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  • sarahrachelea 1w

    Don't you know that rain is the tears of sky?
    He cries so the rainbow comes to wipe it out

    ~ tears of sky

  • blitzerr 6w

    Pencils in sand

    I have little pencils in my hand ,
    But there is no paper just sand
    Does it matter what I draw
    It wont last

    I can run and I can breathe
    I believe I am still on my feet
    Been standing much too long
    Can I rest ?

    You see I was always on the run
    Burnt my freedom in the sun ,
    Went too far before I knew, where am I ?
    Those Stars no longer show ,
    City lights chased them all
    Moon can still timidly glow , so is it fine ?

    Can I get a moment to be still
    Let the future pass if it will
    I am tired of the drill
    Can I now heal ?

    My heart aches for the snow
    For the rain I used to know
    For the wings I tried to grow
    Can I now fly ?

    You see I cant say I know the pain
    The daggers were thrown in drain
    The blood whispered in vain , please cry .
    Did the sea guessed it all
    Before the river made its fall
    Or nothing matters anymore , cause it dried.

    You see I was always on the run
    Burnt my freedom in the sun ,
    Went too far before I knew, where am I ?
    Those Stars no longer show ,
    City lights chased them all
    Moon can still timidly glow , Its not fine .

  • lollipop71 8w


    Calling out for help, but no
    Sound is coming from my dry mouth.
    My hands and feet tied together
    With who knows what.
    Not knowing exactly where
    I am in complete darkness
    It's cold and dark where I am.
    Is it a well, or a building in which
    I am?
    I feel anxiety swirling inside
    My head.
    I'm scared, lost to the light, and no one
    knows where I can be found.
    I repeatedly call out for help over, and
    Over again, but no one hears my cries
    For help.
    Tired now, but unable to keep
    My eyes open.
    The darkness consumes me,
    And no longer do I see daylight.

  • aphrodite53 9w

    Emotions over-spilled,
    Thoughts raging around in head.
    Ah, my mouth held captive.
    Screeching in pain, my measly soul,
    Caged, abandoned behind the rails of my own body,
    Clawing its nails in me in desperate help;
    “Let go of me!
    Let the world know my gashes of their monstrosity” – muffled cries of it.
    Manacles of “don’ts” taut on my gullet, ensuring
    No drops of cries escape my body.
    “Hush! Not a sound, not a tear, little one.
    The world remarks you as a strong lady.” – mocked the townsfolk.
    Choked up in tears, gagged up in a shadowy crook
    I mutely witnessed the torture impishly inflicted upon me.
    Ah, I can bear no more.

    I shan’t keep mum, for
    A million and one are stranded victims as me.
    Nay, I shan’t keep mum, for
    A voice for the voiceless shall I be.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #quiet #wod #silent #cries

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    -Elita Sheen

  • aadil_sadiq 9w

    Har Ankh Nam, Har dil-e veran, Aur Har Ujde Chaman Ka Insaaf Hoga,
    Jo Haal Firaun Ka Hua Tha wahi Anjam Firaun Kay Lashkar Ka b hoga.
    Randon thought #burningparadise #Kashmir #killings #wails #sobs #tears #cries #mourning #Kashmir #tehreek @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill #pod

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    ہر نم آنکھ، ہر دلِ ویران اور ہر اجڑے چمن کا انصاف ہوگا،

