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  • wordsbybleak 1w

    They, Their and Them

    (People with souls)

    They believe in words
    That weren't meant to kept
    And then they weep
    Also they sometimes bleed
    Silly, sick and childish
    They had been called
    Little did they knew
    The world is all wrong

    People say (don't mean it)
    Their true hearts, blindly believe
    'Everyone is trust and true'
    They need to see through
    Into this world, full of fake
    And the people who pretends
    To be almighty and great
    Loving, and kind

    Oh, I wish I could show them,
    The real crime behind the facade
    Which has been maintained
    By the crime and the cruel
    For years and even decades
    They need to survive
    But they had been deteriorated
    By the sins of fake and geniune


  • rissaboo 6w


    I've never been afraid of the dark, until the darkness inside of me started tearing me apart.
    It haunted my dreams and surrounded my heart. It turned me into a monster , lost in a land of make believe, i couldnt see the demon in the mirror staring back at me.
    Scars that cut deep, memories that haunt you they dont just leave, they stay in your head and make sure darkness is all you can see.
    Hell is real, but its not below us as we were made to believe.
    Look inside yourself and you will find, the devil has been right there all along, he just made you blind.

  • randalthor 6w


    There is a gladiator arena in my head where my demons fight each other. Winner gets to decide my next bad decision.

  • silentechoes 7w

    If demons don't exist then Hell doesn't either. The real question a skeptic should be asking is whether or not the demons are among us.
    #demons #theexistanceofdemons #existence #skeptic #skepticism #paranormal #supernatural

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    Skepticism About Demons


  • rakeshbalu 7w

    Trust me, we all are trapped inside!
    like a caged bird attempting to fly high,
    trying to freakout and to survive.
    But who are we really?
    A kitten suffocated in a closet,
    We think too much for too little!
    What's the problem to think straight?
    Don't feed your demons with absolute hate.
    Be quiet, take a decision and never regret.
    Wait, what our ancestors said?
    See no evil,
    Hear no evil,
    Speak no evil.
    But there was one thing they failed to say.
    Think no evil.
    I'd like to put a stop to this poem now,
    and my mind is nagging me to write more.


  • pallavi4 7w


    When I was young, I awoke one night
    And heard the clock in the clock tower chiming
    I realised I was covered in sweat
    And that in my ear there was a slight ringing

    In the darkness although I couldn’t see a thing
    I noticed a very faint light
    On squinting my eyes I saw a shadow
    Of something strange standing by my side

    Too petrified to move or fully awaken
    I lay in my bed trying to wish it away
    When I felt this unknown form kick the side of my bed
    For god’s benevolence I began to pray

    I’d read about demons in books in the past
    And knew immediately something was very wrong
    The minute I heard it’s breath near me
    I realised this thing wasn’t planning on moving on

    Not sure I was grateful for the faint light
    That let me see the demon near me
    In a fright I pulled the covers upto my neck
    Waiting and praying for it to leave me be

    It slowly moved around my bed
    Kicking the bottom of my bed regularly
    The jerks from the kicks made me squeal
    Although not a sound could be heard outwardly

    I heard it sniff something near my head
    It seemed to be pacified enough to move on
    For it proceeded to walk down the stairs
    I could hear the footsteps till it was finally gone

    When the night became quiet again
    And I stopped being drenched in perspiration
    I noticed I’d wet my bed like a child
    So terror struck I’d been in this duration

    I couldn’t stop wondering why
    That demon had chosen to haunt me that night
    Why while it strayed, why I couldn’t move a muscle ?
    Why I was completely frozen with fright ?

    They say that demons choose to dwell
    In the homes of the emotionally weak
    What did that then say about me ….
    That I was a meek terrified freak ?

    On consulting a shaman I found out I was being
    Haunted by something that was half lion, half bear
    I think I was in a way happy on getting to know that
    I wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there

    I cleansed my room by spritzing holy water
    In the hopes of warding off the demon the next night
    I woke up again around three in the morn
    Only to find him standing overhead in the faint light


  • chick420 10w

    I know what you are

    Your an old friend I can't let go of. I know your ins and outs like you had no other way. I know your story from beginning to end. There no fooling me where you going to lead me. In the end the decision to go down your road is up to me. Will I have the strength to turn around and walk away or shall our demons come out to play......

  • akshay_vasu 11w

    He was one among the gods, but he very well knew the demons, too. He spoke to them every day. That's the only way he could ensure that when that war they all anticipated happens, the blood of gods will be less shed.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • slaughtered_heart 11w

    My mind that carries people during the day secretly shelters demons during the night...


