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  • x_eden 19h

    LXI. DAD


    Mortality is bittersweet.
    Look into my eyes,
    they're your eyes.
    Do you realize,
    your afterlife
    is in them?

    So let's agree:
    This is a reconciliation
    between two parts of one soul.
    I am your gamble for eternity,
    which cannot be taken back.

    - sh

  • priyankaanbu_001 2w

    If you miss your beloved dad or mom badly just play the game of MONOACTING it's them where u came from...

    They are always in u you know what they feel about u; ask yourself!

    You will even get a positive answer for a negative situation.


  • mounica_saya 3w

    To DAD,
    With LOVE !

    Every daughter's dream is that their father live a health, happy and a wholesome life.

    I ain't different from any.

    But God had different plans.

    Fate separated us, we had to part ways.

    You now stay in heaven.
    I on hell (Earth).
    With heart full of pain.
    Thinking of you all the time.
    Missing you now and then.


  • angel_sneha 3w

    माँ _______ ��

    हम वो आखिरी पीढ़ी हैं , जिनके पास ऐसी मासुम माँ हैं जिनका ...........

    न कोई सोशल मीडिया पर अकाउंट हैं
    न फोटो , सेल्फी का कोई शौक हैं ,
    उन्हें ये भी नहीं पता कि स्मार्टफोन का लॉक कैसे खुलता हैं ,
    जिनको ना अपनी जन्मतिथि का पता हैं ,

    उन्होंने बहुत कम सुख - सुविधाओं में अपना पूरा जीवन बिताया , बिना किसी शिकायत के ,

    जी हाँ , हम वो आखिरी पीढ़ी हैं , जिनके पास ऐसी माँ हैं ....!!

    Love You Maa ❤️


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    " आखिरी पीढ़ी "


  • ramyaashree_29 3w


    In the world of "His Queen" I wished to be Dad & Mom's "PRINCESS"

  • hr_pen 3w


    Nah jane kaise har kuch samal lete h
    Khud pareshan ho lekin mujhe hasa dete h
    Koi v dard chu nhi sakta mujhe wo meri dhal ban k khare ho jate h
    Khud ki jarurato ko andekha kr mujhe har kuch jarurat se jada dete h
    Ek choti si cut pe wo care aise krte h ki mujhse jada dard unhe ho
    Meri aakh mai aasu ho toh raat m nind nhi aati h papa ko
    Bhut kaam waqt mila h un k saath ...aaksar wo thak kr so jaya krte h , lekin koi sikayat nhi...!

  • ramani_maddila 3w


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    A very happyy birthdayy to the man i love the most!
    I argue the best with you because i don't care what i mean to the world
    Only thing that matters is what i am to you..
    I want you to know you raised me perfectly
    So, i don't know what kind of doctor I'd become but you make me the best lawyer
    Happyy birthdayy nanna ❤️

  • shk_huzaifa 3w

    My❤Dad is my Hero! The real hero! In my childhood he pick up me in his back and I rounded my hand towards his neck to hold him tightly... He always make me to laugh... He speaks for me... He is the special one whom I saw in my Life...
    People say more about mother's but a father is also like a mother... If we see with the eyes of love and the heart of goodness.....
    May Allah give good health to all parents and happiness always... Inshallah... Ameen ��
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    Laying in father's lap!
    The voice of heart beat catching through my ears.
    The up down while breathing,
    The calm feeling, the refreshment.
    The fire of love heating up towards me,
    Feeling ashamed to lay,
    Feeling calm to lay.

  • athena_abi 4w


    Addressing you as beautiful may be a man,but making you beautiful is an artful gentleman....

  • introvert90 4w

    Dear Dad

    My dad never say I love you to me
    But he did show his love in his every action
    My dad might always checked on me whether we had food to eat or not....
    My dad used to buy always our favourite food
    My dad always checks whether we slept peacefully
    My dad always used to give more money more than needy
    My dad never checks my phone that much he trusted us...

  • aj_aesthetic677 5w

    It Matters to Me

    The Way , you stuck by my side , for every night .
    Reading me stories , of which quickly became a pass time ..
    a hobby of mine .
    You are forever on my mind , someone who helped me , guided me through time .
    Though these memories will never fade , nor will your warm hugs ever escape my memories .
    We will joke and laugh , just enjoy each other's time .


  • aj_aesthetic677 5w

    Words can make a difference ...

    All around me are words , of which you said .
    It inspired me , made me a greater person within .
    And Everytime I must speak with you , my heart fills with pride , knowing you were by my side.


  • love_was_my_breath 8w

    Million little things to cherish and one of them is when a guy starts playing polymorphism in his life


