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  • 2chinmayee 6w

    Cyclone :- Jawad

    #december #wod #farmer #decemberc #current @odysseus @writersnetwork

    Inclining heart
    to the soil; Drinking
    the sweats of forehead
    He works to feed the hungry
    stomach. But the change in m-
    onsoon was just like the acid attack to his face .
    Boreas (north wind) along with the The flame of bonfire
    can't drench the fire burning in the heart.. Dear!! December ��
    Other s Feel the chilled night wrap
    ped by sheet of snowflakes but
    the soured plum smiles fr--om
    the Lenin of snow
    flurry as her heart
    has been fro
    zen hold
    ing the
    acidic womb.. Hell drops (rain drops) for the demon
    the unwanted d unworthy cyclone in the time production has
    been a sin where the hope has been forlorn. He doesn't work
    for this outcome..People can discuss this but can't relate and
    feel the thing that he and his family can.Carrying the toxic behind
    white you have created scars upon the golden metaphors that ne
    ver need your doctrine And never wanna bleed the oxymoron as he
    knows only to feed other. Dear December!! Your entrance has been intrusion where his life has taken a reverse gear. Pls stop this unseen massacre (thunderstorm) in the wintertide. ��������©2chinmayee

    Can't upload the actual picture . But hope you can feel it.

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  • realityvision 7w

    Electric Current vs Thoughts

    Fan, TV, motor, heater, washing machine all this perform different function but the common thing that's driving is Electric current likewise your life goals may be hundreds of things on different area, main driver to achieve your goals are your thoughts in your mind, bring clarity on your thoughts everything will be successful. Have a nice day

  • sweta9693 7w

    What I should do

    Wanted to write so many things
    Wanted to write what I am feeling
    Wanted to write lots of stories
    But when I started
    My hand got frozen
    Brain got stucked w
    With that moment
    Which is unexplainable
    And unbearable.

  • fab551 19w

    Bas mood, qismat aur dimag thoda kharab hai
    Bakhi sab first class hai...


  • the_harsh_writes 33w

    #samaz #thinking #mentality #grow up India #chnage your minds...Because at the end you only is the one to suffer no one else....#think deep....
    #Current Reality of Indian society...

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    Ek alg sa hi naam hai na..
    Agr app ne kuch kr liya to samaz kya kahyeka..
    Agr app ne apni marzii se shaddi kr lii to samaz kya kahyeka...
    Agr app ki beti ka balatkar ho gaya to samaz kya kahyeka...
    Ye vahi samaz hai to jo app ko kabhi sahi krne pr nahi uskeyeka....
    Agr app kisi ka bhala Krogeye to kabhi nhi batlayeka...
    Ye sirf ek Tamasha hai.....
    Aur app sab iske tamsehe ka ek hissa......
    Are me app se puchta huu;
    Muje ye batao ye jo samaz ka jhanda liye ghumnte ho...
    Iska app bhi to hissa ho...
    Jis beti ke balatkar pr uske ghr valo ko bolte ho unko koste ho ;
    kabhi vahi beti tumre ghr me ghr valo se bolti thi....
    Kabhi vahi beti tumre ghr me ghr valo se bolti thi....
    Ajj vahi itni gand hoo gyi...
    Ki uski shakal aur izzat tumre liye na kaam ho gyi...
    Bhala krne vale ko bolta hai vyaparii hai aur bura kre to bolta hai duracharri hai...
    Are phele khud ko dekho ye samaz to tume Khanne ke liye hai...
    Jiska khud ka wajood nhi hai vo samaz sabka wajood dikhlata hai...
    Kuch alag hi ye samaz....
    Samaz, sochaiye ka zaroor iss samaz ke uper...


  • beensn 47w

    Swimming against

    People who prefer to swim with the flow,
    Tend to look calm and humble.
    But the ones who swims against the flow,
    Stands out and become remarkable.
    Yes, it's true, swimming with the current,
    Is always easy and less risky.
    Swimming against the current,
    Is like an attempt to reach the sky.
    When time is ripe to fight back,
    It's better to show your inner power.
    Else, your own people will stab you in the back,
    Gather all your strength to win over.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 47w


    Those prismatic candles longing desperately to watch erotic games,
    seemed to be enticing the moments of love with their flickering flames,
    the petals of roses waiting to secrete their nectar, red and pink,
    on the white bed sheet as if they were seducing with a naughty wink.

    Soft pillows, heart-shaped, bearing our images as a couple, in depiction,
    lying on the velvety coverlets engrossed in the act of seduction,
    the curtains swayed as if they hummed a song of romance,
    the moonlight peeping in to behold our intimacy at every glance.