  • akshay_vasu 13w

    When I was not able to create any poems anymore, I looked at my reflection. All my wounds had healed. I saw the scars with your name on them, and I opened those scars again. The words and demons that have escaped through those wounds have shaken this world.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • vibingsoul 15w

    Woman In Pain

    To the woman in pain,

    You have the right to talk
    You have the right to work
    You have the right to hangout
    You have the right to make friends
    You have the right to express your opinion
    You have the right to grow with your career and achieve fame
    You have the right to speak against the humiliations you've to go through
    You have the right to be unapologetic for the mistake you did not make &
    You have the right to punish the demons you nurtured

    And against all the odds you're facing,
    with heavy heart,
    I insist you now, to think about yourself.
    You deserve to be treated well;
    You deserve to live your life with your own terms;
    Open up your heart & share your feelings,
    Release all your pain & Let your soul heal.

    And I know you can make through it as you're strong enough to fight it for your self. And I am with you. More power to you!


  • akshay_vasu 16w

    The demon in the backseat

    #akshayvasu #demons #fears

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    And I've been driving that car since then. My demon is sitting behind me, smirking and staring at my reflection in the front mirror, while I am doing the same. I've been taking him to all the places that I want to go. But I fear that there comes a day where he will see the uncertainty and fear in my face. And that moment, he will take the wheel and push me to the backseat. And that day, he will begin to take me to the places where he always wanted to go.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • solivagant7 17w

    Human yet a Demon

    when you are a living demon
    an exhausted criminal
    unjustified of the crimes committed
    I see through you they say
    whether right or wrong
    darkness lies inside of me
    a brunt castel in the valley
    an abandoned heart still
    waiting , yes i am a demon with

    when you are a living demon
    underestimated of your power
    you shut down the shutter
    condemn what you done
    finding reasons for the situation
    you deserved it they say
    I fall on my knees what choice
    lead me to this
    yes,I am a demon with unspoken
    words and a curse of suffering

    when you are a living demon
    happiness is not a choice
    dark side comforts you
    and light criticizes your nobility,
    your fate is to die they say
    but i deserve to be a human
    I say, forgiveness is my right
    I scream over and over again
    yes I am a demon with a fire of
    freedom within me
    but dreams aint reality
    I am massacred human
    into the flesh of a Demon
    they said your are burden
    but I am unknown to this world
    yes, I am paralysed demon
    captured with this dream world


  • mandah88 18w

    When Lights Go Out

    I hate the nights I awake in paralysis
    trying to scream as I stare at the back of my eye lids
    unable to move I'm frozen to the bed
    stalking creatures that torture me.. the undead
    I don't know what it is about sleeping solo
    but when the lights go out, I know sleep is a no go
    those are the moments when I just wish
    wish there wasn't someone I was always having to miss
    someone to just lay with me, so sleep is obtained
    cause when the lights go out, the demons can't be contained

    © Manda H.

  • leaonmars 19w

    The demons.

    Oh god, why are your tests so hard?
    How am I supposed to keep my hands off her if she's all I'm thinking about.
    Go back to hell,i spoke to my demons . I'm not failing this test .

  • anthony_ 20w

    Inner Demons ©anthony_

    The company has been here so long I honestly can't tell who was here first I just know we share the same space and speak only to each other.

    I feel them always there not watching its as is we are one and the same taking turns on the driver seat as the passenger sits there along for the ride maybe it's moral support or maybe to avoid further loneliness we create are demons to cope with it all, with life itself

  • sagarwrite 22w


    Saabit mujh pe har jhutha ilzaam kardiya,
    Ruswa tumne mujhe sare aam kardiya,

    Farishta banna chaha tha kabhi,
    Pal bhar mai haiwaan kardiya,

    Ajeeb kaifyat hai rishto'n ki,
    Ki raaste ka pathar kardiya,

    Zindegi se bardh kar chaha jise "Sagar",
    Dard-e-dil ussi ne mere naam kardiya.

  • faulty_puppet 22w


    Garlands for the night
    My demons in abundance
    We gather and scribble a crooked rhyme
    In my deepest sleep
    Obtruding on my slumber
    They dance as the bells begin to chime

    Cannot find the light
    Existing into nothing
    And my demons sing everything is fine
    Beyond the empty face
    Locked in a sacred coffin
    They dance to beats of rituals clandestine

    It is a constant fight
    Imposing on my feelings
    I sit and stare at a scary pantomime
    As the dawn creeps in
    Me demons torn asunder
    I watch as a day slowly passes by

    I have no dream to spare
    I am losing control
    I need to find a way out of the night
    My dreams are not your lair
    I am not your game
    I am not going down without a fight


  • aliciagalot 23w

    So i'll wait patiently
    While you're folding laundry
    or tending to your plants

    or ridding yourself of your demons

    Though we both know they never leave
    They weren't invited

    Yet they watch you sleep


  • near_lane7 24w


    Thrilling thoughts floating
    In a sea of elevated lust
    guilt and desire dance
    Amidst a crowd of truth and objection
    While tensions rise
    breaking the barrier of doubt and fear
    Demons are the partners
    Embraced as they appear