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  • _rakhi 5d

    इतिहास गवाह Hai
    Jab जब college की परीक्षा
    आई है, तब tab नया variant आया hai,
    एक बार paper lena band कर के देखो
    क्या pata Covid-19 खत्म हो Jaye.

  • lonewolf_on_the_mountain 1w

    Invisible Foe

    Who Knew
    There Will Come A Day
    A Day Where
    Everything Will Be Changed
    World Will Become So Different
    World Seen Through Face Shields
    World Of Sanitiser And Face Masks
    World Trying To Guard
    Against An Enemy Unseen
    An Invisible Foe
    Which Would Alter The World
    For A Long Long Time To Come...

  • brew1415 4w

    sa ngalan ng ama, ng anak, at ng bakuna

    talo na tayo sa kaaway
    marami ng binawian ng buhay
    dina alam kung saan tatakbo
    buong mundo'y nagmistulang preso

    sa panahong wala ng pagasa
    may biglang nagpakilala
    sya daw ang sagot sa pandemya
    basta tayo'y manalig sa kanya

    iba iba ang kanyang uri
    iba iba ang kanyang pangalan
    pero iisa lang ang kanyang layunin
    ang sagipin ang sangkatauhan

    marami ang agad naniwala
    pumila para lang sya ay makita
    sakit at kirot ay tiniis
    para sa kaligtasang nais

    pero meron ding hindi nanalig sa kanya
    bulaan daw ang dala nyang pagasa
    mas gugustuhin pa daw nila ang mamatay
    kaysa sa alay nyang pangsagip ng buhay

    mundo ay nahati
    maniniwala kaba o hindi
    na sya ang tagapagligtas
    na sya ang mesiyas

  • nemponglunacy_at_peak 7w


    During lockdown

    Extroverts became Ambiverts
    Ambiverts became Introverts and
    Introverts became Cavemen .


  • rishabhpal22 8w

    The Divine Saviour

    Since Time Immemorial, I have scouted this blue oasis.
    Unaware, chasing a wild goose,
    For what I seeked the most
    Had long left behind a horrifying hell.
    Yet; the last time I had taken a peek at the looking glass,
    The mist had not yet engulfed.

    The grass on which I walked was still sparkling green.
    Feels just like yesterday, when smiles adorned the faces of children.

    In the blink of a weary eye, we lost it all.
    Well, the grass is now blue, crumpled and 3-ply
    A brave army of gurneys and plastic
    Await your conscription

    Some with their faces revealed, others masked

    Perhaps they smile, but who knows anymore?
    At least, they say
    The furnace has the company and the oxygen

    The faces of those children, now forever tainted.
    And in the midst of this pathetic hell,
    Your Divine Saviour sticks by the scripture
    Painted, dead, bearded, vain.


  • brew1415 9w


    lumabas na ang anomalya
    hindi na kayang takpan ang baho
    krisis sa pandemya
    ginamit para kumita

    gusto daw lamang ay tumulong
    para makaiwas sa impeksyon
    pero mga biniling pang proteksyon
    abot sa langit ang ipinatong

    marami sanang natulungan 
    kung hindi lang naibulsa ng iilan
    ang perang laan sana sa pandemya
    ginamit lang para kumita

    at wala naman daw namatay
    sa mga depektibong pang proteksyon
    na kanilang binili

  • menokadevi 10w

    On morning walk I saw a man standing beneath an apple tree and speaking to oneself . I finished my morning routine and went to the terrece he was still there in the same position. I went near him and asked him the reason behind. What he replied.is inked above.....In search for peace��

    #covid19 #stress #depression #hope

    #pod #cod @miraquill @odysseus @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Hide and Seek

    O... beloved peace..All these day's my mind
    Feels pain and Breath brings stress
    Where have you been? O.. beloved peace..
    Where have you been? Under my eyelashes ,
    Below pink dry lip's ..Inside old pics, beneath apple tree, Like snoop dog with the breaking dawn
    Till moon snoors , I search you everywhere.
    But , feel you nowhere, All these day's my mind feels pain and breath is full of stress. Where are you
    O beloved peace...I beg you
    Not to play hide and seek with me
    Where have you been?
    O ...my peace ..please do not play
    Hide and seek with me.


  • waterlily2544 11w

    Who Have We Become?

    A thousand maiden warriors stood upon the plain of despair.

    Their quivers of arrows were useless there

    As the plauge fell them all by tens of thousands -- children or men -- the hand of fate gave no care

    Brutal pain in their breast

    Breathing so harsh as to be unfair

    The chalice of truth finally broken --

    lost to strident winds 

    Leading us all to damnation 

    Eternal condemnation

    Sickness upon sickness

    It's all our shame to forevermore bear.


    21 September 2564 B.E.

  • kae_mar 11w

    Joie de vivre

    Something is draining
    My energy.
    There's a weight
    Pulling me down.
    I don't care.
    I don't want.
    I don't know.
    It's Life.
    Life is killing
    My will to live.

