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    And the fear catches me every time,
    My heart remembers the coward I became,
    One which could not save the misgivings
    Of a dying friend shot for his act of valor

    Folded hands angle on my chest,
    Knees glided in a sort of knitted threads,
    Of a late night wanderer out on a vigil-like quest,
    Where gathering guilts dawns as he dreads

    Could I have seek for open admittance from a priest?
    But what use is begging the wrong side for forgiveness?
    Unless if phantoms of man heed the call of remission,
    Understood only by him who finds contentment
    In being unbound of memories past

    I see my soul now consumed
    In the flames of
    In my final strength and emotion,_
    Down on my knees, I say one last act of valor:
    Father in Heaven,
    I don't want to die a coward . . .

    #Coward #writersnetwork #pod #wod #Miraquill

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    I see my soul now consumed
    In the flames of
    In my final strength and emotion,_
    Down on my knees, I say one last act of valor:
    Father in Heaven,
    I don't want to die a coward . . .


  • _jess_ 10w

    Noise of my Silence.

    Let me be the voice of the coward,
    And you'll search me in
    The Noise of my Silence ...

  • sarcasticretard 15w


    So I want to run away at times from the events that concerns me but does not need me necessarily participating in them, so that I don’t have to see those events actually happening in front of my eyes, I don’t want to see them unfold in front me. I guess I am too afraid to face those moments, no matter how the outcome is going to be, good or bad.
    I just want to know the end result of it or a brief summary when everything is done and dusted.

    What kind of person does that make me ?
    Is this relatable ?

    - Harsh


  • wanderer_soul46 24w


    What you call is being coward,
    I call it not wasting my time.
    Having no ego, no anger,
    To be calm, is fine.
    Avoiding fights,
    Utilising that energy on better things.
    Unless it's to protect my loved ones,
    My punches won't swing.

  • chasing_the_serene 45w

    I'll be happy to say it one day.. That I was once a coward.

    I found myself trying to find help out there from those so called two faced helpers who can't possibly give me anything apart from those blunt words that I already know.. If it could help me.. It would already have since I know it and even more so since I already have accepted it.. But it's actually my own fault... I started acting like those helpless people who would go to the very depths of hell if it meant that it'll help change their lives.. The helpless!!! Na ah.. The COWARDS..
    The ones that never tried and blamed their circumstances. Hah I resented such people.. To think I actually am like them.. It's mockery
    But should I stop here? .. No. Even if I feel that I am now at my lowest.. I was never really at a very high ground to begin with. I haven't really accomplished anything. But I want to.

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  • deepflowsoul 56w

    Polar opposites

    You are ranting with pride,
    You are spitting venom inside,
    You pull over wool and hide,
    All while I finally hit my stride.

  • starrydivinity 58w


    People cheat due to their own insecurities that are kept unsolved .........
    They have this fear that if they are left alone they don't have an option.......
    They think that they'll be cheated and left alone to cry........
    So i think in such a case being alone instead of a relationship is the best.......
    Being alone and making yourself better..........
    Being with the most beautiful person in this world who is you.......
    A person's feelings are not a play game .........
    If you wanna have fun get a job,if you wanna have fun get a hobby ,if you wanna have fun go for a movie .........
    I repeat !!!!
    A person's heart is not for playing............

  • niviraj 68w


    Hey, man this is not self killing...
    You are killing...true love of your parent..
    You are killing...true hope of your friend..
    You are killing...true way of your life...
    You are killing...true memories of you...

    If you are died for the love....
    You have to die for the first love ..
    Which is your Mother's first love...
    Now you are not self killer ....
    You are a murderer...of killing true souls....

  • shadeenibrahim 71w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    As we see in several parts of the world, women are oppressed, and are considered inferior.
    Nobody is capable of changing fate, nor are they capable of preventing harm,
    There's a reason for everything, and you can't go blaming random people or women for that matter, saying whatever that happened was due to her bad luck.

    Just a message, no matter how old you are, raise your voice against abuse. When I say raise I don't mean that you should be rude. Be polite but firm. Because when you correct people harshly, your words don't actually change them, but it drills them to be worse.

    Hope this was a valuable message, if you would like, you can compose your own versions of a similar poem and tag me, I'd like to see, how many of us youngsters can make this world better for the future. It starts with us.
    It starts in our homes.
    We change small and it automatically changes a bigger picture into a better picture.

