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  • anshitasharma 1w

    The sooner ,the better

    Sometimes its better to leave a toxic relationship ..!
    But if you don't heal from the things which attracted you to them...!
    You will surely going to meet them again ..!
    The same character or demon but now in another person
    So it's important to heal and learn the lessons ..!
    Becoz till you learn the lesson , things will repeat over and over again...! With new characters
    So Better to heal soon ...!

  • akshay_vasu 1w

    This one is a song that my demons are singing. No matter how loud I play any other music. No matter how powerful the other songs that I am trying to listen might be. They all never stand a chance against this one.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • weirdlyperfectworld 9w

    # Imagine Dragons

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    This is my kingdom come

    I wanna hide the truth
    I wanna shelter you
    But with the beast inside
    There's nowhere we can hide
    No matter what we breed
    We still made of greed
    This is my kingdom come

  • jey_si 10w

    Wound of regret

    "In a dark dreary valley called "past" a demon was looming named "regret",
    he had come to punish me for all my sins, there I was on my knees,
    broken and repenting, begging for mercy. Suddenly I saw a ray, a ray to future, I thought I could escape,
    I ran towards it, demon ran after me, I escaped the valley but it was too late, demon made a wound on my skin.
    I looked at his face one last time, he laughed as if this wound was a perfect punishment for my sin.
    Now this wound is healing, carrying itch within, desperate to be scratched.
    I'm fighting with my patience, patience is the only cure, the absolution, but itching brings momentarily pleasure, a temporary relief while bleeding.
    At last I scratches the wound and let myself bleed all day.
    Next day the story is same, this wound will never be healed, forever destined to be bled."

  • pallavi4 12w


    When I was young, I awoke one night
    And heard the clock in the clock tower chiming
    I realised I was covered in sweat
    And that in my ear there was a slight ringing

    In the darkness I couldn’t see a thing
    When I noticed a very faint light
    On squinting my eyes I saw
    A shadow of something strange standing by my side

    Too petrified to move or fully awaken
    I lay in my bed trying to wish it away
    I felt this unknown form kick the side of my bed
    For god’s benevolence I began to pray

    I’d read about demons in books in the past
    And knew immediately something was very wrong
    The minute I heard it’s breath near me
    I realised this thing wasn’t planning on moving on

    Not sure I was grateful for the faint light
    That let me see the demon near me
    In a fright I pulled the covers upto my neck
    Waiting and praying for it to leave me be

    It slowly moved around my bed
    Kicking the bottom of my bed regularly
    The jerks from the kicks made me squeal
    Although not a sound could be heard outwardly

    I heard it sniff something near my head
    It seemed to be pacified and then seemed to move on
    Then it proceeded to walk down the stairs
    I could hear the footsteps till it was finally gone

    When the night became quiet again
    And I stopped being drenched in perspiration
    I noticed I’d wet my bed like a child
    So terror struck I’d been in this duration

    I could stop wondering why
    That demon had chosen to haunt me that night
    Why while it strayed, why I couldn’t move a muscle ?
    Why I was completely frozen with fright ?

    They say that demons choose to dwell
    In the homes of the emotionally weak
    What did that then say about me ….
    That I was a meek terrified freak ?

    On consulting a shaman I found out I was being
    Haunted by something that was half lion, half bear
    I think I was in a way happy on getting to know that
    I wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there

    I cleansed my room by spritzing holy water
    In the hopes of warding off the demon the next night
    I woke up again around three in the morn
    Only to find him standing overhead in the faint light


  • shalu281096 14w


    Such a beautiful sky
    Wish I could fly,
    Had wings which I could spread
    And the colour would be red,
    Would crash into the clouds
    From there I would look down at the town,
    Up there would feel like heaven
    There wouldn't be any demon,
    Such a beautiful sky,
    Wish I could fly.

  • thamil 17w

    RX 100

    The raging sound's clear
    When the devil run's near

  • akshay_vasu 19w

    And every time you placed an obstruction against the flow of love, the love created and placed a demon in that place.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • black_roses_among_lilies 22w


    Not where the Demon tortures.....
    But the moment when you hurt the person you love....

  • czarcasm 36w

    Terrors of the night

    The feeling came, a moment of happiness paused in a sliver of time
    And they wished they could save it, capture some of that light to cherish
    But as quick as it came it went
    Leaving them in complete darkness
    And that was when true fear settled in
    For the dark is the monsters friend

    They made no noise as they stood there, taking in the noise of the dark
    Waiting to sense any movement
    Their hair on their forearms stood up
    And they could feel someone, something watching them
    Blood pounding in ears they stood fast
    Hoping it was only nerves
    As the wretched feeling settled in their gut

    They were being stalked by the night
    A scraping sound filled the air to their right
    And they winced, stopping themselves from running
    'It was nothing, absolutely nothing'
    Yet the noise after that thought countered it

    Something was out there, and there was nothing they could do about it
    For they found they couldn't move
    Something was holding their feet into place, making them stay
    To attest to the horrors in the night

    An unearthly roar filled the air and they shook
    Skin covered in goosebumps, their breath caught
    Was this the end?
    And there, before they could blink, the demon ran out at them

  • shivani23 37w


    Aren't we all-
    The hideous facade.
    The looming shadow.
    The dark matter.
    The black hole.
    The cold yin.
    The lurking lust.
    The sinful sinners.
    In the cloak of angels
    Aren't we all demons?


