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    Dear stranger

    I crept under the blanket of my sighs,
    I closed my eyes and wandered in the galaxy of
    blue skies,
    The autumn leaves on the roads paint the distance
    between the known and unknown,
    While my heart paints the oxygenation of my own.

    A tree stands, beside me, dead cork but visibly flawless its build.
    I crept deep under the blanket of my sighs
    realising how we are unlike, as I stand dead inside.

    I open my eyes, and see spring bloom in my side,
    Buds erupting with full boom,
    Again I crept under the blanket of my sighs,
    Just how the witherings are waiting for the bloomings of these, right?

    The compass of time revolves on the benches of the wood
    Oh how it also passes the time when as tree the bench stood.
    This time more like me, it's dead inside.

    Autumn leaves on the road paint the distances between the known and unknown.
    And I without colors only paint a shadow with the sun at noon.
    Still I've got me as moon, with some sighs that I own.


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    Just so so. ��
    I finally started a new chapter of my life xD
    Let's hope this will bring good tidings.
    How are you all? Me missed y'all.��

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    Dear Stranger

    How are you all, I tell you what? You say why? I say no! You just be so so. And then again, we go, the road seems slow, the pace will fasten like the seat belt in the row. Heyo! So how are you?

    I know so much, and I know nothing. Happy things, feels like prayers have been checked. So, here I go. Say how are you? I missed you. Did you? I adore these words as it is, do you? I adore your words engraved here on screen. You should too.

    Here I am for now, don't know what's happening tomorrow. let's twinkle in words, for now, who knows which word will capture our hearts.
    Oh, say how are you?


  • shadowofthoughts_ 13w

    Dear Stranger,

    When your walls fall down, remember you are the one who owns them.
    When your reasons turn into vapours, remember you don't need to reminisce the ashes.
    When you love me, remember I don't have the power to control you.

    No one's a good guy here, you think you are moving on, it looks easy. But oh dear buckle up, let things come as they do. Face the music don't try to mix up with the tunes. Don't hollow up yourself, Don't look for me in the stranger. Don't fall in love before you know their name. It's gonna be hard. They say if it doesn't hurt, it cannot be love but trust me if it does you shouldn't want it anyway.

    Some parts of you, are like an angel but that doesn't mean you don't bring danger. How long can you breathe, without thorns in the rose. Remember tender thorns also prick and that the sharp one's also protect. Rain showers shower lightly, but shadows still grow on the inside of smiling faces. They say, in order to rescue our hearts, we should become cruel. And in order to rescue our minds, We need to act as a fool. But, deep down we all know what's in our heads and hearts.
    There's no love in the end. It's not everything. The fire which burns in the name of it, ends in ashes. But you need to filter these ashes cause your heart isn't rotten, it has been sunkissed by your mother. The winters will freeze the scars. And you, you are a star. Your heart has travelled a million miles. It's precious, like you.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 16w

    Dear stranger,

    The clouds are grey, and the shades of grey are many.
    But this shade of unknown sadness is so fascinating. Tears don't water roots, which can grow. Tears water the one's which are meant to crumble. How fascinating is that? That's the grey. But greyness is meant to fade.

    Unknown sadness, creeps and bundles up in hues. Overthinking further adds to the blues. But the purple flowers of hope, and pinkish ropes in sky are always there. Colors can fade. But the roots they are made of can't. So hold a little. Tic tic clock will keep moving. These words are like time. They'll comfort, they'll wrench. Ah, how I wish to sit on a bench.

    Perhaps you're feeling too tied down emotionally or too restrained mentally. Perhaps you need to get out of your current situation entirely. How about changing the way you look at it?
    Unknown strangers will knock. Known will become unknown. Pain will rain. But remember it's all a vain. Just hold the sane part of me.

    Without the hurdles, ironed life is too plane.
    Before I become insane, smile and forget about things that mess your mind with floods and rains.


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    #vacation #dearstranger_

    �� with me :)

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    Dear stranger,

    It has been a long time. It rained alot recently. It snowed too. Looks like winter isn't going to end any soon. But again, it's destinied to welcome the spring. Flowers will bloom again. The river streams will look enchanting again. Spring festival will fill the garden with peach flowers. As almonds will start to grow. How many memories do we have etched in our hearts? The ones that never needed almonds to mark their footprints in our brains.

    Ah, The flowers will wither. Autumn will cover the streets in orange shades. How beautiful it is to just imagine chinar leaves on the road and you walking besides someone, or with music in your soul. Summer too will bring some butterflies, each one will visit diffrent gardens. Again it'll end. The tide will destroy the sand castles. The coldness will grow again. The lakes and hearts might freeze too. But the sun, the sun will show again.

    Isn't is fascinating to know how it'll begin, to know how it'll end. Yet the journey feels blissful. Rather than what comes tomorrow, today's scent is what keeps us going.

    Flowers without colors and petals ain't flowers. Likewise memories without scars don't twinkle.
    Hold tight, it's a long ride.


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    #lifeadvice #dearstranger_ #wod #1310
    @writersnetwork Thankyou so much.❤️��
    I ain't dreaming right?
    My first POD. OMG!
    Deir sara thankyou. @miraquill������

    Dear younger self, you are the stranger I know the most yet I feel like I don't.

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    Dear stranger,
    You are me.

