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  • pramit9897 13w

    I don't mean to be a pessimist but....

    ....All people who have a sweet tongue are not deceitful but....

    ....all deceitful people do have a sweet tongue.

  • lollipop71 14w


    Deceit is in the air, within reach with no despair
    Deceit lurks in the shadows seeking out the
    Weak, showing no concern of what will be.
    Misleading as it is with no intention of

  • wanowak 14w

    Nothing More, Nothing Less

    It was all a ruse.
    To make me want you.
    Do you not have any shame?
    Wait; that's right,
    you chose to shift the blame.

    Like a coward running from a self-created storm.
    Truth is you simply
    wanted to get me undressed.
    To fill your mind's unrest.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

    It is said one of the worst
    things to do is to open
    another's heart then break
    it by deceit.
    Yet, you did.
    Running away...
    Breaking your promises.
    Going off the grid.

    Just like your childhood.
    When she patted
    you on the head.
    Saying you were so good.
    Then walking out on you
    when you went to bed.
    You have become your past.
    Enjoy that meet and greet.
    And the laugh.

    I hold my head up high.
    Even though there are
    now pains in my chest.
    For you were simply a
    charlatan in boots and a dress.
    Your true colors shown.
    Nothing more, nothing less.


  • reign_unleashed 18w


    U ever feel so hurt
    There's a hole inside
    You feel empty
    Yet tears threaten
    But won't escape your eyes
    You should be crying
    And a part of you wants to
    But a bigger part
    Is tired of emotions
    Spilling down your cheeks
    Knowing you need a release
    It's time to let go
    You sit in the car alone
    Wanting to be there
    And nowhere
    At the same time
    Nothing else could hurt u
    But we know that's a lie
    Don't wanna love no more
    Time after time

  • jacob_howdagee 25w

    Crocodile Streams

    Kiss me
    But don't part your lips
    You might say something sweet
    That'll taste sour when you're missed

    Love me
    But don't let your heart skip a beat
    Because our hearts are finally
    flatlining synchronously

    Hold me
    By the handle of the blade
    Long enough to watch
    The blood evade my veins

    Cry to me
    But don't let a tear leave
    Cause you hide crocodiles
    In those streams


  • jyotsanaanand1999 27w

    #illusionary world
    #key to glimpses for reality

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    एक कसम,
    सारे रस्मों में उलझ कर रह गई।

  • lovely_rachana 27w

    Named After Lights : Kashibai

    The name I held meant glowing lights
    Signified the favourite place of Shiva
    Kashi was my name
    And Peshwain Bai was my fame
    I was married to the greatest of great
    At a tender young age delighted of my fate
    Whenever life asked me my identity
    I bowed down to be vadhu of Shaniwarwada
    I looked upto becoming Maa JijaBai for my kids
    I sowed the sweetness and purity of my love seeds
    I attached myself to Rao's name
    For my immense love for him devoid of any gain
    But suddenly one day the pleasure of seeing me flew away
    From the eyes of Rao as we gradually part away
    I could sense the feeling of my faith burning
    And doubted my whole life's love earning
    I discovered the warrior princess of Bundelkhand had arrived
    And had already snatched part the treasure which I had archived
    Everyone thought I would change
    I would burn with the deception flame
    But I knew my motherland needed me the most
    To be a responsible Peshwain for motherland's trust
    By submitting to Mahadev I gained the ability
    To drink the poison of deceit and suffer the pain of reality
    I thrived everyday to stay alive
    To spread love and happiness alike
    When Rao left the world
    But my eyes were wet
    For an era of a great warrior came to an end
    I could have left my life just like Mastani
    But my life was for my nation and shall every responsibility was in my destiny
    I lived to give rights of Rao's kids
    Born from Mastani or from me
    That's after which on Lord's will I became free

  • egnolnuges 33w


    When they brought you
    Our fathers smiled and our mothers leaped
    A feast at the palace marked your erection
    Finally, action match words
    'We have been remembered!'
    Electricity beckons; darkness be gone
    Cement pole

    Returning from elementary school
    We admire your gait and share tales of your coming
    How we would watch men in boxes;
    Bright courtyard
    Ironed clothes to school
    Alas it was never so

    Now, boys have became fathers
    Black hair turned gray
    The poles have turned green
    A host for parasitic plants
    We look forlorn at the pole
    A symbol of lies and hope that will never be
    The government officials have simply used the poles to get us to the polls.
    After winning they abandoned us.


  • writtersfeelingz 33w

    Instagram user....

    Nowadays it's the one
    I see everytime someone
    Leaves just because
    We loved them truly
    Lust won the aces
    Breaking my heart into pieces

  • lollipop71 35w

    Deceit & Lies

    You lured me in with your deceitful ways
    Taking advantage of my trusting heart
    And kind, kind ways.
    Your lies tore me down day after day
    I wanted to, had to see through your lies,
    Your deceit, your vengeful, meaningless
    To see through the lies, and deceit came
    To be impossible due to your con artist
    Ways which made you ugly even with
    That handsome face that at one time I
    So adored, not anymore. Why
    So much evil lives inside you, in your soul
    I guess one will never know. The hatred held
    Inside will one day come to light, and the
    Explosion will light up the night.

