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  • petrichor_tales 40w

    Is this random when I say that I know you?


    I know how you've stayed shocked to the point no tears came out of your eyes and you questioned your humanity

    I know how momentarily lose sense of yourself and start breathing way too fast
    and the world seems too much to bear for your lungs

    I know how you stopped telling people your name fearing they'd recognise you as that weird kid around there

    I know how some people thought you were too much to be among them. About how they left you out just because they felt taking you in might hurt their social statuses.. society.. you scoffed

    I know how you cry after years, you just can't stop and end up laughing in between thinking how messed up everything has to be at that moment

    I know how you panic all of a sudden and you can't stop, you can't stop the worst imaginations taking over your mind

    Breathe.. this is where I ask you to do the very thing you hate

    I know you. I am me, you and us, what matters is that we know each other. What are we really if we can't be overwhelmed by our minds.. you don't have to blame yourself for it.. I'd ask you to blame me.. I have seen you suffer but chose to ignore you when you were near. I'm afraid but so were you. I'm ruined but so are you. I am you. But then why do our colours matter. Why do our shapes matter. Why do our sizes matter. Lumped together.. I am you!

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  • petrichor_tales 59w

    Shivers threaten to rip these muscles into shreds until all that remains are bare bones made of white hopes that wanted to hold up a feeble life, never realising how much it would all weigh in the end

  • petrichor_tales 59w

    Would it be cruel to plant seeds of a beautiful flower upon pale bodies that are decaying, have no names and were once drowned in misery until it left their lungs in wisps of whitewashed memories

  • petrichor_tales 59w

    Rip open every seam of this twisted life of mine and I'll scream into the night until my throat resembles the parched land of my dessicated hopes

  • petrichor_tales 87w

    Let me pick these stars of our porch
    and clean up our messes.
    We'll throw them into our past
    where it might stay long enough
    for us to really find each other in the dark,
    trust me when I say..
    we lost ourselves to fears
    long before the first cracks
    started to appear and the earth
    beneath our hopes
    started to fall apart
    One day we'll walk back through
    the clouds of judgement to see
    ourselves as trembling humans
    who once feared to let ourselves
    cry in front of each other
    Because the stars we thought to
    be at fault with us..
    were never really ours to begin with
    If black holes are where the stars form galaxies around
    Aren't our hearts destined for the same?

    P.C: pinterest
    #darkernightsinpetrichor #glow

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    If black holes are where the stars form galaxies around
    Aren't our hearts destined to do the same?

    //Suck in starlight
    and glow//

  • petrichor_tales 87w

    Some minds are like deep trenches where once war raged and bodies lie waiting for burial.. but since the war was lost and the families never survived.
    The dead now roam waiting for the smallest of whispers to prey on


  • petrichor_tales 100w

    Content warning: (Abuse)

    I took a drag of the cigarette and let out it's killing air. A mix of dark smoke and poignant thoughts exhaled. The fresh teardrops threatened to drop from my already messed up eyes. If someone looked at me now they'd feel as if they were seeing a sad ghost.

    Shivering a bit I looked back into the room. You were lying there with shirt off, both arms above your head as if you had surrendered to some crime you didn't do.

    Panic started to threaten me there and then forcing me to look away from you. That's when the first snowflakes fell from the skies. I stretched out my arms and felt it. Cold, just like my insides. Another drag of smoke and it felt like I was taking in air that mimicked my blood, tenebrous and swirling.

    That's when the screaming started. I promise I knew where it came from. I've heard it too many times to know where it originated from. I put out the cigarette I was holding but didn't let it go. Between my fingers I kept it as someone shook me awake.

    "Cut it out! For god's sake, wake up yaar! You need to see a doctor soon"

    Frantically I searched for the cigarette between my fingers.

    "Where's my cigarette Vibhav?"

    "Cigarette? Since when did you start smoking? What is wrong with you.." The shouts soon drowned out as I thought back to where I kept it.

    I knew since when. But this wasn't the same me that I was seeing in my dreams. She knew reality better than me. She knew of how each time he pushed onto and into me, it felt like my blood was poisoned and I was barely breathing.

    I didn't smoke cigarettes. But what kills me was just as potent.
    //Silence is Slow poison//

    Inspired by @dusky_dawn

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    I stretched out my arms and felt snow. Cold, just like my insides. Another drag of smoke and it felt like I was taking in air that mimicked my blood, tenebrous and swirling.

  • petrichor_tales 102w

    How does one forgive selling one's soul?

    #cees_war_prompt #darkernightsinpetrichor
    PC: Heitor Magno (Double exposition)

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    Remember thy promise
    I've kept mine
    Risen to apotheosis
    Thy stand victorious

    Albeit you've lost your soul
    Traded for thy deepest desires
    Humanity once kept thee whole
    It now lies forgotten

    If its the death of compassion, hun
    Call me sin or the devil
    As I wage a war of one
    My armaments can't fail me now

  • petrichor_tales 104w

    This was never a normal love story.
    From the moment you asked me if it was really necessary that I loved you, and I screamed yes. You had tears in your eyes that day. Maybe it was the biting cold into hurting your eyes or maybe I saw something that you didn't even today.

    You'd wait for me after classes eager to show me the spawning tadpoles in a nearby paddy field. Wonder why I hugged you that day. Maybe because I heard your mom died two days before and your dad disappeared.

    You kissed me the day when there was lightning in the sky but not a drop of rain. You said you loved the sound of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning. I remember touching my sore lips the next day and sighing.

    I cried the day you said you could never leave me. Stroking my hair you sat by me singing an out of tune song. But it was melody for me. Did I ever tell you that I dreamed, we were both married, that day? Maybe because it was your turn to have your hair stroked.

