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  • hamallaxmi 7w

    You just blown out
    like wild fire
    Raging out the ultimate
    Anger in you,
    You have
    been acting this kind
    From the very beginning
    I wonder
    Has it something to do
    With the genetics
    Or its completely your
    Natural ways of
    dealing from crisis.


  • angels_halo_shines 13w

    Impressionable World
    (Part 1)

    Too many fake personable expressionistic narcissistically characteristics in close proximity.
    Unbearable to me almost always.
    I have to the old, gotta remove myself from it all. Immediately. That’s never fast enough, unfortunately. To be impressionable, why isn’t being yourself enough? Why put a mask on, for people to see a characteristic of your choosing, version of you? I see this in many people, unfortunately. Hiding your most unique ideas & pleasures mostly because you are afraid of the judgement being passed.
    So what. I say let them pass their judgement. It shows there empty personalities & narcissistic madness going on inside their minds. All they know is how to flip on a button for their mask mode.

    It must be a simplistically rationalization for them. It isn’t for me.
    I won’t ever understand it. Masking mode, it’s not for me. I don’t know how to be anything else but myself at all times. We all have our characteristic traits. The ones that define us. The ones that make us our unique selves. Uniquely us. In a world that is so fast to throw judgements on another being. Some push & push more until a small child can’t tolerate anymore. As they were as tolerant as they could have been given the circumstances. Imagine being bullied & bullied until you wanted to die. I wonder how those children are raised.
    Maybe in a home where judgement day was every day for them. So hey we can take it out on someone else just like dad does me. That’s not who they are. That’s who they have become. A learned behavior. Hiding behind a mask to bully another being.

    When does bullied get their chance? Because they are who they are. There are no masks available. See they were not raised to hide behind who they aren’t. They are who they are. Period.
    So be it. I mean if others can’t deal with it, just leave them be. It’s so very simplistic a young child can understand. We have teenagers & young adults bullying the innocent & vulnerable. Just so they can feel better about themselves. I mean I guess. Then they go home to the alcoholic dad, that then bullies them. Night after night, day after day. Intoxicated, ferocious, subsequently attacking behaviors. Such behaviors lead to self hate & a need for control. To control all they can because without it they feel powerless. A hatred built off their own fear, but seeming superior & almost grandiose.
    Nobody knows what goes on inside a childs mind when treated that way. Most can speculate. Some may know but too afraid to speak up. Keep that in mind next time you feel the need to bully someone. That it could be you on the other side of that fence. How much could you take? As much as you have given of yourself? I know that answer but I will let you ponder on that. Bullying is ignorance. Just because it was taught to you doesn’t mean you do onto others. Make it end. Do get help, someone will listen to you.

  • imswagat 20w

    Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.
    Makes you stronger than before.

  • prose_nexus 22w

    If you turned up to the venue, that's fine,
    If you move above low judgements, that fly,
    If you see me with another face, that's mine,
    I never changed, I just started living life.


  • prose_nexus 22w

    I believe a lot of people battle out with this, but in truth, the right company is yourself, before anyone else because until you learn to love yourself, you can never love others.

    Feel free to LIKE, COMMENT, REPOST, FOLLOW AND MOST OF ALL, BE SATISFIED. It does count and you do matter.

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    It's tough out there in the lonely abyss.
    You're not alone around here.

    The irony of living.
    It's tiresome, friends around you
    But no one gets you.
    Try to speak out but your heart won't let you,

    And in your mental, you are craving attention,
    But a taste of it, the aftertaste has a sour tang to it.
    It bites the jaw.

    In this loneliness you abide,
    It would be understandable why suicide would have a question mark at its end,
    But do not trust it as you are not certain of what comes next.

  • prose_nexus 22w

    Scandalous elements are what represent us.
    The change begins with us,
    But trust and believe that this world's war will be dangerous.

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    The Backstreet Instruments

    I'm aware of the Backstreet Instruments,
    It's the Dark Queen's influence over her people,
    So subtle, it's like a passing consequence.
    Leaves you lacking confidence,
    And passing chances where the rich would often place their bets.

    The Mad Kings would use these to catch your heart, and without your volition, your soul.
    Their manifestos are empty,
    Promises that only give hope to the weary.

    Creeds portraying principles and evil deeds that no judge can judge,
    And no brush can wash.

    Beware the Backstreet Instruments,
    For it invokes poverty on the crude spirits.

    Listen but do not be tempted,
    Feel but do not be absorbed,
    Understand but do not sympathize.

  • mysterysmile 23w


    Khwab bikhar ge sarey
    Sarey ke sarey ujar ge tarey
    Na me janu kis aur he
    Uss khuda ke ishare

  • jee_tu 27w

    Sometimes I wonder who should sympathize with whom....

