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  • casually_anxious 20w

    I Love Darkness

    Do you know why I love darkness?
    Because it helps me forget that it's all gone

    Blinded by blue that blacks
    Breathing breeze that numbs
    Ticking of alarms silenced by cicadas
    Slipping sand in hallucinations
    Night masks those day old melancholia
    Camouflaged in smoke of burning soul

    I linger in darkness
    Blissfully unaware
    That it's all gone

    I am a living nightmare
    A maggot who longs for fruits


  • petrichorune 30w

    Undying Embers

    These embers rather than dying,
    are glowing and burning, continuously.
    In the crackling we are howling.

    Buried under the layers of these ashes.
    We giggle through the heat.
    Riot through the screams.

    We rise and flicker and fly.


  • unquiet_spirit 33w


    Inside a maze
    Solving puzzles
    Unlocking doors
    Some pieces are missing
    How long
    Till I'm stuck
    In this freedom

    Came a note
    Flying through the walls
    "What you seek
    Is within you"

    "Within me?"
    I laughed
    "Isn't this maze too? "

    My mind, my maze
    My heart, my puzzles
    Those doors, my escape
    My soul is missing
    How long till
    I'm stuck
    In this freedom

    This maze's my safe
    From the reality I breathed
    Reluctantly for days.

    The force is gravitating around me
    Pulling me back to where I belong

    I'm holding on
    to be alive
    This world
    calls me insane

    Insane is the world
    That calls itself
    A place to live in.


  • autumn_fairy 36w

    Spreading wings...
    To soar out in the night sky...
    The gloomy and cloudy atmosphere...
    Embracing her heart and soul...
    Pain and regret engulfing her..
    Giving a numb pleasure ...
    Like happiness never did...

    Broken wings...
    Broken heart...
    A broken soul ...
    Is all what she need..

    U can never break a person
    Whose already broken...
    Cause they are numb..
    Like the glass piercing a heart...
    Like the pain piercing a soul
    Strong and unbreakable...
    Strong and fearless..
    Thats what she showed..

    Pain is the facade...
    Which made her strong outside..
    But inside she was burning with fear...
    Burning with hopeless expectations ..
    Which never came true...

    Broken wings..
    Broken heart..
    Give a life..
    To the broken angel..
    Whose above..
    Willing to soar over the gloomy sky..
    And receive eternal happiness..
    After passing the gloominess..

    Cause she still has hopeless expectations..
    To receive happiness...
    Which won't last for long...#Brokenangel#Ayu004#Darkpoems#Acruelworld#

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  • xyl_ayvlis 39w

    The intense red that was
    Oozed out of the veins;
    The first drip on the floor
    Its sound reverberating
    Still after ages;
    A wedding gown, stained
    Symbolise the relationship
    Of married couples,
    Which was so lovely_
    A click and clicks of the clock
    Capturing a moment
    As much as it can;
    A breath hovering around
    Ceiling lights before
    It became air;
    Eyes wish to wide awake_
    A metallic smell was so strong
    Similar to percussion;
    By the way, a universe
    Remained undisturbed and calm
    At a time between dead and life;
    A distance thunder,
    A far away steps
    Got closer with a hood,
    Might reimagine with a scythe;
    Metaphor me as
    Irreversible as a time;
    A lapse and lapse
    Over unconsciousness
    Hesitation then chaos
    Sirens and wails;
    At the end, I'm saved.

    What's real?

    #death #darkpoetry #poetry #iwritedarkpoems #darkpoems

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  • comablack 40w

    Left me

    Above me darkens a pregnant cloud.

    Hey mom, are you still proud?

    My skin stings, and my eyes hurt.

    You tell me, am I worse?

    Away this rain washes my sins, still I feel the darkness within. 

    Shame, shame, it always stays. 

    Who did this to my brain? 

    There there, 'it's all in your head.'

    My God, I wish I was dead. 

    You left me to myself in the storm, my body aching on the floor.

    I crawled to you, only you, and you just shut the fucking door.

  • comablack 40w

    Soundless waterfall

    Black is the sky in my world, void and starless. And Day after day, I feel more and more lifeless.
    My jaw aches when I'm allowed to scream, choking, and hoping it's just a dream.
    I cry and plead, that I'll end it some day. But you look at me and think, "you couldn't you do such a thing."
    Could I?
    Dare I?
    I float with others, begging them to hear my call. What life is mine, if a life at all?
    It is barron, a soundless waterfall.
    And all I want is for you to let me fall.