    I've waited for your sounds to rain down into my recesses with the passion of a thirsty river waiting for the flood of monsoon, to fill it in rage. I knew our story would cause scandals the day you asked me to tug the petals of chrysanthemum and whispered to leave it raw.

    Our story had a different ending too. When you said this wasn't how you envisioned it to be. Maybe your tears were the only stereotypical thing about it. But then again. You kissed me and removed the weeds of restricted emotions from our garden the next day when you sighed against my bare chest.

    Not the end

    PC: Daria Khoroshavina (Pinterest)

    #writersnetwork #darkernightsinpetrichor

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    I'd never feign innocence in front of the world.
    With you by my side, let them fall and burn under delirious misgivings

  • petrichor_tales 104w

    Silver fissures:

    Don't make cracks in my mask
    I have fewer lies beneath it
    Aren't lies what hold our world's together?
    And if it's not, leave the cracks
    Forget mending it and leave

    There are a thousand dreams
    I wish you to be in
    Azure skies
    alluring dreams
    Delights for two hearts

    Drop me from the top and I'll break
    Pick me up and gaze
    Curiosity ruins craft
    Especially when craved
    Remember when you lift, fragile!

    And if this quagmire of emotions
    Hold me in place
    I'll move about, for it to drown me
    I'm good at picking up dying stars
    breathing life into it, cosmic bonfire!

    I'll fill every crack in the mask
    with silver, for people to wonder
    What crafted this beautiful mask
    To a point where they forget
    What lies under, Beware!

    Oh! Don't worry
    Each time this mask falls from your hand
    What lies under, blooms in a shower of stardust
    So when one day someone asks me to gift it
    I'll blind them of all the darkness they harbour with starlight

    PC: 3dchars (turbosquid)
    #writersnetwork #darkernightsinpetrichor

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    And if this quagmire of emotions,
    hold me in place
    I'll move about, for it to drown me
    I am good at picking up dying stars
    breathing life into it, cosmic bonfire!

  • petrichor_tales 106w

    I've hidden stars from you
    fearing you'd name them into constellations
    I wish I could look at them the way you do and
    not merely as shooting stars

  • petrichor_tales 107w


    Pic credits: visothkakvei (instagram)

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    I've been in a declivous delirium in your presence. Falling into a quagmire of fantasies. Split between wanting to get lost in it's suffocating familiarity and wishing to escape before I reach the event horizon, too far deep to be rescued.

  • petrichor_tales 107w

    #darkernightsinpetrichor #procrastinatingstudies

    Art Credits:mohammadsalah (Instagram)

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    I exist between the lines
    you call poetry
    Do you not see the
    calligraphic blackness
    reflecting its soul
    Or does this acquiescence
    have something to do
    with bequeathed saudade

  • petrichor_tales 111w

    #dark #darkernightsinpetrichor

    @living_through_words (Don't even ask.. though I think the writer ghosts are whispering these tales)

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    The poison that permeated through me
    was delivered through thy dewy kisses
    disguised as breaths of blissfull pleasure

    Now as my fingers lose their grip
    on the pen and my mind goes numb
    why do I still hear you sing me lullabies?

  • petrichor_tales 112w


    Let me ink catastrophes into fibres of white paper and let the blackness spread through it.
    The patterns that arise resemble achromatic bliss. Each word I pen sucks this darkness that resides within me.

    At the end of the day let me burn it all and water the ash to plant seeds into it's midst.

    //One day I'll take rest under the shades of trees of my hardships and breathe in the air of satisfaction//

  • petrichor_tales 114w

    Why do you write?
    Why do your words feel hollow?
    Why does it seem like you are on the edge of a cliff seeing both the imminent danger that lies below if you lose your balance and also the beautiful landscape sprawling before you with a thousand stars forming constellations wanting you to walk back to safety?

    Why do you fear finding anything that threatens your understanding of the world yet still seek the stars for life different from you?
    Why do your breath hold itself when fear grips every nerve in your body?
    Why, oh why, do your words fall short in expressing what you feel now in fear?
    Why do we lay silent especially in fear when the most powerful words came about in reacting to your worst fears?

    //Fear of death is the both the most beautiful thing and the worst once you are on its end, gripping it barethread//

    'How can you move faster then possible, fight longer then possible, without the most powerful impulse of the spirit? The fear of death.'
    - Doctor (The Dark Knight Rises)

  • petrichor_tales 114w

    Rivers flow into me now
    They sing of the shores they've been to
    Wonderous tales of a thousand cities
    How each built themselves up in the hopes of being civilizations
    How each had epics written about them.
    How each crumpled being conquered
    How they were raped of treasures
    How they lie bare at nights
    You've heard it's plight
    How each cry in fright

    //The ocean takes rivers in, becoming saltier with each new one//
    //no poison affects the intoxicated though//

    I've become a vessel for the darkest of thoughts
    Don't worry it harbours no lost boats


  • petrichor_tales 114w

    It burns me
    It burns me dear
    It burns me from the inside
    It burns where you touched
    It burns where you kissed
    It burns where you left tears on me
    It burns me to see to you near the moon I once promised to bring for you

    //They say the dead become stars. Maybe that's why my inside burns like a thousand suns//

  • petrichor_tales 114w

    Lean into me
    I'll lull you by the tunes of a thousand sleepless nights
    Lean into my soul
    And you'll probably never see daylights

    Lean no further
    You'll simply be left clutching at the mist that encapsulates despair
    It affects no one
    It'll be there
    A smokescreen to guide you back through the door you came through

    //Some storms shake you to the core and take your breath away when it leaves//