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  • nex_angel 6w

    Will of the whisps

    The wind in the Willows
    Shall sing a song
    Any you can't help
    But follow along

    The wind in the willow
    Always sings
    Every day in the season of spring

    The will of the whisp
    Is to whistle
    And if it is not
    Then run

  • devchand 22w

    You are lucky. .
    if you have food to eat. .
    If you have a family. .
    If your family have a shelter to stay together. .
    If you got education. .
    If you got a job. .
    If you have a mind to understand others.
    If you are kind. .
    If you are servant of society. .
    If you have friends. .
    You are blessed,
    if you have a person who can understand, motivate, inspire and guide you through the right ways and can ultimately make you happy. .!!
    Yes im lucky and blessed. . !!
    Thank god for gifting the person as a gift. .!!

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    Who you are.


  • devchand 23w


    From the man you love
    Though conflicts are happening
    I feel like you are being closer and i dont know upto which extend.
    As long as you there, Your madman will be here.
    This is a promise!! Bahubali's promise

  • allencole 24w

    Why do I traverse the darkest alleys

    of my soul,

    when I know that something dangerous

    will jump out


  • starrydreams 24w

    Creepy roses

    Between the graves,
    The spooky howls which owls crave,
    The music which sets out by violin,
    Peace which comforts in graveyard of roses
    Soon the fog appeared,
    And thin air made her disappeared.

  • rayna11 24w

    Something followed me home from the woods

    The house I lived in with my dad, stepmom and step sister when I was in high school was super haunted. My dad and stepmom recently sold the house. God willing I'll never have to go back, so I figured it was safe enough to tell some of the stories from my time there. This story is from just a week or two after we moved in.

    Our house sat on a pretty steep incline. In the back there was room for a concrete patio and a little space for a vegetable garden. Past that, the ground sloped steeply up into very thick woods that were full of oak, birch and pine trees. The woods were pretty wild, but there was an obvious path that led straight off from our property into the thicket. It ignited my stepsister's curiosity as soon as she saw it.

    She was a few years younger than me. I think she was about twelve when we moved in and I would have been fourteen or fifteen. Rita, my stepsister, was on me from the second we moved in to go into the woods with her. I used to go hiking with my dad before he started dating my stepmom, so to her that made me an expert on nature. But, the thickness of the underbrush in the woods behind the house really put me off.

    Eventually, I gave in to Rita's constant wheedling and agreed to explore the woods behind the house. I talked Rita into putting on long pants to protect from brambles and we set out into the woods.

    The incline was really steep and only got steeper the further we went in. The weeds and brambles along the forest floor were thick and cloying, clinging to our pants legs and pricking at our skin even through our jeans. The path we were following was narrow and roamed left to right seeking the easiest way past trees and bushes. It was probably a path used by deer and foxes and we struggled to follow it.

    I remember Rita saying, "This is so cool! It's a for real forest right behind our house!" and trying not to scoff where she could hear or see it. I already felt like I was too old to play around in the woods. Those thoughts aside, I thought it was unwelcoming and king of creepy. Definitely not the kind of place I would have wanted to play even when I was her age.

    It was quiet in the woods. As we stepped deeper and higher, the incline just kept going up and and up. We didn't hear any bird sounds insects. It seemed like the only sound was what our feet made as they pushed through the underbrush and what the wind made as it blew hot sticky summer air against our backs.

    After a few minutes of hard going, the incline started to even out and soon we were walking downward, the forest floor now sloping away down into a valley.

    "Have you ever been out in the woods like this before?" Rita asked, holding onto the back of my shirt as she cautiously descended down deeper into the woods. She was stepping carefully in my footsteps as she picked her way down.

    "Not like this," I told her, holding onto a crooked tree as I held a hand out to help her over a fallen log. "We went to public parks mostly. They maintain their forests so they aren't congested like this."

    "Isn't it exciting to have this as our backyard?" she asked with a smile, her hand small and strong in mine as she hauled herself over the tree.

    "Yeah, it is pretty nice," I agreed even though I privately thought that the woods were too wild to be much fun to walk in. We had only been hiking for maybe fifteen minutes and I was already starting to breath faster due to the harsh incline.

    We went a little farther and heard the sound of running water. It was the first sound other than the wind that we had heard since entering the woods.

    "A stream!" Rita exclaimed. "Do you think it's at the bottom of the valley?" she asked excited.

    "Yeah, probably," I grunted. "But, don't rush! You don't want to fall and get hurt in here." I kept a hand out to help her along all the same. The image of her with a twisted ankle or broken leg filled me with anxiety and I tried to keep a hand on her as she hurried ahead of me.

