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    रमन ये तेरी रज़ा है तू मुझे रोके या जाने दें ।

    भला तेरे आगे मैंने कब अपनी मर्ज़ी चलाई है ।।


  • mrspectacular 41w


    'You there, have you seen the king's sceptre?', the chief of gaurds for the king cried as he went around with flyers of the king's sceptre in his hand. He looked very vexed like it were something very valuable to him that was stolen. Well, it was His Majesty's Sceptre, His Majesty's symbol of office that was missing. It was a kingdom problem and as a royal gaurd, it was definitely a deafening slap across his face.
    His majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren has a countenance so gloomy on the issue at hand that he would neither eat nor drink anything. He would not even speak to anyone but just stared up at the fine ceiling embellishments. He wondered how he would recover the stolen sceptre from whoever it was that had stolen it. The sceptre was quite a find, expensive and very precious. Without it, the town of Lugwid could not referred to as a people. All around the town, news filters about the occurrence and everyone is sent into panic mode wondering how they would live without a king. Sir Fidelis was not dead but he was not a king without his sceptre. Sure he had his regalia of a crown and a royal garment but all of that meant nothing without the sceptre. Without the sceptre, it was all just a cloth and crown that anyone could just walk into any supermarket in Lugwid or beyond and purchase cheaply but the sceptre was more precious than gold. This was a situation that had never occured in the history of the town of Lugwid but the palace had become more porous security-wise and flexible, privacy-wise that anyone could enter any part of the place without any special protocol since a number of people had brought petitions claiming that the king was far away from and very inaccessible to the people. Now this happened.
    His majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren could only imagine how stiff he would make the palace immediately he was able to recover his staff of office, there would be six gruelling stages one would need to go through before one could gain access again to him because he believed it is a matter of overfamiliarity that brought this shame upon the royal palace and the entire town of Lugwid.

    There was no reason for anyone within the town to steal the staff of office because he made sure he had implemented enough policies to make sure everyone lived comfortably and without as much as a single want so who could have done this act. Immediately, he commanded the arrest and detention of every foreigner in the town to ascertain which of them is behind the theft. Rounding them off and realizing they were so many, he narrows the list down to those who had accessed the palace which brought the list down to two person. Everyone followed closely the proceedings like their lives depended on it, eager to know who would be squashed by the winepress of the law and served as wine to the throats of its penitentiary for the lesson of his life which he would only be so lucky to live to relay.
    Jonah and Deval were the names of the two foreigners standing trial on the matter after the others had been cleared by the government on having nothing to do with the missing staff of office. If only they could know the truth by looking them in their eyes and recognizing the truly Innocent and the vilely guilty but that was impossible so investigations continued.
    A few of the citizens came up with an accusation against Jonah claiming to have seen him earlier with the staff of office and claimed to have questioned him on why he had committed such an abomination but he defiantly ignored their questions and told them the king was not suitable for kingship and that was the reason he had purposed by the theft of the staff of office to commandeer the town for himself but it was all balderdash. Deval was the real criminal and had planned with the accusers to pin the crime on Jonah for the fact that they had their own personal scores to settle.
    Jonah was innocent of all charges but what prompted Sir Fidelis' suspicion of his being perpetrator of the heinous crime against the state was his silence in the midst of Deval's heated defense being which Sir Fidelis and his committee of investigators took for admission to the crime. Deval's argument seemed to really sway the king and his investigators so much so that without any further investigation, Jonah was sentenced to death by hanging particularly because he would not show the king and his investigators to the place where he had hid the staff of office.

