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  • yuki_sammy 5w

    Generation Gap

    I was triggered by my family's narrow mindset a few days ago when I fought with them.
    After our argument, my mother says,
    "I know you're open-minded, but we aren't.
    That's how we lived.
    Your generation has become more open-minded,
    but our minds are still stuck in the past."
    It triggered me to respond.
    Isn't it better to evolve with time?
    Time has changed, and we've learned a lot,
    but that doesn't mean you should be
    racist, sexist, homophobic, or anything else.
    One must learn when to accept
    one's fault rather than covering it up,
    one must learn to accept things around them,
    and one must evolve one's mindset.
    Instead of remaining in that same old generation,
    make it open.
    When old isn't gold, it's coal.

  • shegexteen 15w

    #role #differences #value

    Every strong ruler has reliable person who is doing twice the job of the king. But the king would always do his part as to pronounce instructions, because he isn't fit at the background standard. And the person doing twice the work isn't fit for royalty.

    Respect your space and honor others' boundaries.

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    Below every big tree,
    there got roots
    double the size of the tree.
    And that is where their services count,
    Not the horizon

  • rcainnijd 28w


    Lust of another, of each other. What an interesting emotion. What about wanting? Yearning? Are they the same? Pure lust and it's fulfillment must feel like heroin. A flood of euphoria. A thrilling rush. Wild. Rampant. A soaring climax. An end. The cycle waxes and wanes. Feelings of contentment until the lust gnaws again. It needs to use.

    The fulfillment of wanting, yearning. A deeper awakening. The sweet pour of ambrosia. It's knowing. Sun's warmth gently seeping into slumbering senses. Weightless and yet present. It's giving. No need to use. It only wants to be and let be.

  • giridhar1529 29w

    i guess , i never really understood you people , or is it the other way around?


  • yug_panchal 30w

    Trees and sea are same for sight, it's just nature making the difference.

  • sarie_the_writer 31w

    Words written to express how I feel
    With ink that disappears
    Because the only time I can truly be honest
    Is locked away hidden in a computer labeled journal
    With a password that only I know
    And in there are thoughts of truth
    Things I wouldn’t ever say
    And yet sometimes I want to say
    Actions holding true restraint
    But like the keys typing entering a reality of my life
    That wasn’t truly the life that was right
    And yet it was somehow right
    Or perhaps how it should be
    Because it was mine
    So thoughts that consume my every day mind
    Written to never be found or read by anyone but me
    Thoughts what a wonderful and yet dreadful thing
    Like thinking of you
    Which I tend to do a lot
    Whether it’s dreaming or thinking but never speaking
    Never telling a soul how I truly feel
    Cause like the ink that disappears
    those words must disappear
    For a reality I want couldn’t be
    So many problems and created by a mix up history
    But the concept of wanting you only shows the reality of me
    Wanting one that’s not available and emotionally disconnected or another that was the embodiment of toxic and damn was it toxic but I always found a way to love the two
    And so you both became a reality of the truth of me
    As insane as it might be
    I saying I wanted stability
    And yet my subconscious was showing me through my reality what I truly wanted
    As if my words were lies and my heart oh how my heart became the enemy
    Falling for people I knew damn well I shouldn’t be
    Like walking on highway in insane traffic expecting not to get hurt
    And yet the hurt brought a comfort of pain that I knew all too well
    And so as I write each line it brings a clarity that I knew but never truly accepted
    And so I accept that the concept of how I was loved was due to not loving me enough
    And the more I began to love me the more I seen that flaws between us and yet
    A piece of me still wants us
    But I’ll never say your name accepting what remains
    For I deserve a love that I know is true
    And my heart tends to confuse the two
    With emotions on high and so my mind has to take the lead
    So with words written they speak a real secret truth
    That only I can truly interpret
    Like a type of a da Vinci code that I created
    And a heart that shares love for two locked away never to be found
    Loving one more than the other
    With tears no more for acceptance has been restored
    I am here and my heart speaks for me no more
    I am enough and all doors have been closed
    Keys buried that only a true love can find
    And if he does
    There I’ll be willingly openly loving once again without fears
    For that man will be loved
    Like a true love was never here
    And a heart never broken
    Never damaged
    I will love him like I love me with no boundaries
    For I am no longer hurt but healed
    And lessons in love has taught me what is real
    So once again I will feel without fears
    For the reality of love will actually be the reality I deserve
    And he will be the man that deserve the reality of me
    As his actions proves the words I speak

  • enchantedmedium 36w


    I want to thank all the many languages, ethnicities and cultures that I get to experience in my lifetime. What a blessing and opportunity to learn and appreciate the differences that make up our world. Learn it here so that you can advance to all the unknowns that our souls will journey towards in the future.

  • kamrie872 39w

    I want to answer you
    Could I see our differences

    The unknown of the future
    Of what you didn't see now
    Drove you to get out
    The what-ifs in your imagination
    Unfold some truth from another dimension
    Commitment would only be given
    If you saw 100
    There wasn't a chance
    You would've been patient
    To meet me where I was at

    The unknown of the future
    Of what I didn't see now
    Yet hopeful because I wanted it to work out
    The what-ifs of my imagination
    Had me searching for conflict resolutions
    Commitment was given
    Even at less than 100
    I always gave a chance
    Holding your hand
    Because love is patient

    Yes, I can see them

  • abinaya14 43w

    Not a poem. Just a random thought which I wanted to share ����

    #uncertainity #differences #life #yinyang #goodorbad #writersnetwork

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    Good or bad
    Right or wrong
    These are arbitrary in life
    Each person has different definition of this polarity
    Each different given the diverse backgrounds and life that they live.


