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  • penelope_ 23w

    The fears that reside, the blues you bring are not the ones that we encounter each day but that we encounter once in our lifetime as a matter of life and death.You give us hope and blues as well, you are the soft feeling of cosy love as well as grief.December you resemble the everlasting grief and love.

  • the_girl_with_specs 23w

    December Blues

    Winter is here
    But you are not near.

  • wordsnippet_girl 24w

    A day late entry for Writer's Bay Challenge of the Day: December Blues. This write up is dedicated to our loved ones who will no longer celebrate with us this christmas, especially to my Mama. ����

    P.S. Ma, this is one of the celebrations where I get to miss you most, so if I am given a chance to spend a holiday with you, I'd choose christmas! �� I love you and I miss you always with all my heart! ������ @writersbay #decemberc

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    December Blues

    you make us miss,
    people and things,
    who they are and what they do,
    that makes our heart whole and new..

    you make us want,
    to return in time,
    to feel how it is,
    to be in their arms,
    all over again..

    to recall the smile on their faces,
    to hear the sound of their laughter,
    as the cheer of the yultide season,
    starts to resound in our very own hearts!

  • bubbly_bluebells 24w

    Cabin Tulip

    I learned to express my mumbled words in the world of poetry.She never let me feel distressed in the field of uneasiness when abandonment knocks at my door to chuckle at my footsteps,dilemmas unknowingly pushing me backwards in the dungeons of loss & breakdowns.Then she opens a window of fresh air to let me pass through this seal of the stormed zone and speak in an invisible frequency to throw my unconfident move.
    Though after many unconfirmations it bombards drastically mutating suffering into madness of cracks; gleaming ways to carry on my journey in the tranquil space of time.Its her way of birthing confidence to hike when world is busy to depress me in lows ,root of faith in my unearthed existence hidden under many controversies of demands and follows.
    Do you know how much focus is needed to think clearly naive like a child?No! otherwise masses had never harmed my empathic movements although I twisted myself too much for your love and care but for you it was just a lunatic living in an extreme Euphoria.Which disrupted my flying uniqueness and I chose to jump on the ground.Suddenly, it turned out to be the worst fall and nightmare of my life to agree with y'll to exist in collectives now's & present!
    I don't want to be an adult and grow up like y'all ever suffocating without wings cause its totally being ignorant and irresponsible to humanity, living in harmony with nature and truth.Also disrupting own true form,bliss of processing thoughts!
    Therefore, I am viewing my world again from the window & corridors of poetry to reignite my passion(inner fire) which is summers fluttering warmth of springing medows belt inside highland castles and there would be no full stop.

    Do you think words printed on pages are colourless?It's a concocted hue of personal pastels creating visionary landscapes in readers mountains but appears in one shade like paintbrush.Ones synced with nature!
    Writers are here to breed mushrooms of new emotions and spread spores in the winters of people.
    Learning a new language is hard but learning emotions even with the most complicated pronounciation is easy.Its all about heart, understanding personally but everytime we aim mind(in competition) and loose the control of our ability to dance uniquely!~Empathy

  • angels_halo_shines 24w

    Dear December,

    Please be kind to us, October & November weren’t nice at all. I guess I made the wrong decisions. I did so with the integrity of a promise that was made, prior. Nobody gets that. Nobody asked why?
    I apologize, for you can’t understand my reasoning. I mean I understand that for your integrity you had to make amends. I may have done the same. If not, being on the other side of that fence, would not be easy either. It’s one or the other. Maybe I should have just not have spoken up. Then what? You won’t be the ones hearing about you did wrong by her. Thank you December for being so cold, showing no mercy.

    Sincerely yours,


  • 2chinmayee 24w

    Cyclone :- Jawad

    #december #wod #farmer #decemberc #current @odysseus @writersnetwork

    Inclining heart
    to the soil; Drinking
    the sweats of forehead
    He works to feed the hungry
    stomach. But the change in m-
    onsoon was just like the acid attack to his face .
    Boreas (north wind) along with the The flame of bonfire
    can't drench the fire burning in the heart.. Dear!! December ��
    Other s Feel the chilled night wrap
    ped by sheet of snowflakes but
    the soured plum smiles fr--om
    the Lenin of snow
    flurry as her heart
    has been fro
    zen hold
    ing the
    acidic womb.. Hell drops (rain drops) for the demon
    the unwanted d unworthy cyclone in the time production has
    been a sin where the hope has been forlorn. He doesn't work
    for this outcome..People can discuss this but can't relate and
    feel the thing that he and his family can.Carrying the toxic behind
    white you have created scars upon the golden metaphors that ne
    ver need your doctrine And never wanna bleed the oxymoron as he
    knows only to feed other. Dear December!! Your entrance has been intrusion where his life has taken a reverse gear. Pls stop this unseen massacre (thunderstorm) in the wintertide. ��������©2chinmayee

    Can't upload the actual picture . But hope you can feel it.

