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  • sketcher 4w

    Stealthily hurt

    As I gaze at the twinkle in your eyes
    Whine me into holding you
    Ink it with our lips in sync
    Ratio my longing
    Kisses you bribe
    Sink as I let you win me
    Shush me with those begging eyes
    Touch me like I'm rock
    Crush me like I'm already broken
    Give me your high
    Let me make believe a lie
    I don't deserve you but I'm greedy
    I don't love you but I'm lonely
    Trash me , sweet talk me
    Sugar, I'm crazy
    Worry for me like I work for you


  • bonitasarahbabu 5w

    In cutting off access to her lifeline,
    You didn't make her love you.
    She saw your manipulation and your cruel controlling claws.
    The epilogue of her story may surprise all,
    Herself included.
    She will be leaving, but the ending,
    The ending will need another book.

  • charlieka 5w

    Never Knew

    the side of him I never knew is cruel like a circus clown parade of horrors spilling from a dilly car finding their way to press into the soft flesh of my belly ride under the skin where I'll carry this memory for life


  • poetic_myth101 11w

    Crows Of Darkness

    Await in the shadows for here they come
    Taking the sinners one by one
    Leaving no task undone as the dead has won
    And claiming that this is their way of having fun

    They sing with joy in their voices but with despair in their hearts
    Their minds are foggy but working fast like darts
    People run but their dreams of escape are afar
    And as she looks their eyes, she sees the dark

    Crying have mercy for I am not what I seem
    And they laugh yelling you can't be redeemed
    For you are mine to keep
    And they cry for hope was the thing they had seen

    And as this continues it becomes the past
    And everyone speaks of it as a myth nothing more than a old rash
    As time returns to normal as if the world was recovering so fast
    As some wonder of the peace, the mercy of the world's cruelty would last

  • arjeet02 14w

    Harsh reality

    World is full of memories.
    It's on you to decide,
    To mark your memories to others,
    Or marked by other's.

    Life is a race,
    if you left out,
    You will be swamped.
    World is a cruel place to live in,
    But it's the only place you got.

    It's harsh

  • pakterlombi 16w

    #cruel world sad reality

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    Don't expect this World to do justice with you,
    World will be watching you suffer silently,

  • princessfuzzy 20w


    The rain painted the sky
    a misty hue,
    As it fell from beneath
    the clouds: dark and pulchritudinous,
    curious puddles creating patterns
    on the ground.

    Her eyes stared into the darkness
    That overshadowed the smiling sun
    as she pursed her lips
    In thin, white line,
    Memories digging holes,
    In her mind.

    Those orbs reflected the filmy sky,
    as she was reminded of
    A person whom she considered
    the most precious: her father...

    Her father was long gone,
    Five years before or so,
    But she would never forget him;
    Neither the beady eyes that crinkled
    When he smiled,
    Nor the heartwarming hug he always gave,
    Reserved only for her,
    His little princess.

    She still vividly remembered
    Everything like yesterday,
    The gruesome sight of her father
    Hanging on the ceiling,
    His lifeless eyes staring holes at her,
    as tears blurred her sight.

    She hated her father
    for this sole reason;
    Little did she know
    That it was a homicide and
    that her mother,
    Currently married to another man
    With two children,
    Had done the ghastly deed,
    All for money...


  • _poetry_army 23w

    just read it and feel it ...these are the problems we are creating now but these things are ignored nowadays ..
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark @writersbay

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    You know there is an another world other than mine.Some force is attracting me to visit that place .Yes !The mysterious blue planet ..Earth . It is a place where head touches the ground to worship God . But why is everthing so divided here, even God can't escape this ! I have read about the blue oceans and the beautiful rivers on the earth. But I can only see the red river of humans blood.They say they killed them because of differences in the religion . But can they see God after this ? The statutes of god are sold in cheap prices , How can you sell the power who created you ? I heard about the seeds that gives green plants but here I can only see seeds sown of hate and disrespect towards religion. The children crying after losing there parents in terrorist attack Children with blood tears sleeping on their dead mothers lap. Trees are cut , poverty is increasing , No water to tap is seen, pollution adds more to the problem. People don't take stand everyone is self bothered . These are not humans but monsters in disguise. What this humans will answer God on judgment day ? The sun is going down ...its my time to leave this planet...
    But my last words to them .."They consider earth as their mother , Do they treat their mother in the same way ??"

