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    And darling,
    I am not asking you to
    Be my spring time star,autumn's
    Romantic moon or winter's
    Welkin rather i want our love
    Story should start betwixt the
    holy gaps of the celestials

    I am not asking you to
    Brush my tresses and tie
    Them into high bun rather i
    Want you to open and free my
    Metaphorical hair and
    Scribble your sonnets
    On the edges of my curly
    Hair strands,Where butterflies
    Breathe and wildness firefly cuddles

    I am not asking you to
    Draw the heena designs on
    My palm rather i want
    You to paint it with the
    Color of your skin &
    Collocate my sinful soul in
    Your saintly body

    I am not asking you to
    To embrace me rather
    I want you to nestle me in
    Your arms so that i smell
    Like your favourite attar

    I am not asking you to
    Paint my cupids with
    Yours,rather i want you
    To kiss me with the life
    When my death is
    p r e m a t u r e

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    And darling,
    I am not asking you to propose me,
    When the time is still and my soul
    Is free,rather i want you to be the
    blazing and wildness
    stardust which is sprinkled on my
    lacerated Clavicles and
    Chrysanthemum cheeks so that your
    essence gloss and candescent
    in the non-romantic season & they
    Start healing underneath the redwood.


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    My lips
    remained hushed but
    heart still echoes his


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    Things you said at 3 am
    Are lingering in my voids
    To fill the gaps of my loneliness
    And darling you are the sole
    Healer of my fragmented
    sinful soul

    Things you said too quietly
    Was heard by my heart and
    Replied by my vintage heartbeats
    And i scratch my wounds
    To bleed poetries and
    Spring flowers to showcase
    That how much i love him

    Things you didn't say at all
    Was the peaceful symphony
    And someday i will whisper that
    In the ears of elliptical galaxy

    Things you said under the stars
    Sitting on the grass that you can't
    Promise the sinking sun,pink moon
    And silver stars but you will
    promise the colourful rainbow
    To paint my dark sky and the
    picturesque fireflies which will
    Twinkle whenever you will pull
    Me closer to stain my lips with
    The color of your rosy cupids.


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    We will meet again
    near the Bauhinia variegata and
    You Lie to me once that you had loved
    Me when the stars turned grey and
    Moon was singing the symphony
    Of fascinating fuchsia that was
    Painted by the evening primroses
    On my consonance cleavage

    We will meet again
    near the willow tree and you
    Lie to me once that you are
    scared to lose my essence that
    Is imprinted on your gossamer
    tissues and muslin skin with
    my one touch he melts into
    the utopian Poetries in the
    shivering shy autumn

    We will meet again
    near the pink Tabebuia and you
    Lie to me once that you are
    scared to lose the fragrance
    of my saccharine kisses that is
    lingering on your virgin lips and
    amaryllis cheeks

    We will meet again
    near the jacaranda tree and you lie
    To me once that you are scared
    to lose the warmth
    Of my metaphorical hugs that are
    nestled your arms like a abode
    to the hiraeth

    We will meet again
    near the sakura tree and you
    Lie to me once that you still
    Wait for my arrival like the chakor
    Bird who keeps fast for the moon
    And she breaks her fast only by
    Drinking the rainwater and on that
    Day sky spreads the moon light in
    her eyes

    We will meet again
    near the gulmohar tree and you
    Lie to me once that you want me
    To write poetries bout' your kathai
    Colored eyes which made me
    Fall in your love f o r e v e r and
    My time was standing still when
    You stared at me.

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    Kathai-Brown color

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    And we will meet again

    And darling,
    We will meet again betwixt those
    Romantically stained pages in the
    Form of fabricated bookmark.


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    Someday somewhere,
    I can never be the crawling hallucination
    Elegy that is etched on his archaic kalon
    Epidermis but i want to be the forgotten
    Poetry which is breathing beneath his
    kaleidoscopic tissues and those cells have
    Got the structure of my transparent
    unseen love to purify his melancholy.

    Someday somewhere,
    I can never be his first love which
    blooms on his sonnetic veins like
    the wreath of the amber dead
    daffodils,but i would unknowingly
    pump the oxygen into his asthmatic
    Lungs by drawing the sigh
    from my pulmonary respiration
    & i will be the cold blood that
    Is dwelling in his vintage chambers.

    Someday somewhere,
    I can never be his best-loved book
    which he loves to read under
    the starry sky & incandescence
    moon and the elliptical galaxy will
    sink under the sea of our makeouts
    & the day he will read my unsung
    ghazal then my nazms would be
    cwtched betwixt his sunset colored

    Someday somewhere,
    I can never freeze the time to
    stare at him from behind the
    curtains of my swollen Brown
    eyes and i can never erase his
    essence which is hanging on my
    collarbone and warm spine like the
    Syllables etched on the crimson
    Horizon line.