  • beyond_closed_eyes 43w

    The cold air breeze
    Is making my body freeze
    Numbness is now effecting my body
    I look around and i can't see anybody
    A tear drop falls down to the ground
    I don't know if I'll ever be found
    It feels like I'm in a dream cause i can't move or scream

  • unquiet_spirit 48w


    Worn as a shield
    Under the feet of mankind
    My elflocks tie them up
    Stark shards of
    rough topography of life
    Pierce through me
    Exposed to all friction
    Mud and dirt in the world
    I am colourful
    Shading each footstep
    With comfort and love
    My hues fade with age
    I'm called ugly
    While I'm worn out
    I'm discarded like
    I never mattered.

    I'm a shoe.


  • abstruse_words_ 51w

    Know that his emotions can be heightened at any time and his rage his redder than the love he ever felt, he won't hesitate for a moment to kill you. So, don't be too fragile or too strong.

    He has a cold dead heart. He will burn in the love of your sunlight, your form of loving him is to pour yellows and shines but those are his biggest fears. So love him in all the possible darks. Fill love in the darkness and let him wear it as a locket that protects him.

    He says he loves immortality but deep down he doesn't. He has roamed the streets of both euphoria and melancholy. He has felt pain and love before and there's just too much that time can't erase. Oh how wrong he was to think that immortality meant never dying.

    Don't draw your love stake through his weak heart. You will destroy him. Rather stake love in his fangs, his strengths. Then watch his dead soul bleed love for you.

    In the daylight, invite him to rest in the coffin of your fears. He will drown and still breathe in the lake of your fears. He will embrace them. So, feed him the veins of your fears.

    His high senses hear everytime your heart breathes for him. Let your heart scream the words your afraid to. Let the screaming heal his wounds.

    The taste of lust for the blood, he knows. The lust of your soul for his love, he knows. So let him rust in the flames of your lust. Let him burn in the ignites of it.

    Care for him so much, that he would love you more than he loves blood. Know that only immortals know the meaning of forever and will love you for the lifetime.

    To remember, he is dead but he dies for you every night.
    @mirakeeworld #poetry #vampire #poem @writersnetwork @miraquill #darkpoetry #darkpoems #darklove #lovepoem @writersbay

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  • julie__ 53w

    Sins of seven deadlier than one
    Of another variety or brand
    Keep calm my dear and carry on
    For your fate lies within your hands

    Angry at the world and you
    Furious and you're the one to blame
    In comes marching sin number one
    By now you should know that Wrath is its name

    You want and want but never give
    All is yours and yours alone
    The second sin comes waltzing by
    All Greed wants is to own and own

    Sin three is a peculiar fellow
    Doing nothing when the going is good
    Lazy and lethargic he lays about
    Sloth never seems to do as he should

    Dressed out in precious stones
    On your high horse as four comes in
    Your self image is oh so nauseating
    Don't you realize that Pride is a sin?

    All is just in love and war
    But love is absent in this game
    Beware this lovely glass of wine
    Tangle with Lust and you won't leave the same

    Jealousy has always been overrated
    Dwelling on matters when others have more
    Stop it with your needless obsession
    As Envy glides in to settle the score

    Stuff your face you obese fool
    Eat as much as your stomach can hold
    An insufferable weakling gives in to seven
    The sin is Gluttony and this sin is bold

    The realization shall dawn on you
    That you're guilty of all of these sins
    Don't feel bad though, it's in your nature
    After all, in the end, you're only human

    - julie.

    #sins #seven #deadly #dark #darkpoems #mirakee


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  • unquiet_spirit 58w

    This world is a
    Masquerade party
    Masked folks,
    Wrinkled cheeks with laughter
    Camouflaging the side effects
    Of the elixir of life

    Shrill and flat voices
    Different frequencies
    Different amplitude
    Hearts heavier than eyes
    Yet it  beats the same-
    In unison with the rest.

    But "Shhhhhhhh".
    What's buried in it ?
    What for it beats ?
    How reluctantly it beats ?
    The Xebec of each life sails
    On an abyss of mounting age
    A perfect origami of God.
    One day, it Sinks and sucks you
    Into another dimension
    When the zephyr of time
    Strikes whispering
    "Let go of it all
    No more masks
    The party is over".


    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #wod #poems @clichepenname @writersbay #death #mask #mypoems #darkpoems #dark #origami


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    The Xebec of each life sails
    On an abyss of mounting age
    A perfect origami of God.


  • samielove 59w

    Jekyll and Hyde

    Everyone has a dark side
    You won't be able to hide

    Darkness within will always reside
    The good and the bad will always collide

    Your choices are never justified
    Have you ever felt like jekyll and hyde?

