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  • jennau 1w

    I Love You, Happy Mothers day!

    I know that this isn't really your thing
    And I know that today really does sting
    But I hope you can find some reasons to smile
    I know you love blue but those tears aren't your style
    The distance can be hard at times to bare
    But it makes me cherish the moments we share
    I dont care what your wearing or the look of your hair
    There is only one you and this world isn't fair
    I hope you look in the mirror
    See your beauty a little clearer
    Embrace the parts of her you see
    Your always beautiful to me
    Your stronger than you know
    And you care more than you show
    But the best thing you taught me was to keep going
    Because even in our pain we are still growing
    I guess all I wanted to say
    Is I love you and Happy Mothers day

  • light_ofthe_heart 2w

    I Was And Still

    I was and still a girlfriend
    All your tantrums I endured
    All your side chicks I tolerated
    All your dramas and lies I ignored
    Having no option rather than to be there when you call

    I was and still a wife
    Whom you would come back restless to
    And open up your emotions to
    Not minding my mental state to
    Dropping each vibe of yours like a bullet

    I was and still a mother
    Irregardless of my daily situation
    You and the kids I have to take care of
    Showcasing my motherhood and marital goals
    Even when I seem to be unappreciated by you

    Don't judge me when you haven't walked in my shoes
    Don't criticize my effort when you don't know my path
    Don't discredit me for things thought within your mind
    Because I was and still a girlfriend, a wife and a mother

  • lekhni1 3w

    माँ की आस

    जाने कब बड़े हो गए
    नन्हे नन्हे से ये हाथ तुम्हारे,
    कल ही तो तुम घर आई थीं,
    घर मे सारी खुशियाँ लायी थीं।
    कब तुम इतनी बड़ी हुई कि
    बन गयी मेरी परछाई हो।
    तुझ में मैं अब खुद को देखू,
    होता नही विश्वास मुझे,
    बड़ी बनोगी जल्दी ही तुम,
    हैं ये प्यारी आस मुझे।
    © लेखनी

  • munya23 3w

    Baby Vee

    You are the Princess that Romeo and Juliet never had  ,
    The heir to papi's rags but with each day i will be Rapunzel with the sewing machine making that smile golden from "hey papi"


  • munya23 3w

    Pretty Little Flower

    Pipe in my hand im planting my seed into this hole

    Surreal vibes as i "come" to my senses hoping after 28 days this flower will not "flow" on the bush

    What a period of pain it would be for me realising that the ink i scribed this new page with ended up leaking on a pad with white sheets

    Pretty Little flower ,this hole will be your home but you will grow to face the world

    I will be there when its cold outside ,but i wont thaw your pain 

    I know i wont protect your soul from the pain of germination and growth but i will make it easier ,

    I will water the ground you come out from ,i will make it happy so it brings you up with mercy and love

    Weeds will also grow next to you ,even i wont tell which ones are good or bad ,but as you grow, realise which weeds to rely on and which ones to stay far from

    I have loved you since you were a seed ,but i wont be there forever

    One of these days you will bloom

    Petals ,so colourful you will become a marvel

    Bees from all corners of the town will come to buzz ,

    Attraction is inevitable dear Flower ,its just a phase you have to go through but dont let it get to your roots

    Dont forget the hole that raised you from the ground ,even when it seems harsh to you somedays 

    Cause even if the wind comes that ground will always have your roots and even if those petals get taken away ,that hole in the ground will always hold you up

    Think with your roots not stigma ,and when the bees come bellies full with pollen understand every bee has a sting ,choose the one that drools love ,the one that buzzes vision and understand not all sunshine is good ,some will scotch you ,

    and when it comes a time you fall from your prime ,all petals gone and the buzz sound gone ,know the ground will always hold you up 

    Photosynthesize ,grow offsprings through love not through lust and hate

    Nectar emptied ,stem bent and thin ,you will wilt and the sun and rain will become your enemy ,

    Alone in the garden all the other little plants you grew with buried by the ground that held you up

    Before you take your last breath ,take a look at the sky and just know even when i was not there through your  prime and wilting ,i always lived through you and im proud Pretty little Flower

  • pratibha_rai 5w

    बेटियाँ पराई बाद में होती हैं
    उन्हें पराया पहले किया जाता है
    कभी बोलकर,कभी जताकर
    उन्हें इस बात का अहसास कराया जाता है।
    ये कहकर की तुम पराये घर से हो,
    ये घर तो तुम्हारे भाई का ही है
    कभी तुमपर किसी और को तरजीह* देकर
    या तुम्हारे व्यवहार पर सवाल उठाकर
    तुम्हे हर बात पर टोककर जताया जाता है
    बेटियाँ पराई बाद मे होती है
    उन्हें पराया पहले किया जाता है।

  • virahela 5w


    Sunshine, morning glory
    Light of life

  • jainaman 5w


    जन्म लिया मैंने बिटिया बनकर,
    हर आंगन को है महकाया।
    कहीं बहन, कहीं पर माँ,
    कहीं दर्जा लक्ष्मी का पाया ।।
    हूँ कोमल, निर्मल, शीतल मैं,
    हूँ पवित्र देह मे सजल मैं ।
    पर मान पे मेरे आन पडी तो,
    शक्ति रूप भी अपनाया ।।
    जन्म लिया मैंने बिटिया बनकर


  • vishnuuu_x 6w


    what a tough question it is

    "How did you like the girl?"