  • mmbftd 9w


    I understand now
    Your fear
    Your cowardice
    The way you violently
    Kept us in line
    To make yourself feel important.
    And I've been your sounding board, since I was four years old. I was a wise child even then, because I had to be, to survive your rule.
    Now, even after your coma and near death sequence miraculously gave you more chances to live again ...
    You change nothing
    You have always been a liar
    A manipulative man
    Seeking out sympathy from your daughter before she could even ride a bike.
    Your marital strife, was a saga you versed me in.
    Now, you are almost 90. Ancient. Their should be wisdom acquired by now, but there are only more lies, more boiling hatred for anyone around you who thinks for themselves. Because you are a follower, begrudgingly. You do it to be a martyr. For sympathy.
    But I've none for you old man. I'm to blame. I've coddled you my entire lifetime and I've suffered from it. You never stood up for me, never got to know me, never heard me or cared to question anything. Your weakness sickens me. Have you never been grateful for anything?
    You tell me how you and mom fantasize about how much better your lives could've been if you hadn't had us kids. With glee you told me this! Even if it's true...why speak it? You want me to know that you are sorry we exist?
    We never asked to be here, under your thumbs, manipulated and diminished by your violent outbursts of fists and screams.
    I used to watch you beat my dog through the window. Horrified and terrified and all at once grateful it was not me in that moment. But I loved my dog so much. He was my one spot of joy. You hurt him. You hurt me through him. You planted seeds of terror in my soul. Your eyes black like hollow holes of rage. I could not save my dog, nor myself. You were my father, the secret monster. Smiles and songs for strangers, jokes and laughter to draw them in.
    And then other times you made me sing. Trained me to be your partner in ways my mother could not. You wanted to be famous. You wanted adoration above all else. You still do. And when I was little I sang and thought we sang together for the joy of song. The purity of harmony filling the air around us. But I was your monkey. You fooled me. You pretended to know me. As I tried my best to communicate with you through song.
    I'm so angry all this time later. Mostly at myself. For not seeing through you sooner.
    You created a jester that only a child would accept.
    I kept your secrets because you told me your life depended on them. I grew up angry at a mother you made into my enemy, with your lies. Your groomed me to be your soldier, your mascot, your shield against her.
    And even now, with your second chance at a valuable life...you cannot step into a life lived with integrity.
    You can only brag, about yourself incessantly.
    Old man, I loved you so, idolized you, took punches for you, gave you so much of my time and protection. Above my own life, I cared for yours.
    You are a bad man.
    You are on your own now.
    I can't save anyone but myself now.
    And you'll not even notice me gone.

  • jaytcampbell 9w


    Born of a queen
    So you too shall be
    A large cup of her
    A few dashes me
    The moment I met you
    A moment of bliss
    A lifetime of waiting
    Has granted me this
    You are the greatest love I've ever had
    The joy of a lifetime
    Love always, your dad



  • itstherealme 10w

    Happy international man's day

    To the strong body out there,
    I know you struggle hard to make others happy ,
    I know you hide your cries to make others easy ,
    U work hard to provide others food
    Whatever the role may be
    You play the character well

    Promise me
    You will cry, be relax ,be happy ,be annoying at the same time don't lose yourself to make everyone comfortable

  • nids_a 10w

    यूं तो पिता का दिया हुआ सब कुछ ही अनमोल है,
    परंतु सुनहेरे बचपन का कोई मोल नहीं।

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    किसी ने पूछा

    पिता की दी हुई एक ऐसी चीज़
    जो सबसे खूबसूरत और यादगार है।
    मैंने कहा____ बचपन !


  • octavian 10w


    We're nothing but ,just the mirror images of our parents

  • shara_emlyn 11w


    My heart desired for some peace
    Amidst the Chaos that happened around me
    Two days of apprehensiveness
    Two days of prayers
    Two days of aching
    Two days of waiting
    Came to an end..
    No more breathing to live
    No more pulse to check..
    After a long struggle
    He gave up his life
    He couldn't fight anymore with the building
    Pressure that burst his nerve and
    Bled through his ears with the
    Blood that filled the spaces between his
    Scull and the brain...
    I know he would have wanted to see me ...
    I know our family picture would have been in his vision..
    Before he closed his eyes to be asleep forever ...
    I wanted to hear his voice one last time
    Yet he left me before I could say good bye..
    He left me in the most unexpected way..
    Yet I know he loved me like no one else could..
    I was his princess , his hope ,his lucky charm
    He always said so ..
    I miss you daddy more than I ever imagined
    The void you left can never be replaced
    I was silent without you challenging me
    I was silent like never before
    The silence I hold now is because
    You are no more here to break it...
    You can't break my silence now daddy ..
    You won't be able to ..

  • diya101 11w

    Everyone speaks about mother's love, but father's love is worth acknowledging.

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    The invisible quarrels in the head,
    There whether she is hungry or fed,
    Whether she slept well or not,
    Or by the worldly norms, was she once again caught?
    Or did she catch a cold or a flu?
    Does she need something, he searches for a clue.
    Is something pestering her about work?
    Or is some relative relatively being a jerk?
    Is she once again having that bad headache?
    Is she really smiling or was it fake?
    Why did she yell on the phone?
    Is something really off with her tone,
    Did she have her breakfast,
    Was she still inked to her past,
    He, the love of her life
    Her baba, who in spite of all his strife
    Can go to any lengths,
    With all his weaknesses and strengths,
    To make his little girl smile again and again,
    To protect her from foes and feign,
    He, who caresses her hair,
    Like smoking out problems in the air,
    Waking her up in the morning,
    To listening her up till evening,
    Getting her every single pie she deserves,
    The pinch of happiness which he reserves,
    Just for that little part of him,
    Who can take every of her whim,
    Standing by her when the whole world abandons,
    He brought her that sweetmeat because she said she loved it once,
    Yes he can go to any lengths for those little digits,
    Which had that innocence and goddess's wits
    Which held his fingers like something she can rely upon,
    Something which assured him could go for an eon...