  • czarcasm 37w

    The end

    Shadows of my past
    I see though this pane
    A figure staring back at me

    Disfigured it smiles
    Seeing right through me
    With no eyes how can it see
    I don't even move
    I can't feel the wisps of fear

    The thunder claps and lightening strikes, shining down on we
    Light inside reflects on me

    Illuminating the solitary figure
    All I could think before I could blink is why wouldn't it let me be

    I was dying inside
    And wanted to look out
    Before my courage was frail
    Hollowed cheeks reflected
    Back to me
    I looked like something that belonged in Hell

    My attention drawn
    To the droplet of blood
    That trickled down the brow of the face
    It didn't even move
    To wipe it away
    Upon the liquids surface the moon did pace
    Could this be
    A projected outlook of me
    The look of me in the future as time will race

    It finally turned away
    And it was then that I wanted it to stay
    I thought of it without any meaning
    Of befriending this lonely demon
    The storm shook the house
    With the rage of the gods
    As the figure almost dissipated away
    I broke from my trance

    And stumbled outside
    Knowing I couldn't keep fate at bay
    If tonight I was to die
    I would do it on my own terms
    My loneliness my only friend
    To embrace me as the demon
    Sliced out my heart
    My eyes watching as I bled out, the end

  • pinkfloyduwu 38w

    One who is in search of external demons; first should confront their own or prepare for the abolishment of their being and moral structure where they build this visage.

  • kingbts 38w


    Demon Demon at my door
    You kept Calling! Calling!
    But I can't answer your call.

    Demon Demon on my Floor
    You may own the treasury
    Nah, you can't make me poor!

    Demon Demon with thy Sword
    Have heard enough about you
    You can't make me bend to your Laws

    Demon Demon at request for my soul!
    Guess what? You can't have it
    Not in Half Nor in whole

    Demon Demon at my front!
    Listen, Listen, Listen!
    Regardless of how you shoot your shot
    My life isn't at your worth

  • akshay_vasu 40w

    He stood in the rain and storm. Watching a demon with his face, laughing at him, standing on a chariot that was run by drunk horses. The storm threw the dust into his eyes while the demon unleashed the horses one after the other at him.

    - Akshay Vasu 

  • randalthor 40w


    Some men write like their hands is on fire, some men write down the whispers of their demons, some men write for the woman they kiss, some men write to give hope for the next generation.

  • czarcasm 42w

    All that's left

    Bubble of laughter that fills the air

    Almost shakes my senses

    For is it mine I truly don't know

    I can't really sense anything but the quake

    It has to be from me there's no one in this cell

    The busted mirror in my room shows I'm alone

    But am I

    The blood smeared on the walls says otherwise

    And a priest who says I'm possessed


    I am gods creature

    But the voice in my head says no longer am I

    But I am a child of the dark

    A rotten soul in this cell

    The blood on my hands tells me what I have done

    For it isn't my blood

    But the priests

    What have I done

    I realize I am the one screaming

    But there's no one coming to see what's wrong

    I've already killed everyone

    Everyone but me

    And a voice in my head tells me they're not done playing just yet

    All that's left to take is me

    All that's left-


  • czarcasm 42w


    A presence to unfamiliar passed my window in the flashing of the lightening of the storm

    I curled up into a tighter ball as if to try and stay warm

    The presence full of animosity and evil that it made goosebumps appear readily upon my skin

    My eyes widened in fright but I didn't want to let the demon win

    It's footsteps drew closer even still as the temperature of the room dropped to a freezing point

    The moment I saw my breath with holy water did on my forehead I anoint

    Yet even with the holy liquid pressed upon my suddenly fevered skin

    I had forgot to notice to close the door and suddenly he was in

    So hauntingly handsome he almost broke my heart with a smirk

    He almost reminded me for my ex boyfriend Kirk

    If it hadn't have been for his beautiful red eyes as the flower beside my bed

    He reached out almost gently and brushed the hair on my head

    'Hello darling Lily I've come to take what's mine

    for the smell of you soul is so divine'

    He licked his lips in almost anticipation

    While before my bed he walked as if pacing

    'How am I yours I've never sinned' I asked without a stutter

    He let out a purr as smooth as honey that made my skin just shutter

    'I am an incubus my darling girl you don't even have to sin

    You wrote your soul to mine with that very pen'

    He sat on my bed and I couldn't help but feel at home with them there

    It was almost peculiar how all I could do was sit and stare

    Something so beautifully dangerously at ease sitting in my room as if he indeed belonged here

    And I couldn't help the way I felt at feeling him so near

    An emotional coiled deep within that made me want to feel

    His skin above mine I can't fight with no will

  • czarcasm 42w


    The little voices in my head

    Remind me daily that I should be dead

    The little whispers say I'm just biding time

    With a life that's no longer mine

    Memories I've tried to forget

    Hardly ever resurface, I have no regret

    A past that dark doesn't deserve to live

    Fuck anyone who says to forgive

    These little voices know me the very best

    We've been through it all and beat every test

    The devil even wonders why he can't claim me

    But you can't reclaim something that's already yours, you see

    A dark little plague that walks this Earth

    I was cursed upon the day of my birth

    The scars I have they come so readily

    The fate I have rests just as heavily

    Not whole I've been for quite some time

    Not even God could help, be he so divine

    The little voices tell me I have no past

    I just hope that can forever last

    My future if it's oh so bright

    I may get to see as I walk through the night

  • czarcasm 42w


    Little sliver of sunlight cutting across my door

    Reminds me of the dream I had from the night before

    A demon crawled into my room and sat watching me sleep

    Said little girls are fun to have as long as you make them weep

    But frightened I wasn't.. rather far from being as I woke up and looked at him

    And said from here I don't know you look like the type that cries but the light is very dim

    Come here closer and I'll make us both cry

    To the point you wish you could have died

    I'm not one to play around little demon

    I know just a human is what I be seeming

    But inside I could be the Queen of Hell

    So fuck around and ring that bell