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  • zeba_gulsum 24w

    You thought you could make me shudder
    When you plunged that sword behind my back.
    But darling, I'll make wings with them
    Alluring you to your own deathbed,
    Feeling just like December blues.


  • soulfulstirrings 24w

    December blues ..

    you carry the burden of endings on your frail chest
    your clavicles tattooed with endless letters
    of unfulfilled dreams , broken promises , unfinished songs and lost beings ..
    you December ..
    are a collage of moments
    of a year almost gone ..
    yet you cease with hope resonating
    in your frosty air
    trading greys with colours
    as you make way for spring to bloom on your pale papyrus thin skin


  • sproutedseeds 24w


    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️

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    Depressive and sad we are
    when we reach you after
    passing through monsoon and

    The brightness is snatched by you
    for making the days shorter
    just because you want to enjoy the chillness
    cuddled in your blanket of snow you have long nights.

    Isn't this unfair?

    You bring joy of Christmas no doubt
    but make us depressed too for bringing
    an end to this year.

    Leave us alone to solve our problem
    here itself.
    When the birth of new year is rejoiced by us, please don't interfere
    as we are awaiting for the kite festival
    which brings us out of our homes and no more in bed, feeling lethargic, but now
    Energetic to make the sky look colourful
    and echoes of joy heard all around.

  • waitaminute 24w

    Why don't you accept its already the end?
    Its gonna be no better now,
    outside its cold
    And inside its colder.
    Why don't you accept the year is dead
    And we are not even close to promise we said,
    " I am still believing in my 31 days,my last cold breaths I am giving to you. It depends on you to use remains of dying year to begin new life with a new year . Its not end yet ,its just a cold mess burning in your mind . Let my cold blues cool it ,we are not in a hurry ,lets fix it this year only and not take regrets in our new days."

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    December blues

  • yashvibansal 24w


    I questioned harsh December
    Which came softly
    Gently pushing aside November.
    And surprisingly, it agreed to this questioning spree:
    ''Ah December, why come hither?''
    ''To help relieve the burden of sweet November.''
    ''Then why not gentle like early summer?''
    ''Because I am mid-winter.''
    ''But why so beautiful?''
    ''I am an ice queen.''
    ''Yet empty.''
    ''Beauty is never full.''
    ''Snow is your son.''
    ''Yes, I never cared much about the original fire, the sun.''
    ''How do you feel about January?''
    ''If I'm cold, January's misery.
    January is a betrayal on the tongue
    A suspended snowflake, in the sky hung.''
    ''What about your life?''
    ''My thirty days? I spend them, in humans' different ways.''

  • jlaine 24w

    Her lips, parched like rumpled paper bags,
    Dregs dribbling down her neck,
    Breath leaching in if only for an instant,
    As bittersweet tongue unloads its final throes:
    "A martyr you have made me,
    For these wounds, they weep for such grand hauteur,
    Those billows scouring with every curl the name my parents granted me;
    For it was plain as day, the writing on the wall,
    Coltish yet uncanny, those maundering swirls;
    Howbeit, blinded by the profundity of your kindliness,
    Lurking at the door with such grave intensity,
    Sincerity burgeoning like sweet chrysanthemum,
    As kisses colluded in a lawless love;
    O what a fool I was,
    For 'tis a heart undone which bears prodigious dismay;
    Perchance, I'd have been a whit more favored had I let you have your way;
    For a fouled rug beats a battered one,
    Alas, here I lie bounded by your terms;
    Diadem mired, crux coaxing me to play,
    Shall your terrors not culminate anon?
    For they haunt me just as ardently in the noonday sun,
    Those fiery ghouls on display, rollicking to a sibilant tongue;
    For this fateful pyre is keen to burn,
    Shan't you let me rest? Have you not had your mirth?
    For the bough, it breaks but once;
    Howbeit, pay no heed, for it has commenced,
    The final revolution about your world;
    Alas, my beloved, I bid you farewell,
    For I shall rest now in these sentiments;
    For what is done is done, and what shall be shall be,
    For the leech must perish with the vine;
    O the martyr you have made me through and through,
    Fair zephyr arriving not a moment too soon."


  • infectiouswordspoetry 24w

    December blues

    I wish,
    I could harbour this
    fuming rage within you,
    the inexhaustible softness,
    that makes you glow.
    the graceful absorbance of pain
    like that of a rose, despite,
    born between thrones.
    the tendency of not making people
    Miss home when they enter your beautiful soul.

    You're my summer,
    even in the nerve wrecking December cold.

  • alecmb 24w

    December Blues
    By: Alecmb

    Bustling people passes by in swarms
    All going to a place that's warm
    As the noises of the once lively night scattered
    Not a single soul even noticed
    The despair in the air
    As hope soon disappeared
    As if the world had not a single care
    For outside the doors of the Grand Ol' Mall
    Was a child O' so small
    Curled up like an icy ball
    Only longing for a home
    And to have never been left alone.