    Being torn in half can make you terrified
    Secrets you want to keep classified

    Well come on let's have a look inside
    Let's find something to make you subside

    Two personalities with no one to confide
    The one who's always casted aside

    Dastardly arrogant and snide
    Full of disturbing pride

    Tormented, twisted and a little cockeyed
    It can be hard to decide
    When there so much anger inside.

  • samielove 61w

    The Demons Point Of View

    I’m here and I’m there.
    I’m everywhere.

    Don’t be frightened
    I’m here to enlighten

    Let me tell you about a thing called fear.
    It’s an overwhelming sensation, don’t worry my dear.

    It will make you stop, send shivers down your spine, and then you’ll be mine.

    I crave for that look in your eyes,
    Make sure you say your goodbyes.

    Once I take hold,
    who knows what will be told.

    Another suicide?
    Perhaps something more to make you terrified.

    Shush my dear, no need to fright.
    I wouldn't turn on the light.

    For it will be your sanity.
    I know you long to be free.

    I’m not through with you yet my love.
    You know, I’m not from above.

    Oh how I love to see you quiver,
    I’ll make sure I deliver.

    Your tears make me smile.
    Look I made you so fragile.

    It’s just you and I for eternity.
    If I must say so, our destiny.

    Don’t cover your ears darling.
    Then you won’t be self harming.

    Scream all you that you want to.
    Soon your lips will be blue.

    I’m glad my whispers are taking affect.
    You know how much I love to infect.

    You can’t fight me forever.
    It will be easier if you surrender.

    Goodbye for now.
    Sleep tight, don’t let the demons fright.

  • jpwriter 61w

    Real Dreams

    There was a Nightmare
    I heard it was real
    A Body a Day
    That they concealed
    No one could catch them
    But they were Real
    They didn't Mention
    How they could Feel
    In perfect Darkness
    Hurt'em and Kill
    Worked the Nerves
    And heart when
    The Murder was sealed
    All that their talks were
    Is Where's our next Meal
    They played the doctor
    They did not Heal
    But they had a lot more
    Move to the next mind
    Without any Wheels
    Check the neck, Spine
    Just to Appeal


  • manjunath_s_murthy 62w

    Strange dream

    I had a strange dream last night,
    I heard a chorus 'rest in peace'.
    Alas! I was dead in my dream.
    My blood settled, my body turned cold,
    my heart slept in peace and
    my immortal soul with angels lives.
    Ah me! How sweet to imagine
    death before actual death.


  • thethought_fox 62w

    I can see it in their eyes,
    The fear, my deed's price!
    My neighbours made up faces,
    No one in front of me paces.
    To be damned for a cause not mine,
    A haunt for souls, a shrine!

    Immobile, rooted to the spot,
    I stand in costume with ivy dot.
    The screams within me screams,
    The evil within me dreams.

    At nights, Gale strokes my face,
    I stare into his eyes in daze.
    Lord Wind, so brave,
    The only visitor to my cove.
    He carries with him my murmur,
    And in their beds people cower.

    I cry, I cry, it is not I!
    Alas! the truth no one buys!
    So, I stand with my head touching the sky,
    A perpetual cloud of darkness above,
    Forever blamed,
    A maid damned!
    A place where even hope dies.
    Shrouded in darkness, a stranger to love!

    -Monologue of a haunted house
    ©Sanjana Varma

  • manjunath_s_murthy 64w

    I just write

    I am
    a poet
    a writer.

    I just
    what all the
    I have
    in my mind
    none of them
    is from
    my heart.


  • manjunath_s_murthy 65w

    I wished

    For a moment,
    my heart paused
    to look at her.
    She looked like death,
    the death I wished for.


  • asisha 67w

    Drama Queen

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I bleed black...
    I spew lies...
    I feign emotions...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I'm always the victim...
    Always a target..
    And ready with a new story to win...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I'm always entangled in problems...
    You won't understand...
    Coz your life is not as messy as mine...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    I won't hear things I need to listen...
    I speak words I know will hurt you...
    Nor can I see what's wrong in your life or you...

    Hey! Do you see me?
    When I threaten to leave the house...
    And pretend to be the victim...

    Can you see me?
    Bursting into fake tears...
    Gaining sympathy from strangers...
    Coz I know how to hurt you, torment you and break you...

    Do you see me?
    The drama queen...
    The victim...
    Ready to bend you...
    So you can never see me for who I am...
    Except for my drama...