    How big will the heart of the girl's father be?


  • _a_d__ 6w

    Baba Bahaar'am,

    Praying for you to be in most refreshing and beautiful state of Eemaan, ان شاء الله. Wishing upon you, the solace of heavens'.Ah! This blessed day the most beautiful اتفاق happened to me and the moon.The day is full of fresh and fragrant air,ما شاء اللہ. I'm in love with lilies, daisies and you. I don't know when they bloom but I assume it's this glorified day. The void of not having you around is profound. I miss you to myself.
    My heartiest apologies to you, my خوبصورت. I never knew, at any time of my life I'll be so helpless. I've no words. The ink of my soul has dried. This valiant heart is falling apart. There's no vitality left in my bones.
    From last one day I'm just thinking what to write about. A letter full of admiration; a letter decorated with love and care; a letter saying reality; miseries, unheard and the hushed coos of soul; or a letter full of Us. I don't know, Wallahi.
    In my words, my actions and everything, it's نمایاں what you are to me. My emotions are cliched, I don't wish to brag about them time and again. Why descript anything when the connotations are confounding?
    Last time, I tried to contact you and I felt how fed up you're. It happens; part of life. I wanted to talk to you but your behavior felt eerie. May be it's again my misconception. You know, some people used to give me lessons on my assumptions. Well, all of them turned into reality is the other part of the story.
    With each sundown, everything seems devastated yet the irony that everything feels خوبصورت and I'm at peace. اتفاق is that the audacity which I never gained actually is appearing inside me. Aap kehtay thay na, "Beta, jab woh wakht aata hai phir wakht ka andaza nahin rehta". It Alhamdulillah is happening; nothing ended but the new beginning feels like " the field out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing"; بےحس و مدحوش.
    You never believed in the things I used to tell you. I wish you to see me breathing them. Taking in deep.....pause.....and Release.
    Alhamdulillah, I never forget you even amid this esoteric pause. Your words are the beads of my rosary. You're my most خوبصورت emotion, your presence or absence ain't a matter, you're always along. I see the springs on the wings of butterflies. Those harsh, freezing winters which lasted for an epoch; the cocoons had been anticipating the fresh sun and the full moon for ages. Alhamdulillah, the season is here; fear has now become the strongest aspiration and the butterflies are flying in the overtone of silence. Uncertain. Euphoric. Swinging in nothingness.


    Paying Salaam to you,
    Overwhelmed knight of an unfought war.

  • silentechoes 6w

    I have a Trans daughter son, a son that is poly, an uncle that loves kids, a mother that is a lesbian, a gay nephew, my uncle is my baby daddy, I never knew my father but certainly, the only thing that makes sense is that it was a person with a "male" looking part and my mother being naiive, fell for its rainbow hat and buck teeth and walah! Here I am and I'm fabulous! And she didn't even know it was a "man" or whatever, she just jumped on the ride because of that snazzy rainbow hat. Anyway my aunt is a nu*d**t and she likes me to be one too when I go to her house. Oh, and my God mother is Lady Gaga, if that tells you anything.
    #lgtbq #Disney #pedos #gay #poly #nudist #mom #dad #uncle #auntie #brother #kid #son #nogendersallowed #fabulous #daughter #transgender #antigender #antistraight #antikindness

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  • angels_halo_shines 6w

    From A Nightmare To A Miracle

    I am a firm believer in miracles. They happen, you must believe that it can happen I have noticed that. Every now and again you get a surprise. A miracle you didn’t expect.

    And I write for truth and awareness, so what I’m saying I have had it happen to me. Or I have seen it with my own eyes happen. But, in this particular miracle it happened to me last night.

    During the chaotic hours of my son being a 9 hour drive away from any of his family, it happened. My son got in a big blowout disagreement with his girlfriend and her family. They made my son leave. He is 20 in May. My son, he freaked out, he and his girlfriend went south. And apparently that was all on her. So, she is calling me asking me what to do. I dk because that doesn’t sound like my son. No way no how.

    My daughter and are saying we can’t just jump on a plane this minute to go get him and check on him. Cuz that’s what I do, if they are having problems I do what I can to help. Any mom would, no matter the age. To me he’s still the little boy that took to my heart the day he was born. It hurt me not to be able to do so.

    So, my daughter was reaching out to everyone my son had established as friends here, family so they could reach out to him. Letting him know we all care, we love him and miss him so much. He has friends from the first day of school. During all that she reached out to my oldest daughter. She has spoke to any of us since mom passed 10/19/2021. Molly was concerned, said she could make a call to him. It was a miracle she even answered back. We have missed her so much.

    It took a nightmare to turn into a miracle, maybe it is hard, but see I didn’t expect a miracle. It was a long and tiring day. And just out of nowhere. Just have hope. Always believe it can happen.

