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  • brown_eyed_girl_ 3w


    I look in the mirror and the person I see,
    Is someone who used to be me.
    That person was strong and healthy,
    And her energy was endless,she never sat still.

    Then one day she disappeared behind my face,
    And a stranger took her place.
    I am living in a body I no longer know,
    And a pain from within me began to grow.

    At night when others sleep I lie awake,
    "What's wrong with me?
    And whose body is this?
    Is it the new me!!"

    I searched for answers.......a diagnosis I needed.
    After a long 9 month (aug -apr)A condition was confirmed.
    URINE INFECTION it wasn't.......DIABETES(fatty liver) was the find...

    I have to keep going......this isn't the end.
    Just a rough,rocky road with a very big bend.
    I know God will help me.....He never let's me down.
    But I have to keep trying....God only help those who try.

    With his hand in mine..there's no need to frown.
    I have to keep trying and be confident...
    God will be with me...and he will help me in overcoming the obstacles..

  • anthonymustoo 4w

    Fallen From Grace

    Right in the crosshairs
    Of a poet's eye
    The visual ensnares a fall
    From grace

    The sillheoutte of Icarus burned into the
    Summer's shifting solar winds and the blinding sky
    Eclipsed by the explosive imagery
    Depicting the shadow of Icarus
    a fall
    From the grace of the ground
    Into the unforgiving skies

    The silence that follows revelations in heat
    Famines and outbreaks of disease
    Ingestions, infections, and fleas
    Manifest themselves in violence and aromas chasing like a river of blood from a wound as it bleeds into itself and itself into sleep
    Defiant of the obtainable
    Only reaching from the penetrance of the ground
    Digging through trenches of ancient texts
    Ripping sheets like a pearl or a glass
    Until now breaks into a split
    And time expands itself like a taste from a nightmare that can move
    Like a colossal war machine on the horizon
    Each step breaks the earth
    Every metaphysical slip is present in any and every dimension of the indefensible experience
    We cannot separate ourselves from it
    We can not decorate the ground in blood
    And step away hoping life could somehow grow from it

    The dreams as well as what you fear
    Cannot be trusted
    Like a rage that could expel you from the skies
    After the first piece of humanity is recovered
    After this page has been dusted
    Only then, can we understand why
    Everything we know, feel, and understand
    Must somehow be as important now as it is
    And as it will be when it all inevitably
    And explicitly dies
    Somewhere in the meridian the truth lies
    The melody of a song's wings
    Carrying a new lullaby from a desert's spring
    And from it, glimmering a new life

  • jey_si 11w

    Moderate malady

    Aren't we all living in moderate malady?
    A disease too enigmatic and epidemic we have to bear; controlling,
    and also we have to be aware if this disease will grow they will kill us with "laws".
    This disease teaches us to call those girls "slut" who wear short dress and show their cleavage,
    But if our disease will grow and if we'll rape that girl, we'll be killed brutally by laws.
    This disease teaches us to love money, it's the key of wider smile, but if our disease will grow and if we smuggle if we rob, we can be killed by laws.
    This disease teaches us to be revengeful, do much worse to them who did bad to you, but if our disease will grow, and if we kill that person, we'll be killed by laws.
    These are moderate malady, aren't we all living in this? A disease too enigmatic and epidemic, we have to bear; controlling,
    and also we have to be aware if we'll be cured, we will be killed by misunderstanding.

  • smartsam 16w

    Sickness & Disease!

    I'm sick so my backbone!
    I took it as pillow
    but 'twas rigourous
    twisted domed!

    My scapula rigged
    my fingers can't reach!
    Such a drastic pain
    interdicted made
    me so sick!

    My back is swollen
    my bones inflamed!
    Tablets so many & medicine
    again & again!

    Tell you truth
    pain makes soul blind!
    Sometimes symptoms
    other times no sign!

    Day to day life hard
    sickness,virus &
    pain other seize!
    I wonder if we humans
    live life happy
    or end in agony disease!


  • sameen_ 20w

    Seeing me confined to my territory with books and papers, pens and markers, pictures and postcards, it was not a shock. A disease, they pronounced, unapologetically incurable.

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    "How long have you been ill?", they asked me, finally.
    "A lifetime", I replied.

