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  • charlieka 7w

    Taste of Lilies

    so much grief in the air I can taste the lilies as they sing beside the casket rising like a weary soul at the end of a long journey and unpacking the cloying scent of decay

  • poetrycity 17w

    Doorway to the world of poetry

    While listening to the silent and horrid sound of droughts around,looking at the rotten branches of one of the beloved tree,listening to the pain in the last or least forever song of a lovely bird (who used to bring me his messages of meetings)
    So I wrote a poetry on the window of my bounded world.

    While craving for the muted lullabies of my mom,slowly getting despaired from myself and weeping for the undressed soul of my lover.I drank my tears(poison)as syrup of ambrosia and hide their salt between my dead yet warm lips.
    And like the twinkling of stars in the black sky ,my tongue penned a poetry to my dark and decaying life (survivor).

    And while getting wet in the rain of devil's venom,freezing by the chilly winds of winter nights,dying of burning in the invisible fire of their glittery skins.
    I wrote poetries in my diary that nobody could find in my room.

    And while falling of blood drops of severe cuts of broken heart,hearing the howling of lone wolf in the dense forest.
    My last heart beat knocked the door of poetries and wrote a poem to my slowly disappearing hymns of my lord.

    ~Shivani Chhonkar ❤


  • elli_mcfarlane 18w

    All beautiful souls.
    All God's children.
    The decay of addiction.
    Never part of the design.


  • cherrypauper 18w

    Encaged behind my ribs fosters a wonderland of decay, slowly bubbling up till nothing but spores escape chapped lips. There is beauty in these strangled breaths, unseen till taunt chains of tendons and trepidation receed into the earth.

  • lonesome_artist 18w


    What is the real reason,
    Why are you being bullied,
    Are you an ally or an opponent,
    That’s the question of my cheap mind?

    Along with the development of our town,
    The never-ending misery,
    Where is the promise made,
    That difficulty is his solution.

    Rich people who are judgmental,
    The poorer they bury,
    Instead of helping, even pushing,
    Wounds in the heart are increasingly healed.

    Human! How long will you wait?
    To help and pity others?
    If only you could do something,
    Why do you even need to stare?


  • isalittlebroken 18w

    Decayed away today

    Decay is the normal way of things
    without decay
    no new life in saccharine spring
    No new Gods
    No new monsters
    I take solace knowing that when I decay away someday
    I will nourish and nurture the blood of the earth
    Decayed is the final act of love
    Decay is not misery and sorrow
    Decay is new life and hopes
    of a fertile tomorrow


  • _writer_at_heart_ 18w


    The lively body, one day decay ;
    All organisms or creatures decay to be never rejuvenated.
    You can't stop the growth and death.
    Unstoppable remains destruction,
    It eventually has its day.
    One or the other day we'll too get decayed.
    With each passing day we all are heading towards our funeral stage.

    So, why is it necessary to realise this truth, especially before its too late ?
    Ofcourse the answer is straight but we need to apply the answer in life too rather than just thinking.

    Don't wonder much,
    Answer is mentioned below,
    But read only if you are sure to surrender, dear fellow !

    ''Surrender your body to your soul,
    Live while you are here in harmony,
    As during your last breath,
    Its your deeds and relations, that will matter most and will be remembered too.
    It's the memories of someone's or something's presence, that can't be decayed.
    Surrender yourself in doing good and being a good human,
    For if you surrender yourself in the wrong web,
    You will be trapped in guilts and its post effects.
    Surrender yourself in the right doings,
    Watch your actions ;
    For when you decay,
    Only the fragrance of your deeds or karma will be left unaffected.
    If not remembered then atleast for your own satisfaction,
    Because we live only once before getting free from decaying bodily cage.
    Body is just a source we get to live thy life.
    But its the memories of our presence through which we are not limited in our decayed boundaries."
    Though after a while that memories also comes to an end,
    Memories and remembrance vaporize through ages, generations and time.
    We disappear from the memories where we existed,
    Our atoms and elements gets mixed and distributes in the mud and air and so does the memories we left.
    Is life other name of growth and decay ?

    Atleast before we die,
    We can thank life for having the opportunity to undergo the beauty of growth and perish.
    We can pat our back for using this chance in doing good and being a good person.
    Takecare of yourself and spread happiness wherever you go, living life to its fullest,
    Be happy while you stay and look for positivities all around your way.
    It's rightly said, "At the end, it's never about the years in our life that counts but it's all about the life in our years."

    Change is the biggest truth.
    Memories, time, age, everything in this world perhaps change.
    So, live before your putrefaction,
    Make your life worthwhile,
    Surrender your soul in this task all day.

  • _fallen_angel_ 18w

    Traversing lamp doth setteth in the west'rn welkin.
    Glaci'rs melteth into the ocean.
    Leaves of the frond doth falleth onto the crust.
    Mortals decayeth did, lie'ring the rust.