    When thou came closer than the closest and dove deep in to my eyes,
    and the warmth of thy breath froze my heart like glaciers of ice,
    thou tenderly kissed my forehead, the first sign of thy affinity
    and won over my confidence before conquering my virginity.

    All my fears of first intimacy thou made to sublime patiently,
    clutched in your arms I wished to disintegrate willingly,
    the chocolate we bit from each end while gradually nearing,
    and our tongues tasted sweeter than the sweet we were bearing.

    While thou unclipped my hair playing with each silky strand,
    Kissing my neck, thy thirsty lips slipped down to caress where my heart stays,
    I so wanted to stop thy touch but I failed to resist thy lustful hand,
    thy eyes traversed through each bit of my disrobed body with an amorous gaze.

    The petals of the virgin flower gracefully untwined,
    dulcifying thy taste, the nectar, saccharine & divine
    and at the pinnacle of contentment our souls got placed,
    while each secret of our bodies got blushingly unlaced.

    Liquefied and fused into each other, our souls distinctly shaded,
    like miscible liquids we emerged with a novice tinge of amalgamation,
    we could feel only us as if everything around got blushingly faded,
    surrendering our virginity to the smoothest of frictions, we embraced copulation.

    Reshma kausar Mohideen.
    Insta handle: sword_of_word_86.

    #mirakeeworld #mirakee #writerscommunity #writerscommunity #love #romance #erotica #bliss #current #firsrnight #sex #seduction #intimacy #coupulation

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  • mercileie_zealeaous01 52w

    Pritzkahn 01 , merceilious 01 ! #duos, #lets deep dive into the oceans of the knowledge of something expensives's things present on the earth ����
    #current affairs #2021 Jan , @examwarriors2020 , #Pritzkhan #Merciliousoeiginals , #Mercileie_Zealeaous01 officially. #Testbook.com

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    World's expensives's

  • quotescribe 62w

    नया ज़माना

    शादी नहीं करना लेकिन गर्लफ्रेंड चाहिए।
    वादे नहीं करना लेकिन ऐतबार चाहिये।।

    अदब नहीं करना लेकिन इज्जत चाहिए।
    आमदनी नहीं है लेकिन खर्चा चाहिए।।

    सहारा नहीं बनना लेकिन दोस्त चाहिए।
    जिम्मेदार नहीं बनना लेकिन आशिकी चाहिए।।

    हिम्मत नहीं करना लेकिन आजादी चाहिये।
    दागा नहीं देना लेकिन रिश्वत चाहिए।।

  • papzzz_15 66w

    #current mood#miss ma lub#quote for ma comrade #

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    Whastapp voices♥️

    Have u ever cried like a baby ,recorded & sent it to your love thinking of that they are near youuu......& felt a relax mood ?

    Yes what I often do & I did right now before making this quote .......

    Miss ma love badly right now...
    Wish u to be ma side to hug
    By crushing your shirt
    To burst into tears .....

    Nothing makes me more comfortable than you
    Wish to meet u soon......♡

    Luvu with all my hearts


  • outofleague 67w

    As of now I am just listening to
    the clicks on the keyboard while
    typing this write-up.
    It's kind of nice when they run
    on their own and not just set of
    instructions i have to follow
    for making the noise.

    Faint noises of the outside world
    that are pushing their way through
    the walls to reach my ears,
    getting almost deaf to the utmost
    silence of absent emotions.

    Trying my best to keep the clicks
    continuing while occasionally looking
    at the screen for typing errors,
    oh I had the error at "occasionally".
    Backspace is just so useful addition
    to hide the mistakes you realized
    have done(committed).

    Another end of another paragraph.
    Slowly losing availability of next
    sentence or word in my mind.
    Recently I found out to access emojis
    by pressing "WindowsBotton + DecimalKey
    (also called period key)"
    (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
    I now realized for some reason I don't
    use emojis in my replies. 🤔

    WindowKey... It is there. Not the key.
    The actual window in the room I am in.
    Not far just there where it is.
    Now I don't know why I am tempted to
    look towards the window.(I looked)
    Eyes back to the screen and keyboard.

    The clicks are just starting to sound
    lesser with each passing moment,
    with each completed word.
    (Backspace Backspace)
    Wait, I forgot to mention the SpaceBar.
    OK. Mentioned about it.

    Now what ?
    I guess I have reached the end.
    (Backspace Backspace)

    After this no more clicking noises.

    (Done with the post.)