  • taytay_nicole424 23w

    I'm nothing more than a mere painting
    Tarnished by your touch
    You took all these beautiful colors I once harbored
    Splattered them across my canvas
    Ruining the once beauty and brightness of my soul
    Now when I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind
    Forever taunting me
    Always reminding me that my purity was never truly mine to hold

    #rape #feels #metoo #sexualassault #victim #survivor #warrior #struggling #drowning #deep #dark #cruel #art #depressed #ptsd #writer #poetry #poem #poet #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    When I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind

  • dude_shayarana 25w

    A man who talks just of himself
    is welcomed no where twice.


  • nick_a20 27w

    Children are Cruel

    Children are Cruel
    Mindlessly, uncontrollably cruel
    Prone to the worst tantrums
    Like tyrants commanding obedience
    With tempestuous tears that coerces acquiescence.
    Jealousy, brutal jealousy.
    Spiteful brutes that manage to consume you and yet heal your soul.


  • _flow_of_words_ 30w

    Cries as if it's a last cry...!

    It's hard for me to rely on something other than my words because at the end, it breaks me into pieces and those pieces are a puzzle which will never be solved by anyone, and I will be a mess forever just like that puzzle. If someone even tries to solve me, then that person will not get anything, but disappointment in return because this is me and that's how I am. A puzzle! All I can do is keep those pieces in front of someone, waste my time in expressing myself and it's done. Because I will have to filter those people again from the category called "close friends" if something goes wrong. Sometimes it feels like a knife piercing my heart; because it isn't that easy to even label those people as "no one" whom I used to call "close friends" once upon a time, but that's how life is. Life is cruel as hell! Yes, life will always be cruel who will keep telling you to be alone, and cherish that loneliness. No, it isn't loneliness. It's solitude. What kind of solitude it is when it just keeps reminding you how lonely you are after all that pain it gives? 

    Relationships are important for sure, but why do we even invest in them if we know that nothing stays forever unless and until it's mutual? Aren't you tired of breaking your heart again and again? Yes, I am tired. I am even tired of those eyes and the fake smiles which keeps reminding me how good I have became in hiding my pain, and that even proves how fake I am. And that's not what I want. I want to be real, but I can't.

    But wait! Life is cruel and it tells us to cherish everything till the end, even after knowing that it's painful just like the first wound a baby gets when she falls for the first time while playing and cries as if it's her last cry. 

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 11 May, 2021 @2:55 hrs IST

  • xting_tha_shrink 31w


    I wonder what you'd gain now that you've caused so much pain;
    ..... ..... ..... .....
    Maybe you can sleep well at night while your victim goes insane;
    ..... ..... ..... .....
    Without regard for the bond we shared and the world I've built around you for years;
    ..... ..... ..... .....
    This cruel side caught me off guard, never really thought that you'd bring me much tears.
    ..... ..... ..... .....


  • slaughtered_heart 32w

    You know. ! You have made me
    realise that the world is too
    cruel for someone like me.
    Someone who loves a person
    to the core and still gets
    buried deep into the crust.


  • penelope_ 34w

    Undeniable truth

    How strange it is that sometimes your life is simple and easy on the outward and no one discovers your difficulties you experience while performing the simple and easy tasks, you know why because health is not a permanent position or superpower you are born with, sometimes these simple and easy tasks can take someone's life and a loss of a human is irreparable but the realisation of human existence is 1% even in this 2021, will you not address such people as cruel and inhumane? When the question arises about what to choose,culture or human loss, choose human, these cultures,etiquettes,manners and respect whatsoever are not worth the life of a person.