  • roel_gonz 15w

    In the end
    all the things
    we been through
    lost in just a breath of air

    - pandemic -

  • dnswords 15w

    Corona says~

    Jina yaha , marna kaha

    Mere siva tumhe jana kaha


  • nickoleconnolly18 16w


    This pandemic is killing us, making everyday life a struggle to cope with on our own,
    We are no longer allowed to visit anyone, we now do visiting with apps we download on our phone.
    We get fined for not wearing masks, and without one are unable to enter a shop or anything else,
    This Covid 19 life were living is creating a lot of mental health.
    Our children can't even do simple things like go to school or to the park,
    And all sports and recreation are banned, Australia has become so dark.
    Most of the streets are quiet and no one's ever outside at all,
    Australia is becoming a prison,and it's not our fault this hit our shore.
    It's bringing everyone to a stop and jobs are being lost,
    I'm starting to wonder what it all eventually it will come to cost.
    We all are living in limbo and fear is all about, a population scared to leave there homes ,and unable to speak out.
    You expect us all to be ok with having life as we knew it just stop,
    When people Barely have time to do simple things like shop.
    I'm concerned about what will happen once this all comes to an end,
    Well be a country left in ruins and no one will have any money to spend.
    Our economy will crumble most businesses will have to shut down,
    There will be riots and retaliation most of the population will drown.
    Do something drastic now before it's all to late ,
    before we start to panic, before it comes to this in every state.
    Australia needs to wake up and close the borders down,
    Mandatory testing done in every town .
    All people who test positive he made to go into a month of quarantine,
    , and our lives need some normality ,we deserve to still live THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN DREAM.
    Don't lock us all away, let it ride out the way its finally going to ,
    And make things a little less harmful it's all that we can do.

  • 7secondsauthor 16w

    My new novel
    Is now available
    On the online circle
    Of Amazon Kindle
    As a soft copy eBook
    And as a traditional
    Hard copy novel

    It set it in beyond COVID19 days,
    Read what I write as a PhD scholar.
    I know that China modified it,
    Naturally, CoV won't affect us so much.
    China altered it in the Wuhan lab,
    They made it a novel Coronavirus,
    They called it nCoV19, ask why,
    Because they engineered it in 2019.

    My novel talks about it,
    This sin is punished,
    Not just by India,
    But also by USA,
    And everyone sane,
    There happens WW3,
    The Negative Axis powers are:
    China, North Korea & Pakistan

    Indian Army has HuSaVe's,
    Human Safety Vehicles,
    Robotic suits that the DRDO creates.
    China copies them,
    Removes the human part,
    And makes GHOST's,
    Global Human Omission Safety Transformers.

    The story is built with a lot of action, some technology and a bit of romance,
    A lot of red shades make the story, some blues for it and a bit of pink,
    For writing it, I wasted not a microlitre of real ink.

    Indian Army comes up with TASIP,
    Terrestrial Army Soldier Improvement Program,
    And the protagonist, Ravindra Thakur is selected to be one of them.
    He becomes a genetically modified soldier,
    The DRDO has a specialist scientist Dr. Malakar who does it with his team,
    CRISPR-Cas9 is used to elongate all his telomeres,
    And now he has stronger chromosomes.

    Ravindra & his batchmates can handle extreme doses of hormones,
    Adrenalin, human growth hormone and testosterone to name a few,
    These hormones can otherwise kill people in such high overdose,
    But his sixth sense is strengthened and even the seventh & eighth senses top with those,
    You begin to read it and if you can't put it down, blame it on me,
    Cross-references to my previous novel help bring your heart closer,
    Yes, the novel is sci-fi, army, diplomacy and hypothetically viable too.

    My HP Poem #1933
    ©Atul Kaushal
    #covid19 #swansong #china #world #usa #war #crimes #india

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    Swansong: A Tribute?

    Read this fantastic story about the origins of COVID19 and role of China.
    ©Atul Kaushal

  • kashyapraj3010 17w

    On the account of #InternationalYouthday , I would like to share a poem ( free verse ) on the topic " Covid- 19 Pandemic. The covid 19 period is the toughest one in all of our lives.
    I hope you all will like my work and please let me know in the comment section.
    #InternationalYouthDay #COVID19

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    Covid - 19 Pandemic
    - By Raj kashyap

    Have you ever heard someone saying that "life never stops for anybody" ?
    Well this time, the definition of life changed.

    Firstly reported in Wuhan, China on Nov 17, 2019,
    Taught us a lesson of life.

    Some says, that it spreaded due to the bats,
    While some says, it is the consequences of a lab experiment,
    And some even say that it is a consequences of 5G testing.

    The symptoms are fever, coughing and common cold,
    But why people died as these are not dreadful diseases?

    We all the forced to stay at home,
    And taught a important lesson of wearing a mask and social distancing
    and introduced to a concept of lockdown.