    Don't get confused.
    Take a deep breath and slow down.
    Being frantic will only run you in circles
    and you may feel confused.
    Just try to settle down.
    You don't always need to come up with solutions.
    Trying to pin things down will only
    frustrate you and waste your time.
    So, Take it all with a grain of salt
    until you've checked out the facts.
    Just don't let the sun drown in the tides.
    You fall among the stars.
    You shine brighter than the moon.
    You're my sunflower and Lilly.
    Bloom like you're the only flower.
    Each of your petal is my shelter.
    Each of your thorn is my throne.
    You are wings to my butterfly hopes.
    Yet you are a stranger to my unknown doors.
    Just keep going.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 25w

    Dear stranger

    Why do we expect things from each other. Why do we lock up ourselves only to suffocate, burn and crumble our own ashes. Why is it that we deny the facts. We hate the reality and hide behind metaphors. We love fantasies and go personifying the unending skies. But ain't our fantasies lies. We shatter. We hate. We love. We sigh. Still we breathe. Let me ask you this all, when you find me at the shore.

    I can't lie. But lies are too sweet. It's ending.
    The shadows are growing, let me now put a full stop. Eternity may seem like a punishment but remember it's not the death. Let's find our flashlights and get through this.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 26w

    Dear stranger,

    Maybe nobody has written about those eyes
    which glitter in pain,
    which brighten the darkness.

    Maybe no one has told you,
    you're kind.
    Maybe nobody has noticed your shine.

    The way you just place yourself before the ego,
    The way you just let the things go.
    Maybe no one saw you planting smiles.
    Can I accompany you with few more miles?

    Maybe you were taken for granted
    like falling leaves on a windy day.
    But you, you are the sun ray.
    you make hearts bloom in warmth.

    Maybe the mountains are high,
    Maybe you'll bid me a goodbye.
    But, being the sky.
    I'll color you bright by my blue.
    I'll change the shades by a colorful hue.

    And maybe no one has seen your smile.
    But it brightens the flowers divine.
    As it makes you alive.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 26w

    Dear stranger,

    How do you expect someone who has never loved, know love?
    How do you expect the hater, to know what effects the hate has?
    It's his devotion.

    The guardians of culture, don't know any tradition.
    The grim reaper doesn't know life.
    Likewise the breaths we keep breathing don't know their origin.

    But the smile that was on your face yesterday knows the scars inside you.
    The tears that you shed recently know the pain that's hurting you.

    The shoulder you lay your head on,
    may one day go missing.
    The moon you look up to, may fade.
    The stars one day will be silenced by the darkness.
    And the sun one day will give up on cracks to light the shadows.

    And it'll keep raining,
    as you'll drown in this life.
    The colors don't matter as long as
    you are adamant to go on.

    Just remember expectations will drown you.
    Attachments will ruin you.
    And life will still carry on.

    But again we're humans.
    And it's going to get worse before it gets b e t t e r.
    You can't ignore each particle.
    But you should have the ability to reflect the right light. And make it right.

    ✿ be gentle to yourself.✿


  • shadowofthoughts_ 28w

    Dear stranger

    How has it been recently? How many people have changed around you, have you?
    Well, I've been studying about flowers, and you know what they're flowers, no matter if they can be separated into petals and sepals or they're all tepals, they are still flowers. Isn't strange. Just like no matter if you change or not, if the people around you change, you are bound to change. Pitty world. Wait, I'm also a human. I wonder why though. I read about self love. But I don't know why they are asking us to love ourselves. When they can't hold on to themselves. Ah! It's again strange. And the strangest thing is I've no rhymes here. We are all like water in the three states, some vapourise their dreams, and fly without considering the fact they were liquid. some just remain in the liquid state, they neither want to be excited, nor do they want the cold. Looks like I got definition of normal. And then their are people like ice. They freeze due to fears, they burn inside and they burry their secrets deep like air bubbles. I don't know but I wish to be the liquid state.
    Well, we're are all holding on,
    let's just vibe until we know what's going on.


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    Really. Last one.
    Good night. : )

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    Dear stranger,

    Smile for now. You don't know how the sun will rise tomorrow. Try and spread those smiles. You can be contagious sometimes. Don't work on hate. It'll eat you up. If you can't do good, just do you. that's enough.

    Know that a naked truth is better than a covered lie. Know that you are the best the way you are. Know that you don't need anybody by your side. You should fill your heart with love for yourself. And if you can try to make others smile. Go for it. Also. It's okay to disappear. It's okay to vanish. It's okay to break. It's okay. Even the sun goes down when it frowns.

    I'll ask you, you don't have to answer.
    I'll cry. You should smile.
    Don't be compassionate if you're going to say things that spread hate.


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    #nostalgic #wod #1310
    Thankyou so much WN! ❤️��

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    Dear stranger.

    In Your wilderness
    I can see the kindness
    But Why does it hide.

    The wheel of life
    will rotate for eternity.
    But the facade in your eyes
    changes the text of these lines.

    Stop holding on.
    Put yourself in.
    The music of your dreams,
    will be on the reams.
    Close your eyes.
    Take a deep breath.
    With all the nostalgic fancy,
    you can create your own glittery diary.

    Filtering the feelings,
    is like self peeling.
    Just lay your head down,
    there are beautiful feelings too that you own.

    You've been a notorious fellow,
    But the reality is you've been the best you could be.

    Let the memories walk on their own.
    They belong to you.
    But they shouldn't ache you like hell.
    Let them be.
    Try and collect the pieces of present.
    Baby, hang the present in your pendant.