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    Withered but not dead

    Raising the withered flower to my nose,
    Inhaling the fragrance, I held it close
    Drowning in my emotions deep
    As I recalled a once beautiful memory,
    Like the flower that once was bright and full,
    She stood, radiance oozing from her face,
    But I could see her slowly shrinking back,
    Into a shell, made of whispers and groans,
    No matter what, it came after her,
    Deterring her confidence and her morals,
    The shell was too hard to crack,
    For words spoken cannot be taken back,
    They stuck to her like a leech,
    Eventually forming a shell that cowered her,
    Frightening her and depriving her of her light,
    Like the withered flower was deprived of its right,
    The right to live,
    From the moment it was plucked,
    Trampled and then withered off,
    Losing it's colour, fragrance and shape


  • scribbled_stories_06 74w

    Dear overthinking,

    One day along with the freshness of life, I inhaled your poisonous gas.Gradually I got addicted to you.You started to reflect in my words and actions. I gave up all my lovable things I always wished to do. Day by day you were getting stronger inside me. People gave me the title 'coward'. I don't know where I lost myself and met you. I do know that you're the worst friend to have but still can't ignore you. But Now I want a life without you. If you have any mercy left please leave from my life. Otherwise my soul will vacate from my own body and will become a star in the sky.


  • wanowak 75w

    Hating another because of the color of that person's skin, sex, religion, age, disabilty, or sexual orientation, will never heal the insecurities and fears you have deep within you.

    Remember that.


  • tranquill__sea 78w

    They asked me, why am I an anti-social,
    And I denied their assertions.
    For I am not the way they see me.
    I have the world of mine,
    With bleeding verses and infinite vistas.
    I have a boyfriend,
    And I call him anxiety.
    I post pictures on the Gram,
    And my boyfriend gives me views.
    I have status updates often,
    With my friends in the privacy list.
    I have nightouts with my companions,
    Everynight they drive me insomniac.
    I have feasts to attend,
    Along with the Orion and Sirius above me.
    I have my sleep mate by my side,
    Surprisingly, we stay up all night.
    I have Friendship belts to lend,
    My right and left fists are besieged with them.
    Unlike the world of reality,
    I trust my companions more than myself.
    I know they wouldn't abandon me,
    For they love to embrace my tears.
    They were here for my 3 Am tales,
    When the sun and the moon were in a commotion,
    Between rising up and going down.
    Who is my best friend you ask,
    it's insecurity that never departs.
    Who is my sleep mate you ask,
    I call him the cowardly fear of survival.
    Now unlike everybody else,
    I am true to my friends and they love the real me.
    I know they are a bit sadist,
    But I am hopeful that they are solitary.

    #Anxiety #Fear#Coward#SelfLove#pod

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  • miss_poetess__ 78w

    Don't just leave quietly..... Say it.....make it clear....free her!!!! #leave #tell #reason #brave #coward


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    When you leave without telling the reason..... Without saying you are leaving
    Don't think you are being nice.......coz u didn't make her cry by telling the reason......
    She would wait for u.....for weeks....even after that she will hope that you will come!!

    It makes you a coward.......
    Go tell her the reason.....then leave!!!
    Yeah she'll cry..... But at least she would know you're gone and why!!!

  • alxita 78w

    ~~ Bedroom Veils ~~

    To the left is a wall. To the right is another wall; the ones east and west are nothing, and exposed would be the whole.

    People think that hiding in your bedrooms will wipe out the fears and role​​-played tragedies that have occurred. What else would ¹effectuate? The bittersweetness at the tip of your tongue? Hiss in the moonlight showers, and us will be hypnotized, our own foolishness ²begets.

    ³Ancillary ​​bonds rejected; souls still having the guilt, choking them away from getting a single breath. The truth is, we all choke ourselves because of someone, and they themselves choke in their bedrooms too. Oh, the irony. If it wasn't for that, then would the world be a better place?

    It's unfair. All our ​​genuine feelings turned ⁴unprofitable to the hands of what is a corrupt person. In the voids where nothingness even ceases, there you still stand by it, unaffected to the blackest depths of the unknown, and us you want to lure inside it; you instead go out and lock u​s here.

    ​​Where ⁵anaphoras and ⁶epistrophes of approving change goes, people won't erase a fact that is permanent, and ignorance by running away won't do either. So, what to do? Lock yourselves into the box of your own air? No dear. Even the lack of sunlight, and windows ⁷barricaded won't change a constant line of a graph with ink already marking such result.

    We flee away to the space, and we forget the fact that we have no space suits on. We run astray to the paths of what we consider as paths, and never ⁸r​​ecollect to the directions of which we took. As ⁹beaucoup as the pressures were, we never faced the fears, and feared the faces of our fears. We never will, if we don't stop running to our bedrooms.
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | effectuate - to be the cause of
    2 | beget - (similar to Word no. 1)
    3 | ancillary - subordinate
    4 | unprofitable - gaining no results or good
    5 | anaphora - the repetition of a word, phrase, or expression, especially at the beginning of a line
    6 | epistrophe - the repetition of a word, phrase, or expression, especially at the end of a line
    7 | barricade - to cover or block off, especially by a barricade
    8 | recollect - to bring back to mind
    9 | beaucoup - great in amount or quantity

    -- SUMMARY --
    We tend to ignore our fatal errors and unknowingly walking past, when it will still always leave a stain upon the place and time it has occurred. We are cowardly, or corrupt enough to do so.

