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    Yellow rose -signifies friendship

    Velvet coat - love

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    Crimson Diaries -3

    A yellow rose was withered with my eyes and now I look upon you ...

    2021.12 . 16.

    Dear one who left me,

    You returned to my cavern of velvet hearts
    As the lamps glittered in the awe of your presence
    As my velvet coat tightened around my breasts
    As the coal coat faded away
    Within your presence of happiness

    But now
    The yellow rose which I once handed to a young girl
    Is withering away within your presence
    As it cries out to be sunk in the graveyard of my heart

    I want to be the reason for your punishment for your suffer
    By leaving you away
    But my velvet coat is too tight around my heart to do so
    To let you suffer alone in pain without my touch of delicacy
    And let you drown away in the drunken ashes
    Of loneliness
    You fear forever

    I feel like a selfish little girl
    For not leaving you so
    As my yellow rose was taken from my delicate hands
    Just cause of y o u
    You were the reason behind my
    Yellow rose's tears
    And I was the reason behind your deeds

    And now I'm a sinking ship that's burning
    With a yellow rose who's withering
    As my velvet coat hugs my thighs chewing them with your presence

    And now I'm a maiden
    L o v e d
    By your presence
    And unloved
    By a delicate
    Y e l l o w r o s e

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    Crimson Diaries - 2

    Is it?

    2021 .12 .5.
    Dear one who left me,

    I met December
    The last child and the most frozen hearted maiden
    Of twenty twenty one
    The newly born mother
    Who's withering away
    With her children
    Day by day

    Three sixty five
    And dawns
    Which in early January
    Till six months passed by
    For me to touch my soul
    Within your presence
    But never met your heart
    O n e t w e n t y d a y s
    Passed by
    With bittersweet vowels
    Touches and memories
    Just endlessly...

    I met the frozen hearted maiden
    For the very first time in my life
    And the words we exchanged
    Could be kept as secrets
    But my doors are slamming out
    Towards your doorstep
    As I begin my story
    Of secret chambers for you..

    I asked her
    Has she ever fallen in love
    And she said
    Maiden of ebony hair
    I have fallen in love with the aura of Christmas
    As he proposed me last summer
    After hundreds of decades
    Which I rejected
    But on every Christmas Eve
    Our lips meet within each other
    But after my heart of days
    Pass by
    We wait for another year
    To meet and make love
    Within each other...

    I asked her
    Has she ever hurt a person
    And she said
    Yes might be
    Or yes it is
    As my frozen pieces of snows
    Pierce the hearts of young and old
    Without no hesitation
    Cause after every happiness
    There should be a dark era
    And after every darkness
    There should be a light era
    Which changes and switches
    That's what nature is..

    Tears trickled down my cheeks
    As her icicle embrace
    Was met within mine
    Dear what's your problem
    She asked with a smile of petrichor
    Should I wait
    For a gone
    Or should I stop waiting for him
    Or should I dissolve into the mist
    Forgetting every memory
    I asked her with hiccups

    And she said
    Dear relax
    Time would decide everything
    Till then enjoy the summers
    And autumns
    And never beg
    For a l o v e
    Cause you are
    L o v e a b l e
    That was the most merriest thing
    I 've ever heard in my life
    And the sweetest ever
    How could someone be this kind
    I thought to myself
    As my eyes opened
    And here I am
    In the cavern of your lit lamps
    Letting the time flee
    And deciding to let go off you
    Cause my broken heart
    Deserves b e t t e r

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    Red velvet coat dissolving away signifies that
    The person who fell for the maiden, his love is fading away due to her mistakes.

    Just entered this into the caption late
    Cause its the most important part one should understand.

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    Crimson Diaries -1

    Speak silence
    Through cold fire

    2021. 12 .4.

    Dear one who left me,

    I'm a maiden
    In the light of your shades
    In the cavern of your lit glimmering lamps
    As I wore my coat of darkness
    Just to cover myself away from my misery
    The night curtained sky of melancholy
    Which always spoke to me
    Sitting beside my bed
    Brushing against my body
    As I screamed in pain
    For days and nights

    My eyes spoke silence
    Of unhidden words
    Dancing in my heart
    Having the urge to open my wooden doors
    Of my heart
    But I always slammed them shut
    From the metal lock
    Of my eyes
    Which flowed down my cheeks
    And reached my chest of cottons
    Which I hid inside a blanket
    Of oxymorons
    Bleeding endlessly

    s p o k e
    Words of rude hearted inkings
    Ready to shed your heart
    But never knew
    You'd be this hurt
    Within changes of my
    C o l d f i r e
    I ripped you
    And now
    You want
    A clock
    Of t i m e
    To get healed
    Within ages
    And now
    I sit
    On my bed
    Your lit cavern of lamps
    Are slowly fading away
    Your red velvet coat
    You gave me
    Is slowly dissolving away

    As I
    See the misery coat
    Slowly engulfing me
    In psychopathetic laughs
    Telling me to not wait for your return
    As you may
    N e v e r r e t u r n
    But here I am
    Looking through the windows of
    D e s t i n y
    Like a fool in the translucent nights
    Waiting for my
    To h e a l
    Cause I do deserve this
    P a i n