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  • reborn 4w

    I made the excuse you never bothered to give,
    Let myself stay broken so you wouldn't leave,
    Always a fool, i was quick to forgive,
    To every warning, i turned blind and deaf.

  • beensn 22w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #disability #deaf #blind #near #denies #beg
    Thank you so very much WN for liking my post ��

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    We call him blind, who can not see,
    What do we call the one who fails to see even after paying a fee?
    We call him deaf, who can not hear,
    What do we call the one who gives a deaf ear though being so near?
    We call him a dumb who can not speak,
    What do we call those who doesn't speak when we beg and ask?
    One who is unable to walk, is a lame,
    But when one denies to walk a step to help, what a shame !
    Disability is not only a physical deformity,
    It is also a mental state of forced inability.
    Let us try to have some moral responsibility,
    Because, we have to uphold humanity.

  • hk55555 26w


    What I if am dying slowly and everybody know about it despite me
    What if my dreams slowly eat me from inside and I don't know about it
    The dreams which I loved even more than my life is only the cause of all my misery 
    What if my every step toward my dreams is an illusion 
    What if my brain is playing games with me and only giving false hope to me
    Every ring on my phone & every knock on my door gave me the false hope that it will help me to reach my destination
    What if the word of the people is true that all of my dreams are mere misconception
    What if those words settled down in my mind and I died before my death time
    I cry out and scream to stop as my ears are now bleeding due to their harsh words
    But they turned deaf toward me & continually blabbing the same things
    I stopped and take a deep breath and pretend to be dead 
    But even this did not stop them they even tried to kill the death again and again
    After thinking I turned myself away from all living creatures
    I understand that I don't owe any explanation to anyone
    It gave me some relief now but the nightmare never left me all alone
    Those words are so harsh even now they tried to create a huddle before me
    But now I understand that the dead person did not feel any pain and slowly accomplishing my dream
    What I if am dying slowly and everybody know about it despite me

  • ashwininargundkm 27w

    Some times;
    Act like deaf,
    Don't want to hear unwanted things!!!


  • anupriyachauhan18 36w


    You become the most powerful when you learn to master grief. When you dont let it come in your way of achieving heights that you dream of.
    When it feels like the entire world is deaf and you are the only one screaming, remind yourself that you have got your own back.
    You are smart , beautiful , intelligent and emotionally independant that is all a person wants.

  • writingkeepsmesane 38w

    Dissembled feelings

    All bind up in others , 

    She was demure ,

    An ebullience soul ,

    Was evanescent and dying ,

    The ethereal feeling was dissemble ,

    And the very bold words ,

    Seemed to be diaphanous .


  • vijivg1708 50w

    கேள்விகள் திமிராக இருந்தால் என் பதிலும் ( மௌனமாக ���� ) திமிராகத் தான் இருக்கும்!!!
    #attitude #noresponse #domination #patience #angry #mirakee #deaf #silentmode

    Today's Scenario In My Office ( Manager Vs Me ) No Response Viji ������ Attitude Speaks ��

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    பதிலுக்கு பதில் பேசாமல்
    சற்று தள்ளி நின்று
    மௌனம் சாதிக்கிறேன்!!!

    பொறுமை என்று அர்த்தம் இல்லை!?

    கடுப்பாகி சாவுங்கடா!!

    (கேள்வி மட்டும் கேட்கும் செவிடர்களுக்கு)

  • cutie_hedgehog 52w


    I found myself in peace
    when I turn into "mute, deaf, and blind" mode.


  • faceless_poet 79w

    #deaf community

    This is the poem I wrote for my cousin Isaiah Pearson and I thought it was good Lmk what Yall think.

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    A deaf man in todays society

    Thats all they see, they only see a deaf man, they dont see who I am or who I can be all they see is a deaf man.
    They always think that I need there help like I am man with no arms or legs they think im nothing that all i can do is talk to myself like im helpless that I cant function in this world they call theres like im an outcast or a freak

    I am a deaf man in todays society, they act like I can help myself that I am no use to them all they see is a disability man that cant do anything.

    Let me tell you the truth of who I am and the proud deaf man that stands here today.

    My name is Isaiah Pearson 20yrs old, I help in school where kids aren't afraid to be deaf, where the deaf and hearing community come together like an actual Family.

    I am a strong man who pushes to be the best man I can be but live in a society that never will understand my struggles

    I live in a world where every time I use my hands to communicate people only stare and judge, in a world where people look at me like auditioning for a freak show at the circus but refuse to see the true man I am today and how I got from point A to point Z.

    I try to help people the best I can but they rather have help from someone who is not "disabled" and leave me here hating the fact that I am deaf.

    But every time I go to the school to help these kids, I feel inspired, I am happy that I live in this world as a proud deaf man I bring inspiration to kids who are afraid to be deaf in this world and yet I remind how to be proud of the deafness they have.