  • czarcasm 41w


    Tell me young one are you proud

    Now that you almost destroyed the Earth

    Your anger you screamed loud

    What did it fix not that you know that everything's broke even the ground

    You didn't take heed to an old man's advice

    I was warning you I wasn't just being nice

    You've tried to destroyed the world that I hold dear one of my own creation

    But in your eyes all I see is you happy elation

    What is it child that you desire

    That you screamed even higher

    Was I not kind to you when I gave you wings, you flew

    An angel atop a pyre

    What have the humans down there done to receive such evil

    That I have to cast out one of my son's who is already disheveled

    Michael warned me of your evil intent

    But I trusted you and against him I did relent

    You want my position you want my power

    Was that all that made you become a lier

    That you'd turn your hand against the one who made you

    Even after what you'd know I'd do

    Goodbye my son you won't enjoy the fall

    For that not where you're going at all

    I have a special place for you I've made instead

    Where you will watch over the sinning dead

    Your tears right now could fill up a well

    Stay safe my child you'll reign in Hell

  • justword_art 42w


    As the world turns
    Come to discover
    Reasons while being befriended
    By one who sees you as a tool

    And grants a percent of your wish
    After overclocking your brain cells
    A meagre token
    Can be of mint or flesh

    A favour too easy to grant
    With a remote control of another
    In the hands of the host
    Bending and stripping

    Another of its dignity
    Realised too late
    Now too deep in this well
    To say help me

    For I am drowning
    Sweet things do last
    When kept in the mouth
    But they cannot be there forever

  • shammamehjibin_ 51w

    He who claims to have no heart is indeed the one who feels the most. Deceit has always been a powerful weapon to hide the candour !


  • sonu99 52w

    #mask, :#mirakee, #identity, #future, #life, #ambrosia, #illusion, #deceit, #concealment, #pride, #resilience, #safeguard, @writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersbay
    Humans have to wear the Mask,
    And then can perform their duty and task.
    The Mask is the only protector for the time being,
    All should abide by the rules and wear this Mask for well-being.

    This mask casts a veil to the true identity,
    Hides our pain of suffocation and deprives from basic amenity.
    Eyes are the window to the soul,
    Mask creates a shadow and is a illusion to all.

    Masks,playing the double game,
    Of concealment of true selves and revealing of false frame.
    We are masked not to deceive,
    But to stop the entrance of corona virus and survive.

    Mask is being seen as burden and torture,
    But it is the tool of ambrosia to save our future.
    So let's all wear it with pride and resilience,
    And safeguard our world without any recreance.


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  • bisola_ajayi 60w

    Could not
    Say 'no'
    I loved him
    Could not
    Say 'no'
    He duped me


  • king_sy 67w

    Forbidden fruit

    Forbidden fruit
    How could something delicious hide the truth
    I'm lost, tryna find the root of all evil
    Digging for the truth
    But they use all these false images to mislead you
    Comfortable lies you believe will free you
    Spiritually drained.. when you look in the mirror you don't even see you
    Forbidden fruit
    It was delicious but was it worth it
    Look deep into it.. don't be fooled by it's surface.

  • schwellenangst 69w

    Ohh songless reason,
    can you give me a single reason
    of the reasons you have been making
    out of your desperate words,
    it is still a mystery,
    not out of love they told me,
    but they knew the rage inside my brain,
    and the deep blanks were scratched,
    to know my mystery,
    and then my restlessness,
    and then my disaster,
    and then they fear,
    and then they shout
    what would it be like,
    that you diverged with the million ways,
    do you know the right way,
    or all goes to my insecurities
    that God derived
    from all of his,
    and a mystery I don't believe
    but they know how to make my eyes bleed.

  • mrntsikz 71w

    The last crusade

    Some people are as cold as ice
    Their sting worse than that of lice
    You give them advice
    You lend them your device
    You play some dice
    You share some rice
    They spread lies
    They act nice
    You sacrifice for their name's sake
    Not knowing they're snakes
    You comfort them when it aches
    Behind your back they bake
    They plan your worst break
    Then they forsake
    Trusting was your only mistake
    Everything you stand for is at stake
    Fooled by a friendly handshake
    While they're sending you an earthquake
    For your stronghold to shake
    Their true intentions so so opaque
    They drag you through hell for their
    approval's keepsake
    As we maneuver beneath the blooming skies
    Their true selfs are slowly coming to light
    The sheep skin slowly fades
    They busy throwing grenades
    Im busy tryna duck and evade
    Inside an abyss i find my self
    In my quest to seek bliss
    I dismiss some selves
    Coz the lies i just cant take
    The last crusade has been set to motion
    Our journey has got to come to an end
    Coz the lies you utter i just can't take


  • ladyraven 74w

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    Those positive glimpses
    Of you I thought I knew
    Turned out to be nothing more
    Than a thinly veiled illusion
    Masking who you really were
    For when the lights went down
    And all the smoke had cleared
    Your charming disposition
    Just like magic disappeared

    A clever master of deceit
    You were always very quick
    To redirect the conversations
    And would focus on the things
    You only wanted me to hear
    Your arrogance was showing
    As your mask began to fall
    And darkness covered many
    Of the faces that you wore

    Those glimpses were a front
    A showman in a costume
    For the audience to see
    Yet behind the velvet curtain
    Hides a very different scene
    The man I thought I knew
    Was just the devil in disguise
    Whose glittery act distracted
    From his trickery and lies


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  • sonu99 80w

    In place of truth there is no space for illusions
    and looks can be deceiving.So an object can be pretty but not possibly be real beauty and vice-versa.