    One Maytide , a sprouteth did rise to shineth.
    From putrefaction bloomed eternal peonies.
    Heavens did laugh joyously
    As hist'ry did repeat..
    For once again loveth triump'd ov'r misprise.

    #laugh #decay #oldenglish #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork
    @writersnetwork thanks for the like ❤❤❤

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  • lunatic_pen 18w

    You never noticed ��

    time flies so fast when fungi and bacteria decompose their actions through your dying memories ����

    #miraquill I just say what i have experience lol

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    "the memories of you had begun to decay."


  • profuselypoetryly 18w

    #decay. #wod
    Pic credit found on Pinterest from the Sativa Science Club on Urban Decay Art

    Wanna write but not quite in the writing way but I wrote this previous before and two related. Maybe for the writing challenge two more will as well. I just wrote whenever waded though my mind at the time.

    The quote is in the pic, and the word decaying in used within the length write if you happen to read it fully.

    Shattered pieces;
    sleek ebony stones
    stewed across
    littered concrete flooring,
    adding to the crumbling rubble.

    A once bustling parking lot
    weeping as if in stoic silence
    desiring to be swept cleared to
    reign in a new era again.

    Yet, it’s silent pleading
    of future usage,
    goes continually unheeded,
    the following generation
    contributing readily to
    the newly vintage debris.

    Crushed soda pops.
    Bare thread tires.
    Toppled three wheeled
    shopping carts.
    Rusted wagons.
    Neighboring garbage.
    Discard crumbing white
    lawn pebbles.
    Only to list a few.

    Even with the growth of
    trash the land hasn’t shed
    it’s last abandoned tear.

    For now,
    natures’s unwanted critters,
    tiny to furry
    rules this woeful place,
    relieving dung memories.

    Between the cracks
    weeds breeds.

    In a designated corner,
    nature’s designs.

    It’s greenery mulch
    steadily spreads
    it’s natural artistry
    over decaying boots.

    Rain readily provides the mud
    when the sun departs from
    shining it’s glory upon this
    deserted plot.

    While it patiently aches
    for revival it still discovers
    ways to thrive.

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    It’s greenery mulch
    steadily spreads
    it’s natural artistry
    over boots decay.

  • whentherainfalls 18w

    ×× Caleb G. | Monday, 26 July 2021 ××

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    When the sweet breath that escaped their chest--commingling with crystallizing thought and leaping off their tongue--climbed it's way into your mind to feed those darling fantasies, only after the tender feelings decayed did you see how truly bitter was the soul from whence it came.

  • bellemoon99 18w

    Only ones

    Bodies decay, our souls are the only ones that will forever stay.

  • alicetheforsaken 18w

    When something or someone has killed you,you become dead inside.You begin to place yourself six feet under the world.Depression worms into your heart like maggots and you have never felt weaker.
    You lye in your own coffin.
    Because that's the only barrier between you and the place where the pain began.Your well being as a person will then be left to decay.
    So when you come up a zombie,you'll never be the same as you once were.Alive?Yes.Better?Maybe.
    Though "alive"will never mean the same to you as it did before.

  • mmretroo 18w


    decay is in my core when I made myself believe you might actually feel the same way back


  • nusaiba 18w

    Don’t forget to water the leaves
    #wod. #decay #love

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    Smell of rot surrounds us ,
    What’s happened since we’d gone .
    What was flourished has now wilted,
    Ashes around our toes .

    “Darling look around,” you tell me,
    “Do you really not see ?
    All the love we’ve grown has wilted ,
    You’ve forgotten to tend the fields .”

    Now I stand in this field of sand ,
    Once roses all around .
    But you’re nowhere to be seen ,
    Your scent still lingers .

    Breaking my heart each time.

  • heartofbabel 18w

    [ Sandcastles ]

    I got caught up into social degradation
    And now I’m trying to be renewed
    Got trapped within a mob of fear and hatred
    A society that’s all subdued
    Those who twist and writhe in self-affliction
    Blaming the world for what they lose
    I got caught up in the lies of patrons
    But now I see them all as fools

    You can march and drum and beat your phantoms
    You can wage a war against the weak
    You can build an army, never question
    Why your paradise seems so bleak
    Heed the words of your professing prophets
    Believing everything they speak
    You can dig a hole to make your coffin
    Then crawl within and fall asleep

    Open my mouth to curse your systems
    Institutions and religious deeds
    Cast your hope within the source of violence
    And then wonder why your nation bleeds
    As I’m walking through these desert lesions
    The ground is cracked and void of seeds
    I see eternities of ash and bloodshed
    In attempt to fill your lust and greed

