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    #DearDiary #NuEmDiary

    It's for a local writing competition. Malaysians only. @miss_rose_gold Kat website one-hbs.com, bahagian Contest dan Peraduan. 8 Januari tarikh akhir penyertaan

    It's name is: YOUphoria’s Online Diary Writing Competition, ‘Hey YOU! What’s Your Story?’
    Theme: Self-Care and Coping with Life After Lockdown 

    * Bae definition: Your bae is someone you are romantically involved with or in love with.

    Romantically involved. ��‍♀️
    In love with. ��‍♀️

    �� So, my #crush #AHBA is my #bae ��
    (So does celebrity-crushes. �� So many baes!)

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    Dear, Diary (2) ~

    Friday. 7th January 2022. 3.00 A.M (Malaysia)

    Dear, Diary. I'm sleepy, but, still not sleeping. Self-care include to get enough sleep. Well, I'll sleep after I submit this, for the competition. I have finished uploading few of my new writings at Miraquil app. I've written 800+ pieces of writings. I will include this, as a new piece later. I'm going to upload my new made-up short song at Anchor and SoundCloud. It has 3 stanzas: Heart-break, Unbreak and Break. I also will complete my manuscript/s, send, and then, hope can be published as book/s. As a writer, I must take care of myself, so that I can keep on writing. Self-care also include taking care of oneself's health. Especially, during the pandemic. Since lockdown, I've been eating a lot. Now, I've become obese. I used to be skinny. Well, I've been running on treadmill while using Zombies, Run! app plus, playing music in the background while singing, to make exercising more fun. I keep measuring my waist. Not much change. While numbers on digital weight scale seems inaccurate. I only rely on how much calories burnt, as shown by the treadmill. But, I don't count calories in the food that I eat though. Today, my Mom will be taking her 3rd dose of Covid19's vaccine. Hope there will be no side-effect. It's been 1 year + 3 months since I met my estranged biological Dad, step-Mom and younger half-siblings, who's also in Selangor, but, different district. It's been 29 months + 21 days since my bae and me know each other. He liked me first. I liked him back. He promised to come meet me, but, he couldn't. One day, I will go to Singapore, to meet him, instead. I hope that we can meet. That's all for now, diary.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • shailen_singh_ 8w


    Merey ishq ka suboot kya du kabira....
    Mandiro ki deewarey bol sktee toh bta te mainey bhi bheek mangi hai.

  • the_broken_pen_ 14w

    Dear Diary part 3

    Dear Diary,

    I think i finally figured out why my life has been a mess. It's because I give people permission to walk over me. I invite them in my life amd let them control me in every possible way. I start caring, and care too much and they leave.
    Lesson learnt: Give People space and don't let them control your emotions and your life.


  • the_broken_pen_ 14w

    Dear Diary part 2

    Dear Diary,
    Today I realized that I've been searching the wrong places for my happiness. I've been hiding my trueself from people who matter the most in my life. I've hurt the people who care about me. I've been in my own zone, while I lost most of the people who wanted me in their lives. I have been so self absorbed that I forgot how to live, how to smile and most importantly how to love.

  • the_broken_pen_ 14w

    Dear Diary.

    Dear Diary,

    After an era of desolation, it finally rained today.
    You used to be the topic of my open mics in pubs and clubs,
    Where I would get all drunk and high and say your name a hundred times.
    And after an eternity of loneliness and heartbreaks, I finally burnt the pages of your story and put an end to my misery.
    I feel free, finally free of all the bondages and pain, i feel numb.
    After an era of being sad and depressed, i sobered up and laughed today.
    Dear Diary, i think the old me is coming back, just like the rain which is always followed by a rainbow.

  • crimson_berry 22w

    Dear Diary

    Whenever I hurt someone unintentionally ...a part of me dies, I feel as if I killed and buried a part of myself. It hurts ..it hurts so much to think that I did something to cause someone pain....but you know what's worse than this grief ... people assume that that's what I am ... someone who can't think about anyone but himself... someone who likes giving pain to others ... but the truth is farm from what they assume about me ...

  • writersany 24w

    कल तक तो दूसरों से नजदीकियां आपकी,
    मुझे बहोत जलाती थी,
    बहोत गलत थे वो.....
    हक़ीक़त जानने के बाद खुद से सवाल करती हूँ....
    मैं भी तो सही नहीं होंगी,
    उनकी नजरों में......

  • writersany 24w


    आज कल जब आपसे दिल की बात कहती हूँ.....
    तो थोड़ा सा मुस्करा देती हूँ....
    दर्द बहोत हैं न यू जाहिर कर.....
    आपको निराश करना खुद को
    चोट पहुचाने जैसा लगता है....

  • writersany 25w

    चलते वक़्त ने मुझे बहोत कुछ सिखाया है.....
    आते तूफान से बची मैं,
    पर मेंने अंत मे खुद को उलझनों मे पाया है.....
    जो सहारा हैं वो आश्वासन नहीं देते.....
    बहोत कोशिश की खुद को बचाने की,
    फिर क्यू उस तूफान में मैने खुद को पाया है......

  • pratibhajadhav 26w

    You know; there's beauty in imperfection!
    Still, you crave for perfection...!