    جو حال فرعون کا ہوا تھا وہی انجام فرعون کے لشکر کا بھی ہوگا۔

    صوفی عادل صادق قادری

  • angels_halo_shines 21w

    My Dear

    Stagnant shadows
    Repulsive thoughts
    No control
    Empty minds
    Once pure
    Overflowing poison
    Flowering wisdom
    Budding roses
    Expanding minds
    Becoming passive
    Eyes fixated
    Stories change
    Everlasting nightmares
    Damn fools
    Minds gone
    Temptations overturned
    Don’t speak
    Only observation
    Obsessions growing
    Spiked intensions
    Rising up
    Falling down
    Rise dear
    Catch yourself
    Don’t run
    Don’t hide
    Saying no
    Never heard
    Always trusted
    Until betrayal
    Anger forms
    Darkness looms
    Day in
    Day out
    No crying
    Holding in
    Bursts open
    Into Hell
    Fallen angels
    Appearing more
    Lonely cowards
    No admittance
    Come again
    Don’t think
    Only act
    Impulsive behavior
    Never explained
    Oh me
    The guilt
    For lifetimes
    Sorrow filled
    Degrading remarks
    Never lied
    Passions unknown
    Can’t express
    Only repression
    Killing me
    Seemingly every
    The same
    Lasting peace
    The ignorance
    Always amiss
    Truth teller
    Of nonbelievers
    No expansions
    Next dimension
    I’m ready
    Lost myself
    Turned away
    For what
    My purpose
    Shut out
    I can’t
    No blocking
    Times ticking
    It’s coming
    Bombs everywhere
    You’re warned
    On fire
    Single file
    You’re leading
    Selfish always
    Coming undone
    Pushing down
    No time
    My dear
    Time’s up
    Fallen Angel
    Falling again
    Nothing’s failed
    Think again
    Overthinking weakening
    You’re awake
    Feeling everything
    My dear
    Breaking away
    Times change
    Memories don’t
    Nightmares stay
    Merry melodies
    Don’t cry
    Meaningless words
    Mean nothing
    Not now
    Later perhaps
    Passive always
    Camouflaged words
    Turned cold
    Burning claims
    Fill voids
    You can’t
    Seemingly unsteady
    Hold on
    Just once
    For now
    Tears linger
    Go on
    Cry out
    My dear
    Never heard
    Wishful thinking

  • euphoriccree 25w


    Even if the pain is too much for her to bear, she tries to wait for the hero who is not there because if he were here. . . Her tears wouldn't even be shed. It is the love she shares with this hero till death. . . It's more than just a dare.

    Cree Sameon♡

  • anantay_12 30w

    Sometimes the heart cries
    But the eyes dries....

  • the_moon_kid 30w

    Black is not my favourite colour but everything around me is in black. From dark mode in the apps of my phone to my life, the colours somehow faded away a long time ago. Peace has been outshone by chaos and my life is nothing less than a havoc wrecked by me, myself. Going through some pages of my childhood on a subfusc night, while staring outside, makes me realize how much of a 'full of life' person I was. In short, jovial. I didn't fake happiness, I didn't fake myself. But now ? Everything is so different. It all seems like that black page of the scrapbook, which I always used to skip back then, just because none of the colour pens are visible on it. Yes, exactly like that I've become now. Without colours, without a reason to go out and breathe in fresh air. I fear people. I've seen people walking all over me. That old slam book which I made when I was a kid, is full of names of my friends with their photographs. Some of the names have already effaced and some are just saved in the contact list, sitting in a dusty corner. Their photographs now seems to be blurry, hitting me hard and making me realize that it's been so long since I've seen them or felt their presence. It's not only their fault but mine too. We lost touch. We never tried to be in touch. May be we didn't need each other or may be we were so busy with our materialistic life that we actually forgot the value of 'people' in life. And now, I can only regret.
    Life is now all about being locked inside a four walled room with pictures of my childhood, smiling. Cheerful, playing around, under the sun with a constant smile on the face. No worries, no fear. Huh ! I never knew adulting would be this tough ! Life is not anymore about those cute drawing books, sparkle pens, different shades of oil pastels or brushes dipped in acrylic colour bottles. Rather, it's about hiding my tear stained face, red eyes, drenched pillows, heartbreaking quotes, sad songs and some deep buried truths of life. I've been hijacked by my emotions in a way that they now strangle my throat and try to choke me to death.