    Within seconds, a section of the king's sentry, in green military combat wears and solid shiny black boots take him up by his arms in theirs and drag him away to the prison to await execution the next day. They had some very hard hands, rugged and stony they would almost crush anyone they held in them. Jonah wept in the pains of their clutches but consoled himself that by his death, his pain would soon be over. He would have been all happy at the putting him out of the misery of the false accusations but the pains of torture filtered into his porous skin for the rest of the day and into the next morning.
    By the next morning, the day of his execution, he is woken up by the whiplash from a soldier gaurd at the prison where he is held. Jerking up his feet, he let out some tears. Looking very weak, he is beaten regardless to pick up the pace to the place of execution pulling behind him his element of execution- a board with nails-he would hoisted up in a parachute and thrown down onto it, killing him instantly or if he were lucky- a few minutes in gruelling pain before giving up the ghost.
    Reconsidering the idea of dropping him unto a board of nails after hoisting him 200 feet above the ground, His Majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren orders that he be pardoned for the crime positing that although the crime is abominable, it should be pardoned or judgement less stifer for something as insignificant as a staff but the people would not have it instead they agitated even more for his execution.
    Sir Fidelis unwilling to pursue any further the proceedings orders that he be kept out of whatever decision they decide to take on the matter seeing that they would not rest until Jonah's blood gushed out from him like a tap for their drinking pleasure.
    Quick to see to Jonah's death, the people rustle up an arena at a tree for his hanging. Each of them would later wonder why exactly they decided to support his death against all opposite indications. Dragging him to the tree, a rope is rung around his neck while mocking him for being so powerless against them at that moment whereas having the guts to have stolen the royal sceptre.
    Finally hung to die on the tree and certified dead, they all leave the venue in the surprising darkness as they could all swear that it was as bright as midday only a few minutes ago but here they were, staring at a darkness they could almost touch. Finding the occurrence very strange, they rush back to their homes to stay away from whatever danger may follow.
    ..Some hours later, he is brought down from the tree by his Majesty's soldiers, someone from amidst the crowd remarked 'Maybe this man was innocent and did not really steal the Sceptre. We probably murdered, in the name of justified execution, the wrong person'.
    Obtaining Jonah's body from the royal house, he was laid to final rest or so they thought. Deval thought to himself that in a little while when the heat of Jonah's death and missing sceptre dies down, he would overthrow the king and rule Lugwid permanently but he had no idea of what lay wait for him ahead.
    Three days after, news reaches Deval that Jonah had been spotted in three different locations at different times but he would not believing it maintaining that he had seen him and confirmed him dead and buried completely but hearing the stories continuously from different quarters of Lugwid, he knew it was something to panic about because he had barely started his tatkeover plan but this would put a spanner in his progress, he imagined.
    His Royal Majesty, Sir Warren would probably hand over the kingdom to Jonah seeing that he was unjustly punished even after telling the truth. The king as expected orders a manhunt for Deval. One Monday morning, Deval is taking a stroll around the town while devising a plan to forestall and foil the enthronement of Jonah as king when he is spotted by some members of the royal sentry. He is chased for a few minutes until he loses them in an alley. Realising the failure of his plan, Deval flees the town seeking asylum wherever he can find it believing that running now would be the best so that one day when the people of Ludwig least expect it, he will strike back and take the throne but as usual, he knows little.


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    For contest but couldn't enter lol

    Dear James,

    Your love was like that of a little boy running after a butterfly with a net but alas you never realized that I was not meant to be caught, I was meant to be to be loved. I was meant to be a free bird who comes and goes as she pleases.
    To remain true to you but still to me too.
    To love something is to allow it to be on its own without suffocation.
    Your love is honest & fair.
    I cannot compare but I have to remind you, I am my own me too.
    We are great together
    I'll work alongside by you but you have to know, I will not ever leave you without telling you some clue of what I want to do..
    Still keep the love alive you have inside for me, please don't let it die out on me. Keep chasing me like you always have, net and all- never keep me caught - never hold me down, just always keep me around.


  • sivaha_shree 56w


    You never saw it
    There are times
    Months, years,
    Days,even seconds
    Some are denied off.
    Not for much
    Only for a little
    And still it continues.
    We may hesitate
    Not ready at times
    But it goes on and off
    Just like some other day.

  • outofleague 77w

    Permission Denied

    Can I say
    Can I ask,
    Can I speak
    Can I talk,
    Can I sing
    Can I feel,
    Can I heal
    Can I think,
    Can I blink
    Can I pray,
    Can I stay
    Can I shout,
    Can I dance
    Can I mourn,
    Can I laugh
    Can I fall,
    Can I fail
    Can I live,
    Can I play
    Can I sleep,
    I am short on days
    But busy with moments.


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    I know that I'm just your temporary fix.

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    Was like a honey, with all the sugary words,
    Which allow me to open up to him more and more.
    Fool was "I"who without a second thought,
    Thought that he was the only one for me,
    Thought that nothing could do us apart,
    Thought that he loves me as I do,
    Thought that he will fight the world for me.
    But , later or rather late,
    I came to realize that all his words was just fake,
    I realized I was living in a fairytale,far away from reality,
    The reality which I should have known earlier.
    His lies has taken me back far away,
    Where it was hard for me to come back to who I was then.
    All the world felt like crashing down,
    I was broken and depressed.
    Once ,while I wanted to be always around him, Now ,I want to be all alone,secluded from mankind.
    Because the one whom I loved the most in the world, has just toyed with my heart which knew nothing about the harsh outcome, " My heart which was innocent"

  • voices_as_thoughts 119w


    Cravings for someone as permanent as the clouds,
    To me, were the things the world termed as unreadable files...