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    Poor ones have food crisis

    Middle segment has identity crisis

    Rich ones have existential crisis

    Crisis nonetheless!


  • gaurisarswat 31w

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा
    खुले आसमां के नीचे, जी उठता था दिल सबका
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    #miraquil #writer@mirakee #writingforgreenry

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    जब महकती थी फिज़ा

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा
    नीला था समंदर, महकती थी फिज़ा
    घुटन जब हुआ करती थी सिर्फ़ बंद कमरों में
    खुले आसमां के नीचे, जी उठता था दिल सबका

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा

    पेड़ जब कटने लगे, चिड़ियों के घर उजड़ने लगे
    धुंध बनगई वो हवाएं,
    जहाँ खिला करती थी फ़िज़ाएँ

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा

    नदियों का पानी, जो रहता था नीला
    मछलियाँ जब दिखती थी पानी में साफ़
    पंडरों का पानी जब मिलने लगा नदियों में
    भूल गयी मछलियाँ रहना अपने घरों में

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा

    इंसान है परेशान,
    जब काटना पड़ रहा है उसे अपना ही खलियान
    जब बोया था बबूल, काँटे आने साथ
    शायद अनजान था तब,
    कि यही काँटे लेलेंगे उसके अपनों की जान

    अब याद करता है, दिल दुखाता है
    मन ही मन रोता है, जब खुद से ये कहता है
    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा
    खुले आसमां के नीचे, जी उठता था दिल सबका।


  • shawty 32w


    TIME plays a magnificent role.
    When it's time you realise certain things
    When time runs you never notice..
    Time is never enough around a loved one..
    Your actions mean nothing if not done on time
    You gain nothing if you pause yourself when time runs..
    Time can never be paused, rewinded nor played
    One can never rule over time
    For time is the mere ruler of your whole life.
    The only sound, in a silenced room will neither be your heartbeat or tick tock.
    Who found time ? Who scheduled things on time ?
    What's time...?
    The ones who needed those last two minutes
    The ones who breathed their last breath in seconds
    The ones who took last minute decisions for a lifetime
    The ones who played and ruled over time
    Will understand the true worth of TIME...

  • 2chinmayee 35w

    An onslaught of 2019,2020,2021/
    A journey of depression...
    A journey with broken bone...//

    An outcry tenebrously grabbing
    the Homo sapiens unrelentingly
    defing all the protocols.
    Being an espousal to
    the mutated waves of B.1.617.2 ,
    metaphors of fire firing from the sky
    like the 1919 Jalianawalbag masaacre .
    Lawlessness reign of the turbulent
    waves trampling the subcontinent
    with an acromacy and aggravating
    the calamity sending double jeopardy and
    splashing salt in the wound being an onus.
    Breaking all the rule ,regulations and norms,
    crossing all the protocols foreigners doing
    a rampant out rage and stacking
    the mounds of bodies that are untouchable.
    Funeral by family has been a dream.
    Unity has been a faux-paw.

    But we live in a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC country . Here Thousands of prayers and whispered and murmured......

    ~Chinmayee Mohanty

    2019:- Ruination of Fani In Odisha, floods in other sates
    2020,2021:- Everything and continuing may be something unpredictable and undesirable....

    Teneberous :- dark
    Unrelenting :- continual , inflexible
    Espousal :- support
    Acromacy :- Enimity
    Double jeopardy :- double punishment
    Faux-paw :- social blunder
    Pic credit goes to the rightfull owner
    #wod #crisis #article #wod #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Bye.. bye my fellow readers and writers ...
    Will be back with another one...

    Stay Home ��.... Stay Safe ��️....

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  • maazsiddiqui 36w

    Looking at the current situations of the pandemic, as much as government’s incompetence is responsible we the citizens are also equally accountable for our actions. If everyone of us could just followed the simple rules we wouldn’t have seen so much havoc and chaos. Rather we chose to stay ignorant by denying the fact that it really exists and if one accepts that it yet they were reckless in going with norms believing themselves as superheroes as pandemic is not going to kill them. When some responsible citizens who really care about loved ones following the rules , herd of highly sophisticated immature make fun of them but hey they won’t pay any heed to your useless blabbering. It’s you want to die you can happily but don’t let your family suffer because of you. Still there’s a moment that we can avoid this destruction. Coming out of denial mode and by mending our thinking to follow the rules by maintaining the social distancing, wearing masks. Be kind to each other , stay safe.

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    Waba ko dekh kar Qayamat se pehle qayamat ka manzar nazar aaraha hai

    Aalam e nafsa nafsi dekh kar maidaan e hashar ka manZar nazar aaraha hai

    Jaan bachane ki daud ko dekh kar pulsiraat ka manzar nazar aaraha hai

    Sawalaat e tabeeb ko dekh kar qabar ka manzar nazar aaraha hai

    Berabt hoti sansein aur akhudti dhadkanein aalam e naza ka pata derahi hai

    Laashao k dher ko dekh kar bhi hum apni bewakufi se dusrao ka mazaq banarahe hain

    Laparwahi se apni Dushman hum apnao ki jaan k bante nazar aarahe hain

    Aur phr maurid e ilzam hum hukumat o qaideen ko dete nazar aarahe hain

    Hukmutao ki na-ahli to sabit hogayi hai aur tum unse zyada apni na ahli ka sbaoot derahe ho

    Zimmedariyao se apni nazrein churakar bahadur bante nazar aarahe hain

    Zindagi par ban aayi to oxygen aur dawai k liye daudte nazar aarahe hain

    Aey kash hum apni aqal o faham se ashraful maqlooqat hone ka saboot dete

    Toh shayed ye shehar o ghr veeran aur shafakhane bhare nazar na aarahe hote

    Waqt rehte sudhar jao warna apnao ko khokar pachtate nazar aarahe honge..!!!

  • youcanenvisage 37w

    Lines from one of the bestseller❤️❤️ Guess who is the author!?? Comment below������������������������
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    Overindulgence of emotions leads to crisis of hope, so does the repression of emotions

  • youcanenvisage 38w

    Don't regret for what you did in 2014!
    There's still time
    Next time vote for cartoon characters


  • thegaia 42w


    WATER is not a resource to consume,
    It’s a source to consume in a certain volume.
    WATER is a source of creation, not a resource of destruction.
    WATER has lost its source of basis and all we talk is to outsource of its crisis.
    WATER was an element of existence and now all we do is argument on its verge of extinction.
    WATER is a lifeline of our ecosystem. Don’t create a deadline coz of our ego system.
    And now the time has come, to embrace and nourish our water bodies because “NO WATER, NO MATTER”

  • jeetspeaks 48w


    Today I'm going to tell you about hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is quite a common quality found today. Hypocrisy is following a dual standard; saying something and practising something else makes one a hypocrite. We see it everywhere. For example, in a school which is known as the temple of education, teachers advise students many things. They(children or students here) too take it quite serious as they are going through a phase of immaturity, The students, at times, keep asking questions about what they have been taught. Teachers either keep them shut up, when they don't have any satisfactory answer, or answer them if they have any. But such advice are not applicable for them. How many of the teachers follow punctuality when they instruct the students to be punctual? How many teachers don't spit in public when they advise the same to students? How many teachers maintain silence in teachers' common room when they advise students to maintain silence?
    That is hypocrisy. In simple terms, when we say something and do something else, it is hypocrisy. I know sometimes it is difficult to practice what we say, but at least in such cases, we should not be particular about it. We know it well, to err is human, to forgive is God. We cannot guarantee that whatever we do, everything is right. But, why are there two different standards? One for some, another for the others.
    Children or students are the future of a nation. They act accordingly what they see. The teachers should have the guts at least to tell them the truth, not part of it.

  • devilfish 49w

    Valentine's Velvet Cape

    In morning sunshine haze
    And sunset
    with an iridescent glazea of a milky honeydew drop of the moonlight and it's lunar rays of of a twinkling gaze into the truth illuminated with moonbeams of empathy
    And motherly love holding your pain meaningfully and tenderly
    Encompass and envelop me in a blanket of safety
    For when I'm lonely and I need my own company in the intricacies
    The instances where I was not enough for me
    I needed that luminosity to fight the dark that tries of overcome me
    For that i will love me
    Self doubt won't knock me into the ground
    I won't sit i get back up and stay in tune
    I seethe fumes
    I breathe in red
    And blow it out in fumes that change hues and subdue the most angelic tune with a melody of a memory in nostalgic frames of time
    with me and you
    And you and me
    Intertwined and uncombined
    Somehow Apollo's light captured me as it emmites bright thoughts of insight myself and I smiled in delight
    And kissed the Moon goodnight
    In an uninterrupted slumber
    With time that doesn't divide and
    Limitless and passionate
    Felt in blissful energy we cannot see
    In the infinity

  • amysticalmess 51w

    The Shoe ; an existential crisis

    This hollowness of my existence,
    Suffocates me to the core of my sole.
    Moments of fulfillments during the day,
    Leaves me void and reeking
    At the end of the day.


  • f_e_r_d_o_u_s 52w

    And the lamp, lightens each soul up
    Yet fails to resist its own flame
    When it comes to dwindle down....


  • deepflowsoul 53w

    We can't control most things. But hold on tight to the that you can, and you will deeply benefit ❤

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    Yeah, everything is falling apart.
    But, I get to choose if I do.