    I really hate this point of life where I, myself don't know where I actually stand. Some would just say "You're a grown up now, so act like one !" And some would just throw "Ah. You're a kid, don't act like a grown up !"
    *Like excuse me ? What's wrong with you ? Can you please make yourself clear with your own judgemental opinions and then please do me a favour and enlighten me too where I really stand ! This seems all so messed up.*
    I feel like a part of me is mocking me and laughing, saying how things didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. How it's all so different from my expectations. How I was never told that I would have to go through such phases in life. I was not mentally prepared to be hit by such traumatic experiences of life. Not catastrophising okay ? I won't say that my life is bad because I know it's not. It's just I didn't think of it this way.
    People say, I talk less but they don't even understand this simple thing that when I start speaking about my problems or anything related to me, they would just start ranting about their own miseries. Like okay, it's not a problem for me to listen but someone who always listens to others sometimes, needs a listener too !!!!! What's so difficult in this to understand ? They can't just come to me and say "You're sad because you never share things !" *Like you give me a chance to do so !* would always come out as a murmur. Why ? Because I fear hurting people.
    I know, I've always been that kind of person who just fades away on days and comes back when everything becomes normal. This is my thing. I've become like this due to the situations. But not everyday you can fade away right ? Not everyday you can hide away yourself from people.
    But what might happen everyday is that you keep dying within. And that's what happening to me. I've been dying since years and by now, I've already died many times before. Yes, it does sounds much quixotic but some things are like that only. Out of many people's league to understand. While trying to become a moon for others I chose a dusky, deep ocean for myself to sink in. While trying to be someone who would give her shoulder for people to cry started has been taken for granted and ended up locking all the doors resisting human existence in life. While trying to be a reason for others' colourful, aesthetic life, I embraced black as an aesthetic shade for myself where highlighters and sparkle pens don't work. But something which hides every reason, everyone out there who are standing outside my door with esurient hands and ferocious eyes to tear me apart like they've always wanted to.

    I've died many times before but this time, I'm alive in the dark, camouflaged , so that no-one could ever find me.

    ~ Shweta

    @mirakeeworld @miraquill @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

    #blackstory #aesthetic #life #struggle #lonliness #mirakee #toxicity #deadoralive #cries #unheardtales #issues #fear

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    ~ I've died many times before.


  • miabeyy 30w

    By: Mia Palencia

    From the very start these are all lies,
    How you came to me so sweet and so nice,
    With your gently and friendly gesture,
    My heart is the real one you captured.

    I am allured with you sweet and gentle gaze,
    It feels like I'm drugged that induced my haze,
    By your touches and kisses I am truly pleased,
    And I admit, I do like how those moments feels.

    I like this sensation you're given to mine,
    It runs through my body down to my spine,
    But baby don't ever dare to play fire on me,
    I am warning you, you can never ever dupe me.

    I like your dimples and I like your smile,
    But stay away from me for a little while,
    And please, let us just stop this for now,
    Though I, too, did not also know how.

    I warned you that you can't deceive me,
    So don't you ever try to fool me, baby.
    But I still want to confess this to you,
    I am sincerely amazed by your sweet incognito.

    #poetry #incognito #love #desires #lies #sensation #night #fire #cries #alone #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #miraquill #mirakeeworld #pod

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    Sweet Incognito


  • miabeyy 30w

    By: Mia Palencia

    The fogs covereth the whole ground
    The clouds eating the moon round
    Darkness covers darkness itself
    Why does I can't convince myself to sleep?

    The curtain at my windows were swayin'
    The trees outside were happily dancin'
    The wind whistle sweetly and coldly
    But still, the night seems so gloomy

    It is already twelve midnight
    And I'm still cryin' with all my might
    I can't even dried my tears
    And still, I am in my great fears

    I feared to be left alone and lonely
    Though, I know it happened already
    'Cause I can't find you beside me
    I left in my bed huggin' myself tightly

    The dawn is waiting to reborn
    The sun will rises again soon
    Flowers will wake up with their beauty
    While I am looking for my one and only

    What happened to your 10,000 promises?
    What happened to the love and memories?
    It disappeared and vanish like an ashes
    And you just let the love fade and passes

    You promised to be by my side forever
    But I guess our forever became never
    You will never be by my side ever again
    Our story has ended and never be rewritten

    Your 10,000 promises come along with you
    No one on those 10,000 promises come true
    So now, I guess I have to find a new
    Not a new love but a new life without you

    #poetry #promises #love #dream #sadness #vanish #night #cries #alone #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #miraquill #mirakeeworld #pod

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    Ten Thousand Promises


  • nivethitha_d 34w

    She cries like she has no happiness
    But laughs like she has no worries.


