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  • anush18 60w

    It was 7th of November, 2020, when I saved this background first. And today when I am going through my gallery, I can find this very similar to you, Barasiya you're a flower in my life, you have scattered happiness all around. You kept checking upon me. And the best part, How do I remember your b'day? You told me that, and I wish not to forget them.

    Today it's 15th June, I know we are not good or best friends, not even talked much but there is something about your personality and your name that inspires me a lot. There's something that allow us to exchange smiles for words and yes you're beautiful, not because you look good, because everything about you is beautiful.

    I'm neither a good friend nor a good writer, but being an honest person, I wish happiness in your life. And I'm so in love with your "not so decent poses".
    Happiest Birthday, May the power blesses you abundantly. ��

    #dedicationsof18 @barasiya__ #bdaybumpsby18

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  • anush18 62w

    //I am the protagonist of your favourite novel,
    I am the superhero you want me to be
    Who burned the whole town
    When he could not save anything or anyone
    I let you all down, when it was inevitable. //

    //There is not enough place for dreams
    For cold shivering hands
    For chapped lips murmuring
    Someone's name followed by
    Three words "I miss you"//

    //The midday sun waits for you but each day you step out with a black umbrella so you never bloom. //

    It's your birthday, I remember the day we first met(talked). I am always grateful to Devika Di for introducing me to you, your name in my story was just a random thing but your presence in my life is not. I have already told you that you've played multiple roles in my life, an elder brother, a friend, a distraction for the void and so much more, you were asking sorry for not being a good friend, I must say, you don't know your importance in my life. That's why you sometimes end up saying such things.

    I don't know anything about you but still I can write a lot about you. I want you to have a good health, peace of mind and successful career. I wish that whenever you come here, you don't feel low. I wish that whenever you feel low, you count on me too. I can't promise to be in your darkness, but I can promise to help you walking by your side in the darkness.

    These lines are philosophical but let me tell you, until and unless I am here, I will try my best to be with you. You’re even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside.

    You wished me exactly at 12. I love midnight surprises and yours was really a surprise I appreciate, and I will always do. I hope you too like midnight celebrations. I don't know how many years you completed on this earth, but I wish more and more years to add up in your life.

    Thanks for being a lovely friend and an amazing human being.

    The lines below are not less than a ray of sunshine on a really dreary day.

    HAPPY @anush18 You are one of the best people I have met on this platform and your presence really matters to me. Thank you so much for being so understanding and making me believe in myself whenever I am feeling down. I am not a good writer more like an honest writer maybe and I am happy with that :)

    The objective with which I came here, I have achieved that already and I am glad that I made friends like you Anush and I learned new words, learned lessons for life, found love and so much more. Take care ♡♡
    4 days ago

    @anush18 Edited this post after reading your comments, you are a wonderful friend Anush thank you for everything ♡

    Dear good old friend, I Regret nothing.

    I'm not a good writer but this was not my article. I hope I could gift you a smol smile on your face while reading this.

    Happiest B'day @surefire

    #Juneisboon #dedicationsof18 #bdaybumpsby18

    This background is what I can make for you.
    A collection of some of your posts bg.

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  • anush18 63w

    Thanks for being an amazing sapien.
    It's not a long time since I know you,
    But the way you carry yourself and
    Represent the best of yours is rare
    And Unique. Thank you for caring,
    Thank you for remembering how
    To heal people with your sweet heart.

    @squared we both share the same month. ��
    #dedicationsof18 #bdaybumpsby18

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  • anush18 64w

    ���������� ✨

    It's been two years since I had this curiosity to explore this domain. So what I recently got to learn is that Magic ���� ������ ���������� ���� �������������������� ���������������������� ������������ ���� ���������� �������������������� ���� ������������������������ ������������.

    I don't know if this is a good description for this amazing domain but I am not satisfied with this, because, definitions never had the power to please me.
    Magic is something as pure as a prayer. We believe in prayers blindly, and so in magic as well. Magic is believing the other person's intelligence to get us trapped into the tricks in no time. We are greatly influenced by the aura of magic, but little do we know about it. Even I don't know, but in this world of James Randi who made amazing magicians like David Copperfield, I love to be dumbfounded by these two souls, whom I have not came across but they cross my mind oftentimes.

    �������� ������������, public speaker, actor, author, mentalist and illusionist. The youngest magician of India. His work is more magical than his eyes, though he is one of my favourite. I can talk for hours when it comes to them but very rarely I find people with my interests and that's good in a positive way, I get to know wonderful things by them which I never knew.

    You got magic with him, it's true indeed. Not only his magic, the unexplored domains, like, Our own country's traditions, food, culture, why a specific state is famous, so so many things. I didn't know people like those are taking births but his birth has inspired me to start working from a younger age, to follow your passion from the very beginning without any guidance, just with your efforts, persistency and determination. (Ofc this is not a paid post :∆ )

    ������������ ������������, aka, Dynamo. Oh, I can't forget the day when I came back home after giving my 10th boards and that was the day when I got to see his magic for the first time, it was his tour in India and it captured my heart, he fell sick, he lost ways of living in a healthy way but he didn't lose the purpose of his life, Magic. He came back with Dynamo: Beyond Belief but he is still our crazy magician impossible. He taught me one of the best lessons of life, after his performance he left the place as soon as possible, he wasn't proud, he wanted people to react comfortably, it taught me that we don't have to put efforts for appreciations, we have to put efforts for achieving our holy grail.

    These two are the best souls I've ever felt, never seen but I am looking forward to a day like that when I'll really feel those souls with the set of eyes.

    P. S. It's lonnggggggggg!!!!! Sowwy!
    Go to hell. Suka.

    @writersnetwork #passconc @writersbay #MayatBay #ffff #dedicationsof18 @mirakee

    P.P.S. Anyone who thinks magic is in props should take away piano to find music. ~Neel Madhav


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  • anush18 88w

    @yayinology THANK YOU MR. JUPITER. ����
    (I'm so bad at rhyming, ik that ;))

    #dedicationsof18 #NovemberInk

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    I didn't have ears to hear,
    My dead and absorbed soul.
    And then happened you to bear
    All my stuffs not even expressing your own.
    Thank You for being in my lows,
    When you were yourself at loss.

    You're the only person I've trusted so blindly,
    I know everything has an end but the time when I'll be asked "What's the best thing happened to you? " You will be the one to top the list. You are my inspiration, you're my favorite man, you're my best friend, you're my amaz(yin)g thing.

  • anush18 88w

    Happiest Birthday To My very first own witch friend.
    You know your username says "fromwitchpen" but you know what? Apart from your writings, you do magic. You make me feel better, You make me feel that I'm not worthless. The girl who is famous for her ������, ������ ������ �������������� ������������ ������ ������ ������ ������������������ ������������.

    Thank you for being an amazing person.
    Thank you for making us laugh in the times of distress. Even when you were sad. You made others happy. And this is the best part of yours.

    Happiest b'day Sanam ( @fromwitchpen )
    I told you I'll come on Saturday and Sundays but you know it was your birthday. And i don't miss things special to me and very close to me.

    Heyy @chudail_ka_bdday Thanks Nida. For Everything. ��

    #bdaybumpsby18 #dedicationsof18

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    Happiest B'day Witchie-Witch