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  • snehalv 10w

    Defeat is not the end,it wakes you to harsh reality & you forge new paths.


  • raman_writes 14w


    महज़ कोशिशें नाक़ाम हुई है मेरी मैं हारा थोड़ी ना हूँ ।

    मोहब्बत ने साथ छोड़ा है मोहब्बत का मारा थोड़ी ना हूँ ।।


  • ajinkyakharat 17w

    #Think and rich
    #success ����

    1.The starting point of all.achievement of is desire keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.

    2.Your the master of your denstiny.You can influence ,direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.

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    Before success comes in any man's lifes,he is sure to neet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them

  • daivas 19w


    We’re all neophytes in love.
    None of us have the tools,
    or the weapons, or the resources.
    Prepared as we think we are,
    we’re defeated.

    Passion will undo the best of us
    and lead only to tragedy.
    It’s ever thus for those
    who care so deeply.

  • darared 21w

    The Paunch

    The sigh you provoke
    when I drop my head
    and find you there
    says enough.
    I am no shiny thing.
    No singing chrome
    but a broken spoke
    in a buckled wheel.
    That's how you
    make me feel.
    No alpha,
    no dancer,
    more Sancho Panza.
    Fly-bothered, shop-soiled, a sidekick -
    time to give hero music the flick.


  • rachelezell27 22w


    She kneels in the spot
    where she once used to stand.
    Beaten down and broken
    by time's brutal hand.

    Her eyes have been opened
    her vision has been cleared.
    Forced to confront and embrace
    all the things that she once feared.

    She's been cast out and forsaken,
    she's been degraded and shamed.
    She's been berated and discolored,
    by years of wrongful blame.

    She has felt her knees buckle,
    from the mind-crippling pain.
    Her spirit has been shattered,
    by every dream down the drain.

    She is no longer quite normal,
    She has gone a bit insane.
    All of the failures and the sadness,
    have profoundly left a stain.

    She couldn't defend against it,
    or recover from the abuse.
    She grew more feeble and frantic,
    as the world tightened her noose.

    She faded and she changed,
    as they found new ways to exploit her.
    Now her remains are here,
    kneeling before the world that destroyed her.

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell
    © rachelezell28


  • _akshay_bond 23w


    "You cannot defeat evil with being evil you cannot conquer hate with hate ,stay true to your good nature," then you will see some who does you wrong ,someone who annoys you ,someone is inJust ,wil find there fate presented to them you just concentrate in your life and your goodness and your pure heart universe will find a way to make you happy"

  • rahbar__ 26w

    My silence is enough to defeat you.


  • themitartofficial 29w


    Waiting is something what make us unrestful
    and also
    as much strong as
    we can defeat the time only for
    the precious thing or person.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 32w


    A magical pellucid jar filled up to the brim,
    That tightly encased some pieces of glass sharp at the rim,
    Glinting like a precious diamond in the dull and dim,
    They were the ruptured parts of glum and grim.

    Every time I felt low, the jar got sealed a bit tighter,
    Every time I overcame, the label of a 'warrior' got a bit brighter,
    I never dared to open and free all that was cloistered,
    Neither to unveil the hidden, no one was ever interested or bothered.

    The day when I felt like the sun all set to get eternally settled,
    That lonesome night I did try to open it, to liberate the prisoner, I battled,
    The jar was my soul that kept cramming until broken,
    And the sharp pointy pieces of glass were the words unspoken.

    The words like, 'I can do better, grant me just one last chance',
    'Reject me not for absurd reasons, at my hard work, please have a glance',
    'Don't judge me through the way I look or spend, religion or sex',
    'Don't shatter the woodland of my dreams with your blind belief's axe'.

    The words like betrayal, jealousy, deceit, evasiveness, lust and partiality,
    Scratching the walls of my soul trying to render me feeble, causing inability,
    Have strengthened me enormously, fortune and luck could have never done,
    Words of my soul are undoubtedly all negative but they birthed a positive person.

    *Reshma Kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

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  • rebekah_spencer 33w

    I will not accept the defeat
    I will not crumble down
    I will survive
    No matter how difficult are
    my life’s ups and downs.

  • ahundredcrownz 33w

    Some days, a hefty love i bear
    Other days, clothed in blind despair
    I give all when it suits me most
    Lovers eyes fully engrossed

    But for a time in twilight hour
    My heart turns bitter, cold and sour

    Do you dream about your dear old friend?
    Could our venomous tongues fully amend?
    Our violent souls i do commend

    But through it all, our fight be holy
    I have hopes to see you rise in glory
    Even if our loves demise flows swift but slowly

    So yes, I give it all sometimes

    For you, my shiny golden prize


  • maxedson83akalyricalslouch 34w


    It's been months since I wrote and I can tell my visions no longer come so clearly, as if I'm missing an element, a molecule to my chemical make up. 

    My words no longer flow and compose themselves so freely.