  • venus93 26w


    Dear diary,

    Today was an ordinary day but I do not know why while walking through that crowded street, out of nowhere i felt this sudden rush of happiness inside me it was strange. I could smell the scent of something delicious being cooked in a nearby house and it took me back to my childhood and to my grandma's kitchen, where she used to cook all sorts of delicacies for us grandchildren when we visited her during vacations.

    We would watch TV in the hall or play in the courtyard , all the while leaving a part of our senses back there in the kitchen , taking in the inviting aromas wafting in. When others seemed to be too engrossed in a movie or a boardgame or a catch me if you can, I would surreptitiously slip inside the kitchen, sweet talk to grandma and get a taste of what's being cooked before everyone else did. While I eagerly dived into the piping hot dish , she would lovingly admonish me to take care not to burn my fingers or my mouth. That love and care used to make the already heavenly dish taste even better. How I miss her ! If only I could turn back time ..

    Who knew a casual walk through a crowded street would end up as a wonderful trip down memory lane !

  • aquarishu 29w

    Voyage of Depression

    I laughed I cried
    I smiled I deprived
    In the sorrows....
    I hide I concealed
    I alight my feelings
    In an empty side...
    I egotisticised I strides
    With oneself
    In a memoir life...
    I prevailed I surmouth
    I smiled and smiled
    Find the cheeriness
    and made my sorrow
    To the joy life....

  • _minnaa_ 32w

    *Feel free to skip this post. I just poured my heart out and I do not expect people to go through such a long one*

    11th June'21. 10.50pm

    Dear Diary,
    Oh dearest! It's time to recollect the day's happenings with you. As usual, I started with gratitude for the Almighty and the Universe for giving me yet another day to live and let live. I could see the orange sky and the gloriously rising sun through my white curtain. And I suddenly remembered that it's my best friend's birthday today. First instinct was to give her a call and then I realized that she was an hour and half behind our time. And its her first birthday after her wedding. So I dropped a text and wished her.
    Then the daily routine starts. I did meditation and yoga ( in order to remain sane). By the time I came downstairs, my mother had already prepared tea and breakfast. Then we do our works, read and discuss news, clearly predicting the lockdown drama that our government would implement. Best thing about this time is that I am home with my family. Last lockdown was a bit troublesome for somebody like me who lived away in a metropolitan city trying to build my life. Then I saw the daily challenge prompt that Miraquill app had put up. By hook or by crook, I wanted to take part and decided to write against all odds. The lockdown has been a villain to me, but it did teach me patience. I tried to liberate myself from the thought that I am restricted within this four walls. But I started to appreciate the small things around me. As monsoon had hit our coast, intermittent raining gives much pleasure to us. The long lost tradition of us sitting together to eat, to gossip had bounced back to life.
    The best thing about the lockdown is that we were able to revive our otherwise failed relationship. The pen in my hand appreciates your feel. Although, I had left you when I had left home, but you patiently waited for me all these years to come back. I am forever grateful to you dearest.
    I wanted to tell you that the time we are living in is very challenging and mentally taxing. I cannot even quote Darwin's theory here because the pandemic has claimed so many lives, that I have lost count on. I am blessed and grateful that I am still living here. Our bond may not get a recognition that Anne Frank and her diary got. But I will be happy to see my children and grandchildren and their families to read about the fact that I (me and you) too was part of an important era of history.
    I have multiple thoughts lingering on my head buddy. The gentle breeze is asking me to go and rest. I am still looking out for our Moon, but today he is quite naughty in a way that he is playing hide and seek with me.
    That's all for today my friend. I will come back tomorrow again, for I am sure some adventure will happen.
    Good night my friend.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Dear Diary!


  • words_dreamer_ 34w

    मुहब्बत एक आग का दरिया डूब के जाना आसान है | क्या
    वो कहता है मै उसकी इकलौती पसंद हूँ|
    कीसी की पसंद बरकरार रहना मज़ाक है| क्या

    -आशी छत्रावल

  • writersany 38w


    यूंही नहीं होती तलब,
    किसी को चाहने की,
    पल पल निहारते हैं हर एक अदा,
    उनकी आदतें ही बनती है....
    ईच्छा फिर होने पाने की.....

  • writersany 38w


    वक़्त कुछ चुराता हैं,
    तो कुछ लाता भी है,
    अगर इंतजार अच्छे का हो,
    तो वक़्त लगता भी है....

  • timothynorman 45w

    And they danced happily ever after.

  • timothynorman 45w

    Just Be.

  • timothynorman 45w

    I’m using this app to splash my random thoughts and carve new poems, not worrying about form or quality, just getting ideas to paper. #poem #poetry #thoughts #wod #pandemic #health #mentalhealth #deardiary #smile #happy #writersnetwork #writingnetwork

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    I take a breath at the sweet tune
    Of the 21st June,
    It rings in our ears -
    The finish line looming
    As we’re zooming and moving forward,
    Onwards and upwards,
    Slowly, gently
    Not a fast race
    But an even pace,
    Facing new beginnings
    And saying goodbye to the world we once knew.
    Who will we be as the sun greets our smiles?
    It’s been a while,
    And I feel silence and peace,
    At ease.
    At ease.

  • writersany 47w


    हया तो यह हो गयी,
    उनकी चाह की,
    जब कहा:विद्रोह मत करो,
    हमारी वफ़ा,
    किसी मिलन की शौकीन नहीं...