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  • shaabie 24w

    I always struggle to write on oceans and seas. So why not start with writing about not being able to write about oceans?

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    अब तलक

    कल कलाती नदियाँ निकली कितनी सारी अब तलक,
    निकला नहीं कोई समंदर इस कलम से अब तलक।

    रेती रेती करते करते सब रेती को ही मिल गए,
    वही बंद एक सीपी थी, देखा नहीं किसी ने अब तलक।

    भोर के सुनहरी राहों में डूबे या मछली पकड़े मछुआरा,
    फ़लसफ़े पकड़ने से भला पेट भरा किसी ने अब तलक?

    भरती लहरें, झुलसाती रेत, ऊपर से चील की आँखें तेज़,
    बीच ज़मीन केकड़े मुहाजिर, कैसे खैर मनाये अब तलक?

    वो कैद आवाज़ शंख है 'शाबी', लहरें तो आज़ाद होती है,
    लहरे बटोरे ऐसा कोई पैदा हुआ न इस ज़मीं पे अब तलक।

    - शाबी

  • the_kid_that_wrote_away 86w

    We are all my fellow Cancerians at??♋ ��
    #zodiacsigns #cancer #crab

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    Loyal as a dog,
    Emotional depth as deep as seas.
    Curb your parenting instincts Cancers,
    You're the greatest mate that humans need.

    Your sign may be a crab,
    But you don't intend to use those claws,
    Atleast not for known malice,
    You accept people's flaws.

    You care too much about others,
    That so often you forget about yourself,
    Cancerians put the 'C' in 'Caring'.
    Never underestimate our strength.

    We may be sensitive people,
    Because we show our inner selves,
    Hiding behind a mask never helped anyway,
    Tears do not define ourselves.

  • terbell 130w

    C: Compassionate
    A: Adaptable
    N: Nurturing
    C: Cute
    E: Emotional
    R: Reliable

  • aesthenia 142w

    You are much incredible
    than you think !


  • nocturnal_enigma 142w

    #crab #baby #BabyCrab #crap

    Baby-crab �� ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    This is not a crap;
    It's a lil' baby-crab! ��

    We found a baby-crab ��
    Caught; it said, "Crap!"


    * My step-father was the one who caught the baby-crab, �� last night (few hours ago, at 10.50 p.m, here)

    * Before that, he accidentally stepped on the crab, �� while he was trying to stop it from getting into the sand

    * After few seconds, he let go of the baby-crab �� and it went back to the sea, but eventually, after that, it died ��

    * Feel so sad, �� the crab �� is still, only a baby ��, that's why it didn't know how to defend itself yet. If it's an adult crab, he would already get pinched by it claws, already! �� (I would rather let him get pinched, than to let the crab �� died ��)

    * But, well, my mother say, his doing wasn't intentional. So, yeah. Who are we to judge his action, anyway? (Mom half-jokingly said "maybe it will come back to life?" So, I said with lil' bit sarcasm "It will turn into a zombie-crab �� then" Hm..But, I still feel sorry �� for it though Huhu..) .

    * Crab �� may seems tough from the outside, as it has hard-shells & claws, but it has a soft belly, that feels gentle, when it's touched (which contains it's flesh) and despite it fierce-look, it's actually a soft-hearted creature, that won't attack as it's only do self-defense when it's being harmed. They are so delicate & can be fragile (No wonder those who have Cancer ♋ sign; represented by the crab ��; are like that Soft & gentle, easily feel touched, yet too sensitive and easily hurt) *I know few Cancerians ♋ in life I'm a Pisces, ♓ btw, & we the 'fish' �� sign are quite like that too!)

    * So, moral of the story: Don't wear slipper at the ocean, don't just stomp on the sand, & don't step on any sea-creatures there We don't want to hurt or/& kill any of them, right?

    * Btw, not long after that, he learned his lesson. He didn't stop them by stomping slippers on sand Instead he approached the baby crabs �� slowly and let them go back to the sea. I'm relieved that they got to live and didn't die ~

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    Baby-crab ~ (updated caption & added 2nd stanza)

    This is not a crap;
    It's a lil' baby-crab!

    We found a baby-crab
    Caught; it said, "Crap!"

    © Nuruliffa Emirah

    (Read the caption too)
    Photo Credit: ME

  • pragyakulshreshtha_ 192w



    To let people go, and not getting 'Hurt'...
    Is an 'Alien world invention' ,
    That I can never learn,
    Being an emotional little "Crabby" ...


  • aishafirdose 198w

    Sometimes,i feel,
    I could slap 10 people at once.
    But its only possible
    If i were a 'crab',
    Which is impossible..


  • vishwadev 200w

    Think about a sea crab it thinks fishes are flying

  • adrija_paru 202w

    March 9. National Crabmeat day in USA


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    While walking through the seashore I always thinks that;
    Why the crab is walking sideways and can't take a crab as mate !?
    It is to make himself smart and to profess that he is a spy.