    My name is Isaiah Pearson and I am no longer a disabled deaf man... I am a proud deaf man that lives in todays society.

  • achayanandkochamma 82w

    Love is deaf, dumb and blind.
    Blind to all iniquities.
    Deaf to all backbiting.
    Dumb to all harsh words.

  • jomaywrites 90w

    How can the deaf
    Speak of things they
    can't hear
    © Jomaywrites

  • ken_kind_itz 105w

    I act like blind. but I'm not.
    I act like deaf. but I'm not.
    I act like dumb. but I'm not.
    I act like dead. yes, I'm dead.

  • queenofhearts1491 109w

    Sea of Sand

    I'm drowning in a sea of sand,
    Buried under a heavy burden.
    The more I try to get out,
    The deeper I get soaked in.
    Fear ... despair ... anxiety ... constriction,
    My heart is racing,
    I can't breathe.
    There's no way to escape
    And all my senses fall silent.

    My eyes are blocked,
    Forced to be blind.
    A fine-grained darkness,
    Not a light can be seen.
    Fear ... despair ... anxiety ... constriction,
    There's no way to escape,
    All hope is lost.

    My ears are blocked,
    Forced to be deaf.
    A fine-grained silence,
    Not a sound can be heard.
    Fear ... despair ... anxiety ... constriction,
    There's no way to escape,
    All hope is lost.

    My nose is blocked,
    Forced to be anosmic.
    A fine-grained void,
    Not a scent can be smelled.
    Fear ... despair ... anxiety ... constriction,
    There's no way to escape,
    All hope is lost.

    My mouth is blocked,
    Forced to be mute.
    A fine-grained congestion,
    Not a word can be spoken.
    Fear ... despair ... anxiety ... constriction,
    There's no way to escape,
    All hope is lost.

    My skin is blocked,
    Forced to be numb.
    A fine-grained density,
    Not a thing can be felt.
    Fear ... despair ... anxiety ... constriction,
    There's no way to escape,
    All hope is lost.

    I'm drowning in a sea of sand,
    Chocked under a heavy burden.
    I stopped trying to get out,
    I am not moving at all.
    Fear ... despair ... anxiety ... constriction ... hope,
    My heart is slowing down,
    A cool breath fills my lungs.
    The way to escape is giving things time
    And maybe my senses will awaken again.


  • ishan_jajoo 111w

    मुतकल्लिम है सब यहां
    और सभी जानकार है।
    ये बहरो का देश है साकी,
    यहां सभी गुनहगार है।

    मुतकल्लिम= speaker


  • poornimagowda 121w

    Open Your Mouth Only When Necessary Because Unnecessary Words Spoken Fall To Deaf Ears

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • canadian_cowboy 126w

    I hear you;
    it's just the noise
    from the world
    that I find deafening.


  • jeitendra_sharma 128w

    मैं मुर्दा हूँ?

    कल जो मुझसे तुम पूछोगे
    कहा थे, तुम?
    जब हंगामा बरपा था
    ख़ामोश क्यों सब थे
    जब देश आवाज़ को तरसा था
    मैं अंतरात्मा मार बैठा था
    गर्म चार दीवारी में
    जब ठंड में लोग मुर्दा थे,
    मैं डर कर जिंदगी खोज़ता रहा
    जब लोग मारने को आमादा थे
    खुदा भी न जाने कहाँ था?
    लोग खोजते रहे, हिन्दू कौन है, और मुस्लिम कौन?
    आग किसने लगाई, पता तोह नहीं
    पर जलने वाले ज़िंदा थे
    मैं तोह बस देखता रहा वोह मंज़र
    हाथ में किताबे थी और पेट में खंज़र
    मैं फिर कल चल दूंगा
    ऐसे जैसे कुछ हुआ ही नहीं
    दर्द में मेरा अपना कोई थोड़ी था
    जो खड़े थे सबके लिए
    टाँगे तोड़ दी उनकी, पर मेरी तोह नहीं ?
    मैं मुर्दा हूँ, गूंगा और बहरा
    न कुछ सुनता हूँ न ही बोलता
    बस गुलामी की जंजीरो को खुद ओढ़ लेता,


  • abhishekkamble 128w

    A Word without a breathe

    "Never be a deaf listener and a seeing blind for many graves desire to speak and to be seen , they couldn't when they were alive!"

  • __hikari__ 129w

    Blind can see things by touch.
    Deaf can hear voices through eyes.
    Mute can say I love you by sign.
    Why you can't do the same thing as they can,
    as you all have your senses?


  • thesilentone 131w

    Fog on her glasses
    From the still steaming tea
    A book in her hand
    As she casually reads.
    A catch in her breath
    As the climax grows near
    She's deaf to the world :
    The book's all she can hear.
    She's completely lost now,
    Or perhaps she is found
    In this strange paper world
    That's far from the ground.