  • bmp_365 25w

    Distance disease

    The more the
    Distance between
    Us opens up the
    More I get sick as
    I miss your love
    With each kilometer.

    It becomes difficult
    To sleep when I
    Counting how many
    Minutes, hours, days,
    And weeks I have
    To be separated from

    My only medication
    For this disease is
    To look at a picture
    Of you as it gives
    Me the strength to
    Get through each


  • octavian 35w


    It's a disease , that won't let you touch or feel eachother.
    It's a disease , where people keep their common sense and masks in their arse.
    It's a disease , that won't give you a last goodbye or farewell of your loved ones.
    It's a disease, where you can't do anything about it.

  • nemesis_here 42w

    I didn't put myself in front of you to have you feel bad for me. I put myself in front of you to let you know you don't need to feel bad for me.
    ~ Sam Berns

    Progeria - a progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly

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    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A Life Spun Around Time

    I was born all rosy and healthy
    Like everybody else, my parents cherish me
    But as time passes
    I'm becoming somewhat weird
    I say I'm different and ghastly
    They say yes you're different
    You were born to stand out baby
    They smile and then pat me
    I'm not like you , I look ashore
    I can't even grow taller anymore
    Got prominent eyes, very little hair
    And aged looking skin everywhere
    Some bone deformities and malfunctioning joints
    With gait problems but that's not the endpoint
    I'm getting older before my time
    I'm twelve but look like sixty prime
    Yes, don't get caught up in the hysteria
    I'm not afraid to say I have Progeria
    Somedays it feels hazy to be alive
    Somedays it hurts so much, I feel like dying
    Sometimes it's painful, sometimes numb
    Still I'm a happy boy, I often hum
    People see me with those ruthful eyes
    I've learnt now to bear and cover up with lies
    They see me as an object of pity
    Maybe they don't know I'm unbelievably gritty
    My doctors say there is no cure
    I don't fear, with my family beside I feel secure
    I'm prepared for what might come
    I'm prepared for what I might become
    Soon my physical defects will all catch up
    My condition then will worsen
    I'll have short term memory, maybe dementia
    I'll develop even more differentia
    My motor skills will surely deteriorate
    But I think I've accomodated with my mysterious fate
    Chances are I'll die of a heart attack
    But till then I don't wanna have any regrets to look back
    So I do what I love and reduce my life's complexity
    I even listen to sweet music in a perfect ecstasy
    You must know that I'm brave now
    I'll look straight into the eyes of my enemy, I vow
    Because I certainly know
    I'm in a ceaseless battle with time
    And it will surely evade me, that's it's intend
    But I am no coward, I'll fight endlessly, till the end.

    ~ Anushka Verma

  • shubham_20 44w

    Daar ek aisi bimari hai joh logoh ko play safe mode main rakhte hai

  • shubham_20 45w

    Ek samay tha jab log ghar ke bahar jaate the....

    Aaj sab kuch ek click se sab bimari available hai

  • teekty 45w

    Robbed by a grave

    Brain functioning in dismay -
    Thoughts wander about here and there
    With glances in between
    And bleak traces within.

    Like a swam, we gather around
    Trying to recollect and comprehend
    There are moments of laughter
    But there’s enormous torment, anguish and pain

    A gem is no more
    Why, we ask? Why was she stolen from us?
    She lay there alone
    In those final hours
    Probably torn,
    Yet with so much to spawn
    Leaving us to mourn

    Who do we charge with this crime?
    Such a beautiful life lost in its prime!
    Within a short space of time!

    A portrait of beauty in and out, she was
    Each echoes these truths
    In celebrating a life that was
    And a feeling of emptiness remains
    With all that she gave.

    We can only look up to the Creator
    For consolation, in spite of our trepidation
    In (an) attempt to accept mercifully
    In faith that her soul will rest peacefully

  • shubham_20 48w

    Announcement ek aisi bimari hai joh sab kuch khatam karte hai

  • pallavi4 50w

    Weathering the Storm

    “Storms make trees grow deeper roots”
    To stand and look circumstance in the eye
    Battles make brave soldiers out of men
    Who then combat the hardest fights of their lives

    This is a battle , a struggle for survival
    Where every day is spent fighting a heinous war
    Every fallen soldier is mourned yet we endure
    Without battle cries to be heard from afar

    This damnation, this call of death
    Will always be remembered as the rein of hell
    One day the eye of this storm too will quieten
    Life will calm down and all will be well


    11th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • minute_tree 50w


    People say they've seen death
    That they've fought with death
    They're all wrong...

