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  • words_of_lasya 2w

    It's ok!

    She smiles everyday. Still,
    Her smile is not real, but it's ok...

    She lost many on her way.
    Still as dawn comes in, there she is
    Finding that one more smile...

    Her scars hunt her at dark.
    Breaking her again into million pieces.
    Clawing in deep into her heart..

    Even at the end of bridge,
    Losing dreams of love & life.
    She stands there holding on...

    She smiles everyday. Still,
    Her smile is not real, but it's ok...


  • mee_musing 2w


    Mornings inspires,
    to be optimistic.
    Witnessing, after each dark,
    there will be dawn.

  • kruthika_jasa 3w


    It sucks being unproductive!
    Having courage to kick off anew
    May steer us to the dawn of yield
    Let's proffer a prospect to the HOPE' :)

  • inkmen 3w

    With new hopes,
    the rays of sun charms
    the road of life.
    Till the dawn,
    stay awake from
    the twists of life.
    Until we loss,
    we never thought
    of failure.


  • fabricated_fantasies 6w

    Awakening the Dawn

    There's light at the end of the tunnel
    Just reach the cavern and dive
    There's Hope at the end of the night
    When a new Dawn awakes the might

    Take your mighty sword and swallow the painful feud
    Hold tight
    It's a rollercoaster ride

    Let the darkness engulf you
    And let your griefs be taken away
    Only then light will shine bright
    Brighter than the reflecting piers
    Piers that bind you
    Entangle you
    Stray you to a forbidden coast
    You float
    Float with the weeping sorrow
    You caress despair
    Igniting a flame within

    Deep down you will find peace
    Deep down in the depths of the seas

    Sleep tight
    The mighty Dawn awaits
    A new fight
    A new quest
    A new beginning calls your pace

    Sleep tight dear warrior
    You have fought with ace
    You will fight again
    And again
    Rising like a pheonix from the ashes
    Sleep tight
    As the night shoves the tunnel to your face
    Sleep tight untill you find strength
    Sleep tight till the dawn awakens


  • pallavi4 9w

    The Dusk before the Dawn

    I watch the painted sky
    Subtly sensuously stained
    Watch time slowly melt away unwilling to be
    Deferred, disarranged, detained

    In the hues of pink and orange I see
    Loveliness, loneliness, languidness
    The flying birds ring in a night of
    Solitude, sojourning secureness

    The shadows of November trees are
    Longingly lengthening laterally
    I watch the ebony steadily creeping in with
    Nocturnal naivety, nonchalantly


  • xarimphangcho 13w

    The dawn of light;
    Oh, how beautiful you are?
    All I can say is that your charm is incomparable.
    At noon, under your gleam I would stop, stand and smile like an amiable.

    What can I say?
    Oh my dawn of light, you brings warmth in this heart.
    This heart beats and ease as your shines of falls on me.
    Oh my dawn of light, In this frosty sphere you're all I need.
    Oh my dawn of light, Everyday you're all I seek to see.

    So, would you appear again tomorrow, they after tomorrow and so on?
    Would you? Oh my dawn of light.


  • scarlet 16w


    As I watched her walk across the sandy beach

    It struck me that I had always been a step behind

    And as she walked further away with every step,

    I could never catch up, in fact I never truly tried...

    To not seem desperate, I walked nonchalantly

    On and on until she was but a dot on the horizon.

    Distracted by the setting sun, I lost sight of her -

    The girl who made me chase intangible desires...

    As I finally halt, salty oblivion washes my feet

    My smouldering eyes finally face a new dawn...


  • ami12345 17w

    Cup of tea

    Today my maid asked me
    Madam, one cup of tea?
    I nodded while being concentrated
    In the lines of my book
    Suddenly, that question and answer
    Made me realise our relationship
    How time flows within blink of the eye
    From the cups of 2
    To cup of one
    The laughter we had ,sipping hot pipping tea
    Sharing jokes ,discussion and listening to your favourite topic with curiosity
    enjoying the beauty of nature
    At dawn with cold breeze
    The giggles still echo around the house
    Made me realized how beautiful our relationship is
    The time spend with each other
    Is my most favourite time
    That I wait for every evening
    Because the sound made by the spoon with cup
    Our giggles and your presence
    Makes me realise my real me.
    The beautiful bonding that we share
    The blessing that I got from divine

  • kniranjana 17w


    It rained all day
    In my eyes,
    In my heart,
    And the downpour's
    Flooded my soul
    Sometimes it makes me feel there's
    no difference anymore
    Between me and the storms
    pale and fragile
    Disappeared in murk
    Slithered in sod
    Uncovering shine,
    Some days I rage
    Some days I shed
    Other days I grow.


  • abhishekkamble 18w

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    Image doesn't belong to me

    Their fetish and the brothel.

    She cuffed her brothel near the brooks,
    And neon light reds her eyes,
    Where her skin wear someone's home,
    While her doll wept herself lying.
    - said her 'barbie doll' whom she once played.


