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  • thebhavnasaxena 2d

    Fighting the dark sea,
    We're torn apart in the
    Quiet of the night,
    As the waves crash on shores,
    We're scattered like a thousand
    Seeds, clutching to the sand,
    Hoping against hope to be
    Nourished again, will the sea breeze
    Carry our cries, will the seagulls
    Bring us morsels of sustenance,
    Our threads flowing like a river of
    Pain, see how we have come undone,
    The rich tapestry that we were,
    Is a bitter reminder, how the tides
    Change, how the mighty fall,
    In the moment, we are no more
    Than a shipwreck, clinging to
    Memories when oxygen didn't
    Burn our lungs and our throats
    Were not hoarse, choking on
    The ashes of our solace,

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    But we still breathe, as our
    Blood runs like acid,
    We still breathe, we
    Still lie in wait,
    Waiting for the night to end,
    Say, where is the beauty
    To be found in ruins,
    Unless you watch the sun
    Rise on us, unless you watch
    The sunrise with me.

  • ct_and_skylines 2d

    No Coincidence Sins

    When I am out to destroy everything that’s good;
    God reaches out to show me all I’ve misunderstood in loving guidance, in the form of kindness, compassion overflows, and I am at a loss for words.

    -Christian Taylor

  • thebhavnasaxena 5d


    Her laughter, it was her laughter
    Ringing out like carnival music,
    Her eyes hinting at the mysterious
    Universes she kept hidden in the
    Folds of her soul, her eyes that met
    Challenges squarely in the eyes,
    And she cocked her head to one side,
    A tigress toying with her prey.
    Life had given her many wounds,
    But she went through her trials
    Like a mountain lets waterfalls
    Slip off itself, the drops a million
    Tiny hands of an invisible sculptor,
    Slicing off her skin, they only found
    Titanium armour on her bones,
    She was born to fight, not like
    Bloodthirsty gladiators, but with
    The grace of a tigress, her feet planted
    In her territory, her scars blending with
    Her stripes, she gives her head a shake,
    As she walks like the owns the jungle,
    As she comes for what's hers,
    Her ferocius roar might scare you away,
    But it's her laughter that will draw you in.

  • thebhavnasaxena 1w

    Sharp objects slicing
    Soft skin, silent screams
    In carnivals of joy,
    Bloody hands sweep away
    Shards of something broken.

    Under all the ice,
    There is a lub-dub
    Growing fainter each moment,
    Foggy afternoons and cold winds
    That tear off meat from bones,
    The cold burns, but no ashes are
    Left for me to remake myself again.

    Where are the tears, when you need
    Them to flow, when the soul is a
    Vast winter wonderland, who saves
    The day, if not the sun.

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    Come to me beloved, lest I feel
    Nothing at all, kiss me deep,
    I am thirsty for your fire,
    Let me drown in your heat,
    I bare my heart to you,
    Set it aflame, let them
    Hear me scream, as I burn,
    When the first rose blooms,
    As crimson as my blood,
    I will return wearing the
    Colors of spring.

  • niru275 1w

    Until I Sleep Under The Ground

    Again and again
    Being judged by others
    Seeing myself as a threat
    Don't know how to react.

    It's being hard to me
    Living in a world that
    Won't leave me alone
    From the scary moments.

    Trying so hard to die
    But still waiting for a life.
    Don't know how to live
    In a scary world like this.
    But every moment in life,
    Killing myself is done.

    Maybe you can't see,
    How I'm trying hard here.
    Because all my pain and wounds
    Still hurts a lot inside of me.

    What will I say to the world,
    Which doesn't care about me...
    What will I say to the world,
    Which doesn't see me...

    This is all I know,
    That I can fight all threats
    And I can keep moving on
    Until I sleep under the ground.

  • theofficialcrystalwrites 2w

    Creative Parts of me

    I love to write. Writing is only a part of me. There are many creative parts of me that I'm learning to take the lid off. It's all of me that God is teaching me to embrace. Your creative parts are unique in it's own way. Sharing them could brighten up someone else's day. I give it color at times and I keep it simple at other times. I'm a unique creative and that's ok, but God has blessed me with these hands, this voice and these ideas with something to say.