    Lockdown isn't same for everybody,
    For poor, they slept hungry, have no shelter and
    even lost their livelihood or are at a risk of loosing it,
    as no money means no food, no better health facilities.
    While the wealth of billionaires got increased by 35%.

    This pandemic Forced migrants to travel,
    As many of them died before reaching thier destination.

    Many died due to lack of oxygen, some died because of starvation and unemployment,
    Many died because of poverty,
    And many because of adversity.

    Some lost their studies, some lost their jobs and some even lost theirs lives.
    but this phase of life made us more stronger.

    The pandemic restricted farmers from accessing markets,
    buying inputs and selling thier produce,
    thus disrupting domestic and international food chain supply.

    This is the first time we get to know the concept
    of online classes and work from home,
    It helped us in many ways as online learning is the future need.

    We lit up diyas, Clapped and beated thali's
    And chanted " Go Corona Go "
    Taught us Importance of one nation and one religion.

    But there was always a ray of hope,
    Whom we called the doctors and policemen,
    As they left their families
    For the well being of us,
    as god can't be everywhere so they have created them.

    Some volunteers came forward in form of an angel,
    They make sure that no one sleep's hungry,
    They distributed food, money and even provided shelter to the needy.

    Now, as vaccines are available Please get vaccinated as they are must needed,
    As day will come when we will have Corona free World and achieve Glory.

    In the end, let all of us come together join hands in hands and
    take a pledge that we will wear masks, sanitize our hands,
    maintain social distancing.

  • erase_r 17w

    If you aren't eligible for covid vaccination, not because of age,what will you do?


  • varshinithulasidas 18w


    The hand that gives is the hand that gathers
    Just surviving in this pandemic is all that matters!

    -varshini thulasidas

  • nickyleeann 18w

    Wake up
    Feeling weak
    Nothing seems
    To stop the screams
    I feel numb
    It takes too long
    To rise from the deep
    Depths of my depression
    Pulled into aggression
    No time for recession
    We need to get rid of it
    No time for the weak of mind
    As we see the millions die
    This has happened too many times
    Get ready to get in line
    Try to get back to a time
    When people didn't lie to die

  • jaryal 19w

    इस मोबाइल पर ही शिक्षा होगी ।
    एक दिन वो भी आएगा ,
    जब किताबें खोलकर परीक्षा होगी ।
    क्या किसी ने सोचा था ?

    ये डिग्रीयां और अच्छी मार्कशीट ,
    मात्र एक भिक्षा होगी ।
    जब आचरण को मूल मान,
    अंकों की समीक्षा होगी ।
    क्या किसी ने सोचा था ?

    इन अभागे शिष्यों के भाग में,
    न अपने गुरु की दीक्षा होगी।
    जो बच्चे कल जशन मनाते थे, छुट्टियों के नाम से ।
    आज उन्हें भी स्कूल खुलने की प्रतीक्षा होगी।
    क्या किसी ने सोचा था ?


  • dnswords 20w

    Ummido pe duniya kayam thi.....

    Aur aab corona pe duniya kayam ho gayi.....


  • waterlily2544 20w

    The Zones

    On Monday the 12th of June 2564 B.E. (2021 C.E.), I awoke in the elephantine, sprawling, chaotic city of Bangkok, which had turned into a Red Zone.

    As a child and adult I never thought there would be an occasion where I'd be in an official "zone" of any sort. Certainly not one with road blocks, cancelled trains and dire warnings. Those words and events are for the dystopian books I read or the Sci-fi movies I watch. It's not REAL life.

    I'm not supposed to be living in a red zone.

    While my body lives in a red zone, my heart lives in a blue zone: cold and still. It waits unmoved as a mountain of glacial ice.It stands loyal and true, but can give no comfort or warmth.

    My mind lives in a green zone. It's full of fertile ideas, but they also cannot go too far. My mind is yet fertile but hindered by living a red zone which tells me to stay at home and inside when I'd rather be taking pictures of flowers or leaves.

    My soul lives in a black zone, hovering close to the river Styx. It went there when I was recently brought so close to death not once, but twice, days apart,and it remains there. It watches. It suffers. It won't fully come back to me because it has not decided where it shall go.

    We share our grief in the cover of Stygian darkness, waiting to plunge into the river's black water and finally bring an end to this.

    The spark of my existence still lives in a gold zone, which is the golden river of life that we are all bound to by love and by the rule of the stars. But everything is silent here. Laughter has been extinguished and we don't know why. Even the guardians of the elements refuse to speak.

    I want to go back to before there was a pandemic and our lives were all torn to small and quiet little pieces.

    In truth, I beg to be set free. 

    Let me fly free as a bird over mountain, lake and meadow. 

    May you find your release. 

    May you find your freedom. 

    Your peace.

    Your calm. 

    As we live under the light of the same sun and same moon, we will eventually share similar fates.

    Let it be glorious!