  • unsaid 51w

    #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite @writersnetwork #wod #motif #unsaid #Kashmir @writersbay #sya #seashore #earth #sky #differences #distances #atmosphere #rain #care #apart

    At times, we see the rift between two people as boundless as the distance between earth and the sky. And we suppose, there are no evidences to affirm this bond. "Bala aise kab hua hai ki zaameen aasman se mili ho. !!!".
    Yet with a positive gear, we try to compare it with the space in between, the elements like O2/N, as happiness and pollutants like CO , NO2 , SO2 as concern. We also observe it's layers viz; tropo, strato, meso , etc. as limits.. & when we try to cross those, we fullfill it with consciousness and required caution.
    And we add... "Although this earth and the sky seem to be apart, they custody each other. We have indications; One , without being poignant, the Sky hosts the sun to nourish earth , warms it , beautifies it with different seasons & greenish plants with colourful flowers.
    And then, notice the earth & its reaction, it spins & revolves (say dances), blooms in colours, turns the seasons , and switches the conduct of its residents during days and nights. The earth thus, manifests the sky ...that i am alive, vigorous and extremely happy , only because of you.
    The sky responds too in various fashions & moods.... changing its color from grey / black to blue , decorates itself with clouds, thunders the anger, and when missing the earth, it rains and ends with a smile in rainbow . So does the earth. It floods...when it rains heavily... creates storms to depict its anger...."

    The story goes a long way...but in sum, it doesn't matter they are apart , they care.


    Unsaid ka Dimag : Ye Geography padte padte b koi shayir banta hai kya !!!.��

    Unsaid : Geography bi to ek shayiri hi hai, jo samaj aaye na aaye...pasand sabko aati hai.��

    Bg: Visit a sea end and you ll realise : doesn't matter, there are distances and differences in between, somewhere the sky & the earth are together.

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    Somewhere, there is a seashore.


    Duriyan sakht hoti nahi, banayi jati hai.
    Fasle b kam hote ni, mitaye jate hain.

    Hasi , khushi, ye sab to nazrana hai.
    Asal mei ek dusre ke gam bhulaye jate hain.


  • glossy_eyes 53w

    Accepting Differences

    I was in a room the other day
    Where seeds were being planted.
    I could only hope and pray
    Their growth would not be granted.

    For many prejudicial words
    Were the seeds so often scattered.
    Though none were said in malice,
    Just their use was all that mattered.

    Most people there would be surprised
    If told they were a bigot.
    Still, two small children playing near
    Heard words they'd not forget.

    Deep into their consciousness
    Contempt would start to grow
    For those who differed from themselves
    Because someone had deemed it so

    The most fertile soil in all the world
    Is in little children's minds--
    Absorbing and retaining
    Messages of different kinds.

    How wonderful this world could be
    If every one took care
    To plant only seeds of kindness,
    Then love could blossom everywhere.

    So try hard to remember
    That every word you say
    Can make a difference in a child
    As he goes along life's way.

    By: glossy_eyes


    It's my first my babes.. Hope you all love it, if yes then I sure am lucky. ❤

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #differences


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    ~The Pain That Prejudice Brings~


  • navya_writes 53w

    Respecting the differences.

    Why are we always inquisitive in finding the common feature with people we meet and build up relation with?
    Do we in any case take interest in finding the difference?

    Without exception, we base our relationships on the number of points we connect with but never really speak about the divergence.

    How long then can we anticipate the bond to last when the crux of the person's being and personality is left unrevealed?

    We need to work on overlooking the difference if the focus is on a ceaseless bond.


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    When building any form of relationship,
    The commonality is what people normally look for.
    Dissimilarity is what people often shut one's eye to.


  • lifeistooochota 54w

    कोई ऑक्सीजन के लिए
    तो कोई शराब के लिए
    इधर उधर फिर रहा है


  • youcanenvisage 56w

    Purest form of language

    Mother's Love


  • a_dunni 57w

    This is the first in a series dedicated to DIFFERENCES.

    #differences #series #women #mirakeewriters

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  • sethiffied 61w

    When all of us are so adamant on finding fault lines and on safeguarding the thin line between what is known and uncertain or to keep everything in line or bend the norms, the solitude of allowing ourselves to sit on the common grounds and listen to the strange stories of the old and new to be able to understand the people behind differrences is a privilege. A gift of enlightenment and discovery.

    #commondenominator #similarities #differences #diversity #hope #understanding #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    To be stern and loose
    Deranged on many occasions
    Yet keeping your sanity intact
    To let contradictions sit altogether
    Have similarities on differences
    Accept diversities.
    That's how puzzle pieces fit together
    On a mess of perfection.


  • poetrynz 63w

    Why are we so different yet so alike.


  • lifeistooochota 67w

    According to Indian parents,agar unki beti ek ladke sa milte hai wo galat hai to unka beta kisi aur ladki se milta hai to wo sahe kaise ?


  • undefinedvisionary 71w


    Never allow yourself to fall in love with anyone you have to change or who can’t accept you just the way you are. If you’re not good enough to stay true to you, then they aren’t worth your heart ❤️. No amount of time will make a difference. You just postpone your true happiness.


  • parttime_er 73w

    नदी के दो पाटों के मिलने के लिए
    नदी का सूखना ज़रूरी है
    और सवाल ये है
    कि नदी सूखेगी कैसे?
    और सूखने के बाद
    क्या नदी, नदी कहलाएगी?

    #River #Hindi #Meta #Thought #differences #Question

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    नदी के दो पाटों के मिलने के लिए
    नदी का सूखना ज़रूरी है
    और सवाल ये है
    कि नदी सूखेगी कैसे?
    और सूखने के बाद
    क्या नदी, नदी कहलाएगी?