  • _yuku_08 6w

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @miraquill_assistant
    #mom #daughter #feelings #unsaid #heart

    Seems like a last death note!?
    No.... Just some unsaid feelings tho...

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    Me as a daughter!

    I was never a perfect daughter my mom ever wanted. Insted my brother was the perfect combination of her and my dad.
    Maybe this made my likewise or my past.. no that's neither biasness nor some kind of discrimination between us... But I always felt left out.. maybe I failed, my only dream was to support my family and accomplish their dreams...

    But I failed.
    I'm sorry mom!

  • vishnuuu_x 6w

    【An Irony】

    The clothes of the father were torn,
    in order to cover the daughter's body,
    the daughter was reducing the clothes in order to increase her followers.


  • keyru_b 7w

    Wanna play the good daughter game
    With those who have given you
    birth and name
    Just roll the dice and stay in the frame

    Wanna know how's it to be one
    For us care and love is the attention we get
    The wishes they fullfill to have the power over our Future, to reset.

    For us they say we get special care
    Just dive in the eyes that glare
    Nothing but societal loyalty, respect and fame

    I hated those nights
    Each time I had to adjust my emotions
    Each time I had to throw them away
    Like they were never mine

    I hated those days
    Where i was said to be better daughter
    Where I'm accepted
    With proper walk, work and body fine.

    I don't know how I still have
    my right to live but not to love, i wage
    Wars in my head to stop their fun

    Yes they are the families
    Which hold grin faces behind your back
    Want your successful life exactly
    as they thought

    What you yearn for is nothing to them
    You break your heart or the bones
    Nothing bothers in front of their wants

    If you wanna stop this good game
    And walk out of your own
    A whole tribe shall load guns on your head
    And see that you never left

    I have heard stories of great women
    Fighting for themselves
    Here i am trying the same
    Trying not to hold regrets

    I don't know if I'll ever make them understand
    Do our happiness matter
    As a good daughter
    Or I'll become the wreaked one
    Writing my own song

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #writing #daughter #girlchild

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    Good daughter game

    I don't know how I still have
    my right to live but not to love, i wage
    Wars in my head to stop their fun

  • shazia_07 10w

    Misleading title

    You're called daughter infront of people
    You're called daughter until they get dowry
    You're called daughter when you give expensive gifts
    You're excluded when going to feasts
    You're an outsider when they have to buy something
    You're a stranger when it comes to family talks
    You're an unpaid maid to do household chores
    You're a show piece to boast about, they say
    She's not our daughter in law, she's our daughter.

  • vviolettastic 10w

    Ur not a princess because u have a prince
    Ur a princess because u have ur dad

  • words_synchronizer 11w


    Tum dekh nhi skte wo, jo daar h uske khoobsurat seene m.
    Yu diwane Bane firte ho, kabhi dekha khud ko kisi ke yaado k nagine m.
    Dhikkar h uss nazar p teri, jo kisi ka sukoon cheen le.
    Ek beti ki tadap, tab janegi tumhari y darindagi bhari nigahe,
    jab ro rahi hogi tumhari pari, ghar k kisi kone m.
    Uske ashk dekh k machal jayega,
    shishkia dekh kr pighal jayega.
    Jo yaad ayega apni jawani ka manjar,
    khud p sharam shaar hokar bikhar jayega.
    Us waqt koi or, qatar m hoga or tu intezar m hoga.
    Sehmi si daari si, wo naajo ki Pali khilkario m bhadi,
    Tez kadmo s bhade jab, ghar m ghusegi.
    To kya tu wo manjar dekh payega.
    Sehem jayegi saari sanse, ro padegi wahi nigahe.
    Jo kabhi faqr krti thi iss baat m ki, dam to h mujh kamine m.

  • lifediariesndreams 11w

    A Walk by the sea

    A walk by the sea
    Little daughter and me
    Her tiny little hands
    Playing in the sand!!!
    Waves crashing by
    Sun setting to its glory,
    The lovely little breeze,
    Perhaps telling a story!!!
    The sky goes dark,
    And everything's so calm,
    I sit watching quietly,
    Holding her tiny palm!!!
    The moon shines bright
    In comes the night
    With a million stars
    And i quietly say a prayer
    May she tread new paths
    With me standing behind and watching,
    May her guardian angels
    Forever keep her smiling!!!


  • jennau 12w

    ☀️Little sunshine ☀️
    My darling you warm my heart

    Just as sunbeams signal the day to start

    You break through the cracks of my dark cloud

    Right through those poisonous thoughts you plowed

    Untouched by the hate and pain of this world

    Smiling and dancing around this room she whirled

    As the sun gleams off her golden bouncing locks

    Reminding me of a old style music box

    As she pretends gracefully in the mirror

    Adorable personality coming in clearer

    Her intellect surprises me every time

    Including her attempts to avoid bedtime.

    #mother #daughter

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    Little sunshine

    ....Untouched by the hate and pain of this world
    Smiling and dancing around this room she whirled
    As the sun gleams off her golden bouncing locks
    Reminding me of a old style music box....
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