    Where club strips off her dark circles, where the pole merry go rounds her adolescence of naked lies, where her pinkish dimples tucks into the concealer, she yet has her 'eye shadow' smudging the contours of her classroom window when he never played volleyball again, Her nails pruned while fingers washed away dishes in the sink, "this home nags a lot!", Her head banged on the door, unconsciously murmured. while the sun hung itself above her shelf, she saw peeking through bed sheets, ebbs of her hairy mess teased by the dawn, that how one hangover complains under a flickering lamp that grew watching her overdose when step-mom rumoured her as a summer maid. she fainted lying on bed, puzzling all the things her hands slid across, the contraceptives, her cell phone, the home keys as dormitory didn't bully her pony-tail anymore.
    Sky ducked the crawling sun dipping the horizon and tossed slippers worned out of her deliberate feet taps, being impatient to poach eggs in a fry pan tarnished with a ruthless scrubber. while her door bell never rung, her paranoia for the brown muffins escalated the stairs as she remembered that neighbour aunt who used to invite her for house-warming. "I shall stay home today, those cigarettes are too harsh, I was evanescent in their diluting pupils and that alley is claustrophobic", she fumbled while she cut herself the salad. Her wardrobe skirt, the high heels couldn't go for college prom night with him, rather were only a piece of clothes unfit for people's sanity. She creaked the plates serving the tempted guts, marching towards the uncleaned wafer crumbles lied over her the sofa, she firmly sat with a TV remote, "mumma which chocolate have you bought?" hearing the show's weakened signals frustrating the antenna, she screamed, "ugh this cat must have been fussing around her tail", forgetting how the woman in the park few days ago envied her stockings, "let's turn this off", she quivered her lips pursing them on the sofa, she smelt the cushions and her void snored loudly to the presence.

    'few days ago, brushy hues till it was dark'.

    // In the office crowd when she surfaced a look at her long black jacket she said, "I will have to go there tomorrow to look at the nuances of unknown men!" and she sighed//

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  • enxzone 18w

    There were People, Who loved Me more than I Felt and Reciprocated...
    There were People, Who I loved Endlessly than Ever feeling a slightest Comfort from Them...
    Whatever the Way...
    To Indulge in it isn't Something I am Capable..
    Or Ever Shall be,

  • ms_shayara 18w

    तेरे दिए ज़ख़्म गिनवाऊँ तो शायद शाम हो जाए..
    छोड़ो ना, कुछ और बात करते हैं।

    - नैन्सी उप्पल


  • shreya296 19w


    Patjhar ke mausam ke baad,
    Ek lambi raat gujarne ke baad,
    Kayi saalon ka purana saathi kho jane ke baad,
    Bhule bisre huye purani yadoon ko yaad karne ke baad,
    Jab akele kahin gum ho jane ka maan kare.

    Jab jindegi ke thakan bhari jimmedariyo ko aur nibhane ka maan na kare,
    Jab kayi saal pehle bichde hua doston ke sath milke, khushiyan baantne ka man kare,
    Tabhi shayad apne maan me hi ye gaana ga leta hu....


  • bclark2681 21w

    Joy Woe

    My sun kisses my rain
    Each birthing dawn
    And murdering dusk
    As I journey through life

  • sayaliparkar 21w

    Now that you're bringing
    Me love/make it of the colour
    Of my favorite mundane habit/
    As cotton-soft ease/of my
    Fingers while lingering on/my
    Plants /in the shape
    of a smile /that slyly
    spreads ear to ear /as
    fierce as the first light
    of the dawn/that slits
    the hopeless /darkest hour.

    -Sayali Parkar

  • subhamrizal 24w

    4:45 in the evening of early December
    "Nothingman" playing on the mobile
    Cigeratte on the other hand
    The blanket of clouds
    Pink, lilac, gray and golden
    Wafting with the breeze
    While making a display
    The town getting aware
    Of the darkness
    Bulbs lit accross a line
    And the pegions hover
    Back to the attic
    So now kicks the dusk
    The most serene part of the day
    And I wish you were here.
    Besides me
    Meanwhile, I go for bombing the next cigeratte.


  • minati_sahu 25w

    Wonderful Darkness

    In the Darkness,
    Approaches stilliness.
    The flame of my soul flickers,
    Optimism appears.
    That softens the activity,
    Of atrocious inhumanity.
    Of faithless people,
    Who consider me feeble.

    All the darkness in the world,
    Rather make me bold.
    For me "Darkness",
    Is a miracle.
    It teaches,
    'Dawn' is inevitable.


  • shadow_kissed 27w

    Blue skies veiled by dusk
    The precipice, a familiar ground
    Crepuscle sky imbued in amber light
    I want to feel something,
    So tell me where to go
    A moonless and starless empyrean
    In a lucent, sunlit sublime
    Fingers of mine tracing this dividing link
    At odds, yet balanced
    The perfect parallelism
    My faithful somber, my dreary yearning
    My only hymns
    The holy grail to complete acatalepsy
    Do I wish to stay or let go?
    The cobblestone path,
    I hoped would lead the way
    Blue skies veiled by dusk
    Don't mourn for me, for I am still here
    Reckoning promise of tomorrow near
    Blue skies veiled by dusk
    Gone with the wind


    #bluesky #dusk #dawn #feelgood #wanderlust mirakee #writersbay

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    Amber blue

    Filled with unvoiced poesies
    Hidden ink-stained parchment
    This ephemeral reality
    Decrees my sanity


  • hk55555 211w


    Every day hope for something best is coming.
    But at the end of the day hope dies like water evaporating's from a small pond
    And left nothing behind except emptiness
    Then with a new dawn, new hope came and end in the same way
    Hope remains till the end
    Every day hope for something best is coming