    Still you’re calling all to call you master
    Still you rule in vengeance, caught in rage
    Still you’re trying to avenge disaster
    As religion keeps you in this cage
    You can’t quite distinguish fact from fiction
    You can’t seem to step off from the stage
    You can’t quite reflect the life you’re longing
    Refusing now, to turn the page

    Now you’re stuck within an endless rhythm
    Of a static nature long decayed
    In a world that leaves all life disheveled
    From a Word that leaves you all afraid
    It was Love that came and conquered nations
    Not through a war or bodies slain
    Yet it came in form and shape and kindness
    A compassion sacrificed to claim

    Now you strive in terror, torn asunder
    As you watch the end, not faraway
    Feel the grasp of your control is slipping
    While your paranoia shifts and weighs
    You are trying to contain a measure
    If, but anything, yet to convey
    You can’t bare the fact of being master
    Then to have it all just stripped away

    You made a graveyard, what was meant for beauty
    Fashioned chains and tragedy
    Built a prison for the life of freedom
    And let it waste within your vanity
    And all the while you had watched them suffer
    With no concern nor empathy
    Now all your sins, like sands, too much to number
    Have you fearful you’ve no amnesty

    Now the tide is rising, washing over
    All your sandcastles within its course
    While you try to reign and raise an army
    A pathetic act to show of force
    There’s a nature, you can’t stand against it
    For you know that it shows no remorse
    And the landslide, soon to greet your envy
    With the aftermath of calming shore


    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen

    #Decay #WOD

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    [ Sandcastles ]

  • elli_mcfarlane 18w

    Fraying at the seams,
    our friable plagued world,
    the lives we once lived,
    layed to waste, in decay.

    Yet despite the sadness,
    the now social distance,
    humanity never closer,
    our untarnished human spirit.


  • ethereal_soul 18w

    Decaying memories

    All things will decay, some in decades and some in seconds.The things which will left are moments in traces of memory.

  • fatty_07 18w

    Do you know what it's like?
    To be trapped in your own mind?
    To have nobody care?
    To hate yourself more than you could ever imagine?
    To feel alone?
    To feel empty?
    To not want to anything do with the world?
    To cut yourself just to remember you can still feel?
    To have suicidal thoughts?
    To cry yourself to sleep?
    To just want to shut off from the world?
    To just want to end it all?
    To care about someone only to get hurt in the end?
    To fuck everything up?
    To live with so many regrets?
    To feel like you disturbing everyone?
    To ruin everything?
    To take all the blame?
    To feel so low?
    To feel depressed?
    Do you know what it's feel like?

    Because I do,
    And I damn hate it!

    Now, I wish I could disappear.
    My demons are screaming louder,
    Trying to eat away the rest of me.
    And I wanted nothing
    But silence , black wood , cold winds, decay ;
    To lie twisted and turned as a serpent,
    To be in unison with a dying earth.

    #decay #thoughts #aesthetic #wod #pod#mirakee
    @miraquill@writersnetwork @brain_dump @_the_disguised_scribbler_ @rozella

    And love love //��

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    Do you know
    What it's feel like?

    © Fatty.

  • cruisey 18w

    #decay #cruisarcastic
    Though this post was for August but got completed before:):)

    @whereascity You taught me the very word 'veracity'. Thank you!

    @clichepenname I read one of your posts and it said "it is meant to offend" and I think I got the courage from there. Thank you!

    @leo0707 I think I want to call this work sisyphean because end result will still be murder. You taught me this word 'sisyphean'. Thank you!

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    Murder of a flower

    Veracity wasn't unknown to me.
    No, not to my eyes;
    Not to my mind.
    But it was buried beneath my tongue.
    And my lips were scared
    of those people who would leave,
    if they weren't served lies.
    Everytime veracity was buried,
    guilt breathed a little more.

    I've seen flowers inviting me to their garden.
    Gifting me with secret pollens
    received by flowers only close by.
    Swaying gently with breeze and beauty to the eyes.
    Hypnotizing me with their sweet aroma.
    Whispering in my ear the next moment,
    "Pluck me with honesty!"
    I happily do so and walk home proudly.
    A day and I see it withering.
    I allow the guttation and wait for it to dry.
    Then I softly place it in betwixt
    the pages of my once loved book.
    With chapters I laughed and cried over.
    I know I will come across it again.
    This time more decayed.
    I'll recall our bond but wouldn't bond.
    We will both know why.
    A flower once plucked can't be unplucked.
    Tears had long lost their flavour.
    Formalities would be exchanged.
    But it was the end.
    Veracity murdered the flower.
    And I was the guilty in charge
    for not breathing my guilt.

    I'll remember the first time
    I sowed the seeds of veracity in a garden.
    Everytime awarded with weeds around it.
    Yet not losing hope because an aged gardener
    told me so when I was a little girl of four.
    "One day you'll have your own garden full of flowers who would bloom each day with honesty."