    The child's skin a frosty blue
    The ticking clock froze still
    As the wintry frost get another kill
    The Father above sheds a tear to the tune of the December Blues

  • sheena 24w

    "Don't you feel guilty?"

    I asked the cruel month as my
    algid feet and hands were in a
    trial to make them feel the warmth from the
    burning wood,

    The month smiled, took a cold inhale
    and puffed out vapour

    "Why though? Some adore me, they told me how
    they love seeing the albescent shades wrap the
    monotonous greens and brown"

    It smirked, the cold gaze staying rooted over me,
    I had my own reasons too;

    I told December about how I detested it,
    the cold sheets as they welcome me each night I
    try dozing off, the layers of clothes which are futile
    to keep that frigorific weather away,

    The way everything about it is too cold and
    lacks apricity

    "Well, I live for thirty days while I saw people
    who own me in their hearts even if I'm not around
    how can you blame me for that?"

    The answer was however the end to our talk,
    the cold December smiled the brightest as if the
    smile would make those snow melt down into nothingness,

    While we stopped, devoid of an answer, a fact being
    slapped right across my face


    #pod #wod #december #decemberblues #decemberc @writersnetwork
    @miraquill @writersbay

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    December Blues

    "Don't you feel guilty?"
    "Why though? Some adore me, they told me how they love seeing the albescent shades wrap those monotonous greens and browns"
    "I live for thirty days, while I saw people who own me in their hearts even when I'm not around how can you blame me for that"

    [Full piece in caption]

  • paint_a_poem 24w

    #december #decemberc

    / I wished December to go away but she was resolute and here to stay/


    December and I had a rendezvous
    My feet were frostbitten and turning blue
    Cold winds were blowing my ears away
    Tearing my hair and searing my eyes

    I wished December to go away
    My travel plans were already derailed
    Why do you bring biting cold and snow covered steps?
    Chapped lips and feet and nights cold as hell?

    I asked December to hide and disappear
    Please save me your season's greetings!
    Jump right to the next year please
    I don't fancy fireplaces but cherry blossoms and spring

    December was resolute- she had 31 days
    She was to live all of it and could not be hurried
    If you enjoy sunshine and flowers and flowing meadows
    Make way for the cold and bitter chills

    There will be sunshine and smiles and cheers
    But there also will be sadness and salt mixed tears
    If you enjoy the Sun, make way for Rain
    Bring an umbrella and play again

    5 Dec 21

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    December Blues

    There will be sunshine and smiles and cheers
    But there also will be sadness and salt mixed tears
    If you enjoy the Sun, make way for Rain
    Bring an umbrella and play again

    5 Dec 21

  • writersbay 24w

    Write something about this cold month and title it with “December Blues.”

    Tag and share with #decemberc

    Happy writing! 🌼

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    December blues!

  • zibby_ 24w

    Dialouge With December

    The cool and charming personality
    carried the conversation charismatically
    "Tell me about the Christmas that passed"
    "I remember all", he said, "not just the last"
    The initial interrogation
    led to his lengthy narration
    I heard about a baby in a manger
    The kindness of several strangers
    Some Christmases seemed lost to war
    and some to the plight of the poor
    But in each instance someone found a way
    to spread love and joy on Christmas Day
    I decided that December was deceiving me
    There couldn't be mostly merry memories
    But he was trying to remember the good
    and perhaps everyone should

  • thorvi_mule 26w

    I like the hues of icy winter,
    with the fading strokes of sunshine.

    I like the elegance of winter,
    at the chilly eve's- by the wildfire.

    I like the stillness of winter,
    in lamenting shine of the night light!

  • sumana_chakraborty 24w

    #pod #writersnetwork #miraquill #decemberc #december @miraquill @writersnetwork #december

    Thanks a lot @writersnetwork❤️❤️ for the kind repost.

    Thanks a lot all my dear friends ���� especially to dear @soulfulstirrings���� for your likes and reposts . Time and again it's you and only you all who have given this platform and niche, a special meaning , it's a paradise in its truest sense only because of your rock solid support and love. Pardon me for not thanking you individually ...������
    Definitely I'll take out time to read you all .

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    If you say so
    O dear ,
    I'll pave the way for you clear
    Winter is lurking already at every corner
    And I'm in my December tear
    Gloom and hoar in thickets and bushes
    Splashes of blue in frozen icicles
    Shivering silence trapped
    in solitude of who knows
    in whose incognito pain
    Let December nights be mine
    I won't mind.
    When spring will come
    Leave just only a trail
    Flaunt your cherry blossom boughs
    That leads to your lovelorn orbs
    If I don't bloom as daffodils then
    Forget me as a lost petal,
    I'll not at all be in disdain
    Cause ....
    Foggy algid nights are not my foe
    They know me more than my own
    December woes are my very own.