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  • danie_af 15w


    Well, it is because I am cursed
    I have been emersed in ill verse
    I can not be saved by the church
    Or with medicinal research
    The words on me are old as time
    Were put together in a rhyme
    The words on me were a song sung
    By a bewitched bastardly tongue
    From this curse, I can not be sprung
    What's done is done, I have been stung


  • taytay_nicole424 25w

    I scream and scream
    My throat raw with the stings your name alone leaves behind
    As it makes it's escape into the wild wind masking my pleas
    Once again I'm stuck in this web of memories you poisoned with the smears of my own blood
    Forced to relive every painful slice to my heart your so-called love caused
    Why do I always find myself right back in this tradegy
    Trapped in a twisted fairytale you long since threw away without a single care
    Cursed to live out my darkest of days here with no way out

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    Trapped in a twisted fairytale you long since threw away with no way out

  • _falguni_ 26w

    I've seen magic unraveling in this world
    When the bears are catching the last winks of their hibernation.
    When the cocoons are feeling the last shudder of this cold.
    When a child is unwrapping the last gift of christmas.
    Watching winter with a baby bump
    Leaving the last snowflakes, the last breezes in our jar like hearts.
    She waltzes around the room in her white dress
    Laughing with her lover, the grey sky.
    It's due everyone knows.
    The sad reality that bites her as a mother every year.
    Her child will love this world more dearly, she knows.
    She runs a quick hand over her unborn baby and smiles.
    "You are meant to be don't be shy"
    It was the last they heard from her.
    She ends abruptly like a folklore
    She dies in this painful childbirth.
    Every damned year, every damned season.
    She confuses people,
    Whether they mourn her death?
    Or celebrate the birth of her child?
    The last bits of snowflake melt,
    When her child holds our hand.
    The sky turns blue when he loses his love.
    But he smiles for his child with the sun.
    Spring runs in open fields like her mother did.
    Just warming the flower beds and dancing with the weeds.
    Soon people forget the death march of another winter.
    Soon they embrace this loving child she left them.

  • taniya0097 26w

    वाक़िफ़ हुँ मैं आज भी तेरे हर ज़ख़्म से
    बस अब मलहम लगाने वाला कोई और है।।

  • liepa_malijauskaite 30w


    Two bodies,
    One souls,
    The fairie of the night,
    The promised to your life.

    Two moments,
    One memorie,
    The other stays stolen,
    As the thieves enchant the mind.

    Two dreams,
    One wish,
    Cursed star of the future,
    Will never answer your prayers for more.


  • the_matchstick 30w


    Confessions of a star:

    We are countless in the sky, and yet everyone talks mostly about the beauty of the moon!
    Aren't we just cursed?!

  • claralynne 30w

    Dazzling Dance in Darkness

    The thieves of the light have come and gone again.
    She is content.
    The fairy of the night dances among the ripples of the river, that glisten in the moonlight.

    Sometimes the clouds drift over the moon.
    But she has a star that guides her.
    Water droplets twinkle on her wings as she twirls above the rapid waters.
    A night enchanted.
    Cursed with hidden beauty.
    She admires the glow of a firefly as it rests on an overripe berry lying on the ground.
    And the river makes the most beautiful sound.

    The wind blows.
    She loves to hear the the leaves rustling as the treetops sway and dance with her.
    The owls sing....
    Who is listening?
    Who is dancing?
    Who wants to dance with me?
    Who could ever forget a night such as this?

    A queen dancing under the moon hoping her King sees her grace.
    Hoping her dance tells a story of how darkness doesn't have to seize your grace.

    And still, she is content.
    A contemporary dance she loves to do in the dark.
    Will he reach out and grab her hand?
    The fairy of the night.
    Always dancing toward the light.

  • xanonymouzx 30w

    the kind of person i am

    Walking with my chin up high
    Feeling like an absolute queen
    Forgetting all the darkness in my past
    Can't bear to remember how cursed I am
    Flowers dying all around
    Acid dripping onto my skin
    Why was I born like this

  • ken_kind_itz 39w

    I've been trying to fight back with my own self but yet I can't resist myself from having negative thoughts all the time with all the things around me... Every thing that happens really taking me back to the past where I'm completely lost.... I tried I tried.... Ended up being a failure or being useless.... Hated me loved me...... Believed in me trusted in me... Yet being a failure or a looser..... Y becouse of me trying to fit with what I loved or want. Or I'm cursed...... Well I know I'll be ignored and will never even considered..... But still I'm going but what else is there for me....... Probably another disappointment disaster dissatisfaction.... Yet "believe it will happen don't lose hope" is running through all my mind..... #alone #lost #hope #love #failure #left #cursed

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    Is there anything left???


  • rhythmic_beats 65w

    My arrival was a celebration
    In my house and in my colony,
    Full of flowers and firecrackers
    Surrounded me when I stepped
    Into this beautiful HEAVEN
    Called EARTH.

    There was no scarcity of happiness
    In my life, some called me
    Beautiful peaceful dove,
    Some called me attractive butterfly,
    Some called me goddess
    As where I left my footprints
    Everyone believed I showered
    Fortune and happiness.

    All were busy strengthening
    My wings to fly high and
    Colour the sky with my muses.

    Who would have known
    That the blissful air of this heaven
    Would change into graveyard of hell,
    Where all girls are considered
    As lifeless, lusty object!