    Before the words of passion and pain came so clearly. 

    I realize I have a tremendous amount of anger, a relentless earthquake shaking anger.

    I believe the problem is I'm haunted by memories, but ones that don't even exist instead I wish they did.

    And I cant accept that our chapter has been written and is now over. 

    So many moments I wish I spent with my mother and the fact that it is no longer physically possible makes me want to roar like a lion.

    I can no longer experience the connection of our 2 souls. Somehow I need to accept this fact or it WILL BE MY DEMISE

    Thank you

  • musings_of_a_seeker 35w


    She kept advancing, leap and bound,
    He couldn't pick himself from the ground.

    She learnt how to take it all in her stride,
    He left everything in his blind side.

    She had grown her wings to fly,
    While he knew he was just born to die.


  • sheikh_huzaifa 36w

    Never let yourself down!
    Never give up and try to defeat the enemy
    Stand up and show your love towards Islam......
    #Palestine #don't #lose #hope #muslim #love #islam #islamic quotes #kashmir #show #love #westandfor #Palestine #defeat #israel #share #pod

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  • nikzzz05 36w

    I am a born failure who is stubborn as hell. Still nothing becomes of me. :)

    #pain #life #poem #poetry #defeat #failure #sadness

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    The Fallen One

    I dream of it a lot;

    Of flying higher and higher,
    Until all of my sorrows disappear from my sight. 

    I dream of flying, 
    Even after knowing I don't have wings for it.

    I look at my charred limbs.
    I see the ugliness, the horrifying reality of my distorted fate.
    I feel choked. Shaken. Broken.

    And yet again, I dream of freedom.
    Of the blue, blue sky out of my reach.

    I am a fool who doesn't learn.

    And so I find myself on the edge again,
    Swinging back and forth,
    Hoping for my misery to end.

    I dream of flying, and I try it once more,
    The high jump and crashing defeat.
    And the loop continues.


  • ashwininargundkm 37w

    Defeat throughout life, is my victory with it!


  • rhythmic_beats 41w

    Today is Vishu, festival celebrated in Kerala. On this day Shree Krishna (Hindu God) defeated the demon named Narakasur and from then onwards it is celebrated as Vishu symbolising good luck and victory over all. Most of the festival's highlight is this only victory over evil.

    But my question is are we really appreciating and following that divine vibe? No! We just wear new clothes, play with firecrackers, eat sweets and pray for our wishes only(not really praying but becoming greedy). Can we once again start celebrating the humanity? Which is now sleeping in all of us?

    You only say for which matter it's not time up?
    Take it gender equality: we neglect the emotions of males and only spotlight female's issues! Don't males suffer? Don't males have emotions and pain? You know we are living in an era where males are committing suicide because of false acquisitions labelled on them! How pity right? And same on the other side of the coin females harassed so much that they are even afraid to see themselves as a girl in the mirror. Why so much of discrimination in this world when we are advancing and terming ourselves as educated humans? That's because we have been feeding the demon roaring inside us forgetting that all together when lives in harmony can only keep the God of humanity alive in this world!

    How brutally humans kill a soul from 1 day old child to 111 year old elderly people are murdered for their own satisfaction. When you here the reason your heart breaks into pieces, might be killed because the child is a girl! Might be killed for satisfying their desires, might kill elderly for money and what not.

    Humanity dying each and every corner of the world!

    Tell me folks, we humans celebrate numerous festivals in every religion. Every festival just reflects the importance of righteousness, peace and well being of humanity! Then from when we are gonna actually celebrate humanity? Any idea?

    So come, together we need to defeat the demon growing inside ourselves and let the divine humanity once again mark the birth of peace and let again mother Earth blossom like golden showers. Let us uplift our soul truly otherwise it's time up for a disastrous destruction so that mother Earth can breathe again but this time without humans.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Wishing you all Happy Vishu��������
    Be a good human by heart, let your soul always celebrate the festival of humanity, then I'm sure no darkness can ever disturb the harmony of humans.
    Much love to all♥️♥️✨✨

    Coming to all your comments and posts �� sorry for not responding timely occupied with exams and other things��

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    #timesup #humanity #defeat #demon
    #happyvishu #evil #angel #god #wod
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Time's up.
    Defeat the demon
    In you else it's time up
    Not to to call yourself
    As a human.

  • jeetspeaks 42w


    Who or what can scare a person who is ever ready to start afresh everyday where he/she started?☺️

  • light_ofthe_heart 44w

    Silly Heart

    She falls in love with anyone that comes into her life carelessly without any precaution.
    At the end becoming a victim of destabilized life, living out life at the tiny edge.
    The heart that aches knows no home for a love that wants it.
    She became a victim of mental illness, from depression to suicidal attempt.
    Until it was time she talked herself out and rescued her soul
    Through the help of an old friend who has been there without she ever noticing he was there.
    The disaster of her defeat he helped her outgrow until she blossomed and flourish with life again.