    There's a lot i ponder on now for the future,
    Why finding a substitute?
    So difficult to be the land in the midst of sea-island?
    But the humane in my human sets me back afresh like the sun.

    Ah! Frustration, cause its against my mind,
    Yet against it and you! Humane , never works out,
    Finding my compactible X-gene; sole counterpart,
    Is definitely a blessing.

    But sure,
    To me, were the things the world termed as unreadable files...

  • sometimestheworstme312 122w

    Mud blood

    I’ll always be less than the average white girl,
    And all because I am naturally tanned.
    I am denied, forbidden, banned.

    “Hopefully, your mind will finally expand.”


  • thoughts_of_oneself 124w

    Love Denied...!!

    I say "i love you"
    You said "oh brother"
    Why cant we be pair of lovers..?

    Is it your mother
    Or is it just my status?
    I have more money you could count..!!

    Why cant you accept,
    When i have everything to express
    What more do you want to feel..?

    I aint a playboy
    You will be my queen girl
    Forever we would love and smile..!!

    What ever you say girl
    Someday you will be mine
    I will be waiting for your reply...!!

  • bumbleb 145w


    "He never accepted", Brain shouted..
    "He never denied", heart whispered...

  • poetofword 160w

    May you get hurt,
    May you get learnt,
    May you get nourished,
    May you get touched,
    Might not you get love,
    Which always bends to you
    in reaction of your denying.


  • siddhantnandi 161w


    In the dark world, he craved for a glimpse of light ..
    Sold his soul, emptied himself from inside ..
    Howled like a wolf, regretting everynight..
    He won over the world , just couldn't win his own fight ..
    But neither lost hope, nor did he denied ..
    Wasn't ready to lose, never did he took off his sight..
    Always the truth, never he tried to hide..
    And Trying and Giving it all, that it just might !!


  • ggaines 164w

    First draft. Comment what you think/ constructive criticism, if you would not mind

    #Poetry #WritingYouAPoem #Lacking #Beginner #poem #struggling #pen #apology #frozen #words denied #denied #curse

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    Writing You A Poem

    Writing you a poem may seem so simple
    Expecting my hand to be so nimble
    As to float across a page, so quick
    Words elegantly flowing from the tip.
    But wrong you would be to expect such a thing
    From lackluster, vapid, deplorable me.
    I frequently struggle to finish a line,
    My hand frozen in place, words denied
    Unable to think of a word, so simple
    To end the line in a rhyme... ripple?
    I sit and I write and I write and I write
    Erased, are my words, line after line.
    I do not have such a way with words,
    I can't help but to think it's a curse.
    To yearn and need to put thoughts to paper
    But being rhythmically and elegently and utterly unable.
    Writing you a poem is not going to happen
    As my skills cease to develop or fatten.
    Cheap ends to lines continue and I believe
    I should end this attempt, get up, and leave.
    So my last words are an apology from me to you,
    Whose terrible poem you regrettably read through.

  • inkliings 165w

    In night
    Sky full of stars
    I was alone
    Because you was gone
    But you forget
    I am one
    Who know how to balance all
    I am enjoying the moon light from which you are denied
    Now I am dancing in the star light
    which is out from your eyesight
    Now my shadow is in the light
    In which your shadow is lie at infinite
    Now I am singing a croon
    Which is an ultrasound for you
    Now my poem is not end with you
    And all is that I am living in universe
    In which you cannot lie

    #mirakee #writerstolli #pod #night #denied

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    Plz read the caption

  • amrutha_writtings 166w


    She challenged him that if she would stop texting then that would be there last conversation and he would never make an effort to text her again...
    He denied that..
    But she proved him wrong..
    Its been three days now.. end to everything...

  • hope_raise 170w


    If someone betrayed your trust,
    Just accept their apology,
    But Deny trust them back!!

  • aswatha_victor 171w

    ... BREAKUP STORY ...

    After we broke up..
    I could all remember is those words from you..
    "I'm gonna achieve in my life ,
    Let's break up...It won't work between us."

    Yay!! You wanna achieve in your life...
    But , I wanna achieve YOU in my life...

    And that's were we drifted apart...
    And our opinions too.....

  • seraphina_amherst 173w

    Our fate abjured us, in a vapid battle of liaison,
    And our hearts were shackled away from each other's,

    But I still bleed verses of you memories and the twinkling of your eyes,
    And I still swear to write about the future that we're denied.

  • gowthamipachila 173w

    Asking help
    Begging for love
    Caring alot
    Giving advices
    Every action of yours is breaking my heart..
    Still it wants you to be always with me...
    Because the one smile on your face,
    Is my entity.