    You weren't fighting with death.
    You were just fighting with a disease, a virus
    or something like that.

    Death doesn't fight, ever.
    It just comes and takes you away
    that moment itself.

    So don't be glad that you won the fight with death.
    Be glad that it didn't visit you at all.


  • joonie_ 52w


    Change is indeed Hard,
    But the hardest part is To adapt the change completely......!

  • igautamji 54w

    I was watching the news about the super spreader events that exacerbated, maybe even caused the second wave of covid in India. And it made me wonder about religion and politics and what role they play and how they hold us to their sway.
    The role media plays in shaping what we see and believe.
    What is the narrative and how it is shaped.

    I'm not pointing fingers at any one political party or religion. Just wondering about why we humans get so stupid when it comes to groupism.
    And why we follow so blindly. Happily doing things which are against our own well being just because a "leader" said so or just because it's "religious" or "written in the scriptures".
    Or even worse because it's tradition.

    Even competing on things like "our rally or gathering was bigger than theirs".
    But what purpose do these dick measuring contests solve? If they can't support life and just cause death.
    They're just impotent erections.

    *toxoplasma gondii is a kind of parasite that infects rat brains and makes them love cats so much that they happily go and get eaten.

    Thank you @halfburntcigs for inspiring the first 4 lines of this.

    #power #politics #religion #india #life #death #disease #blindfollowing #cult @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

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    Impotent Erection or Important Election?

    The rawness of expression
    of my endless introspection.

    Reality and perception.
    It's all sensory deception.

    I wonder who and what am I?
    a rat with toxoplasma gondii?
    Skipping happily to my doom,
    ending the day when it's just noon

    The Piper played his rallying tune
    But wasn't it a bit too soon?
    Dipped to wash away our sins

    Now see how the reaper grins

    Wearing masks and telling lies.
    The lips don't smile, just the eyes
    But will it really still suffice?
    Who is the one who pays the price?

    Power plays and elections.
    Oh such impotent erections.
    Who has won and and who lost
    And at what deathly cost?


  • rahul_varsatiy_parmar 59w


    An uncontrollable disease is better than a careless lover.
    Rahul varsatiy parmar
    उर्फ निशार ser@ph


  • _a_prayer 65w

    A lonely walk
    At lonely place
    On lonely road
    All are symptoms of my heartache


  • bclark2681 66w

    Tyrant Disease

    Woke up again to mourning throughout
    This great world as tyrants pass their
    Oppressed disease on to great humans,
    Making them believe their ideologies
    Are to be followed, no matter the cost

  • samanthaharper 70w

    How do you explain the pain you feel inside when you lose your mom?
    When you feel like nothing's left?
    No words could ever explain it. The waves of emotions that crash together till you feel nothing at all. And every day you feel less and less till you feel hollow inside.
    My mom was my light and at the end of the darkness, she helped me more than I can even express. I watched her, took care of her every day as she battled cancer. Got to see the beginning than the end. Sat with her while she withered away. Never expressing the fear and pain I felt watching her. I loved my mom more than words could say. We shared a bond like no other she helped me when I needed her and put her pain aside to help calm my demons but never asked for it back The only she ever wanted from me was my time..time to cuddle and time for me to rub her head.
    As I write t this now I begin to feel that tightness in my chest the whimper that escapes when you feel pain so deep that you feel the very earth can feel it, yet you know you are the only one that feels your pain. Through all the condolences and sympathy you feel nothing but anger for the words slipping out of everyone's mouth and you so desire nothing more than to tell them where to go but you can't because your brain is running on autopilot as you feel yourself slipping away. You go to the darkest corner of your mind so you don't have to feel all this pain.
    With words that tell you, it'll be okay yet you know that it won't be the case because your life can never be the same after losing such a big part of yourself.
    Not when you know you'll never hear her voice again, or feel her arms wrap you in a protective hug. How you'll miss hearing the phone ring and seeing her name. So many words unspoken wishing there was more time. Wishing this was all a nightmare that you'll wake up from and she'll be there drinking her coffee with a smile on her face as she says your name and life becomes complete.

    I miss you so much and I love you.