  • taytay_nicole424 38w

    6 a.m. Thoughts

    Why can't I slay this monsterous misery clawing at my heart
    Ripping to shreds my thoughts like it was nothing more than mere paper flying about in this vast darkness called my mind
    Bringing about nothing but memories and hurt
    Setting ablaze whatever joyful butterfly dares to flutter about
    Leaving me shattered and scattered about
    When will this pain float away

  • taytay_nicole424 38w

    Don't Talk to Me About Love

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have cut yourself open with that jagged shard of trust continously lighting their candle while yours grew dimmer and dimmer until there was simply no more light left and you were trapped in complete utter darkness

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have pricked your finger on the thorns of that rose that you poured your heart and soul and tears onto to help nurture so that it may grow into something so invincible only to watch the one person you stayed up 24/7 watching over that damn flower cut it from the stem, stomp on it, and watch it die with a fucking smirk and a bloody jeer

    Don't talk to me about love
    Until you have experienced your heart shatter into a trillion pieces over and over left to pick up the shards alone because they have dropped you like you were nothing more than a broken toy no longer worth keeping but yet you still wish them the happiness, joys, and love of life while you struggle to ever let anyone touch your fragile fragments like that again

    Don't talk to me about love
    For I know just how cruel and damaging it can truly be

  • anamikappp 48w

    क्या बताऊं

    मेरे बारे में क्या जानना है,
    और सभी को क्या मैं बताऊं
    कह तो दिया एक आम इंसान हूं
    अब क्या कोई नई या झूठी कहानी बनाऊं।।
    दुनियां में हर इंसान हमसे ख़ुश हो,ये मुमकिन नहीं
    तो क्या अब पूरी दुनियां से मै रूठ जाऊं ।
    कुछ राज मेरे अपने है,
    अब क्या हर राज की वजह बताऊं,
    पसंद हैं दुनियां की हर बुराई मुझे
    तो क्या अब इसका कारण भी बताऊं,
    अरे जनाब, कुछ लोगो का तो काम ही है,
    दूसरों में बुराइयां ढूँढना, और दूसरों का बुरा सोचना
    तो क्या अब उनसे दुश्मनी भी, मै ही निभाऊ।।

  • nocturnal_enigma 139w

    #blue_misc_17 'Z-A' #challenge by @cyan_rose
    @bluepuppy_01 #bluepup

    * See also my other alphabet poetry: A-Z ~ #NuEmAlph

    * Xyresic = razor-sharp

    * To: #Ex @ #EX0

    #cruelc @writersbay #cruel #challenge
    #NuEmCruel (2 posts)

    Z-A ~

    'Zero'!; 'Cruel'! etc.
    You called me such...
    Xyresic words;
    Why you hurt me?
    Vent of my emotions
    Unable to keep it longer
    Tears �� flow as I cried ��
    Shutting my eyes ��
    'Rainy' ☔ mood; tried to...
    Quit my life; but my mom ��
    Persuade me not to; I was
    Out of my mind; feel like...
    No one care if I die ��
    Mom �� care though; she...
    Love ❤ me; and I love ❤ her
    Keeping that in mind;
    Just breathing the air;
    In order to live the life;
    Heart ❤ still beats;
    Good thing indeed;
    Freeing my mind;
    Escaping in the...
    Choices are mine;
    Bye, ex; it's...
    A farewell. ~

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    Z-A ~

    (Read Caption, Please)
    Reversed alphabet poetry
    An entry for 'Z-A' challenge

  • nocturnal_enigma 143w

    * It's what my #Ex said to me #EX0

    What you said to me... #WYSTM is part 2 of
    Do You Remember What You Said? #DYRWYS

    #cruelc @writersbay #cruel #challenge
    #NuEmCruel (2 posts)

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    What you said to me...

    You said that I was 'cruel'
    It's my life; you can't rule

    You said "serve you right!"
    Were you asking for a fight?

    You were being so mean
    Yes; you've always been

    You even called me 'zero'
    Hey, you are NOT a hero!

    You want me to eat rock
    You think its fun to mock?

    You said the nasty things
    Not realize that it stings?

    You said the harsh words
    That sharper than swords

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma