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  • the_sunset_girl 2d


    She was loved; just the way the flower was loved by the rain!


  • blue_nib 1w


    ओंस सी ये जिंदगी !!!
    ठहरी है ...
    तुम्हारे आंचल के धरातल पर ||

    © माही

  • biswajitdev 11w

    *Bloom like a #wildflower stained with strong #willpower*

    Dear Redolent #Florets,
    Have a glance for sure and drop your favourite flower �� if you feel so within the verse.
    A #Bud is waiting for your suggestions.
    ** Are you worried, My #Flower !
    Not being worn on the #Remembrance day nor drooped in the #Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone #grace of #sun and #dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those #abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of #summer and #shower
    The art of #abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and #bloom becoming #precious
    as there's so much #hope and #happiness to share ... **

    Remembrance Day - The action of remembering dead souls, Droop - Bend or Hang downwards (Decorate purpose), Beauty - Represents a woman here, Grace - Charm, Glare - Stare, Abandoned - Havinh been left, Showcase - Show or Display, Sustain - Undergo, Willpower - Dedication*

    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersbay

    #start #wod #miraquil #pod #writersnetwork #somuchc #writersbay #novemberc #november #caesreposts #flowers #innerbeauty #beauty

    Picture �� credit to the rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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    Wildly free Wildflower

    Are you worried, My Flower !
    Not being worn on the Remembrance day nor drooped in the Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone grace of sun and dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of summer and shower
    The art of abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and bloom becoming precious
    as there's so much hope and happiness to share ...


  • inkandfable670 17w

    Daring dewdrops dances on dandelions while
    the sissy ones look for a lotus to recline.

  • inchoate_ananta_upadhaya 18w


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    #dew #wod #pod #dewdrop

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • amysticalmess 19w

    Yes, I am obsessed with nature and everything about it.


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    The golden sunrays always made me jealous.
    How I envy them for gently caressing the fruits and leaves,
    And casting twinkles upon the dew drops there.
    Lighting up the little puddle down the aisle,
    And subtly wiping the tiredness of the day.
    They glisten and put sparkles over the depth of wild spring flowers;
    Flashes the peak of big mountains away.
    Oh, how I envy you!
    For you could be everywhere.
    All at once and with no end,
    Always takes my breath away.


  • pavipappukutty 38w

    New people comes in life
    Few people goes in life
    Like Dew of Snow!

  • anushreesaxena_ 44w

    I saw her there. Like every single day.
    Smiling as the light sun rays fall on her,
    Walking barefoot on the dew-filled grass.
    Drowned in her world of imagination.
    And I was about to go to her, talk with her.
    Just then my alarm rang and interpreted our meeting.

  • suwayda_aroosh 45w

    Nameless Frenzy

    was smelling the rose.
    a few beads of dewy pearls
    kissing the petals in a fluid
    artfulness -
    and in a nameless frenzy,
    permeating their velvet
    ergo, leaving my eyes
    in a perpetual abandonment.

    - the last few drops.

  • sirfsadharan 45w

    A love story

    If I write a love story so I would like to write the story of dew and drops.

  • nightsurfer 45w


    When you decided
    to descend the hills
    like a dew drop
    for our tryst down the valley
    I was already betrothed to the sea

    I wish
    you had lent me a promise
    to hold on to us
    but time
    washed our dreams away.


  • that_freak 47w

    Like the dew on red hibiscus
    On cold winter mornings
    You shone with sunrise
    Till the very sunset

    While I waited for you
    On the deserted beach
    Standing tall as coconut
    With no shade of love

    The day we meet, dear
    Let's run to horizon
    Under the shade of love
    Till the very sunset

    #sunset #dew #horizon @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The day we meet, dear
    Let's run to horizon
    Under the shade of love
    Till the very sunset

  • nonns_poetry 47w


    I float on the breeze of Spring to forgotten fields
    of sleeping daisies where the morning dew
    is like a yawning tear of waking eyes
    waking eyes in the sunrise's sky


  • barbad 53w

    #dew drop सी रही मेरी मोहब्बत
    ज्यादा हुई तो बदसूरत सी लगने लगी

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    ना चाहते हुए भी चाहते रहना
    इश़्क और उसके अंदाज ए बयां का
    गुलाम हूँ मैं

  • arya_ballal 53w

    A dew was once held captive by my window pane;
    It struggled to just land to the ground sliding in vain;
    It reached the end of its journey with enormous pain;
    And met another one like it who went through the same;
    They became closer as time passed by;
    And ultimately became one and filled their empty stain;
    They were enjoying each others company when suddenly came the rain;
    And merged them along with other dews to flow through a dusty lane,
    Lanes were cleared and so was the windy rain,
    But they were nowhere to be found as if the cloudy sky took them,
    I sat there wondering when will I see them again,
    At the same moment I saw another dew on my window pain,
    And the story will continue till the next rain........

