes. She is dressed in white blouse underneath her black gown. The proceeding begins,
    '......the case 2468- Barr. Edna Dewitt versus The Samorina Police Department on counts of Loittery, Unlawful Harrassment, False Allegations and Gross Misconduct', Sir Frank Finch reads.
    'Can the counsels to the defendant and accused step forward'
    After about two hours of back and forth banter on the matter, the judge calls for a recess. During the recess, a few police officer watch Edna intimidatively in a bid to psych her out and make her back down on the case and dance to the tune of the police but this only makes her all the more dogged.
    Thirty minutes later, the judge reconvenes the court asking for order.
    'Order in my courtroom', Judge Lewis Carrington says while banging the gavel for attention
    'Order', screams the Clerk, Sir Frank Finch.

    The case drags on for another thirty minutes. Everyone looks really worn out praying for a conclusion of the proceedings. Finally the judge begins,
    'Having listened to both testimonies and arguments from each party, this is my judgement. For Character Defamation, the Samorinian Police Department is hereby ordered to pay a compensation fee of $600000 in cash to Barr. Edna Dewitt within the next three days. On the count of Loitery, the four officer involved are to be remanded in solitary confinement in military base 8FR for the next three months. On the third and fourth count, the Chief of Police is expected to, effectively immediately, proceed on a six month suspension without pay. This is my judgement. I rise'
    Edna can barely believe her ears, she imagines it is a dream but jubilates anyways. She walks up to the chief of police to apologize for his predicament before proceeding home to continue her jubilations with a bottle of Martini.


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    Sin And the sinner

    To be a sinner in the eyes of the creator,
    One need not have to commit any sin, whatever.
    It is more than enough, one takes the side of the sinner,
    Will be part of the sin- I am a firm believer.
    As long as it is done unintentionally,
    And any damage caused unknowingly,
    One may be excused unconditionally.
    But when it is committed deliberately
    One will never get a chance to coverup,
    Or there will not be any space to escape.
    One has to face the trial in the creator's court halls,
    Where the best of best verdict is given- He never discriminates.

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    प्राइवेट जॉब में छुट्टी ले कर शादियों में पहुँचना उतना ही मुश्किल है
    पुरानी फिल्मों में गवाह का कोर्ट पहुँचना होता था।

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    हम उस देश में रहते हैं ,
    जहाँ कोर्ट का फैसला आने में सालो लगते हैं।
    और समाज़ का फैसला आने में चंद मिनट भी नहीं लगते हैं।।

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    The existence of Puppet Courts is a reality, in a democratic country they kill the roots of democracy by breaking the backbones of the citizens.

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    You claimed yourself innocent
    In court of my heart;
    But karma disagreed and
    Wanted to make you
    Prisoner of darks....


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    "Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.”

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    अदालत में शिकवा-ए-बुताँ लेके आए हो
    पूछा उन्होंने आख़िर कोई सबूत लाए हो,
    ना दिल है, ना साफ़-गोई बस अज़िय्यतें
    गुनहगारों का कोई नामोनिशान लाए हो ?


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    Anger was running through my veins,
    Waiting when the justice will be served,
    Court kept on dismissing the mercy pleas
    Of the devils, unperturbed.
    Today is the day, you four will be hanged.
    For the reason, in cold December night, you ganged.
    She was alone and helpless, crying for helping hand,
    But you all scanned her as if she was a brand.
    Today, after 7 years, she can finally fly
    Bidding last words with her family before she actually die.

    -Nirbhaya (The Fearless)Verdict:20/03/20, 5:30am


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    Sound of her abuse were unheard by court...
    Until the candles rushed down the fort...

  • indudhar_haleangadi 99w

    I'm angry on someone. I'll shout at him, use abusive words, I'll put down his story in words, I'll defame him in every way possible.
    Later that person may file a complaint against me under IPC 499 (deals with Defamation case) mentioning that, I've defamed him in public. I know my mistake. But I can easily come out of the case stating that it was on good faith, I've done this for public good and it was for his goodness!