    //The flow of air changed
    And my plane crashed,
    Within a moment the
    Colours turned to

    Till now I knew red as
    Colour of energy, enthusiasm,
    Love, power and courage
    But they stabbed the beauty of red
    By stabbing the character of girl!
    By stabbing the existence of girl!
    They didn't spare an inch
    Of the body to bleed red,
    Even the tears flowed red!

    For some girls red is the most beautiful colour;
    Dazzling Red lehnga (gown)
    Swirling during Shaadi (marriage)
    And for some girls
    Red is the most deadliest colour;
    Colour of poignant pain,
    Where demons leave their
    Desires on the delicate life
    And cage a girl's
    Life forever in the prison
    Called "RAPE VICTIM"!

    And it becomes more painful
    When society continues
    Ragging you in the name of
    Rape victim for demon's mistake!

    Suddenly everything turns to
    Cursing red, each word starts
    Bleeding pain, your emotions
    Become silent, dead and helpless!
    It takes no moment to become
    A toy after the air changes flow
    Like this,
    The plane of women empowerment, equality
    Crashes forever when every time
    She is termed as a RAPE VICTIM
    Instead of GREAT WARRIOR
    The plane of hope and life
    Crashes forever when
    She doesn't get JUSTICE!

    We don't need disasters
    Like these demons
    Who forever crash the life
    Of many girls.
    The land where girls are not respected,
    It takes no time to turn
    Into land of curses,
    As the echo of her pain
    Continues to haunt the
    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: Me

    Sadly red is not same for all...!!!

    Sadly writing this!!! But the cases of injustice still continues even more than yesterday��

    #girls #stoprape #justice #cursed #life
    #poetry #wod #iconography
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork "♥️"

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    The flow of air changed
    And my plane crashed
    Within a moment
    The colours turned to

  • pragatigarg 65w

    The moon doesn't care
    Of praises or applauds
    Of cruses or ill thoughts
    It shines when it has to
    And never when it doesn't want to
    Some call it cursed for some it's their beloved moon
    Just like it's beauty fades away day by day
    So does ill will, will one day
    Not even this celestial can please everyone at once, can it?

  • sillysadar 67w


    I was born with sickness by my side
    Leaving me with scars to hide
    And a mother who's thoughts were only worries

    I was born with no dad near
    No dad to hear the little tears I cried
    Nor to hold me for the first time
    And I forgave him yet never forgot

    I was born with a written future
    A horrible past that awaited me to live through
    And the present ready to drown me

    Drown me in the sea of emotions
    Or the wave of thoughts that hits

    Drown me in the pain
    Or the rain of tears that comes with it
    - Sadar

  • johnpaulk 68w

    I was trapped in that
    Accursed place,
    Imprisoned within
    My own mind.
    Where no one could
    Reach me.

    Darkness and Despair
    Were my only allies.
    Pain and suffering
    Were the only things
    That awaited me.

  • nighty 69w


    I look up high, watch as the smoke rises,
    Over our damned consumed, souls,
    Voices are raised, as the lost plead to be saved,
    From eternal anguish, from heaven vanquished,
    But it's their fate,
    Cursed from birth, with nothing to do but to accept this path,
    Rejected by heaven and earth......... hell's our abode.....

  • nobodyyouknow 70w

    Mark My Words

    Temptation Makes It Look Like,
    It's Worth The Repercussions,
    And Keeps Bugging You,
    Until You Just Give In And Say "Fuck It."
    It's Easy To Impulsively React To An Urge,
    This World Is Cursed - Mark My Words.

  • dinakarreddy 71w


    The more he condemned the love it haunted him.


  • nightsurfer 74w


    Unfortunate are those
    who seek love everyday

    Cursed are those
    who seek closure everyday.


  • sclera 75w

    Catch Me

    The stuttering of my fingertips marks the path of my failures.
    The one constant in the rocky terrain of my life be that,
    My words shall always fail me when I need them most.
    The sentences shall always choke me on the way out my throat.
    Such is my curse.

  • kasper83 79w

    Hell on Earth

    In a world without you, I shouldn't have to be. Finding a reason to exist around your fucking od. If there is a reason it is one that's eluded me. So please I asked whatever is out there tell me exactly whats ment to be. Or I will lose this, my fucking mind. When hell became the place I exist and My world lost it's meaning Cursed my life is without you. I can't help but be a little pissed that you put me through this. I don't know how I'm to do it. I don't know how anyone expects me to break through it. Because I really see no point to it that I live this life without you to help me suffer through it. The piece to this puzzle that you completed faded out with the darkness that you so needed. I hope you have no pain or no weakness on this plane of existence. My love for you is forever even though you're forever came far too soon.

  • sukanya94 79w

    Lives in me, a cursed cosmos...

    With fabrics of the darkest oblivion,
    abyssal threads hanging loose
    a cursed cosmos
    weaved my soul with
    her interstellar wreckage.

    I am not made of stardust.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant @mirakee #poem #mirakeewriters #dark #cursed #thoughts #stardust #oblivion

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    I am not Stardust

    With fabrics of the darkest oblivion,
    abyssal threads hanging loose
    a cursed cosmos
    weaved my soul with
    her interstellar wreckage.

    I am not made of stardust.