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  • komal_amb 8w

    The perfected dance floor,
    The rivulting lights,
    The jazz music,
    Its illusion and the fun.
    I see the young girls,
    Invited by the fun,
    Captivated by the ambience.
    They tap their legs,
    On the rhythm,
    Giving into their hunger,
    They forget their loneliness.
    Is this the hell? I ask myself.

    I then meet a girl,
    Younger than my age,
    A beauty that remains untouched,
    Her sleek bones, her slim waist,
    Her black hair, her tattoo,
    Almost tells me a story.
    I register it to myself,
    "She is the caricature of the night."

    She walks on the dance floor,
    As the vibe calls her into it,
    They implore her to unleash her feminity,
    And that's what she does,
    Obeying them.
    Her sexy dance, her body vibrating,
    She now becomes
    A music to all their hearts,
    Their penis now asking for attention,
    They pounce on her,
    Touching her everywhere,
    I wouldnt have liked it, I say out loud,
    But the young girl seem to enjoy it all.

    Does she not know - they are ravaging,
    Every inch of her body,
    Does she not know - she is a tool,
    But only to forget,
    A while after then their touch
    Will be so alien for me,
    I feel disguisted but then she looks at me.
    Blinking her eye, she says,
    "I know whats happening to me."
    Whats happening to her, I then ask.

    "I cherish it all,
    The call, the touch,
    Their hands, my body.
    This is how i enjoy,
    Just like a nightmare.
    It is my moment to let it go,
    My only way,
    To forget my pain."

    After a while,
    She sits besides of me,
    I feel uncomfortable in her sadness,
    Her darkness pierce through my skin
    She now cocks her head and says,
    Something is happening to me.
    I tell her she is hurting.
    I lay my hand onto hers,
    She doesnt like it.
    Instead she pulls me into her arms,
    I get scared hoping that its not a sexual embrace,
    Instead, she smiles an innocence,
    "You dont belong here,
    You are not one of them
    Leave while you can."

    Yet, i am still there,
    My eyes staying all awake.
    She smiles again,
    Knowing i am supposed to see it all
    Sipping down a drink,
    Her sultry moves on all the floor,
    Inviting lot of hands caressing her waist,
    I wont say she enjoy it now,
    But now the girl is gone as i see her no more.

    Is this the hell?
    I ask my friend,
    A bartender in the same nightclub,
    He is out here enjoying the demons,
    Its 4.a.m. now I say.
    A perfect time to greet your lover,
    A perfect time to meet her in your arms,
    But he stops me in the middle,
    "The perfect person exists no more."
    I see deep sadness in his eyes,
    Even though i feel something changed in him.
    The diamonds of tears have sharpened
    To make him something
    He was never meant to be.
    He still smiles at me, almost catching my thoughts,
    "This is my heaven, this is my life,
    I belong here now, but someone you dont.
    So why you just dont leave."

    I sit alone now,
    Sad and depressed,
    Knowing everyone i know
    In their own version of hell,
    Indulging in their own fantasies
    But i see their pain, i see their demise,
    I see their helplessness,
    Their feelings of lost,
    I know these feelings could never be mine.

    A good Samaritan then walks to me,
    Smiling he just looks at me,
    I can never forget that smile,
    But i did forget the cap he wore on his head,
    I find him content and calm,
    As how he is and as how he should be,
    Looking at him, intrigued,
    I am amazed that i was never
    Introduced to his kind,
    He understands me,
    He says something, placing his hand on my head,
    "You dont belong here, little sister,
    You are a beacon of light and hope,
    An immersive eyes that you have,
    And the smile that could heal the tears,
    Go to your tribe, leave this place my friend,
    You belong to them and not somewhere here."

    I look at him and give him a smile
    For I see a belonging on his face,
    About the tribe I am supposed to be with,
    He speaks again,
    "One day I will crash your abode
    When renuka mauli have provided
    You with everything you deserve,
    To unite and fulfill with your purpose."
    Thats when i greeted him
    A cue that he gave to me,
    This could never be me,
    Nor this could be my place to stay.
    I look at my cellphone,
    I see the text,
    "Are you home,
    Where have you reached?"
    Thats when i know
    This is my soul tribe,
    And this is my time
    To return home.
    And leave the hell i indulged in.

  • petrichorune 9w

    Silence in a mirror

    There's a silence inside me.
    That breaks my bones.

    I bleed on my rumination.
    In a magnification.
    The gnawing in my pulses-
    Shivers my pumping core.

    Don't want to waste away,
    in a sway.

    I will rise right up for you.
    I will rise right up for you.


  • lost_horcrux 16w

    Trapped with nowhere to turn, life is changing beyond my control,
    causing this deep ache in the bottom of my soul.

    Someone else is pulling the strings,
    oh to fly, oh for wings.

    Escape, I want to dig my self out,
    filled with despair, filled with doubt.

    Mute not able to express,
    this gnawing pain and feeling of relentless distress.

    Tears that are not visible to the naked eye,
    silent screams that no one can hear.

    I try to speak but nothing can express,
    this feeling of sadness and worthlessness.

    Emotional pain, walks with me through the day,
    and sleeps with me through the night,
    leaving me depletes with no strength to fight.

    Anger for not having the courage to turn things around,
    keeping me anchored to this remorse,
    not able to untie the chains and change my course.

    False pride rules supreme,
    always there to whisper in my ear.

    Time, wasted and badly spent,
    lots of hurt, lots to repent.

    Solace, please come and calm my soul,
    for this is what I need to make me whole.

    Empathy, what I need is for someone to see,
    someone to see the real me.

    Love with no strings,
    just giving generously amongst other things.

    Words, when used as a weapon can cut like a knife,
    capable of doing so much damage and take the joy out of life,

    but softly spoken and softly expressed
    can bring so much happiness.

    #trapped #soul #darkpoem #cry

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  • komal_amb 16w

    My existence.
    My skin peels,
    dropping the red,
    on the floor of the caricature.

    My interior,
    With my fears wearing a dent,
    doubts painting my worst fears.

    My love for mankind,
    for my heart,
    raped thousand of times,
    I am wounded for life.

    My exterior.
    I use my scars,
    to show the battles that I fail.

    my kind.
    Mind fills me will all these lies,
    telling me
    I am meant to live a cursed life.

    my soul.
    Its angered by my imprudence,
    showing its strength,
    hidden in despair.

    my property,
    Now becoming the colour
    Of my soul,
    It's roaring like a lion.

    Even crushed,
    Its looks at me,
    but with shame

    my hienous crime,
    Of carelessness
    And victim mentality

    It fixes itself,
    establishing its truest form
    Like a pheonix
    Rising from the ashes


  • ana_vah 22w

    Dry Bones

    I am dry bones
    Coated with silicone.
    Gelatin muscles hang limp
    From festering joints.
    You tore into my flesh,
    With the voracity of a tornado,
    Shredding mud and brick,
    Splintering wooden portico.
    I try to satiate your hunger,
    With blood, gut and soul.
    You feed on my innards,
    As I turn myself inside out
    In the urge to placate you.
    Yet I am but a pile of bones,
    In a bag of human hide,
    With no place to run and hide.
    In plain sight I cower,
    Fearing that your need,
    Will leave me devoured,
    Till I have nothing left,
    But a heap of dry bones.

  • liepa_malijauskaite 23w


    Run while you can,
    They right behind you,
    Run far away,
    Were they won't find you.

    Don't let them catch,
    A glimpse of misery,
    Don't leave no trace,
    Of anger in your heart.

    They feed on tears,
    They drink the pain,
    Dark shadow in your mind,
    The monsters of the night.


  • ameyakolhatkar 39w

    Happy Trails

    Sitting in the bedroom summer of 21,
    Staring at ceiling theres no fun.
    Frail and parched sun at my back,
    What to say? All the inner strength i Lack
    Directionless, where to go? On this life's map.

    I am a f****in curse,
    Use my heart.
    pieces of me disperse
    With the winds.
    as they nurse My wounds.
    While i rehearse
    this foul loop.

    I wish i could mend,
    This feeling instead of pretend.
    Whatever i do my friend
    Does nothing to you but, offend.
    I Wish it would end,
    This hurting trend. ❤


  • inkedghunghroos_ 42w

    What’s in my cup?
    The soothing tea,
    Or the bitter coffee?
    Which might spill when rattled
    I want to put on the cloak
    And sit in that fixed corner of my room
    But then I question myself,
    Why have I become so?
    Figuring out what am really feeling
    Is tougher than the calculus in paper
    For a moment I am happy,
    But in split seconds, I don’t know how to smile,
    I become someone who can hurt others.
    What am I really feeling these days?
    I ask myself, daily
    However easy lying to others is,
    It’s tough to lie to one self.
    The monster inside me calls out for those rotten veggies from my refrigerator
    (I don’t even know how long they have been there)
    While writing, my pen freeze
    While hearing a beat, my legs don’t make a move
    As if the breeze from the deep freezer has been settling all over my skin
    ...I don’t want to become like this
    ...I am afraid of my own self
    I storm out when someone ask my whereabouts
    What should I say?
    ...I am feeling nothing
    ...I am feeling blank
    The tears are hard to get out
    But rage comes naturally to me
    ....Why? Why so?...
    Poetry- Why So.
    By Nena
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #poetry #anxiety #darkpoem

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    What’s in my cup?
    The soothing tea,
    Or the bitter coffee?
    Which might spill when rattled...

  • sarcasticbong 47w

    Well dissect.
    Quality read are little below��
    #darkpoem #dark #pod

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    These words are Imaginary, they were born in a rare circumstance around the edges of a cliff smudged with blood where the air is numb darkness consuming the gravitational pull, the protagonist broken to the core.

    Night fight might ignite you will never understand how I write, different timelines with messed up deaths.
    Some stripped down skin, some hacked heads cut through heart rage,
    'Eyes red dot of fate, high ted boycott hate' imagination is key to translate.