    The stream was at the bottom of the valley, a small but fast moving creek that was perfectly clear. The bottom was covered in a fine silt and tiny rounded stones. Looking close we saw that there were little minnows swimming at the edges where the current wasn't as fast.

    We both took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our pant legs and waded into the water. In the center it came up to our calves and , the current was swift. The water was blessedly cool and felt great against my feet. Rita was delighted, picking up stones to put in her pockets and watching the little fish swim around her feet and brush against her toes. For the first time since we started to push through the woods, I was happy that Rita had suggested it. This was a great find and was worth the hard work to get to it.

    Then, seemingly out of the blue, I was struck with this strong feeling that I was being watched.

    It was bright even that deep in the woods. The air was hot and the wind through the trees was humid. Even so I got a cold chill that ran down my back and suddenly my throat and stomach were in knots. There was some part of my brain, like this primal hind brain that pricked up and said 'holy fuck you are in DANGER'. I froze, barely daring to breathe, and looked around as much as I could without moving my head and I saw it.

    I'm still not really sure what it was. It was standing further down the stream, which steadily moved lower between the hills. It was standing up straight and perfectly still in the center of the stream watching us. Small trees and shrubs grew all along the creek and leaned into the space above it to stretch for sunlight. This made it hard to see the person or figure through them. Their face was obscured by branches and leaves, but I could make out a little of their body and everything about it made me feel something was wrong down to the marrow in my bones.

    They were in a human shape, standing up, arms at their sides, their legs straight knees locked. The water was visibly burbling around their shins so they were displacing the water. But, they were completely black. Not like matte black like they were painted black or wearing black clothing. Like, a complete absence of

    light and color as if their shape was punched out of the air around them.

    I grabbed Rita's arm as she danced past me, probably too hard for someone so much smaller than me. I remember in the corner of my eye I saw her turn to me with a narrow look, like she thought she was going to fight me. Then, she looked where I was looking and saw it. I was able to watch out of the corner of her eye as her body went through the same things mine had. She froze, her eyes went wide, her breathing shallow. Then, I felt her muscles tense and her knees bend. I realized we were like deer who had just spotted a predator. Some part of us realized we were prey and that the next few seconds would decide if we got out of this or not.

    With a single shove, I pushed us both into movement. Rita took off up the embankment into the woods with a kind of grace and brutality I didn't realize she was capable of. Without her shoes, she leapt from rock, to root, to fallen tree like it was something she had done every day for years. Being bigger and bulkier than her, I didn't feel nearly as graceful but I felt that my panic and the adrenaline pounding between my ears made up for it. I kept up with her, pushing her with a hand between her shoulder blades or at the seat of her butt whenever I caught up.

    Behind us, there was the horrible silence. We were a cacophony of crashing noises ripping through the woods and all around us, no birds sang, no insects chirped, not even the wind whistled through the trees.

    That whole run back through the woods was a blur. I never once looked back for fear of what I would see and I didn't see Rita look back either. I kept my eyes glued to her back, carefully watched her every footfall in constant fear that she would slip or fall, but she never did.

    Once we crashed back through the edge of the woods and into our yard, it was like the sound was suddenly turned back on. Not that Rita or I cared. We continued running as fast as our bodies would take us for the house and once inside we slammed the back door shut and I slid the deadlock home. I pressed my back against the door with my breath heaving for a moment before running to the front door and locking it as well. Then I went window to window on the first floor making sure they were all locked and that the curtains were pulled. Only once that was done did I collapse onto the living room floor with Rita.

    "We left our shoes and socks by the creek," she wheezed, sticking her muddy feet into the air where I could see them.

    "Who fucking cares," I gasped back. "I'll tell dad I lost them," I added.

    That was really the start of it all. After it happened, for a while Rita and I assumed we had left whatever it was down in the creek. We knew our parents wouldn't believe us, so we never brought it up to them.

    But, we didn't leave it behind. It followed us home and it made the next few years in that house utter hell. I have a lot more stories to tell about what happened after that, if you guys want to hear it. Let me know what you think.


  • devchand 29w

    So mean!!

    Where are you
    Seems like we have met one year back even we met two weeks ago!!
    I heard that time will go fast when you are with the right person and will be slow in the absence of them.. Since this is the only way to convey my feelings to you - writing this just to inform that i miss you a lot that i cant even express how much and i wish if you were with me we could fight each other..!

  • gli_tch111 33w

    Goes the Clock



    So goes the Clock 

    But never does it stop. 