    This is just one flaw in Indian laws and there are several others! This is how a criminal can come out of any cases or delay the judgements!

    Hamara Bharat Mahan!


  • vanshajarora 99w


    Sai ki Shirdi m dukhdoo ki vidai hoti h ,
    Ye asi adalat h pyare jha sbki sunvai hoti h .
    Om Sai Ram


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    ______________________�������� 1______________________
    ________________(������ ��������������������)_________________

    I was chilling on my bed with my blanket on, munching Uncle Chips and that's when suddenly out of nowhere this racoon came from the window.
    While clinging on to the curtains he asked,
    "Are you Udit Vashishth ?"

    I was first astonished thinking how I am able to listen to this creature..
    Have I become Dr Do little?
    Oh no I guess the potato in these chips were grown alongside some weed that's why I'm high!!

    I said with an astounding face

    Before I could complete my sentence, the ground beneath my feet splitted wide apart.
    I kept falling for a minute and then landed in the defendant's box of a special court.

    ��ℍ�� ℂ����ℝ�� ���� ��ℕ����������.����

    There was a jury sitting on a high gallery consisting of 12 members.
    The tipstaff Mr penguin�� announced the arrival of the Judge.
    A well poised personality having a large enough specs to cover his big eyes, walked elegantly across the carpet.
    While sitting down in his chair Mr owl �� commanded with a deep and mature voice,
    "Everyone sit down"

    *Meanwhile the casting director within me : Have we talked about the cast and characters properly? I don't remember Mr Owl being the judge...��
    Mr Owl �� : Are you serious? Come on man!! I just had a nice walk along the carpet. Everyone has a great image of me now. Do you want me to get up and leave‼️???
    Director : I apologize Sir.. ����‍♂️ Let's keep it that way... Peace out ✌��*

    A bench clerk came forward and asked me to take oath.
    I said, "������ ���������� �������� ��������������"

    Everybody in the court went ��

    He went away and sat down on his spot.
    It was clear that they knew that I've never been to any of the court's proceedings...

    The prosecutor Mr fox �� came forward and proclaimed,

    "I would like to start today's session on how uneducated human beings have become.
    Knowledge has been compromised Your honour.
    We have been living on earth even before the bipeds came into the evolutionary chain.
    Long before this so called "evolved" species started manipulating the natural things.
    We have been taken so lightly that they still aren't able to memorize the differences between us.
    How awkward would it be if someone gets confused between you and Mr defendant, your honour??!!
    (���� ������ ������������ ���� ������ �������������� ������������������ ���� ������������������������)
    This man (���������������� �������������� ��������)
    standing right there is the most unaware, illogical, literary illiterate, highly uncivilised person.
    What I'm about to tell you is as awkward and as fierce as it sounds.
    And not only that... He can't differentiate between an alligator and a crocodile your honour��‼️"

    The whole court went ����������.......... Followed by an eerie silence..��
    So much that some small crums of potato chips that were stuck in my beard, fell on the wooden dock and its noise woke up the sleeping Panda �� of the jury...

    My lawyer, the defence solicitor, Mr donkey came forward and yelled with a loud voice :
    ���������� ����������! �������� ����������������.....
    *The scriptwriter interrupted : Sir, actually this is a British court. You've the wrong script.
    Lawyer : Ohh!! I apologize.. let's continue..*
    (�������� ������ ������������ ���� �������� ���� �������� ��'�� �������������� ���� ������ ������������ ��������.)

    Lawyer (�������������������������� �������������� ������������) :
    Good evening your honour.
    I would like to............

    Before my lawyer could complete his sentence (�������� �������� �� ������������'��), the front door slammed open.........
    Bang .......����

    To be continued.....



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    Mute VI

    What can you tell to the country or the people who accuse the victim who succumbed to unexplainable pain.
    Hey leaders, don't call yourself one.
    Until and unless you speak up and take action for what's infront of your damn eyes.