    Smile hostile vile Nile elongated bong rhyme, trying to make sense of the darkness build inside, hands in pocket eyes numb walking to the cliff 
    Should I jump or should I shout at the top of my voice "You lost me".

    Lockdown Cracktown Billy brown silly clown takedown, he's seen deals and dealing, Looking out to the endless loop of timeline in open display, as his grief is well awake.


  • priyanandinibali 49w

    Ironic Lamenting

    I want you to cry, not with happiness but with agony,
    Cry until your eyes sore red, and cry until your eyes dry up.
    I want you to bleed, bleed with sorrow confining your joys,
    Bleed until you can bleed no more, and bleed until your body falls pale.
    I want you to screem and rage, scream with anger and it's limited,
    Scream until your neck aches, and scream until you lose your voice.
    I want you to grieve, to bleed, and rage against everyone.
    Until all that is left in you is love, love to offer, and to gain.

  • terbell 55w

    Sometimes my depression
    feels like a black void or something.

  • layered_heartpoetry 58w

    Hell hath no fury

    In the midst of it all in the middle of tears
    I laugh at your disrespect of me
    I remember how I carry your name
    And how I smeared it with vengeful lust in the arms of other men whose names were different from yours

    And I laugh.

    At you.


  • layered_heartpoetry 59w

    The anti hero

    I don't need saving
    Look closer....
    I'm a dragon girl
    in love with the villain

    Take your gold and princely charm elsewhere
    I am willing to burn for him


  • layered_heartpoetry 62w

    Lost Dreams

    I was once fraught with the embrace
    of the inner child of dreams
    But alas she withers away daily
    Malnourished by the taste of reality


  • sarahrachelea 62w

    Aku ingin membunuhmu!
    Atas semua derita dan sengsara
    Yang sudah terlalu banyak kau berikan
    Atas semua tangis luka dan ketidakadilan
    Yang sudah terlalu banyak kau biarkan

    Jahanam, kau!
    Atas semua kecewa dan nestapa
    Yang membuatku merana
    Aku ingin membunuhmu
    Agar kau mati, mati, mati

    ~ Surat untuk Tuhan

  • sarahrachelea 62w

    Untuk setiap luka yang sudah kau berikan
    Untuk setiap sakit yang telah kau biarkan

    Semoga semua racun darimu


  • terbell 72w

    Dreadfully Dreary

    ' '

  • yoyowrites_ 72w

    #mirakee #darkpoem #uninvitedguest #depression

    Sadly, I hold PhD in dark poem.

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    Uninvited guest

    A story I've never told
    Only but God will know
    The angst and prejudice I hold
    Inside my heart no one knows
    Day by Day it stings my soul
    Frostbitten, numb and cold
    Waiting to escape every chance I get
    Every day, It invades my mind
    Like a reminder on my phone
    It's as if I've been cursed
    And I'm trapped inside a jar of glass
    with monstrous creatures!
    How cruel it is to be born
    To be faced by demons each morn'
    Howling to make you go insane
    Stopping you from thinking straight
    I pity myself as I cried
    Those precious tears and
    life that's drained
    For the things I shouldn't bother
    But remained with me like
    A redundant piece of me hopelessly
    Welcoming an uninvited guest.


  • terbell 75w

    It's your flames

    Shivers down my spine
    Your faint whispers
    Keep crawling under my skin
    As they seep and haunt my mind
    Everyday a flash of light
    Is a red tone killing my eyes
    Its your flames
    Oh its your flames
    Burning me up again

  • ladyraven 75w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writers #writer #poem #writerscommunity #poetscommunity #poetry #theraven #darkpoetry #darkpoem #moon #guardian #knowledge #wise #omen #witch #myth #destiny #secrets #beliefs #pod #raven #wicca #night #magic #witchcraft #nightsky #darkqueen #messenger #wisdom #darkness #morrigan #poetryisnotdead #poet
    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Thank you @writersnetwork for your kind repost

    She hails from the darkness
    And is guided by the moon
    Her ominous silhouette casts
    A formidable shadow of intrigue
    Carried on the winds of destiny
    Magic and wonder surround her
    And those who heed her calls
    Know the dark queen has arrived
    The black winged messenger
    From the realms of the beyond
    Often greeted with apprehension
    She’s the keeper of great secrets
    Entrusted Guardian of the keys
    The voice of nature speaks to her
    Through whispers in the breeze
    She astutely watches the world
    With an unfettered curiosity
    Her keen eye taking notes
    Of every detail that she sees
    She has many precious gifts
    To offer those who see her value
    But accustomed to misjudgement
    Always mindful who she trusts
    Few are privy to said secrets
    Or the wisdom that she brings
    For behind her ebony cloak
    There is beauty in her darkness
    She’s intuitive and perceptive
    Extremely clever and intelligent
    Truly knowledgeable and wise
    And though she may be called
    By many other different names
    She’s best known as The Raven
    The majestic bird of mystery
    Who adorns the moonlit sky


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