    So goes the Clock 

    The time comes out the lock. 



    So goes the Clock 

    Forever will it run. 



    So goes the Clock 

    It sees your life undone. 



    So goes the Clock 

    And Time, I feel it’s pull. 



    So goes the Clock 

    The sand is almost full. 



    So goes the Clock 

    There’s no where left to run. 



    So goes the Clock 

    It seems your time is done. 


  • nevermoreending 35w

    Birthday Candles

    The fear that returns every year and every candle that is wished upon is another day closer to death.
    The excitment..
    as another year passes,
    another year lived,
    it's unbearable.


  • nevermoreending 38w

    Sublime (Dark)

    Thoughts of deaths.

    Peace awaits...



  • nevermoreending 39w




  • nevermoreending 39w


    Midnight creepers,
    zombie walkers,
    pedals floored!


  • nevermoreending 39w






    "We're... here."


  • nevermoreending 41w


    Childhood memories,
    horror stories,


  • nevermoreending 41w

    When Picking at Bones isn't Enough


    Come from below.
    Always beneath you. Always behind you.


    Fun loving, free spirited.
    Joyous, Raucous.

    Death lingers.
    Death waits


  • just_a_boy 44w

    Always manage a smile!

  • cosmicpoet 45w

    Can you guess why Samantha can't see herself in the mirror??
    Do comment below....����


    #horror #creepy #shortstory #fear #mirakee
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    "Is that nurse here?", asked the doctor.
    "Sorry for being latee doctor I was stuck in the traffic", Samantha yelled from behind.

    "It's okay so today your duty is in the mortuary..make sure you don't sleep while working", said the doctor.
    "Don't worry about it doctor", Samantha said and moved towards the mortuary.

    Samantha was not so prone to night shifts but from several days she was doing so. Today she was a bit nervous because she was all alone and if something happens then she would be blamed.

    As she entered in the room, she felt something very different that she couldn't explain. She went inside the cabin near the mortuary and sat on the chair.

    [ Few hours later ]
    A thudding sound came from the mortuary as if something has fallen. In a hurry Samantha woke up and she realised she was sleeping but she went inside the mortuary to check what happened. 
    "Everything is perfectly placed then from where did that thud come from?", She murmured to herself.

    Suddenly she started listening to a low tone whisper as if two people are gossiping in another language.
    "Hello..!!.......anyone here??"
    "Who's here please respond...this is not a joke I'm scared now", she yelled.
    But the whispering became louder and louder.

    In a hurry she started running towards the ground floor. At the same time her foot slipped and she fell off the stairs but she was so scared that she didn't care if she was injured or not and she got up and started running. On her way she met the compounder of the hospital.

    "There's something up there. Please come with me", she cried.
    The compounder didn't listen to her and kept walking.
    "Why don't you listen to me??... I'm telling you there's something in the mortuary ", she yelled loudly.
    But again he ignored.
    She was so confused that why he is not listening to her.
    Suddenly her eyes fell on the mirror in the back where the compounder was visible but she?
    She wasn't.......

    ~ Story by Atul + written by Mee

    (This is basically a collaboration of me and my friend.)


  • ticklekink 45w

    She regretted having revealed her true self, her fragility, her femininity to a stranger who she thought was real..
    He stalked her, knows her life, who she is, her inner thoughts and endless apologies..
    And all she knows is he’s a guy, who changes his age and identity regularly and never gave her a proper closing conversation..
    Is anything he ever said to her true..
    Was his life really in turmoil, did he actually mean to be rude just to play with her..
    She will never know and is left feeling exposed, who is he? Why did he play with her?
    It’s things she will never know..


  • advocate_d 46w

    Another entry in the weekly logging of creatures from around the world.

    #horror #creepy #blood

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    Gazini, The Blood Man

    Not even it can remember if it ever was human.
    But it certainly likes how they scream.


  • devchand 48w


    Are you my imagination??
    I don't know how our friendship grown. .!! It was all like a dream. . Its amazing how the bond between us become stronger.. Nobody can be my close friend because of my irritating character..!! But i realise that you are more irritating than me .. It feels like i know you from childhood and its only 17 days. . Even i dont know your real name . .we shared so many stories, interesting incidents and some worthy debates. . You made my days wonderful. .since i was alone in my home . .but i feel someone is there for caring me when your messages comes... You gave me lot of new names.. thanks.. and thank god for making an opportunity to meet the beautiful but ugly, amazing but irritating, talented but brainless girl. .Love you krupaa. .