    Bedrooms here symbolize the "area" where we escape to; what we consider our "safe spot".

    #bedroom #escape #life #ignorance #coward #facehardships #astray #path #direction #clear #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 23, 2020, 5:57 PM (GMT+8)

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  • night_howler 82w

    Dancing Devil

    I feel the devil dancing above me
    I feel the pressure pushing me down
    I feel the earth slipping away from me
    I feel the my heart half afloat half drown

    Am i wrong to feel this pain
    Or is it normal to feel this way
    Is it possible to get up and run
    Or will the devil make me his prey

    Is hanging down the ceiling a solution for this pain
    Maybe jumping off a building will keep things quit and numb
    How about cutting down my veins, will it make me feel the rush
    Or a bullet is enough, with one shot and everything will be hush hush hush.

    Some will come to mourn, some will come to show up
    A few will feel the pain, only one will seek the blame
    And then they will feel the devil's dancing up up up


  • dreamyc 85w

    MAN UP

    when are you going to man up?

    if not when you had the chance
    if not when the home was on fire
    If not when we were drowning
    if not when you grew a little tired

    when are you going to man up?

    before your brain rots in privilege
    before your limbs grow too useless
    before you are out there and lost
    before death by hunger and excuses

    when are you going to man up?

    unlike the times you looked away
    unlike the opportunities you missed
    unlike the youth you had but wasted
    unlike all the times you just quit

    when are you going to man up?

    I remember you giving me blue arms
    and then a lifetime worth of trauma
    because you were mad at me; angry
    everyday it's more fucking drama

    when are you going to man up?

    you just let reality beat you down
    but, really, it's all just excuses
    seep the honey and kill the bees
    waiting for fire after releasing fuses

    when are you going to man up?

    the same way you scream at night
    scaring the moon and stars away
    but you hide from the heat of the sun
    to a coward like you, I can only say

    when are you going to man up?

    ac | ©dreamyc

  • daffonix 85w

    3:23 a.m. on the clock,
    Here I am again on this bridge
    With my tears and sobs on the lock.
    And I'm not alone, I'm surrounded by the midge.

    I finally heave a harsh cry in the dark.
    The chilling air passes my nostril.
    I can't help it when I start to hark,
    While my ears fill with a deafening shrill

    I hate it when you try to hold my hand.
    It is where he has placed thousands of kisses.
    It is weird but somehow I feel severely panned.
    But when your aroma surrounds me, my heart blazes.

    I hate to look into your bright eyes,
    that welcome me home every evening.
    When I look at them, a bit of my soul dies
    as I'm reminded of my atrocious fling.

    Every night, you sleep in peace
    with no worry in the world,
    While I feel too disgusted to even breath,
    Holy sh*t the reality is way too swirled.

    All you did was love me to the end.
    And I spent all of it till you were broke.
    Yet, you help me, thinking I'm a godsend.
    God help me, I can't give him a stroke.

    You deserve the truth
    that I've been in another's arms.
    But I'm petrified to see your face dull with ruth,
    Fearing I will never be in your arms.

    I'm a liar, I'm a thief.
    Please, don't leave me,
    It would render me so weak.
    Sh*t, I'm sorry, I must set you free.

    I do love you, but I'm not right.
    I was lost in search of something I already had.
    I faded into his glimmer and lost my sight,
    And what I've done has made me beyond mad

    Although I don't deserve it, there's a small plea
    It's a cliche, I know,
    But it's not you, it's me


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    It's not you, it's me...

    (Please read caption...)

  • _sudarshan_ 88w

    Never tell anyone that You love him/her unless You have the courage to accept that person with his/her Flaws.
    Never, I said NEVER.


  • achayanandkochamma 89w

    In a world full of cowards my dear Jane may you find the one who has courage! #love #heartbreak #coward #courage #pod #mirakee #writerstolli #writersnetwork #him #her

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    Never Ever

    She will never forget the way you treated her.
    The way you made her feel.
    You will never hear the sound of glass shattering.
    You will never feel the anguish of a heart attack.
    You will never feel the sharp edge of a thousand swords piercing her.
    You will never feel the pain of a bleeding heart.
    You will never feel the strength of her eyes refusing to be teared down, refusing to smear her beautiful face.
    You will never feel the trembling of her body.
    You will never feel the cold fear of loss.

    You will never feel all of this and more because You my friend are a coward and
    It takes courage to feel........