  • ramyaashree_29 2w


    When dad & mom yells at you but be proud of yourself without showing
    When grandparents scolds but supports for you with your parents
    When siblings fights but still supports when you need help
    When friends fight but give their shoulder to cry
    What else do we need other than these?

  • thebhavnasaxena 3w

    Be the bringer of light,
    My rising star,
    Guide me home
    In the darkest of nights,
    Be the elixir of strength,
    My flaming sword,
    To cut open the bosom of
    The sky, should it dare to
    Stand in my way,
    Be the door to eden,
    Mine to open,
    To step into my paradise.

  • ayazhafeez 4w

    If you are creative
    You are caged with two person

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 4w

    When you build a home, you lay the foundation with utmost care. You nurture it, you take care of it. And when there are leaky pipes, or a cracked wall; you fix it. You don't leave just because the home you built doesn't give you enough sunshine. You stay in it and you build a window. 10 windows if that's how much sunshine you want. But you stay. You don't leave your home because that's the only place where you belong. And I belong with you. I hope I'm your home too. And I hope you built windows in your home too when you feel there isn't enough sunshine for you. I promise to keep you warm on your coldest days.
    #home #poetry #poetic #jmstormquotes #quotes #creative #atticuspoetry #iamwriter #lovestory @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    His arms keep me safe
    I get immense strength from his embrace.
    His smile brings in a gust of warm air
    On all of my coldest days.
    His eyes give me all the brightest colors
    When I feel like a monochrome.
    With him I never feel alone,
    He's my perfectly built home.

  • wifey_suicide 5w

    Playing With My Head

    When I think about you, so many words pop in my head
    You hurt me in so many ways.
    The smile on your face is just pain in my eyes.
    When you paint your toes, something just dies .
    Curling up your toes in our bed, with somebody else...
    No, I can't forget that!
    Winning the I love you more game, is just stuck in my head.
    Wasting my time, wasting my air.
    Oh how I wish you never entered my life, because all you do is play with my head.
    You say you're sorry, as your notifications are your motivations.
    I thought we had a whole creation.
    Just to find out it was just waste of time, on a art project that is now ripped into pieces...
    I just can't wait for this lease to end.
    When you look at me and I look at you, all I see is the devil telling me it'll be okay to be alone.
    Which I know.
    I've done that before, I just hate going backwards.
    The pain in my eyes wasn't enough for you, to step away from temptations.
    Remember when you told me you wanted something faithful?
    You still won't tell me the name of the person who slept with you...
    ...You're playing with my head, anytime I ask you.
    Acting like I didn't catch you.

  • thebhavnasaxena 6w


    I wonder, if they know, I am
    The wish they kept hidden in
    Their hearts, the one that fell
    From their eyes clasping onto
    Tears, never to be whispered to
    The falling stars, but I fall today
    Into heaps of others like me,
    We rest at their doorsteps, we
    Knock on their windows, do
    They know us as they sigh wistfully,
    The ghosts of the wishes they were
    Scared to make, have come back
    As the magic of winter?

  • kingdomdelight 6w

    #Bravery #Coffin #Wind
    #Creative arena 3 word challenge
    #Bravery - Bold - Brave -Benevolent
    #Coffin - cold - curtain erop - crestfallen eyes cry
    #Wind - whisper - whistle - waltz - gentle violin cries

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    Brave Ben

    It took alot of cuts!
    Heavy chest pounding, as the lil boy stares intensly at his watch.

    Bravery for the brave, bold and benevolent.

    But heartfelt, the intense invisible fighting fear fragment.
    Profusely presperation sweat surfaces, to his still-smooth-and-soft-baby-like-skin.
    A salty dampness appears.

    Troat and tongue, forgot to bloom, the withered mouth desiccated, desert dried
    Words gone - flew like swallows in the wind, I guess, back to their home town!
    Hope tries to whisper, but unspoken words whistle and wink goodbuy ...
    Waltz slowly away ...
    Left with an enormous, dark, mountain shadow hanging over his mind.
    Ben felt like a little ant, who has to be wise, in this approaching winter time.
    Shadows may come and go ...
    Like palm trees, going wild, dancing in the tornado wind of the free mind.
    But the truth, each thought, we bravely has to face and overcome.
    Pulling down strong holds, daily.
    Every thought ur thing, exhalting itself, against the knowledge of God.

    Huge and invisible the shadow, before his two lil blue eyes.
    Crazy, insane ... at the end of the horizon, a coffin awaits ur it seems, to this poor lil fellow, now. Drifting in the boat, on uncertain unknown wavering waters. The curtain drops.
    The intense cold-and-hot-feeling of illuminating skeletons dancing in the sizzling day light of numbness. The brave sun sunk and slams an iron coffin door behind him.
    The music stops.
    Bewildered like hot lava running from the mountain top.
    The last little sunlight ray ran in distress away.
    A second lightnin' Mcqueen.
    Flashes in a quick dash and disappears into the coffin keyhole.
    Bravery, always rises, in the presence of fear.

    Little Ben clenched his fingers in his lil sweaty palm.

    Softly he mutters to himself: "I'm no coward, I'm Ben ! I ... I ... can do this!"
    "I have the key ... I can unlock and remove this gigantic mountain!" he suddenly bravely utters aloud.

    The door flung open ...
    Bright shining military boots, politly smiles.
    Hypnotize by their great authority ... The greatness of their gigantic size.
    Jaw breaking in awe.
    Struck by sudden lightning, with a touchable silence ...
    A silence that demands discipline and exstream obedients, in this elderly man's presence ...

    Ben swallows a sudden lump in his dry throat ...
    A pickly pear slowly went down and punture one of his lungs ...
    Ben couldn't breath ...
    "Oh, help me dear, Lord", he cries in deep dispair.

    Pale white, his face turns, when his eyes went six feet up ...
    What will he say ?
    In a face-to-face combat, totally new turf for him, today.
    Hard pondering, not sure if ... he 'll get a green ur a red light?

    This is a battlefield ground for the brave.
    Golden medals of honour and respect, awaits those real loyal righteous soldiers.
    Soldiers of integrity , those carriers of brilliant bright exstream eternal light.
    Bravely he impersonate his own Dad's character while he stood in those righteous shoes being bold and tall. Admiration rises in his lil heart.

    Lessons, the fathers, told and taught their kids in life made son's brave, bold and benevelont.

    Dad believed to fight for what he wanted Always spoke, his righteous mind.
    Protecting everything dear to him, at all cost!
    Loving his own woman, a godly treasure given from above.
    Doing just, doing right!
    Big bold shoes of inspiration and bravery to fill at only eleven.

    But here Ben bravely stands, on the porch, of the little girl he very much admires and likes.
    The tight grip on the bunch of carefree white wildflowers, let beautiful petdals fall on the wooden porch. In great awe and admiration, to worship the gracious adorable ground.
    By own choice, Ben stood bold, with his whole heart in his open hand.
    Felt like a sheep to be slaughter in an unknown battleground.
    A great war "brew" deep inside him while he spoke with a steady gentle voice ...

    "Good day Sir ... I'm Ben "

    Their eyes met like in a strick but fair, defence-hearing-court.
    Yellow flowers of aspiration buds and waits patiently for the iron hammer to give a final verdic to bloom!

    Spontaneously, Ben suddenly smiles.
    Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, who he is!
    Eyes level up and look straight in the General's deep chocolate brown eyes.

    "Sir, I'm not playing around. I like your daughter.
    Well, to be quite honest, very much and I would love to have your premission Sir, to come and visit her, some time ... Oh, on your terms and conditions, it will totally be, Sir ... If I may ... please, Sir?"

    Thomas Jefferson, a militry general, whose lips pluck wildly to one side, curls wide while his eyes sparkles with amazement. Hovering like a helicopter over the neatly little chap with the beautiful eyes. The mature eagle eyes, narrow while diving into the two blue honest pools of treasure.
    Then his face softens and a rainbow smiles appears on his hard barren face.

    "Well Ben, nice to meet you ... Do I have ur premission, to speak freely son?"

    "Yes, Sir" Ben quickly responded while holding his breath.

    "You're bold, Ben ...I like that"
    You can call me, Sir Thomas"

    A loud voice, sounding like a war alarm of pure victory, the generals voice echoes over his shoulder ... Travels rapidly, in and over the deep valleys of deep affection blossoming in Ben's joyful heart.

    "Mary, you have a visitor!"

    Ben smiles.
    No cold coffin or any crestfallen crimson red crying eyes.
    Nor any sharp onion layers in the air.
    Dad was right, he thought with relief and great delight.
    Well, we all have to fight hard, for what we want and believe in.
    But of course, always in the rightful ways.

    Softly the wind blew a heavenly tune in a husky whisper.
    The walt of a rushing wind overflowing the pure soul with living waters ...
    The soft healing balm to the rough chewing uncertainty.
    The faithful wind gentle cuts away the violins unwanted cries.
    Autum sweeps in and took back, all the lost and stolen leafs of time and dreams.
    Wind catches his breath while quickly departing the train station of a new rising hope.


  • serrated_silence 6w

    you remind me
    of all the things i could be
    whispering those words in my ear
    but the vibration is anything but an undertone -
    tugging at all of my internal alarms
    [widespread destruction]
    digging into my landscapes,
    unearthing the person i've harboured
    unfamiliar and smothered down by a decade
    [and then some]
    of still injustice, and stained silence

  • sameen_ 6w

    Forgotten Memories

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Dwelling in your happiest subconscious
    Pushed behind by naivety of priority
    Of transient episodes of euphoria
    Deluded by idiosyncrasies of life

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Defining the opportune moment of your existence
    Where impediment made the impending animation
    A celebratory composition of rhythms
    Otherwise known as breaths

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Carefully devising your shenanigans
    To sculpt a mannequin of saudade
    Where you hide your arcane thoughts
    Of intimacy for permanent exulansis

  • thebhavnasaxena 7w

    The sky is dotted
    The moon bleeds
    What an exquisite night,
    What a beautiful tragedy,
    I gather the moon in my arms,
    And its scars sing to me,
    Those without light,
    Aren't without hope,
    Broken hearts somehow,
    Have spaces to hold dreams
    And from scars, verses spill
    Out, like rivers of poetry,
    There is magic in the mundane,
    And when you have to look for it,
    Close your eyes to the world,
    Darling you will find it within.

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 7w

    I know that after every dark night, there comes the brightest sunrise. And I know this place is going to change me. There comes a time when everything is going downhill and all you'll ever want to do is go to your safe space. I want that too. I feel like people here are standing with a knife already sharpened and ready to stab you. But then I think maybe that's what the whole world is like. I have always been lucky enough to have a friend with me. Who would understand me and who would keep me sane. But this time its not the case. I have experienced a lot and I don't trust anyone now. Now that I know how ugly people can get, how ugly they already are, I'm upset. Till now I was optimistic and always wanted to see the good in people. But now I'm not sure if I'll be able to. @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill @mirakeeworld #bliss #poetry #poem #creative #poetic #jmstormquotes #quotes #atticuspoetry #iamwriter

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    Have you ever felt unwelcome
    By a city you want to fall in love with?
    Have the eyes here pierced your soul
    And made it difficult for you to breathe.
    I wonder if I will grow through this
    Or was ignorance really a bliss?

  • izzenorway 8w

    Knitting and jolly

    Relax & Knit In A Jolly Ho Ho Home

  • thebhavnasaxena 9w


    Give me a piece of what ignites
    Your heart, my beloved,
    As winter's grey cloak
    Descends upon me,
    I will hold your fire in my
    Hands and your light in
    My heart, give me a vial
    Of your burning passion,
    Let me bask in your gaze,
    I'll be your earth, if you
    Promise, you'll become
    My sun.

  • artheartpoetry 9w

    My Poetry

    This poetry is so much more than
    these same words on the same paper.
    Always heard by the same set of ears,
    Or written down to share it later.

    This poetry is all that I have to give and
    this poetry is all I love to do.
    I would do nothing but write poems all day
    If I didn't have so much to do.

    These poems are a constant clicking of
    rusted, not busted, but possibly dusted gears.
    Always being thought of, made up possibly by falling from the sky or inspires by my tears.

    More than anything going on inside my mind,
    I am always turning everything to poetry.
    Doing this to clear my energy or the atmosphere before it gets the better of me.

    This poetry is me screaming to be heard.
    I'm telling everyone who will truly listen.
    I want my poetry to reach out and touch the lives of everyone who's locked in their own prison.

    This poetry is from the very essence and core of my very own beating heart.
    I bleed my life force into these words and sending with them my flame and spark.

    If I ain't writing this poetry you can assure yourself that I am actively dying.
    This poetry is me and it's my true passion.
    If I ever said otherwise, I'd be straight out lying