    #current #activity #alone

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    Current Activity


  • complicated_prsn 72w

    Dad: She is going thin.
    Mom: Ohh! Please! she is growing from all sides

    Its difficult to understand how different people express their love for you...
    Its not complicated to understand humans its just psychologically and scientifically "not possible".. Every inch of a human is different..
    Dads have difficulty expressing because they are used to keeping their shit together.. that they can't just say I love you to your face... On the other hand moms are savage.. they troll you but they assure you that next time someone apart from her says those words you are prepared to answer yourself..
    Honestly, it took time for me to understand a lot of things..
    Be happy with what you have now. Because 90s kids are blessed with the most evolving parents..our parents have seen us grow through the most technical generation and they are the ones who are keeping us alive to keep up with all the shit.. A study says almost 75% of the current youth have at least thought of committing suicide once in their life time and 57% of them backed out because for them their families were the better picture.
    Love your parents when you have the time.. Hugging your mom wouldn't cost you a penny and discussing about other people with your dad wouldn't make you dumb..

  • jomygk 73w

    People past
    Faces masked

  • unparalleled_soul 76w

    #current situation
    क्या दिल लगी है किताबों की..... हमारा इनके प्रति इश्क देखकर.... नींद ने आंखो का दरवाज़ा खटक टना ही बंद कर दिया!

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    वो राते भी कितनी हसीन हुआ करती थीं.....
    जब फूलों की सेज की तरह मां की गोद ..
    कान्हा की मुरली की जैसी धुन की तरह लोरियं....
    और ममता भारी थपकियां हुआ करती थीं।
    गहरी नींद में सपने पूरे होते नहीं और सुबह हो जाय करती थी।
    और आज क आलम तो देखो ए दोस्तों ....
    जरा सी महोबत्त क्या हुई किताबों से .....
    की अब उनसे बाते करते करते....पता ही नही चलता की कब सुबह हो जाया करती है।।

  • amayaraa 77w

    #current mood
    Whatever u do for someone still u r the bad one

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    एक नए वाकिए ने बहुत कुछ पुराना याद दिलाया है
    जिनके जख्म अभी भरे नही
    ताज्जुब तो इस बात का है ये दर्द उस तरफ़ से आया है
    जिस तरफ़ से उम्मीद थी नही
    और आखिर में लोगों ने महसूस कराया है
    कि गलती मेरी थी उनकी थी नही

  • amrutha_writtings 80w

    Work from home

    Before corona asking for work from home was considered as if the employee is forcing the manager to write off his will to him..

    And now.. ok I'm not saying anything..
    Well, you might be knowing that better than i do..!!

  • singhashwni 87w


    मीलों लंबी सड़कें बनाई थीं जिसने
    आज मीलों लंबा सफ़र पैदल करने को मजबूर है
    वो मजदूर है ।
    पूरे जगत को जिसने खाने को अन्न दिया
    आज वही खाना मांगने को मजबूर है
    वो मजदूर है ।
    नहीं ख़याल जिसका किसी को भी
    आज मरने को मजबूर है
    वो मजदूर है ।
    उम्मीदों का सफ़र रुक गया जिसका
    अब घर जाने को मजबूर है
    वो मजदूर है ।
    बेबस हो गया है लाचार हो गया है
    हालातों से जो मजबूर है
    वो मजदूर है ।
    वो मजदूर है ।


  • manas_manu 89w

    Be self obsessed but not over confidence this is my today's story. #current situation #realistic #self-learning #self realisation

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    Self realisation

    Sometimes U will have no clue, we are left unpredictable with our overconfidence.

  • wanderergallery22 94w

    Unique creature

    Human being-unique creation of God‍‍
    Diverse in their own way
    From a helping hand to protectors
    At this hard times,
    It's painful to see a group humiliating saviours ‍⚕️
    Being blindfolded
    Revealing the darkside of creation
    The peaceful part is to see appreciation
    Reflecting the nature's two faces..

  • archanadas 154w

    വിളവ് തിന്ന വേലി

    വിശ്വാസത്തിന്റേതെന്ന വ്യാജേന
    കോട്ടകളും മതിലുകളും
    അവർ ഉയർത്തിക്കെട്ടിക്കൊണ്ടേയിരുന്നു..
    സുരക്ഷയും കരുത്തുമേകേണ്ടിയിരുന്ന
    മതിൽക്കെട്ടിന്റെ മറവിൽ
    പീഡനങ്ങളും വാഗ്ദാനലംഘനങ്ങളും
    സദാ തുടർന്നു കൊണ്ടേയിരുന്നു.