    Image credits-pinterest

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    A dew once crying in pain,
    Met another one with stories just the same


  • artemiswrites 53w

    When cold things live in the heart of grass, it shows; The Cold leaves a mark,
    The vivacious green of the grass gets veiled by
    drops of dew that litter the fields in the morning,
    not letting the green to shine through.

    This is true of humans too.
    When things that are cold inhabit hearts,
    It'll show.

  • _ar_pita 53w


    so full of purity,
    yet rarely seen✨
    symbol of kindness it is,
    never seen but felt!
    It is the serene Dewdrop!

  • ray_madhusmita 63w

    prolate dew drop..
    an immaculately clean heart..
    adhers beauty within..
    their religion..
    to embelish world..
    & the cost they never demand..
    alike compassionate tear..

  • jazbat 63w

    मकान नही घर

    सपनों का जो मेरा घर होगा ना ...
    उसमें पता है ना क्या क्या होगा !
    एक कमरा सिर्फ़ मेरा और तुम्हारा
    शिकवे-शिकायतों और ढेर सारे प्यार को बाँटने को
    एक कमरा बच्चों का उनकी शैतानियों और
    सहूलियतों को
    और एक कमरा ‘हमारा’ जिसमें सब हो सकते हों
    वैसे के वैसे जैसे हैं, बिना बनावट और दिखावे के
    एक कमरा उन अपनों का जो हमारे ख़ैर-ख़्वाह हैं
    और आएँगे तो ख़ुशी और अपनापन साथ लाएँगे
    हाँ सुनो ! उन्हें हम मेहमान नही बुलाएँगे !
    जो रसोई होगी ना इस घर में, वो खिड़कियों से सजी होगी
    सुबह की ताज़गी और रात की नमी इसमें आती जाती होगी
    जब सबके लिए ख़ाना पकाऊँगी तो ख़ूशबू से
    पड़ोसियों को चिढ़ाऊँगी
    हाँ ! एक बरामदा भी होगा इसमें, मेरी दादी के घर जैसा
    जिसमें आकर पहले सुस्ताए हर कोई अपना
    और आँगन में एक तुलसी का चौरा बनवाना
    माँ कहती थी शुभ होता है साँझ ढले तुलसी को दीपक चढ़ाना
    बाहर घर की चारदीवारी को पेड़ों से सजाऊँगी
    ऊँचे-ऊँचे दरख़्तों से अपने घर की पहरेदारी करवाऊँगी
    गमलों में सदाबहार पौधे ही लगवाना
    मुझे नही पसंद मौसम के साथ बदल जाना
    सुनो पूजा के कमरे में मूर्ति मत लगवाना
    वहाँ बस ‘हे परमात्मा’ लिखवाना ..
    परमशक्ति किसी भी रूप में आए ..
    हर हाल शुभ- मंगल है उसका आना
    और छत पर मिट्टी के कसोरे(थालीनुमा गहरे बरतन) ज़रूर रखवाना
    तुम और बच्चे रोज़ उनमें चिड़ियों के लिए पानी,दाना डालकर आना
    अम्मा- बाबूजी की एक-एक आराम कुर्सी बाहर वाले बरामदे में भी रखवाना
    कमरे में बैठे-बैठे मुमकिन है उनका जी घबराना
    सुनो ! इतना ही तो करना है..
    इस सपनों के मकान को रिश्तों की गर्माहट, प्यार और भरोसे से ‘घर’ करना है ।

    Ranjana B.(6/11/20)

  • saknim24 63w


    मिला जो इक ठिकाना तो बसेरा बना दिया
    हमने भी ढलती रात को सवेरा बना दिया

    उनके आशियाने में सुकून बहुत था
    कुछ पल के लिए उसे हमारा बना दिया

    कुछ यूॅ॑ निखर उठा समाॅ॑ हमारे आसपास
    उनकी हरियाली को नूरानी नज़ारा बना दिया

    भीगकर हमारी शबनम से तड़प उठा वह पत्ता
    उनके लिए हमने ख़ुद को छिछोरा बना दिया

    पर उम्र हम क़िस्मत में लिखवा लाएं थे कम
    बेदिल आफ़ताब ने इश्क में नकारा बना दिया

    शुरू होने से पहले ख़त्म हो गयी वो कहानी
    जुदाई ने मेरी चमक को अॅ॑धेरा बना दिया

    उस ठिकाने पर अब किसी और ने बसेरा बना दिया
    कुछ लम्हों के लिए ढलती रात को सवेरा बना दिया...

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