  • penceze 38w

    Cries Unheard

    The innocent cries of a boy
    One who is affected by troubles not of his making
    The pain in the heart of a boy
    He sits there, lost, no joy nor rejoicing

    The world goes on, to him it pays no attention
    To his cries no one pays heed
    No one looks his way nor is his pain seen
    The sun sinks, in his arms he rests his head

    The night is quiet, but his thoughts are loud
    His dreams are real, they leave him trembling
    He knows no silence because he can hear its sound
    The night is long, he can only hope for the morning

    The sun rises, he looks up and smiles
    For now there's no trembling or a loud silence
    The world comes alive, so does his tears
    No one pays heed - unheard cries


  • bhuvana_ 39w


    If I'm lost, find me but don't ask me to come back just yet..
    Sit with me in this lost place & may be you will understand why I come here too often, what draws me to my Neverland...
    Find my soul which was lost in finding love..
    For which I was starving for it..
    Find me but never bring me back, when I'm ready..
    Spend time with me in this lost place..
    May be you will get to know me little better...
    May be we can get last together..

  • bhuvana_ 39w


    The feeling of desperate
    It's Hurts
    I don't know the leftness hurts more than a wound, until you left me..
    I don't know the breathelessness what it mean until you take it off my breathe..
    Its Hurts. ...
    Night cries makes me throw a fake smile in morning's..
    Makes my heart stronger than a stone ,
    It's Hurts....
    Calmness of sad more harder than cries,
    Its Hurts..

  • bhuvana_ 41w

    Its Hard to Breathe..

    When unable to concede with my soul running after you....
    Its hard to breathe!
    Admires you, when ignorance hits
    Its hard to breathe!
    Dying hard to see you, when you can't spend a word with me..
    Its hard to breathe!
    When declining the attention,
    Even repair to grab attentiveness..
    Its hard to breathe!
    Recalling the warmth of you, sense of presence..
    Its hard to breathe!
    No call backs, no replies, retrieving you ,
    Its hard to breathe!
    A broken heart is worst, actually its like broken ribs.. No one can see it, but it hurts every time I breathe...
    Much hard to breathe!!!

  • sharifa 45w

    Halfway through the life they met
    How many days together did they stay?
    Was it a month or was it two?
    Then why did the life felt all new
    Too soon the time did fly
    It would have been a tough goodbye
    One was cursed to have his memories erased
    The other found it hard to embrace
    As a boomerang all the memories flooded back
    The other’s became slate black
    Staring into each other’s eyes
    One saw it all anew and other with burden cries
    Who was the one that got cursed
    The one with pain or the one unhurt.

  • 7secondsauthor 47w

    Tears Don't Fall

    I feel that my tears,
    They dried up in 2010.
    During that accident saga,
    I pent up every last one of them.
    Now, I do not bleed, I do not weep,
    I just watch helplessly as people leave.


  • iampraveena 52w


    The cries and screams were so deep and loud,
    that even the pillows couldn't hold.


  • miabeyy 58w

    By: Mia Palencia

    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    When I say "Baby, I love You",
    Believe my words because that's true.
    But roses are not all red,
    And violets will never ever be blue,
    You answered, "Yes I'm in love too...
    "But I'm sorry 'cause it's not you."

    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    I cried alone all night because of you,
    Hoping all you said were not true,
    But roses are not all red,
    And violets will never ever be blue,
    I am not inside a nightmare, I'm not dreaming,
    'Cause I saw how happy you are with her.

    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    I'm ready to move forward, forgetting about you,
    I need to move on 'cause it's just me who loves you,
    But roses are not all red,
    And violets will never ever be blue,
    You came to me crying 'cause she cheated on you,
    And this stupid heart of mine accepted you.

    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    You're here with me now but I can't see your smile,
    I thought I'll be happy with me in your arms,
    How can I ever forget that roses are not all red,
    And violets will never ever be blue,
    She came running to you begging for forgiveness,
    You accepted her and left me hanging again.

    Roses are not all red and violets are not blue,
    My mind has been wreck, my heart is broken,
    I'm alone in the dark while she's been forgiven,
    Because roses are not all red,
    And violets will never ever be blue,
    You can't love me back the way that I love you,
    And I know that I can't be with you.

    #roses #thorns #cries #love #pain #rejected #storypart #mimi #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #mirakeeworld #pod

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    "Roses Cried"

    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    When I say "Baby, I love You",
    Believe my words because that's true.
    But roses are not all red,
    And violets will never ever be blue,
    You answered, "Yes I'm in love too...
    "But I'm sorry 'cause it's not you."