    Someday somewhere,
    I can never be the one for whom
    He will weep on my premature death
    and then i want to be the unheard
    Dead body whose sinful bones got
    Decomposed underneath the
    holy soil longing for your arrival
    and my cold body will bloom the
    wreath of celestials to propose
    you in the parallel universe coz'
    Now you are my world in which
    I am not allowed to live in.

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    I am dwelling in the season of pain and vain.

    And darling,
    Someday somewhere,
    i want to pass from the phases of vermilion
    excruciating pain that you serve me and i will still write bout' you with the ink of my Crystal tears,Bleeding poetries and with our last soul kiss.


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    Those mosaic effulgent stars
    Etched on the cleavage of the
    Blue welkin are the fallen leaves
    from the agape of autumns heart.



    That seraphic crescent moon
    Is the broken heart piece
    Of the spring that is cradled
    In my frozen soul.


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    L o v e conversation

    And darling,my ribs are white
    Which brewed the Crystal flowers
    for you in the presence of Purple
    Azure and cold celestials,my heart
    Is made up your fabricated petals
    And i smell like you,i dug the holes
    So that i can sow you and water you
    With my seraphic poetries but when
    I die you dont cry coz' i will dissolve
    Myslef your silhouette.

    And darling,my spine and collarbones
    Are etched with the melancholic
    Metaphors of separation,i will stuff
    My warm kernel with your cold feelings
    I will paint the saddest sunset cherry
    And announce to the world that winter
    And spring are in love! And my love letters
    Are mourning,syllables are crying but
    Poetries are smiling coz' he belongs to


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    I fell in love in the darkest night then how do i expect crimson love!

    //I wrote my nights
    For him with the
    First kiss and the
    Last goodbye//

    And he finally asked me How
    do i tell him that deep inside
    His memories are scratching my
    bloodstained Heart in the nocturnal
    my soul has turned into the pieces of
    grey and blues which is leaking with
    The excruciating melancholy

    How do i tell him that
    His kisses are lingering On my
    Cupids and singing the symphony
    Of his betrayal,
    my arms are still filled
    The fragrance of his hugs
    How do i tell him that I smell like
    him Which has the mixture of my
    honesty and his lies

    How do i tell him that i
    always knew that you
    Were never mine but
    Why my poetries mourn
    For you  and verses start to weep
    In every line,How do i tell him
    His departure has Erased the
    romantic rainbow and chubby clouds
    And how do i rain hopes for myself

    How do i tell him that
    The stars you promised
    Me have started to fade so
    I polish them every night with my
    Sheeny tears,his love might be a
    Falsity but my love for him was
    A devotion where i promised
    The moon and fireflies which still
    Shines on his spine and collarbone

    How do i tell him that
    I am the incomplete night
    Without his presence,
    In his absence i write
    Bout' the parallel universe
    Where i met him again but
    How do i console myself he
    Is no more to puff the breathes
    in my lungs and now i am asthmatic

    How i do i tell him that
    Every night i drown myself in
    The ocean of words and i made
    You reappear with my bleeding
    Metaphors and wounded poetries
    And i lie to myself that you
    Still l o v e m e.


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    Blue moon is scribbling the


    Bloodstained summer pivoted
    Sky into the


    Fading smile painted
    By vintage


    Clouds remained hushed but rain


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    Perfect promises
    Perished on his
    Poisonous tongue but
    My promises are eternal


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    I would like to be the
    withering roses and blooming
    Autumns which would be engraved neath
    wintry laceration epidermis
    Painstakingly eyes have performed
    Their duty of gazing at him and
    Did not miss a second.

    But unfortunately
    He said that we can not
    Be together now i noticed
    That my time was frozen
    Yes our eyes verbalized
    But I realised that he
    Replied with the happy lies

    I try to crush Melancholy
    Of the fract heart 
    Underneath my frozen feet
    But it articulated into untitled
    And incomplete poetry
    On my bosom which was
    Pierced by those sinful

    I am not able to obscure
    My aching soul i can still
    Feel his shadow is cwtching
    Me from behind and he has
    filled my voids with the bleeding

    in his absences my
    Nights are painted with
    The monochromatic insomniac
    And the graceful sunsets are
    Despaired by the paralysed skies
    And his forevers were just the

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    Excruciating love

    I would like to be the digger of own graveyard
    Under the pink Tabebuia i will nestle my
    Body and sleep in the cradle of mother earth when my pain will give up.
    Scuttlebutt the news of my death,when he will visit i will shower the pink rosea upon him coz' i am still in love with him and i would like be the wind who will play the symphony of i love you.


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    Is the
    unsung poet
    Who has mastered
    how to suture Poetry from her voids.


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    And darling when I fall asleep,I can see
    My body is getting decomposed underneath the fragrance of dead poetries and live metaphors & my sarcophagus is made of consonanace constellations.


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    Great soul

    When Great souls (never)die
    They are always alive
    In the pages of renaissance
    And their bravery stories are
    Etched on the walls of amber

    When Great souls (never)die
    Infact they taught us
    How to bloom in the color
    Of patriotism and how
    To bleed patriotic poetries
    For our nation

    Great souls never die
    Tranquility whispers
    Their contributions
    Towards the humanity
    And they shower their
    Love on the mother earth
    Even after their demise


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    My parents anniversary

    Their anniversary is not
    Less than a festival that
    Is celebrated in our home
    Due to to misunderstanding
    Their relation didn't have problems
    But their journey of togetherness
    Was to survive till they breathe
    Seeing them together made me
    Feel ecstasy
    They did not leave eachother
    Even after the fights
    They are the god whom
    I worship every day and
    Take their name together
    On the beads of my breath
    My one poem cann't describe
    How happy I am by seeing
    Them together
    Their eyes still have the spark
    Of love
    Their love taught me
    Love without expectation
    Fight for your rights
    Their love taught me
    How to stand strong in the
    Difficult times
    How to help others and
    Make them smile
    They taught me how
    To pass the obstacles and
    They taught me how to
    Boomrang and live in the
    Memories so that they wither
    And fade.

    //Their love keeps on multiplying 365 days//


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    ~Remember my proposal~

    Proposing him with the
    Romantic poetries was
    arduous but i etched bleeding
    Metaphors on the sheet of
    Skin and verso pages of
    The rusted symphonic heart
    That day clouds whispered
    In my ears we are the music
    Of the sky and i realised
    Nature is so intelligent they
    Are helping me unknowingly
    By playing the concert in
    The background
    I started to walk by
    Holding the autumns in
    My collarbones and i have
    reached now when my ribcage
    And fingertips has started to
    Bloom the spring and my feets
    Were kissed by the synthesis
    Of Crystal snow
    My lungs are filled by
    His scent and my eyes
    Are holding his pictures
    And blood rushes so fast
    From abdomen to legs
    And than head to brain
    as if it passed
    All the seasons 
    When i uttered
    I l o v e y o u
    I feel my soul is the
    abode of chemical
    Reaction of love
    I feel the sensation
    In my stomach that
    Zillions of butterflies
    Are Kissing and painting
    My Cheeks with the blush
    My autonomic nervous
    Senses are producing
    The confetti verses for
    my sonnets sculptured
    On my s p i n e
    Which are inextricable
    Even after my demise.

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    And darling,
    Remember the poetries that i had recited
    For you When I proposed you, I will shower
    The flowers made up of clouds upon you Whenever you will miss me,i will kiss you with the Moon light and embrace you with the
    Heart where your memories are still alive.


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    She is the spark of hope
    She doesn't need magical
    Hands to hold her
    She is held by the
    Sad and Broken hearts
    So they can pour those deep
    Silent thoughts by dipping the nib in
    S a c r o s a n c t ink.

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    And then Two strangers met

    //Cicatrized clock had the broken
    Hands and it was the time for
    Me to Meet the stranger//

    His presence makes me
    feel that he was the part
    Of my incomplete love story
    And we have met again to
    Give the name to our relationship

    His talks makes me feel
    That he was the unsung
    Poet of the ancient time
    and we have met again
    That i can be the title of
    His poem.

    //When i see him
    Walking towards me
    I go on my knees
    To ask him will
    You Be mine forever//

    It's strange that how
    We fell in love with
    The stranger and
    They become so
    Important in just
    Few seconds
    Is it the love or
    Our imaginative fallacy?


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    Listen what ocean is whispering

    And darling,
    Can you listen that the ocean is
    Screaming with the pain of
    Cold heart breaks and my
    Poetries are buried beneath
    The warm sand but my verses
    Are floating like the syllabled
    Moon that floats in the welkin.

    Can you listen to the ocean
    It is whispering that darling
    My salty kisses can mend your
    Wounds,Can I kiss your scars?
    Have the sip of salty water i will
    Gulp all your Melancholy.

    Can you listen to the ocean
    It is whispering that its heart
    Is aching to die and to the fill ocean
    With its bleeding soul tonight
    And make a wish to bolide
    Can i be the poet in my next


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    Season changed from
    winter to summer when,
    Flowers hanged themselves
    On the dead tree branches
    And leaves collapsed from
    Sunburn which has the
    Scent of falling and withering
    Yet their lips are painted with
    The smile and their heart is
    Fragile like mine.

    Season changed from
    summer to Spring,
    When the flowers wanted to take
    The birth and go through the
    Process of reincarnation
    Each and every plant started
    To bloom the flowers,
    Their hair strands carry the
    Butterflies who kiss them
    And the wind which
    embraced Them.

    Season changed from
    summer to Monsoon,
    When the plants and trees
    Were thirsty and the mother
    Earth stomach was burning
    It rained so much their
    Quench was satisfied
    And Raindrop cuddles
    With the pure petals.

    //mother earth was sad and leaves started To fall
    Mother earth was happy i had seen spring Around me and birds were singing
    Mother earth heart tuned cold i saw the
    Blanket of snow//